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Taking Tabor
Part 1 - Taking Tabor
By Kyle Cicero

This story is the revised and expanded prequel to the Bri-an story also posted herein. I hope you enjoy it.:)

Taking Tabor

By Kyle Cicero

Tabor strode into his bedchambers with his usual air of confidence. Accompanying him was the massive hounds that always escorted the rulers of his nation. The six foot four inch king was well built with the 225 lb well-muscled body of one who engaged in physical activity all his life. Today had been busy. Tabor had recently conquered the Krill nation and he had been engaged in savoring the spoils of the victory. Tonight he, as ruler of his people, would host a banquet to celebrate his dominion over the small weaker Krill. He brushed away a lock of the long brown hair that fell in length to just below his shoulders. For Tabor, his long locks symbolized his authority, superiority and, the true essence of his manliness. From the time of his puberty his hair was uncut. It was a source of pride among his own people and proof of his virility.

Tabor unbuckled his belt and took off his armor. His sculpted torso strained against the short tunic he wore underneath. He stretched his muscular frame. As he did, one of his dogs nudged against him. Tabor pushed him away with a foot. “Go over to the corner” he growled with that smug authoritative tone he always had with everyone. The hound quickly obeyed & joined the pack in a corner. Tabor noticed a Krill man sitting in the corner of the room. The man was unusually small even for one of the Krill race. By Tabor’s estimate the man could not be taller than four feet at most. “What do you want pigmy,” Tabor snarled with contempt. Tabor’s hounds raised their heads and growled. “Quiet,” Tabor barked and the dogs lowered their heads and relaxed.

“To bring relief to the conqueror of my people sire,” the older man muttered meekly as he went before his land’s conqueror and knelt.

“And how will you do that,” Tabor laughed. The Krill was ancient and pathetically scrawny. Tabor’s well-built taller body towered over him.

“My people are experienced in herbs sire that make special oil. When one has the oils rubbed onto their skin the lotion brings an easing of all tension and stiffness to the body. It even clears the mind of worry,” the older man replied submissively. “I would do this for my new lord to prove my worth in his court. If my lord will undress and lay face down his bed I will apply it.”

Tabor gazed at the Krill. “You expect me to strip myself of all clothes, weapons and lay my unprotected back to you?” A smirk came across his handsome face.

“Does my lord fear this old body,” the Krill responded as he lowered his head in deference.

A lesser man would have paused but Tabor’s overwhelming ego refused to admit to caution no matter how reasonable it might be. Tabor was young and powerfully built. What had he to fear from an old diminutive Krill? “I fear no man,” Tabor smugly stated as he quickly disrobed. The Krill lifted his face to the young warrior king. It was clear the old man was taking in Tabor’s sculpted torso. Tabor smirked as he gazed into the old man’s eyes. “Go ahead and stare Krill. Stare at what the body of a real man looks like,” he boasted as he unconsciously preened before the Krill’s eyes. “You Krill are puny men. In fact perhaps you’d make better women,” Tabor laughed. “Yes better women. Tell me is it true you Krill men let other men mount you?” The handsome green-eyed chieftain grabbed his uncut ten-inch thick rod and waved it at the Krill. “Tell me old man, would you like me to mount you like a woman or,” Tabor continued as he proudly cupped his round low hanging ball-sack. “Perhaps you desire me to fill you with my juices?” He sneered at the Krill. “I am descended from a line of mighty warrior kings and in this pouch of mine is the very seed from which will spring a future line of such tall powerful men who will reign over your pathetic people as kingly warriors. Do you think I would spill this precious juice into some wrinkled old man’s anus,” he laughed in contempt. The old man said nothing. Tabor chuckled in amusement. “No protests? Just as I thought, after my victory it appears I’ve mounted your entire race already Krill.” Tabor scratched his hard eight-pac and then lay face down on his bed. The young conqueror’s sculpted body shown in the flickering lights of the torches. “Serve me old man.” Tabor said.

