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Sergei And The Romas Curse
Part 3 - Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here
By Kyle Cicero

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This is a work of fiction with all rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read. To Will and Alexei who are rocking the world! Of course Boon and Mamo too who are always cheering me on from worlds away!


As luck would have it the first to arrive at the coach's office was Pavel. Upon his arrival he was amazed to see the coach sitting naked in his chair but even more astonishing the smug arrogant Sergei also naked & on all fours with his head burrowed deep between the sprawled legs of the coach. More mind blowing was seeing that the macho Sergei busily giving the older man's balls a tongue bath!

"Lick them clean boy," the coach said lazily.

"Licthking sirth," mumbled Sergei who slurped away even as he jerked himself off. By now Sergei was almost fully fagged in his brain. But the final act in crushing his former sexual image lay just ahead!

"Pavel come join in," the coach said as he pushed Sergey's face off his sack and redirected the stud's mouth up and down onto his cock. "In fact since Sergei has been busting your butt for these last few years why don't you do the honors of busting his in a more physical way?"

Pavel was stunned but even as he tried to understand what he was seeing he couldn't help but notice Sergei's tight beefy butt. The star gymnasts cheeks were a pale white and their muscled definition was arousing. Pavel, who was in truth gay, had always wanted to bend Sergei over and fuck the life out of him and now he was being given a free pass to do it. A hugs grin broke out on his face. "Thanks coach," he muttered as he stripped, "think I will!"

Part of Sergei's brain registered that he was about to get a big dick up his buns but by then the curse's effects were in full swing.

Pavel went up behind his once superior acting tormentor. He reached down and ran his hands across the firm silky cheeks of the blonde jock. "Open wide you cocksucker." Pavel growled lewdly as he put his finger deep between Sergei's butt cheeks and touched the young superstar's virginal chute. He pressed the finger in deep.

A jolt of what was happening went through Sergei. No one had ever touched him there before and the part of his old nature rebelled against being anally fucked especially by the leaner effeminate Pavel. "Noth," he suddenly said as he pulled slightly off the coach's meat and clenched his butt cheeks tight together.

"Shut up you bitch and kept licking," the coach roared as his beefy hands grabbed Sergei by each ear and rammed his face back down on his engorged pole. The abuse and fury of the coach's action halted Sergei's actions and he proceeded to suck faster.

"Pleaseth Pavelth," Sergei whimpered even as he slobbered over the older man's dick, "Donth ...bitchsss......meeeth."As for masturbating himself by now Sergei was on auto-pilot in regard to that action. He was so erotically aroused he never even contemplated stopping forgetting that this only increased his submissive sexual persona!

For Pavel it was sheer victory. He was about to butt-fuck the macho Sergei and even better he had the son-of-a-bitch sobbing like a baby begging for mercy. Pavel withdrew his finger from between the unyielding cheeks. Sergei mistakenly thought that his pleas had been granted .He was so wrong! "OPEN YOUR ASS BITCH!" Pavel yelled as he landed a hard open handed palm crack across Sergei's firm white rear.

"YYYEEOOWW," Sergei screamed as he let go of his dick to try to block the blows with his free hand. But the coach was having none of that. He immediately grabbed Sergei's flaying hand and forced it back onto his cock. The once haughty Sergei meekly re-gripped his meat and continued to masturbate himself. The coach nodded to Pavel to go forward confident now that he had beaten the smug blonde jock into mental submission.

Pavel chuckled and went for it. "This is for every insult you ever gave me. Who's the girly bitch now huh?" With that Pavel gave Sergei's butt a series of rigorous slaps.


"YYYEEEOOOWWW," Sergei bellowed in a muffled reply to each hit on his round cheeks. Soon it became an erotic symphony of slap and reply from the two of them.







Sergei's screeches of pain and the glowing redness of his once pale cheeks gave Pavel a raging hard-on. He whacked away with fury until: "I...giveth," he heard Sergei whine. The blonde muscular jock's rump suddenly went slack. The coach could feel Sergei's tears of humiliation & surrender screaming down his face wetting the coach's crotch. They both knew the macho Sergei was beaten. The finale to his fagging was long overdue.

