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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 9 - His end justifies their means
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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9. His end justifies their means

As he shuffled towards his new “home” he felt degraded and humiliated. The mental sensation increased as he approached his new “bedroom”. By its entryway he saw his face on an old poster. Years before, he had participated in an advertisement encouraging others to drink healthier. Someone had obscenely altered the words upon it. It now appeared as if he was asking for cum. He shuddered as he looked at the thin white mustache upon his upper lip. “Why,” he dejectedly mumbled as he forced himself to look away.

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“You are not such a poster boy now, are we? “ The hooded man laughed, He winked at a nearby guard. The other man was naked, wearing only boots and sunglasses He also was carrying a machinegun in his hand. “You won’t need it,” his hooded compatriot said as he pushed the young alien towards the cell door. He glanced at the room they ere headed too. A huge grin came to his face. “I see you set up a welcome banner too,” he laughed. “Check it out pussy,” he snorted as he shoved the bound captive.

The demoralized superhero gazed up at the banner over the cell door. It said “Welcome Home Scarlet Prick ”. The bound hero stiffened and halted in his steps.

“Get your arse in the cell bitch,” the hooded man said as he roughly shoved his prey.

The superhero silently did as he was told. Once inside he was unbound and left to himself. As he lay naked on the dirty cot in his room he quietly sobbed. Hours later a small bowl of cum was given to him. Too demoralized to fight he simply lapped it up under the watchful gaze of his hooded jailor. A comforting high came over him.

“Get up,” the man barked.

Woozily the Scarlet Avenger did as he as told. The other man bound the hero’s wrists with rope and then affixed leather straps on his ankles and neck. “Wait here,” he said.

Naked and alone the buff hunk simply let his cum-high take control of his brain. Seconds Later the man returned with a copy of the familiar red Lycra uniform. He hung it up nearby and threw a red mask on the bed. “Turn around, bend down, hands on bed, legs apart,” he snarled.

“Why,” the now highly dizzy hero weakly asked.

 “NEVER QUESTION JUST OBEY!” the hooded jailer yelled. He violently turned the swaying alien around so that his back facing his jailor. The man then pushed the weakened hero forward so that he was forced to bend slightly to assume the position required.

After all the cum he had ingested, the weakened super hunk had no real fight left in him. He felt a hard stiff object being placed upon his anus. He instantly knew what was going on. “No more,” he moaned helplessly as he felt the pressure to anally enter him. “Don’t fuck me. Please don’t fuck me anymore,” he whimpered. The after-effects of his prior drunkenness were still strong inside his system rendering him useless to fight off this new anal invasion. He again begged as the push into his anus continued. “Don’t fuck me pleaseeeeeeee,” he shrieked as the man’s erection rammed its way deeply into him. Take it out….ITTTT…HUUURRRTTSSS!” He yelped.


“Fuck Yeeah, Take it! Avenger Bitch,” the hooded jailor laughed as he fucked the hole of the once powerful hero. “Take it like a man,” he mockingly said. “Or like the cunt you are now,” he finished saying.

“Aww my arse! Oh please stop. Stop. Don’t fuck me,” the captive alien shrieked.  But it was useless. The hooded muscled figure was deaf to his please. He humped and fucked into the quivering crime fighter.

“Take it. Take it you pussy boy,” he bellowed as he violently butt-fucked the screaming younger man

 “Awww fuck. You’re fucking me,” a now out-of-it Scarlet Avenger yelled. Then, he felt a comforting liquid warmth flood into him. “You starting to cum in my arse,” he moaned as the any discomfort he was experiencing faded. He unconsciously wiggled backward on to the man’s cock. “I’m getting soooo drunk again,” he snickered.

“Yeah,” the man moaned as he erupted. “Yeah drink up boy!” He screamed as he flooded into his captive stud.

“Shit you’re fucking doing it. Cumming up my fuck-hole,” the young hero laughed with pleasure as the man continued to squirt more spunk into him. By now the Scarlet Avenger was staggeringly intoxicated. He could barely stand now. The only thing holding him in position was the man’s cock that was still plugged into the former’s butthole.

“Such a cum whore,’ the hooded figure chuckled as he pulled out of the superhero’s anus.