A smile flickered across the Krill’s face. His rose and went to the youthful ruler’s bed. His hands reached into a pouch and pulled out a bottle. “Yes sire, “he stated as he poured the oils onto the younger man’s broad shoulders.

Tabor felt a not unpleasant tingling as the oil was rubbed onto his back.” He turned his head to look up at the old man. “You may continue but be sure not to get any oils in my hair old man.” He grumbled fixing the man with a cold stare from his green eyes. “It is not seemly for a pathetically weak Krill to touch my long hair. Consider it as a symbol of my manhood and proof of my warrior’s dominance over you. In my realm only women wear short hair,” he boasted. “Or men who are so pathetic they act like women for other men,” he spat out in disgust.

“Yes sire,” the Krill muttered as he applied more oils to the young man’s body rubbing each rippling muscle of the young warrior.

Tabor felt as if every nerve was alive in his flesh and, more importantly, the touch of the old man was causing him to feel flushed. “What is in these oils?” Tabor asked as he felt his muscles go increasingly limp under the massage. By now the Krill’s hands were running down his spine toward his tapered waist. Tabor stretched slightly as his torso grew limper. “I...asked…you,” he mumbled as waves of pleasant heat coursed in him. “Oh never mind,” he responded by now overwhelmed by the touch of the man along the sides of his tapered waist. “Continue,” he sighed.

The old man nodded as he worked his oils into the body of his enemy. Silently he poured more oils on Tabor and took long strokes down the ruler’s sculpted back muscles toward the young warrior’s exposed buttocks.

“Ah yesss,” Tabor hissed as his breathing quickened. He felt woozy yet aroused all at the same time. Suddenly he felt the Krill’s palms grabbing his meaty butt cheeks and giving each fleshy globe a series of squeezes. No man had ever dared to touch Tabor there before. He raised his upper body onto his elbows. “What…you…doing,” he mumbled as, as if through a fog, he watched the Krill kneading his rump. “No man touches my buttocks!” Surprisingly he experienced a rush of sexual arousal as his ass was fondled by the old Krill. His 10-inch rod stiffened slightly. The image of the old man appeared even fuzzier.

“Lay back down,” the old Krill said sharply as he reached up to Tabor’s broad shoulders and pushed the young chieftain back down. “Do you want me to stop?” He growled even as he squeezed Tabor’s beefy rump in a way that intensified the sexual heat coursing in the younger man’s loins.

“No…I…aaahhh…no…go on,” Tabor sighed. He suddenly lost the will to object. On some mental level he was aware that by obeying the ancient Krill and submitting, he would prolong the erotic pleasure he was feeling.

“I can stop if that is what you desire,” the Krill hissed. “But if you ask nicely I will continue.”

“Please don’t stop.” Tabor moaned as his thick cock lurched under him.

“Say please fondle my arse again or I’ll stop,” The old man teased.

“Please fondle my arse,” Tabor woozily grunted as his sexual arousal increased. “Please…awwww…yes…fondle my buttocks,” he repeated as he ground his cock onto the surface beneath it. For the first time in his life he heard himself begging.

“Say it again and use the word, sir,” The diminutive man mockingly instructed.

“Please…fondle…aw yes…my arse …SIR,” tabor howled as he felt a delicious bolt of pleasure hit his balls.

The reply brought joy to the ancient man. The mighty Tabor was being reduced to pleading. He greased Tabor’s rear with more oils as he intensified his massaging on the young man’s brawny butt. By now Tabor was grunting and gasping and literally squirming on the bed.

Some of the oil soon oozed between Tabor’s cheeks. The young muscled ruler experienced a sensual itching as the oils hit his anal chute. His breathing quickened. The Krill noticed this and smiled. The oiled cheeks of the young man, which shone in the flickering lights, grew slack and pliable. The well-built warrior was ready the Krill decided. He stroked Tabor’s rear with more intensity.

