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Sergei And The Romas Curse
Part 2 - The More He Does
By Kyle Cicero

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This is a work of fiction with all rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read. To Will and Alexei! Of course Boon and Mamo too!


For the next ten days Sergei was a completely off his stride. He was constantly on edge around the coach and Pavel. Normally Sergei used sex as a way to tap his stress levels but with his fearful knowledge that every time he ejaculated he became gayer in his orientation this solution was closed to him. In an effort to calm down he had begun taking a shot of vodka before practice then two shots until by the end of the tenth day it was clear to the coach and team that their star gymnast was slightly drunk. After practice the coach ordered Sergei to stay and discuss matters alone in his office.

Sitting there feeling the effects of the vodka in such a close setting with the coach Sergei had recently fantasized about was torture on the young athlete. Sergei stared at the coach as he was lectured by him. He could see the dense furry chest hairs of the dark bear like man just peaking out if the man's shirt collar. As the coach verbally trashed him for his disastrous performance during the last ten days all Sergei could think about was how much being abused by the man made him want to jerk off. Sweat beaded on his forehead and upper lip. It was obvious he was cracking up. The coach yelled that he wanted an answer as to what was going on with Sergei. His dominating attitude pushed the muscular boy over the edge & he broke down and confessed his dilemma to the older man. As the coach listened to Sergei describe the curse and the growing sexual emotions that the blonde jock was experiencing a small grin came to his face. He got up and walked up to Sergei. He was so close Sergei could smell the scent of the older man's musky crotch. The coach's protruding stomach pressed lightly against Sergei's forehead.

"Go on boy," the coach said as his meaty hand reached down & unzipped the younger boy's pants setting free the star gymnast's now semi-erect cock.

Sergei looked up at the man pleadingly. "Please coach," he rasped hoarsely even as his cock stiffened from the thrill of being so humiliated by the man he had once treated so badly.

"I said go on boy!" The coach sharply commanded.

By now the vodka in tandem with the growing desire to jerk-off combined with the older man's authoritative tone short circuited Sergei's resistance. The coach grabbed Sergei's hand and laid it on the young man's basket. Sergei's rod throbbed with the familiar feel of his hand on it.

"Pump it Sergei," the coach commanded.

"I...I..I.."," Sergei whimpered as he gave into his needs, gripped his erection and, worked himself into full arousal. As the rush of erotic heat spread over him the once arrogant jock succumbed to it. "Jerking-off," he moaned, "jerking off and fagging myself!"

The coach chuckled as he unzipped his own pants and took out his thick long dick and balls. "Now go for it Sergei," he said quietly to the groaning blonde straight boy as he reached over and guided Sergei's mouth toward its first experience in giving a man a blow job. The coach ran his wet cock-head across Sergei's full lips giving the young gymnast his first taste of the salty cream that awaited him.

"Please...don'," a pathetic Sergei weakly pleaded to the delight of the older man even as he unconsciously licked his lips. The warm liquid on his lips sent an erotic jolt through him. The coach was so close now Sergei could smell his coach's crotch scents. "I..not...cock...sucker." He wept as the coach smeared more pre-cum fluid on his trembling lips.

"Breathe me in boy," the older man patiently said in a seductive voice .Sergei's lungs took in the scents of a man in heat. As his chest expanded filling itself with the funky odor he quickened his manual pumping of his own cock.

"Cock,"Sergei sobbed. As the taste and smells overcame him. "Cock....suck," The younger man's mouth opened as he began to pant from the arousals coursing through him.

"Open wide boy, " the coach gloated as he pushed past Sergei's parted lips and filled the younger Russian with his dark meat. "You're sucking dick," a small voice said in protest in Sergei psyche but it was drowned out by the sparks created in Sergei's brain by the hand job the young man was giving himself. Ten days of pent up creams ached in his nuts for freedom at whatever cost and Sergei was too confused to refuse their demands.

Sergei was so turned on by now he barely registered his actions. Instinctively his brain relaxed as a new need arose in him. Sergei wanted to suck that cock now! The hunky athlete slurped and slobbered over the hard tube driving ever deeper down his throat. "Moreth, moreth," he moaned incoherently as he bathed his coach's cock and balls in saliva. "Ith soth awethsome! He mumbled.

The coach's face broke out into a wide smile. "Yeah, big Russian star," he growled as he grabbed Sergei's blonde head and pistoned in and out of the once smug gymnast's mouth. "Take it you bastard," he roared as he thrust his gut hard into Sergei's face burying it in his fatty bulk. Sergei was barely able to breathe by now but his sucking never faltered. His own masturbation quickened and as it did his desire for male sexual abuse grew more insistent.

"Going to seed your blonde Slavic guts with my dark Chechen seed boy," the coach bellowed as he erupted. Sergei nearly drowned in the coach's stream but, even as he struggled to get air, his own cock exploded in reply. As the coach pulled out a panting & demoralized Sergei slipped from the chair to the floor with a dazed look and a mouth dripping with the jism of the older man. The front of Sergei's jeans was stained with the young man's cum.

"I'm fagged," Sergei pitifully sobbed as he lay on the floor in defeat.

"Well not fully boy," the coach smirked as he reached over to the phone and dialed. "Pavel," he said, "get the team and come at once to my office!" Sergei gazed up at the older man in shock. "Pump yourself some more while we wait," the coach laughed even as a compliant Sergei reached to his manhood and obeyed!

"I'm fagging myself like a bitch in heat," Sergei whimpered even as he stroked to another erection.

"Well a bitch in heat needs a good fucking to help damp that fire right boy," the coach said mockingly as he contemplated taking the buff blonde's anal cherry. Sergei only moaned in reply as he shot another salty load straight up into his own face. The fire in his brain exploded and the ancient ones laughter echoed.

Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here:

to be continued.................

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