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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 6 - Lending another helping hand
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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6. Lending another helping hand

The bodybuilder stopped when his captive’s feet touched the ground. He went over to a small table in a dark corner. As a surprised Doom watched the man brought over a large dog bowl filled with cum. “I like my dogs to get broken in right,” the massive muscled hulk snickered as he brought the bowl up close to the young alien’s face. To Doom’s utter delight the superhero sniffed at the contents then quickly lowered his head into it inorder to lap up its contents. “I’ve gotten him used to cum scents. He now knows consuming it will make his life sweeter,” the burly jailor said to his employer. Doom grinned. At one time the man had run the best sadistic bondage club in the city. Thanks to the Scarlet Avenger’s interferences the club had been closed. This guy was an excellent choice to hire. He wanted payback on the young man as bad as Doom. “Good pup,” the man cooed as he watched. “Lick that bowl clean.”

The cum-high Scarlet Avenger lifted his now cum smeared face to the man. “Arf. Arf. Arf,” he giggled.

“I taught him that trick too. When he’s drunk he gets pretty agreeable to trainings,” the bodybuilder replied with a sneer as he gently tousled his prey’s hair. “Finish it up pup,” he stated. The superhero immediately complied and lowered his good-looking face deeper into the bowl. His audible slurping noises were music Doom’s ears!

 Doom was in heaven but he now he craved more. “Milk him he hissed.

The body builder nodded. Quickly he cut off the rest of the bound captive’s Lycra costume. He undid the shoulder harness and used the ropes to bind the s crime fighter’s hands behind his back. He left the ankle restraints on but added another set of ropes to keep the Scarlet Avenger’s knees locked together. As I final touch he took out a red ball that had straps affixed on each side of it. “Open boy,” he laughed as he dipped it with the last cum left in the doggie bowl. He jerked himself off and added his own cum on the ball too. He brought this lathered object to the young man’s lips. Sniffing cum the heroic alien opened his mouth to get at it. Once he had done it the muscular jailer shoved the ball into the captive’s mouth then tied the straps around the latter’s head. “Gagging him will muffle his sobs as we drain his nuts,” the man told Doom as he put on a pair of rubber gloves. He made sure to leave the dog collar and chain in place.

 Doom grinned. He took pride in his choice of employing him. The guy was an expert all right.

 The bodybuilder greased his hands then positioned himself behind his prey.  He reached around the buff young captive’s narrow waist with one hand while pressing his other on the Scarlet Avenger’s impressive eight pac. “Party time bitch,” he growled as he grabbed the alien’s cock and started to masturbate it.

 “MMMM,’ the Scarlet Avenger groaned in heat as he was brought to his first climax.

Instead of pausing, the other man began pumping again.

The once proud crime fighter did not resist. In fact he joined in thrusting his hips back and forward helping to pump his own cock.  Another set of contented “MMMM,” escaped from his gagged throat. Again he quickly shot but also again, the bodybuilder v continued his masturbation of the captive.  By now however the muffled grunting from the scarlet avenger was less contented. It also took him a slightly longer time to reach a climax.

“Here we go,” the body builder chuckled as he continued jerking off his prey.  

Doom watched as the man brought the increasing noisy superhero to eight more rapid climaxes. By now the buff young alien’s chiseled form was streaked with sweat. His eyes were wildly moving while his hands frantically clenched and unclenched. His face was a study in pain and he was biting hard on his ball gag. “MMMMMMMMMMM!” he wailed over and over fighting to break away.

His tormentor had no mercy. He simply laughed and, at one point, he lewdly licked the salty sweat on the young alien’s shoulders. The masturbations continued.

Doom gleefully watched his once mighty foe struggling and yelping in agony. He was pleased to notice that the amounts of alien cum were also growing less after each forced ejaculation. By the youth’s eleventh ejaculation he was spurting mere bubbling dribbles.

“He’s got one more in him the sadistic former club owner said. “And I know how to force it out of him.” He grabbed a small thin rope and used it to separate and bind up the moaning alien’s balls. “He will be done after this one,” he hissed. “The ties encircling his nuts force whatever is left in them to pop out. When he finished he grabbed the whimpering alien and went to work on taking the crime fighter’s balls cross the finish line

During all this his captive’s muffled screams were loud. Suddenly he threw back his head. He clenched his jaws onto the ball gag. As his knees buckled his body went into a wild spasm. With one last high squeal the Scarlet Avenger’s cock shot its last load into the air in front of him. The body builder released his grip on his captive letting the exhausted and utterly drained crime fighter fall to his knees. His handsome face was streaked with tears. He sighed then, simply passed out falling face forward into the huge puddles of his own spunk.

 “Clean him up, let him rest too but, keep him tipsy for the next few days.” Doom grunted as he turned to exit the room. “I promised my gang a sweet performance the day after tomorrow.”

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