“Oh ….yesssss,” Tabor had been sighing as the Krill’s calloused hands rubbed and stroked his ass. The friction of the ancient Krill’s hard palms on his soft rear flesh was somehow enflaming Tabor cravings for more. He also quickly realized his manhood was leaking. A wave of humiliation over his current conduct flushed throughout his being but the accompanying erotic excitement overcame any shame he was experiencing. Then, unexpectedly, the Krill slipped a greased palm between Tabor’s cheeks and began stroking down deeper between them until Tabor’s butt hole was hit.

“What…oh … awwww,” the haughty young hunk mumbled as he was overwhelmed by an even more severe burst of sexual heat. The contact shockingly triggered a complete erection in Tabor. He pressed downward on his waist to try not to show this arousal to the old man but the hardness of the bed only squeezed his manhood against his eight pac in a way that stimulated him even more. “Ooohh,” he whimpered softly as he tried to adjust himself. Unfortunately as he squirmed the only thing he succeeded in doing was to press his cock up against the ridges of his hard stomach. They in turn stroked his meat in an even more erotic manner. Tabor began to yield himself to the uncontrollable urges building in him. The Krill saw all this and increased his digital assault on the back entry of the strapping youth. “Ahhh…yesss,” Tabor whimpered as his chute was rubbed and massaged by the old man. As if driven by some new instinct the strapping hunk spread his well-formed thighs apart to fully allow the Krill more access to his chute. His now very visible hefty nuts lewdly squirmed in their pouch. The Krill saw them rise upward as their surrounding skin puckered into a well formed orb.

“Good boy,” The Krill smirked as Tabor’s rosy anal ring flowered into full view. The old man flicked his thumb across the soft entryway causing his young victim to squirm in heat and delight.

“OOOOwwww…yessss,” Tabor moaned. “Ohhh…what…are…you....doing…why …am I so aroused,” Tabor unconsciously gasped as he fully spread his legs under the old Krill’s touch even as he pushed his meat harder onto the bed. He discovered that by gulping for air his stomach muscled rippled in such a way that he was literally jacking off his own rod. Of course little did he realize that doing this also insured that his powerful body would get light-headed and disorientated from too much air intake. His very actions were aiding the Krill.

“I’m using special oils sire.” The Krill replied as he took in Tabor’s obscene display. He chuckled as he played with the young man’s hole till Tabor was loudly mewing with sexual pleasure. The old man flicked his thumb along the tender back skin of Tabor’s hefty ball-sack while making sure one finger maintained its firm contact on the warrior’s anal entryway.

“Uhhh…ooohhh…ooohh,” Tabor responded as his muscled thighs raised his butt upward. The Krill callused palm gripped the nuts of Tabor and sensually rolled them in its grip. “AW…by the gggggg…oooods,” Tabor cried out in shivering pleasure. The sack’s stimulations were erotically intoxicating. More importantly, there also arose in Tabor a strange need for more pressure on his hole. “Please rub my hole harder…sir,” he unconsciously moaned. The Krill applied force on the ring muscles then let up. “More…more…oh yess…sir,” Tabor babbled as he pressed up against the Krill’s finger. This uncontrollable need demanded to be satisfied. “Don’t stop…your…finger…more…pleaseeee.” He begged.

“If you command so sire,” the Krill mockingly said with a smile. Tabor was pleading for the next step. It was going as planned. Taking him was easy but having him beg for it was sweeter the old man thought. “You see sire,” the Krill continued saying while gently teasing the chute entry causing the muscular ruler to shudder in ecstasy. “The oils seep into the brain through the pores and trigger an unstoppable sexual excitement. They also short-circuit any resistance in the subject. In fact the subject gradually desires to comply just to experience the erotic thrills,” the old man replied. His greasy fingers manipulated Tabor’s oil soaked nuts. “Unfortunately another side effect is that, if they are applied to a man’s nuts, the oils immediately seep in through the skin and …well I’m sorry to tell you my virile young bull but by now you are as infertile as any castrated steer.”

