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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 3 - Every good boy deserves a helping hand
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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3. Every good boy deserves a helping hand

“Godamnit you did it,” Dr. Doom shouted with glee as he took in the sight of the once mighty Scarlet Avenger fully intoxicated and helpless bound to a chair. “Gees what the fuck is he doing?” he asked Elaine and her “granny” as he gazed at the muscular youth’s chair gyrations.

By now the drunken young buff hero was wiggling his arse and hips in all directions trying to get the bunched up crotch material of tight Lycra costume to rub his erection to a climax. Unfortunately, while the material was nicely snug, it didn’t give his impressive ten-inch thick shaft enough of the tight all-enclosing pressure that would trigger his cock into an ejaculation. Instead his endeavors in moving his Lycra’s superficial ‘cock-wrapping’ only served to continually edge him. The effects of this, while producing a nicely embarrassing wet spot in his crotch, were to leave him sexually in heat and mentally frustrated by it. “My… balls…need to…oh fuck,” the out-of-it superhero moaned over and over as he wildly sought to satisfy this novel-overpowering craving to achieve his first “conscious” sexual emission. “Let me…touch…” he grunted as his arms jerked at their bindings. His hands clenched and unclenched trying to “feel himself up” inorder to give him the erotic release he needed. By now the sexual arousals churning in his balls and mind driving him crazy. “I need to cum,” he pitifully whined as his cum induced drunken high dissolved all moral barriers inside of him.

“Fuck this should be filmed,” Doom grunted as he watched the lewd display occurring right before his eyes.

“Oh it is,” granny calmly stated as she pointed up to a blinking red-lit camera that was affixed to the ceiling. The lens was clearly positioned to give a full shot of the super stud in all his degrading glory. “But wait because this will be fun,” she said. As the criminal villain stared the “granny” moved to Scarlet Avenger’s side. She leaned in toward the sweaty face of the moaning hunk. Gently letting her right hand push back the blonde wet curly hair that was plastered to his forehead she lightly whispered. “Do you want granny’s help in climaxing widdle boy?”

 The now frantic youthful hunk heard the words “climax” and wildly nodded. “Uhuh…uhuh,” he gasped as he furiously bucked in his chair.

Elaine’s transsexual grandparent slowly reached under her dress and pulled out her erect cock. As Doom gazed at the unfolding scene he could barely speak. He watched as the “granny” placed her erection into Scarlet Avenger’s hand while she simultaneous took hold of the young buff hunk’s red Lycra enclosed erection.

“Okay you are holding it dear,” the granny giggled. “Thank granny as you jerk it off now. Remember it is not nice to be ungrateful.”

“Ah…thank you…granny,” the drunken youth muttered as he stroked what he thought was his own cock. As he did this, the “granny” performed the same actions upon his stiff dick.

The room grew quite still for Dr. Doom. He watched as the city’s masculine macho superhero gave a hand job to a transsexual even while receiving one himself.  “This is too good ,” Doom silently told himself. “And it’s freaking on film too!

“It feels…so good,” Scarlet Avenger sighed as his intoxicated brain surrendered to the arousals of his first masturbation. He began sucking in gulps of air. His jaw slackened open.  Part of his young psyche wondered why he had never masturbated before in his life. He suddenly recalled the admonitions of his “parents” to stay pure until marriage. But the ever-increasing exciting stimulations he was experiencing seemed so right. Had his earth parent lied? He lost all inhibitions now. He wanted this badly and he would have it! “Fuck…fuck pure,” he angrily grunted. “FUCK THEM!” Using what his adopted parents had repeatedly instructed him was a forbidden “nasty” word seemed to increase his arousals. “FUCK!” He shouted at one point only to then dissolve into unintelligible yet giddy giggles.

The trannie soon detected that her “boy” was getting close. His hand action on her engorged shaft had suddenly quickened and by now the young hero’s breathing had also increased its rhythm. “Come on, shoot for your granny,” she hissed as she stared at his sweaty face. Scarlet Avenger closed his eyes. With his wet damp curls framing his handsome face he looked angelic. Yet, he was anything but angelic right now. “Shoot for your granny,”

 “Yes granny,” he lowly grunted. “AWWW GRANNNYYY,” he yelped. His powerfully defined body went immediately rigid and his hips thrust into the air. “Yes granny...yes granny…” he sobbed over and over as he experienced his first manually induced orgasm. “ARRGGHHHH YESSSS GRAAANNNIIIEEEEE,” he screamed as his hot spunk flooded into his costume.  After that, he collapsed in his chair. His mouth lay open, sucking in the air with a blissful look on his face.


Doom moaned and unconsciously climaxed himself as he observed a growing bubbling white cream seeping up though the red Lycra in Scarlett Avenger’s crotch.

 “Yes good boy,” granny hooted as she too shot her load directly onto the strong well-defined costumed chest of Scarlet Avenger. Without missing a beat the wily granny reached out, scoped up her jism and, fed her gloppy fingers directly into the Scarlet Avenger’s mouth.

The now familiar high that this new seminal intake gave him increased in intensity. He suckled on her glob stained fingers with an eagerness that was now beginning to associated being high with erotic ecstasy.

 Fuck” Doom sighed. He looked down to see he too had climaxed in his pants. Quickly he loosened his belt and reached inside his underwear. He scooped out his own cum then shamelessly went up to the intoxicated hero and feed the dripping cum to him. “The drinks are on me you bastard,” he laughed as he watched Scarlet avenger slurping away on this jism. The drunken youthful hero stared up at his enemy with unfocused eyes. The former looked as if he wanted to say something but then he just sighed and gave Doom a goofy smile. “Got plans boy,” Doom said to the muscled hunk. “Big plans now!”  He reached out to remove the young superhero’s mask then stopped. “No I think I’ll let you keep it,” he mused. “Yes, THAT one thing will stay with you throughout all my activities for you. Shall we say one tiny constant reminder to you of what you once were in life.” He insanely laughed in a manner that caused two women to shudder.

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