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Superboy vs. Eric
Part 4 - The Examination Begins
By Kyle Cicero

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Eric debated just kicking back for a bit to enjoy the sight of Superboy yanking on his cock but he quickly realized it would be best to hold off that pleasure till the buff young superstud was properly broken into man-on-man sexual service. “Okay we have an exam to conduct Kal-El,” Eric briskly said as he pulled the Kryptonian’s hand off his respectable hard-on.

“Aw damn,” the now completely drug zonked and currently non-super Boy of Steel mumbled in protest as he attempted to fondle himself once more. Kal-el had never experienced the sensations he was receiving from his body. Every sensory nerve seemed alive especially in the area of his crotch.

“Get up now,” Eric roughly shouted to bring the young hunk into compliance. Eric assumed that, in his present mentally rattled condition, Superboy would just react to demonstrations of force.

“Yes sir,” the out-of-it Kal-El sighed as he slowly took his hand away from his erection. With some difficulty he was able to sit up and get off the table. By now his pupils were fully dilated and he could barely keep himself steady in front of Eric. It was as if every muscle in his body was becoming totally relaxed. Thanks to the stimulants inside his body however the young superhero was still sporting a nice boner. Superboy looked down at the obscene tent-pole in his gown. “Fuck I’m hard,” he slurred. The thin material delightfully rubbed on his responsive cockhead.

Eric came up to Superboy and untied the strings that secured the former’s gown. With one swift movement he took the gown off his patient leaving the still swaying Kal-El standing naked before him. “Now lets see if your genitals are in proper order,” Eric snickered as he reached out to take hold of Superboy’s testicles.

The young superhero was still too dazed to resist or even contemplate that prospect. His strapping young teenaged body twitched when Eric “took hold of him” but his cock seemed to find the sensation quite pleasing. “No dude’s…no one ever…shit my balls,” he gasped as his low hangers were enveloped in the warmth of Eric’s palming them.

“Good development and quite fully rounded,” the manta joked as he squeezed and fondled the twin globes in Superboy hefty sack. Eric took his time as he tickled at the short wiry hairs that lightly covered Kal-El’s pouch before finally exploring the softer skin of the back underside of the nutty container.

“Fuck,” Kal-El wheezed as he experienced what it felt like to have his nuts played with by someone. His thick erect cock waved in the air and a light wet glistening bead of pre-cum appeared at his cock-slit's opening. His cloudy steel blue eyes tried to focus on Eric. “We shouldn’t do…” he sighed as he succumbed to the novel sensual explosions that his mind was undergoing. Unconsciously he closed his eyes to solely focus on the pleasure while spreading his well-formed thighs a bit farther apart to give Eric total access to his nuts.

Eric grinned. “Sweet,” he muttered as he felt Superboy up. “Yeah you like ball-play don’t you. Well let’s try to rough it up a bit, ” he silently said to himself. Suddenly he moved one of Superboy’s nuts back up into the opening from which it had once descended. “Cough please,” Eric mocked as he held the ball in place.

A bolt of nausea swept over Kal-El. His eyes popped open. He gazed at Eric in alarm. “Argh,” the young superhero yelped as he felt, for the first time, what it was to want to vomit. He gulped in air while a sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead. At the last moment, just before Kal-el knew he was going to throw up, Eric released the ball, which dropped back down to join its companion. “Oh fuck,” Superboy wheezed as the pain subsided and his breathing steadied.

“Now let us see about the rest of you,” Eric said with delight. As Superboy shivered in front of him, Eric grabbed the Kryptonian’s dick and began to play with its foreskin. “I see it slips easily up and down.” The younger manta mockingly joked as he gave the superhero’s manhood a few vigorous tugs. Eric observed with delight that the “Kryptonian jewels” rose to the occasion. He also saw a nice sexual flush rise up from Superboy’s neck to fully engulf his handsome facial feature

“Awwww,” Superboy gutturally moaned. It was just then that Aqualad walked into the exam room. Superboy saw his friend and his cock lurched in Eric’s grip. Eric noticed this unintended physical reaction and played to it. He had previously given instructions to Aqualad on what to do once he entered. Giving him further instructions was rather simple.