“Huh,” Tabor replied. He was so erotically aroused that he was barely aware of what he had just been told. “I’m...” he muttered as he tried to focus on the words. Then it hit him. “No…I’m…warrior…all…man…not…my line of sons…” his voce trailed off as his powerful body refused to rise. “Not…not,,,” he whimpered as his nuts felt the oil heated oil.

An evil sneer came to the face of the Krill as he rolled Tabor’s balls and used more oil on them. Tabor’s hefty low hangers swayed as the Krill played with them. By now Tabor was sobbing as he begged not to be turned into a type of eunuch.

“Please. Please. Please,” he moaned as his balls heated up. On some level he knew the fires in his pouch were searing away his fertility but, in combination with that, came a pleasurable warmness. Despite of his moans he felt a desire for more of that oiling abuse of his nut-sack.

“I’ve sterilized you Tabor.” The Krill bragged. “You will seed no future race of warrior kings. No men will come from your loins now my young warrior. Not that you will be fucking any women once I’m done. I’m told infertile men are a joke among your people. What a delightful joke indeed. The swaggering macho warrior Tabor was just sterilized by some small old man. But more comes…” the Krill hooted with glee. He gently pushed his other finger down hard until he had pressed through Tabor’s outer chute ring muscles.

“Ggggooooddd,” Tabor yelped loudly; his head shooting up as his butt-hole was penetrated. His dogs looked up and growled.

“Head Down!” the old man sharply said as his other hand released Tabor’s balls and delivered a hard slap on Tabor’s ass. “WHACK.”

“OW,” Tabor whimpered as he lowered his head. He was so turned on by the penetration he didn’t want the man to stop. By now, the young ruler was completely aroused and his cock was fully wet. The primitive sexual urges the oils lit up in him were not going to be denied satisfaction no matter how much humiliation Tabor was now also feeling. The dogs took note of the lack of authority in Tabor’s tone coupled with how Tabor had meekly lowered his head in response to the verbal sounds of the Krill. They also took note of the new air of authority the Krill projected. The hounds lay back down and watched.

The Krill smiled and quickly poured more oils on the hand that was fucking Tabor’s chute allowing the oils to get his finger slicker. He plunged his finger in deeper.

“OH….ahh...ahh...ahh,” Tabor gasped as the Krill’s finger struck his prostate and gave the young warrior his first butt deflowering experience. “Don’t... stop,” Tabor burst out saying A flush of humiliation hit him but he was helpless to resist in the face of this erotic craving he was experiencing

The Krill’s finger vigorously rammed in and out of Tabor’s hole as the old man reveled in the sounds of Tabor’s complete surrender to this defilement.

“Aw…aw…aw…yes” Tabor whimpered. Any trace of arrogance was gone in his voice.

As the ancient Krill fingered Tabor with one hand his other began a series of hard slaps on Tabor’s glistening bubbled rump.




“ ass,” Tabor sobbed as he received another first: a hard bare-assed spanking at the hands of the smaller man. He was so overcome however by the fires in his guts from his prostate stimulations that he just lay there and took it. He lay face down and whimpering like a small child as each blow struck home. The young hunk was totally embarrassed thinking how it must look: this scrawny old man giving the younger strapping warrior a butt tanning.

The delighted Krill kept up the double assault on Tabor’s rear. By now the once macho warrior was bawling as his bubbled cheeks grew crimson and yet, thanks to the old man’s continuous expert anal fingering, he was still pleading for more penetration.

“Please….oh …please,” Tabor wailed as his muscular legs fanned up and down. “My ass,” the proud conqueror whimpered. “You’re beating my ass…I….ohhh Godddd!” he chattered as the Krill’s finger hit upon his prostate. His manhood quivered in a building excitement. “Fuccc…whip my butt just don’t stop fingering my hole!” Tabor screamed as he slipped over the edge. He no longer cared about how much the Krill was humiliating him. The oils had done their job. His sexual needs now began to control his mind and bind him to the old Krill. The capitulation process was beginning in earnest. The once macho Tabor was getting a taste of submission and his body roared its approval! “More…please more,” he implored. The taller hunk spread his mighty legs apart to the very edges of the bed.

