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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 5 - Pendulum Daze
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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5. Pendulum Daze

“It seems further study has revealed some interesting facts about our buff young man,” Elaine said as she sat in a conference room with her boss. “Further tests on the blood we took and tissue samples show that his alien race were highly charged sexually.”

 “English okay,” Doom grumbled. “Give it to me plain and simple.”

Elaine sighed. “Okay. Simple terms, our youthful crime fighter’s race  is easily sexually stimulated and eager to ejaculate whenever possible. His adopted family must have somehow discovered this fact. Unknown to them however, our youthful hero’s race expected their young to engage in numerous sexual activities. They also took pains to later help their young control and channel that energy into more productive ways. Unfortunately for our boy, his earth parents were true religious bigots with rigid morality. They countered his aggressively dominant sexual traits by relentlessly indoctrinating him during his early childhood to practicing total erotic restraint. Getting him drunk lowered his strictly programmed childhood inhibitions and freed his natural alien inclination to aggressively act out sexually. Basically he loves getting his rocks off. Got it.” She smiled then continued. “Even more fascinating is my theory that he seems to have now unconsciously associated getting drunk with sex pleasure. Since, by his alien nature, he strongly craves sexual release he will soon find himself compelled to consume what he thinks enables that pleasure. Never having been properly training on how to channel his sex drive he will be soon be a slave to it”

“Fucking acts like a sex slut and becomes a cum-aholic huh,” Doom laughed.

“Yes indeed,” Elaine laughed. “Here is the best part. His childhood earthly guilt will never fade. Thanks to his upbringing he will always feel intense remorse over his actions. But his alien sexuality has been released. He will experience a compelling need to repeatedly express it and thus, he will drink to do so. Afterwards he will feel greater and greater remorse. To cover this guilt he will probably drink to anesthetize that mental pain. This increased consumption of cum will trigger more overpowering sexual arousals within his body. A vicious cycle will emerge inside his brain. Soon his guilt, his erotic needs and his drinking “to get high and off” will be fully merged. Each will inspire the other sensation.”

“I get the picture…he’s fucked. We totally fucked his head up,” Doom sneered. He stood up. “Thank you and your…er… granny. I will take it from here. Your money is in a Swiss account.” He left a smiling Elaine and went out to enjoy the next step in his degrading plans for the twenty-something super-stud!

As he entered the room that held his prisoner Doom took in a delightful sight. There, suspended by a rope shoulder harness from a metal bar in the center of the room, hung his once feared adversary. A large leather collar encircled the handsome stud’s neck while another set of ropes was snugly wrapped just under his well-defined pectorals. Nipple clamps had been attached to him. A thin chain ran between them. Finishing the job was another set of rope bindings behind his balls and others around the ankles of his bare feet. The top half of the red costume had been ripped from him. Except for his thighs, which were still enclosed with remnants of his red Lycra costume, the mighty Scarlet Avenger was buck-naked. Doom had to admit that the crime fighter was a most impressively built young man. Cut and defined, he swung in the air like piece of “Grade A” beef. Next to him stood a massively muscled hooded figure. He was naked except for a pair of high black boots. Doom had hired him to help in his next set of activities.

“How’s our boy?” Doom snickered.

 “Young, hung and full of cum sir,” the bodybuilder joked as he took hold of the Scarlet Avenger’s erect cock to pump it. A long glistening drop hung like a pearly rope from the slit on the crime fighter’s cock. “He just woke up awhile ago. The boys helped me dress him up for class but things got a bit messy so I had to strip off part of his outfit,” the man snickered. Right now I’m teaching him how much fun his nipples can be,” the man chuckled as he used his other free hand to pull on the small chain between the clamps.

 “Fuck,” the young hero sighed as this pulling extended his nipples outward. His cock lurched faster inside the big man’s hand. “Fuck,” he lightly gasped as he received a series of ever more violent pulls on his nipples. From his increasing bodily thrusts in and out of the bodybuilder’s grip the young alien was obviously turned on by nipple abuse.

“My, he is developing quite nicely,” Doom joked as he watched while his foe masturbated himself.

More precum oozed from the super stud’s cock. “Fuck…fuck,” he giggled as he hammered away in the man’s hand. His eyes had an unfocused look. His mouth relaxed and opened. Remnants of saliva and cum deposits dripped from his lower lips to splash on the indentation that divided his pectoral muscles. To any observer, this once defender of strict morality, was completely drunk and in sexual heat.

“Ah yes he seems to be having a nice time,” Doom sarcastically said trying to be heard over the ever louder grunts of the rutting young hunk. “Has he been nicely milked yet,” he shouted. “I mean I would hate to have him hurting because of any internal fluid buildup.”

The body builder nodded. He knew what was being asked. He released his grip on both objects.

A low frustrated groan escaped from the Scarlet Avenger. “Nooooo,” he whined like some teenager.

The body builder reached out to press a button. The body of the crime fighter slowly lowered. “Relax you cunt.” He snarled. “Get ready for milking day bitch,” he hissed as Doom nodded.

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