“Ah right on cue my boy,” Eric stated to his aquatic sex slave. “Here you work the young man’s dick for a bit while I get ready for his colonoscopy.” With that Eric handed his “prize” to Aqualad who began to expertly masturbate his former best friend.

Superboy’s eyes grew wide as he watched his friend jerking him off. “Aqualad…” he gasped with embarrassment. He knew on some level he should object but that reluctance was struggling with a cascading wave of the erotic stimulation from his first real hand job. “Fuck buddy,” he hissed. “Aqualad this isn’t right,” he groaned pathetically even as he made no move to halt his friend’s actions. Superboy was amazed that this felt so good coming from another guy. “Shit don’t…don’t….aw fuck …don’t stop,” he mumbled as he gave himself to it.

Eric nodded. Unbeknownst to Kal-El, his friend was using his telepathic powers on the former’s once invulnerable brain. As instructed, Aqualad was busily rewiring Kal-El’s perceptions to associate great sexual gratification with intimacy with other men.  “Go on Superboy take Aqualad’s cock and return the favor. Don’t be selfish now. That would violate your code to be so selfish!” Eric softly said.

The doped up mind of the young Kryptonian superhero was too scrambled to fight what sounded so logical. He knew that it was wrong to be selfish. Shyly he reached out to grab Aqualad’s cock. Kal-el gingerly fondled the hardness of what he held in his hand. He gazed up at the smiling face of his aquatic friend who focused another hard blast of concentrated telepathic suggestions toward Superboy. The young superhero smiled back at Aqualad.

“That’s right you know you want me to feel good too bro,” Aqualad whispered to Kal-El. “We share so much don’t we…haven’t we bro? You know how tight we are buddy. I know you feel our emotional connection too right?”

“I do,” Superboy replied.

“We just never admitted it to ourselves. It is more than crime fighting for us. You got the hots for me bro. We both got it bad for each other,” Aqualad whispered. “Admit it buddy. I turn you on big time!”

“But…” Kal-el wanted to say something in rebuttal. Thanks to Aqualad’s telepathic thrust into Superboy’s brain however their shared emotional bromance was quickly turned around in his addled mind into something more erotic in nature. “A guy turns me on?” Kal-el mumbled. Aqualad could see it gelling in Kal-El’s eyes. He was close to the tipping point now. Aqualad pumped the latter’s cock faster. “Fuck my cock feels so awesome Aqualad,” Superboy moaned as another blast of erotic heat exploded inside him.

“Guy on guy action bro,” Aqualad hissed. “I bet my cock feels good in your hand!”

  “Damn yours does too buddy,” Kal-el grunted in fevered agreement as he jerked on it. His brain began connecting the stimulations he was getting with his own masturbating of his friends erection.

“Every guy’s cock feels great when you service it bro,” Aqualad said. “In fact when you service other guys it will really get you off. Besides when you do that you are giving me pleasure too. You want that for me too right bro,” he finished saying as he leaned in to deeply kiss his friend. Aqualad expertly used his tongue to probe the satin smooth interior of Kal-El’s mouth.

“Shit,” Superboy gasped when Aqualad broke the kiss off. Superboy had never been kissed that way before especially one that entailed his being sensually deep throated. The physical effect from this activity spun his erotic nerves into overdrive. It sealed the deal. Soon all Superboy wanted was to give as much pleasure to his friend that his friend was giving to him.  “Yeah I want to do that for you buddy,” he moaned. “I want to please other guys for you!” A barrier had been overcome. Aqualad worked his telepathic magic with renewed vigor but the war was won. Kal-El would willingly succumb to sexually gratifying guys. He would now see it as pleasing both himself and Aqualad. The once invincible teenage superhero let out a sigh and fully surrendered to the sexual gratifications he was getting from his friend.  With a renewed sense of purpose he began vigorously working on Aqualad’s erection. Within minutes both muscled hunks were shamelessly grunting while happily pumping each other’s hard-ons.

Eric watched them. Things were going according to plan. Using Kal-El’s attachment to Aqualad to subvert him was all part of his scheme. True Eric could have just mind fucked Superboy into a bitch by himself but why not use Aqualad to get the job done faster. After a few minutes Eric decided it was time for the next phase of the exam. “Okay both of you stop it for now. Superboy, you get back onto the table. Feet back in the stirrups. Time for the anal part of your physical!”

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