The Krill redoubled his slaps driving home to Tabor who was now in control of their situation.




“Oh ….my …ass…on …fire! The warrior sobbed in a combination of disgrace and newfound desire for more such treatment. Tabor was out of his mind with the sexual heat building in him. His body started humping back on the old man’s finger in a frenzied thrusting movement. The sight of the strapping hunk’s butt rising and falling and thus literally screwing himself on the Krill’s digit was a savory victory for the ancient man. “Oh...yes…yes…deeper,” Tabor howled. He was primed by now for the next step.

The Krill reached into his bag and pulled out a large lengthy ivory cylinder. “Since you desire it,” he laughed at the thought of turning Tabor’s words against him. He lubricated the object and pressed it against Tabor’s chute. “Try this object inside of you!” The item’s head went in but then stopped.

“I…I…I …ccccan’t…aawww,” Tabor meekly protested in pain as his ring muscles failed to fully open to the invader.

“Breathe deeply and relax,” the Krill replied firmly as he withdrew the cylinder. He poured more oil on his fingers. The Krill re-entered two of them into Tabor’s hole making its entryway slicker. Feeling the tightness in the chute ease up he withdrew his fingers and put the bottle directly past Tabors’ outer ring muscles and squeezed.

“Ahhhhh,” Tabor whimpered as the oils flowed up into his guts. An erotic tingling increased inside of him. His brain was hit by it and it barely held on to fight an ever more powerful urge to not resist the Krill in anything. The oils flowed into Tabor and were soon coursing throughout his system. The young ruler was now almost completely engulfed in the arousals and mental pliability the oils produced. “Ahhhhhh....yyyyyess,” Tabor gasped as his breathing quickened. He turned his head to woozily look at the old man. His handsome face was flushed and his eyes were unfocused. His long hair damply stuck to his cheeks. It was clear the muscular chieftain was in sexual heat and dazed by the erotic stimulations of the oils and the manual manipulations in his rump. He was ready for another step in the journey!

The Krill saw the subtle changes and re-inserted the tube. The cylinder went in slowly but still the chute failed to expand to allow full penetration. He pushed harder.

“Please…it…won’t,” Tabor moaned pathetically as he gulped in air. “I can’t…into me,” the once arrogant and mighty conqueror entreated submissively; his voice was cracking like a little boy. The changes in his demeanor were happening.

“Yes you can,” the Krill insisted as he pressed harder. He would not be denied this, the old man thought .The pleasure of anally popping Tabor’s cherry fully was not to be left undone. Part of the Krill also reveled in seeing this taller strapping young man squealing and quivering at getting screwed by someone so weak and small. Tabor would succumb and in doing so break mentally. The Krill gripped the tube and rammed it in hard.

“I….OH FUCKKKK,” Tabor cried as his hole suddenly gave way as the cylinder went deeply in. “OOOOOOHHHHH…….GGGGOOODDD!!!!” His powerful body went limp as the Krill ground the cylinder in deeper before quickly pulling it almost out. “Aw fuck,” Tabor wheezed as the object was withdrawing. Before Tabor knew it however, the item was pushed back into his guts. “Fuck,” tabor yelped. Yet, this time the entry was not difficult to accommodate and a burst of pleasure came with it. The Krill sense the change and smiled. He repeated his screwing pattern with the device. “Huh.Huh.Huh.” Tabor grunted as his tight chute soon flowered open to easily accept the invader.

The Krill broke into a wider grin, “There you go,” he responded as he began to sodomize the ravished chute of the young man. He quickened the pace making sure to hit Tabor’s pleasure spot deep in his gut.

“Ugh.Ugh.Ugh,” Tabor sighed as he forgot the initial discomfort and experienced roars of pleasure from the thrusts. Soon he was happily humping away on the object trying to get it further inside him in order to maximize the erotic thrills that were coursing through him. “Deeper…go ….deeper,” he moaned as he obscenely wiggled his rear with each thrust inward of the cylinder. “Oh…deeper.”