He watched as the young hero's upper body flopped face forward the bed. “My hole is full of cum,” the intoxicated alien sighed as a goofy smile came to his face.

 The jailor   got the rest of the thoroughly limp muscled body of the Scarlet Avenger up onto the bed. “Best piece of arse in this place,” he said as he slapped the upturned butt of the studly hero.  “That’s good boy just take a nice nap. You’ll need it for what is coming next,” he sneered as he left the cell.

“Otay,’ the quickly slumbering hunk sighed in reply seconds before he fully feel asleep.

Some time later the captive alien woke up. He lay for hours on his bed gazing at the crisp clean red uniform hanging on the wall. Tears welled up in his eyes as he recalled how he had let himself be anally defied in front of it. “What would people say,” he moaned as he gingerly let his hand reach down to massage his swollen anal chute. “God my arse-hole hurts so much,” he silently said as he let his thumb massage the painful area in an attempt to get some relief. He heard a noise and glanced up at the cell door. The guard was standing there looking concerned. “What do you want,” he said with disgust as he rapidly removed his finger from between his butt-cheeks.

 “Hey its fine I’ve got something to…” he paused then continued. “Ya know…something to...ease the pain,” he  whispered as he handed a bottle to the alien. “Plus it is nutritious and I know they don’t feed you…food and all.” He stopped and lightly smiled at the captive hero.

“What us it?” The captive hero asked as he took the offering. He was so hungry by now he welcomed anything to eat or drink. Still, he was suspicious.

“It’s okay,” the guard replied. “It is a health drink. Look you once did a good turn for my mom so...” he paused again then, as if embarrassed, he gazed down at his feet.

“Thank you,” the crime fighter quickly said. “It is good to know someone in here is decent.” He gratefully gulped down the contents. It had a strange taste yet also a slightly familiar one too. “Thanks again I…” he suddenly stopped speaking as a bolt of burning warmth flooded into him. He experienced the first signs of  disorientation. He gazed in horror at the empty bottle. “What was in this?” He gulped as the cell room increasingly lost its focus.

“Some juice, health powder and oh yeah,” the guard chuckled. “Some healthy shots of my own cum too," he added as he opened the cell door. Swiftly he helped the  unsteady young hero to his feet.

“Why?” The hero gasped as he swayed into the arms of his guard.

“Come on boy,” he snickered. “I want a taste of that butt you got too.” He quietly led the dizzy young hunk to another room. This one was nicely furnished with chairs, a table, and even pictures on the walls. There was a bed too. Above it was the easily recognized picture of St. Sebastian. The guard saw the young hero stare at it. “Yeah just like him somebody else is going to get something hard shoved into him,” the man mockingly said. “Okay lay down,” the guard softly whispered as he placed the drunken hero face down on a bed that was in the room. “Legs apart now,” he sneered as he climbed on top of the prone and increasingly intoxicated muscled hunk. He savagely pushed his cock between the butt cheeks of the Scarlet Avenger.

“No. No,” the progressively more woozy young  alien whined as he felt the guard’s dick push into his recently ravaged butt-hole.

“Shut up bitch," the man huffed as he thrust in and out of the anus of his captive. He brutally rammed the alien’s face into the pillow under it. “I hate noise when I seed guys,” he joked as he pistoned in and out of his squirming victim.

The room filled with the muffled groaning protests of the Scarlet Avenger. “Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh,”  he sobbed as his own cock suddenly stiffened under him. Soon his cum-high was in full control. He experienced a bolt of sexual heat when the man’s cock finally  began hitting on the former’s prostate. “Fuccc,” he silently yelped as this sent him into a sexual frenzy. To the guard’s delight the muscled form under him unexpectedly began humping back.


“Such a bitch,” the guard gasped as he erupted into the crime fighter’s guts. He felt the hero’s body suddenly grow rigid under him. “Fuck your creaming too,” he yelled in joy while taking pleasure in hearing a low muffled groan of “ahhhh,” come from his prisoner. The guard felt himself climax again in response to what he was hearing. “Take my spunk you cunt,” he gasped as he shot more up of his seed into the anal guts of the young alien. As the man’s cum flooded into him and was absorbed in to his system the Scarlet Avenger drifted off into another cum-high dream!

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