"I said open your cheeks," Pavel said softly. Like the cave door barrier in the story of Aladdin's lamp where the hero merely said 'Open Sesame' Pavel's quiet words had the same effect. Sergei's muscular thighs parted and the treasure room was revealed. Sergei's rosy chute opening shimmered in sweat waiting for its invader to shatter the once macho athlete's straight sexual self-image for all time.

The coach watched it unfold as the smaller less muscular gymnast prepared to mount his well-built and physically more imposing former foe. For Sergei who knew that he was about to be butt-fucked by the leaner effeminate Pavel this was mind shaking enough but also knowing he, a once boastfully smug macho super-stud with women, had just meekly spread his own legs for Pavel to fuck his own ass like some pussy totally shattered him.

Pavel pushed his boner at the entrance to Sergei's quivering hole and pressed hard.

A mild groan came from Sergei, "hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm," It was music to Pavel's ears.

Pavel thrust on.

"Ooooohhhh," Sergei responded lightly. His powerful body shivered.

Pavel was not be denied however. Sergei's outer anal ring resisted at first but Pavel was relentless and soon he felt the blonde hunk's first defensive muscles yield. As his cock-head passed through the virginal initial barriers it suddenly was stopped by a tight gripping of Sergei's inner chute.

"I...can't...I'mm ...tttoo ....tight.. don't...too.... hurts," Sergei bawled like a young baby even as he continued to service the coach's own dick. Pavel noticed that the blonde jock had quickened in pumping his own meat as well.

"Just relax Sergei," Pavel snickered as he leaned in and drove down hard. The final victory came fast as Sergei's asshole muscles unwound their hesitation and Pavel's dick went in deep. "Yeah!"Pavel's whoops of joy almost drowned out Sergei's cries.

"AAAARRGGHHH," Sergei yelled from his cock filled mouth as his brain registered that he was truly getting fucked like a fag and worse his throbbing cock showed he was hot for it. He unexpectedly shot a wad of jism.

"Looks like you fagged yourself good Sergei," the coach taunted as he ravished Sergei's mouth.

"Yeah looks like the mighty Sergei likes fagging himself huh," retorted a laughing Pavel who humped Sergei's ass harder.

For Sergei, who was experiencing more waves of arousal that was driving him nuts, their taunts & and his ejaculation only increased his humiliation. Worse was knowing that their words were true. Even now he realized he was still jerking himself off. "Fagged myself," his brain chanted silently. An unexpected fire of pleasure from his ravaged rear engulfed him. Without realizing it Sergei started to gyrate his butt back onto Pavel's dick and moreover bob his face up and down faster on the coach's meat.

The other two men took notice and nodded to each other. The macho Sergei was enjoying this double fuck. A fag was being borne!

For the next hour the two men repeatedly filled Sergei's holes with their spunk as a lifetime of grievances against Sergei were settled. For Sergei the unexpected sexual pleasures that came from their oral and anal assaults left him disorientated and confused.

The marathon session left all three exhausted on the office floor. Sergei's butt and mouth ached and he could barely focus. From a distance however he heard someone come into the office.

"What the fuck is going on?" a voice said. Sergei looked over to see Boris one of his teammates gazing at Sergei and the others in shock.

"Relax Boris," Pavel chuckled. "Old Sergei is finally getting fucked over & better yet the bitch likes it. Right Sergei you fucking fag."

"I...I..I..," gulped Sergei who was still pumping his cock without realizing it. He shamefully nodded in agreement.

"Want to join in?" Pavel asked.

"HELL YEAH!" Boris laughed as he undressed. "I've wanted to fuck this smug bastard over since day one."

Sergei's eyes widened in terror. Boris was known among the team as 'Boris the Babe Buster' since he was hung a good 14 inches and had a dick thickness beyond normal as well. "' you...too big," Sergei babbled in sheer terror.

"You'll adjust you cunt," Boris sniggered as he grabbed each of Sergei's legs and pulled them apart exposing Sergei's cum drenched chute. "I see its slick there already," He mocked as he lunged his cock deep into Sergei without letting the blonde hunk get prepared.

"AARRGGHHH....MMYYYY ASSSSSS!!!!" Sergei screamed as Boris methodically plowed him . "Ugh...ugh...ugh..ugh."

"I like a nice tight pussy," Boris mocked as he drove his substantial rod in and out of Sergei.