“I can get in deeper if you let me physically use my manhood to mount you Tabor.” The Krill stated. “Does the mighty chieftain want me to mount him like a woman with my manhood? Ask nicely and I will.”

Tabor knew he had to satiate this growing fire in his loins yet, the indignity of being taken anally by a man like he was some woman raced in his brain. The old Krill was asking him to beg to be unmanned. Tabor recognized in his core that this step once taken would be permanent. He feared that once he yielded to the sensual stimulations of being taken anally by the Krill’s cock, it would imprint itself on his mind and require constant repetitions from this man. He would be un-manned; forever compelled to spread his legs for more penetrations. The conflict was fought in Tabor’s mind. A part of him wanted to reassert his manhood even his sterilization has ensured that a segment of it was now gone. Yet, a growing part inside of him warmly desired the erotic pleasures he was receiving. While this mental debate played out, the Krill rammed the cylinder deeper into Tabor striking the youthful hunk’s prostate. An explosion of arousal filled Tabor’s loins and engulfed him. “Aw…by the gods,” he wailed. The old alpha warrior mindset in him lost the internal fight and was drowned. He knew he had to surrender to his new role as the Krill’s woman if he wanted this sexual pleasure to continue. “Yes,” he babbled. “I agree. I need you to mount me pleaseeeee!” Tabor’s brawny body was ready to service the small scrawny Krill in any way commanded. “Fuck me Sir,” he wailed.

“Since you begged for it,” The Krill smirked. He had won! Quickly the Krill grabbed Tabor by each ankle and pulled his muscular body down to the edge of the bed until Tabor’s long muscular legs were dangling over its side. The smaller man then strode between Tabor’s tapered thighs and spread them wide. “I’m going to take you like a woman you now are,” the Krill snarled as he plunged his own cock straight into Tabor’s quivering hole.

AAAHHHHHWWWWW,” Tabor screamed as the old man plowed his chute hard and deep. The hounds stirred and growled. They observed this shift in authority between the two men. Tabor dropped his head down on the bed. His muffled grunts seeped into the air. “Uh, uh,uh,uh,uh”. The downward thrusts of the smaller man invaded Tabor’s guts and further squished the young hunk’s raging hard-on against his rippling abdominals. “You’re fucking my arse,” Tabor sobbed as the degradation of his condition played out in parts of his brain.

“You begged me, remember,” the Krill yelled. “I have won over you. I have taken your manhood’s ability to procreate and now I am taking away your very image as a man,” He savagely cried out as his vigorously screwed the hapless taller man.

By now everything was driving Tabor closer to an organism. “Uh.Uh.Uh,” He repeatedly chanted as his once virginal chute was broken wide and his masculine self-image was quickly demolished. Tears filled his eyes. “I’m being fucked like a woman,” he sobbed out at one point.

“Yes, I have unmanned you,” the old man viciously laughed. The Krill reached up to grab Tabor’s long hair. He pulled it back so Tabor’s head was yanked upward. “Let the dogs see who their new master is and be the first of many witnesses to my dominance over you!” He snarled.

Tabor’s handsome face was awash in lust and his jaw hung slack. “UH.UH.UH.UH.” He whimpered under the repeated thrusts of the Krill’s rod. “Aw…gods…fucking…mmmmmeeeeee,” he bawled as he felt his very masculinity being fucked away.

The hounds rose and approached. The old man glared at the dogs and spoke to them sharply, “Easy boys this bitch is mine.” He said. The dogs processed the scene and registered that Tabor the mighty was being mounted in a manner similar to how they mounted their bitches. They stopped growling and lay back down in an acknowledgement of the shift in leadership.

“You’re taking my rump,” Tabor sighed in defeat as his sodomizing increased the waves of heat cascading inside of him. He still felt embarrassment but his desire for more of this sexual excitement now ruled him. He wanted the smaller older man to hump him harder; soon he was pleading for it! “TAKE MY ASS. MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN!”

“Take my cream bitch,” the Krill shouted as he climaxed in the once hyper-masculine ruler’s butt.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……………….AAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHH,” Tabor roared as the searing heat of the old man’s spunk seeded him. The moist warmth of the liquid flowing up his chute hit his prostate causing him to also erupt in a continuous spurt of jism. “I’M…CUM…ING,” he screeched then collapsed in exhaustion; his own crotch damp with his spilled juices. The old man withdrew his cock from Tabor’s hole. Tabor realized he had shot his wad while being mounted. He felt degraded but the now empty sensation in his guts triggered in him a desire for more fucking from the old man. As he laid, face down & sucking in air, the room filled with his breathing. A strange buzzing sound soon followed.

Tabor felt the Krill’s hand grabbing his hair. His handsome tear stained face was jerked upward and he saw a hair cutter in front of his eyes whirling and buzzing. He knew what was about to happen! “No. No…please,” Tabor softly moaned as the old man ran it across the left side of Tabor’s skull. Cool air hit the shorn section of his head. “Not this,” he pathetically whined. But the Krill was relentless. The noise of the cutter soon filled Tabor’s ears as the device ran across other parts of his skull. The Krill knew that shaving Tabor of his long brown mane was critical now to seal his conquest. Tabor had to be mentally shown his inferiority and loss of authority in a dramatic way!




“My hair,” cried Tabor as saw the symbol of his manhood fluttering to the floor to rest at the feet of the old Krill. His mind screamed with the memory that he had not only been mounted he had actually begged for it and, that he had been rendered infertile as well. Now, his head was being shaved and he was doing nothing to stop it. “You’re shaving off my manhood off,” he groaned. As he gazed down at the locks of hair falling on the ground and felt the cool breeze on his buzzed skull Tabor felt a renewed sexual awakening flood in his crotch. The thought that he was aroused by this humiliation only served to increase his sexual desires for more of it. “Stop …please,” he croaked. He squirmed but this action on his thickening rod only sexually stimulated him further. A cascade of arousal clouded his mind. “Shaved…shaved,” he mumbled as, without realizing it Tabor’s hips began humping downward on the rough bed sheets to intensify the pressure on his manhood.

“”I can see by your activity you don’t want me to,” the Krill taunted as he completed clipping Tabor’s head. The old man knew that Tabor was defeating himself now and he pressed it home. “Just give in. You want to, right bitch! There we go all that long hair is gone. Your mighty arse was fucked and this last sign of kingship and you so-called manly domination lies at my feet.”

The once haughty fighter shuddered as he lost it to the erotic heat flaring up in him. His arrogant self-image crumbled with the realization that he enjoyed everything that had been done to him. On the deepest mental level his brain accepted that he had been truly un-manned & his warrior spirit broke! As the Krill ran his hand across Tabor’s buzzed cut head, the once smug warrior king erupted in a stream of cum. “Arrgggh!” He grunted as his hot jism hit his stomach.

“You are my bitch now,” the Krill laughed as he grabbed Tabor’s chin and lifted the demoralized former war chief’s head up. The Krill again rubbed his hand over Tabor’s shaved skull. “Accept your true role as my slave who longs to service me. You can only be truly sexually satisfied when you do it!” He held up a mirror so tabor could see his “new look”.

Tears streamed down Tabor’s cheeks as he drank in his new self-image. He blinked away his tears and slowly nodded his acceptance of the words.

The Krill could barely restraint his glee. “Clean off my cock with your tongue bitch.” The old man commanded as he threw down the mirror and brought his small cock up to Tabor’s quivering lips. Tabor meekly opened his mouth. All his former confidence and smugness was gone now. He had been completely conquered. He sucked down his ‘master’s’ cock and slurped on it as ordered. A wide grin broke out on the Krill’s face. “Now thank me for what I did to you.”