Sergei's ass felt like it was going to rip apart. The pain was intense but then a gush of that now familiar and desirable sexual pleasure hit him deep in his guts. The blonde superstar fell off a sexual cliff into an overwhelming hot erotic sea. His eyes rolled back in his head and he let himself be swept away. "My..ass..getting...fucked...soo... big cock......more..more..ohh yesss," He hissed his mouth went slack and his jaw dropped open.

"Well since your mouth is open.," Pavel teased as he thrust his cock down Sergei's throat.

"Umph..umph..umph," Sergei mumbled as he was plowed at both ends.

"Not such a big shot now is he guys," Boris replied they all laughed as the room filled with Sergei's grunts of newly borne ecstasy.

"Uh..uh...uh...uh..uh..," was Sergei's only reply.

For Sergei it was truly all over. He had been fully fagged in his mind. While Boris was fucking him another teammate sauntered in. they explained everything to him and soon he took over screwing Sergei after Boris was done. And so it went all night as each teammate straggled in. That night they all got their seething resentment out on their new fag boy who just masturbated through out it all and begged each man for more

Sergei was left by them that morning sprawled naked in a pool of semen. His defined torso was bathed in the collective spunk of the coach and the team. He felt completely used & exhausted and yet in his ball-sack there was one last drop of his old conceited straight self-image; perhaps if he had known he might have stopped his next actions and by doing so hopefully allowed that small amount of the old Sergei to regenerate him back to what he had been. But that was not to be for the new sexual slut in him was aware of the danger and, even as Sergei felt flushed with shame over his humiliations & how he had begged to debased himself, the now mind zapped athlete subconsciously reached down to beat off one last time. "I...a ...fagged assss ...myself...," he hissed as he stroked himself. "I fucking let them screw me and use my mouth and butt as their cum dumpster," he sobbed even as his cock throbbed to blow that last wad of cream. "Fagged myself.....I ..I....OOOHH FUCCCCKK," He roared as his dick jerked and blew out the last remnants of his macho smugly straight sexual persona. As the final glob splattered onto his eight pac Sergei's brain was a raging inferno while in a far off place the ancient one's amusement echoed gleefully!


Sergei's performance at the Olympics was a disaster. By now the once macho homophobic Sergei had masturbated himself so much he had become completely obsessed with men and sexually servicing them. When during the games he found himself surrounded by hot guys from every country he lost it and he spent the nights in the village sucking off every guy who let him while eagerly performing every degrading sexual act imaginable that they ordered. Sergei had become the village whore and soon every athlete went to him to let off stress. Each morning he was a wreck and crawled back to his bed literally leaking hot jock jism from every orifice.

As for his Olympic routines the other opposing gymnasts made sure they paraded in front of him in their skin tight uniforms before each of his performances getting Sergei so turned on by their muscular torso's that he couldn't think straight. A few even went up to him to whisper demeaning sexual trash talk to him for by now it was also well-known that next to getting fucked or giving blow jobs Sergei was erotically aroused by receiving verbal degradation from men as well. Thanks his loss of concentration every one of his routines was a series of total screw-ups & the team lost any chances for a medal. Far worse during the competition the camera caught the nation's blonde star licking his lips while dreamily staring at each competitor. Every viewer in the world had a ringside seat to see as well the noticeable way Sergei rubbed his crotch while lewdly ogling other the athletes. Sergei went from hero to a joke overnight in the country. The government was so annoyed that they stripped him of his sponsored living quarters. His team was so enraged that after the games they spent three days sexually abusing every oral & anal cavity of their former star. As for the coach, his revenge was more profitable. After getting from his former star one last blow job and then screwing him senseless the coach pulled Sergei over his lap. He proceeded to spank the dazed hunk so hard that later the young athlete never even felt the coach's needle shot into his reddened bubble rump. Cold conked by a knock out drug in the needle the former gymnastic superstar was quietly sold to a sexually kinky African leader who had a taste for spanking & screwing blonde boys and cross dressing them.

As he serviced the African dictator and his palace guards Sergei's brain was consumed by the heat of his new desires to sexually bottom for these men who sexually and verbally abused him on a daily basis while at home in Russia the sky's rumbled with the ancient one's mirth!

The End