“Thankth youth sirth,” Tabor gurgled his mouth stuffed with the Krill’s manhood. The once conceited young hunk now obediently nursed the man’s cock, making sure it was clean while his own dick rose to another full erection.

“Stop when it is completely clean bitch,” the Krill mockingly said. By the way Tabor was grinding down on the bed the young stud was clearly aroused by his oral servicing.

“Yeth sirth,” Tabor replied as he slurped every part of the man’s manhood. Once he was sure he had done as commanded he quietly pulled off the old man’s rod. “Clean sir,” he muttered submissively.

The old man nodded then reached down to attach a dog collar to Tabor’s neck. He roughly pushed the buzzed cut Tabor to the floor. Tabor’s erection was now fully on display. “Get up on all fours then, you may jerk off onto the floor. Once you do it, lick it up. Afterwards you are to go sleep with my other dogs since now you are just another bitch! Later on I will apply a special cream to your crotch to permanently remove your pubic hair too. As for your head…buzz cut at all times got it?”

Tabor, once so powerful and haughty, nodded then humbly did as instructed. He jerked his engorged cock in a series of rapid movements. Knowing that he was masturbating under the delighted eyes of his ‘owner’ excited him beyond anything he had ever experienced. “He is watching me shoot my spunk then he will remove my pubic hair forever,” he muttered lost in an erotic daze. He felt himself approaching an orgasm. “I’m fucking going to cream as my master watches me!” Tabor sighed out loud.

Hearing Tabor’s moaning admission brought exquisite joy of the Krill.

“I’m jerking off for my master,” he groaned. “AAAWWW…FUCCCCC…” Tabor howled. The waves of degradation washing over him took the young warrior over the edge. His cream exploded onto the floor under him. As instructed, once he had shot his wad, he extended his tongue out and lapped up his jism like the obedient dog he now was. After cleaning his seed he then started crawling on all fours to where the other dogs were waiting.

“Tonight other elders of my tribe visited every warrior of your nation with our oils.” The Krill mockingly told his newest bitch. “Your planned victory banquet will now celebrate our victory over each one of your young strapping men!”

Tabor stopped and thought of his warrior companions undergoing what had been done to him. He visualized his second in command the lean well-built Bra-Ian with his blonde hair and blue eyes being mounted and unmanned just as he was. He mentally pictured his best friend’s butt screwed until his hard masculine body also hungered for sexual servitude to some ancient shriveled Krill. “No, not Bra-Ian,” he sobbed seeing all that had happened to him being done to his friend in his mind’s eye. His ‘master’ smiled and nodded. “Bra-Ian bitched like me,” Tabor moaned in despair. Yet, even as those images filled him with shame, it triggered his cock to stiffen. Tabor realized he was getting an erection contemplating Bra-Ian being taken anally. He was also aware that his ‘master’ could see his sexual excitement too. He dropped his head in mortification yet filled with a renewed sexual hunger. “Master please screw me again,” he pitifully mumbled.

The Krill smirked: Tabor was truly his bitch and they both knew it! “Later, now go join the dogs.” He replied with authority. “If you behave I will talk to Bri-an ‘s owner. Perhaps you two bitches can mount each other as we watch. Now do as I directed.” He saw Tabor’s hungry smile at hearing those words about Bri-an. “Yes just as I thought ,” the Krill silently said to himself. “All that over exaggerated macho strutting. My actions merely set your inner bitch free huh, Tabor .”

As Tabor meekly crawled to the corner where he had been directed the other hounds made room for the ‘new bitch’ of the pack. Sensing Tabor was in heat, they eyed him hungrily. On a deeper level they also knew that this bitch was the sole property of their new master. They gazed with respect at their new pack leader. The Krill laughed in joy!


The End

Historical cheat sheet: The Merovingians were early Frankish kings known as the "long-haired kings" for their symbolically uncut long hair. Pippin The Short, son of Charles Martel, dethroned the last king of this dynasty. To demonstrate his new position as ruler he had the long hair of that last king shorn thus removing both the symbol of his dynasty as well as his royal authority and power.

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