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Tales of Felipe
Part 5 - Tales of Felipe - 5
By Kyle Cicero

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Felipe lay bound on the table. He sensed the cold air in the room upon his much-abused anal entryway yet it also felt soothing as well. The wet stickiness of his ejaculation quickly grew just as chilly as well. As he moved his crotch upward he felt the pull of the drying crud as it pulled at his deflated cock. “I came,” he moaned in a despair he had never experienced before. He soon became furious at his predicament and, critically, how he had sexually reacted during it. He violently tugged at the tight leather straps holding him but, despite his strenuous efforts, they held him. First the first time in his life he felt as if his powerful muscular torso had betrayed him. His body tensed as he bucked around on the bed that held him struggling to break free. Failure stung him. He lay on the surface breathing in deep gulps of breath while he finally contemplated what was happening to him. As his mind recalled what had transpired he suddenly realized something else. As Felipe mentally recreated what had been done to him, his cock was becoming hard again.

“I…can’t….why…am…I…erect?” He yelled out as the echoes of those words bounced off the bare walls.

In another room the aide heard this too and grinned. He knew the time was here to drive his stallion to jump that final wall. The aide knew that at this precise moment, physiologically Felipe was on the ropes. The young werewolf could not be given any time to try to mentally piece things back together. “I’ll break you Felipe ,’ the aide grimly decided as he entered the room where his trussed up hunk was waiting. “By the time I’m done I’ll so geld you that you will be crazy for more of the same.

Felipe heard the aide enter. “Release me,” he growled yet, unlike his prior vocal threats, this one sounded more tentative.  Felipe tried to cover up that obviously pathetic order with another burst of strenuous thrashing about on the bed. The aide merely smirked. That reaction only made Felipe angrier. He closed his eyes to focus on breaking his leather bindings. He squirmed and gyrated in the ties. He was so intent on that issue that he lost his awareness of his surroundings. He was thus unprepared when he felt the aide touch his thighs followed rapidly by the sensation of a hard object unexpectedly pressing upon his sphincter. His eyes popped open. He turned his head to see the older man was now positioned between Felipe’s splayed thighs. Suddenly the reality of this situation struck Felipe like a hammering blow. The hard object he was sensing on his anus was the aide’s cock. The aide was going to fuck him! “NO!” Felipe yelled. The aide simply chuckled and moved his body steadily forward. “NO!” Felipe screamed. Since his bindings, along with the aide’s body prevented Felipe from closing his legs, he did the next best thing. He immediately tightened his anal hole to stop the thrust of the man’s cock into him.

The aide merely continued his grinning. “I’ve all the time in the world boy,” he sneered as he leaned his body weight fully forward to intensify the pressure on Felipe’s tightly constricted outer anal ring. “You want it,” he continued saying. “You creamed from just my finger in you. Think of the eruption that a nice cock inside of you will give to you.”

“No,” Felipe grunted through clenched teeth. He was confident he could deny the aide’s erection any entry but soon he found it impossible to keep his anus’ muscles sufficiently tight. Slowly, relentlessly the invading object pushed its way forward as Felipe’s anal ring muscles eased up a bit. The first defenses were gradually pushed past then, the aide really thrust into Felipe hard. The younger werewolf felt a burst of pain that shook him. He lost his concentration for a brief instant. His anus’s muscles went slack. It was just enough time for the aide’s dick to plunge fully inside of Felipe’s hole. “Goddess,” Felipe yelped as he felt himself completely stuffed and violated.

“Got it in after all,” the aide laughed as he began humping inside his prey. “You have a tight little she-wolf pussy don’t you, Felipe my boy?” He mockingly said as he began screwing Felipe.

“No,” Felipe head himself pitifully moaned. The aide’s derogatory term for his anal chute make the intrusion even more painful to endure. “ It hurts. Get it out. Please…too big. Its too…goddess you’ll split me open,” he babbled as the pain of his ravaging bitched-slapped his mind.

“It will ease up,” the aide said as he continued. “Give into the pleasure. Remember how much sexual stimulation my finger gave to you. Yes we will make sure this pussy you have is looser in the future. Too big you say huh. Well I guess you never saw a real man’s cock till now,” the aide continued saying intentionally using such verbal crudity to further break his captive down. “This is the type of cock real alpha werewolves have not the puny dick you have,” he hissed as he increased his fucking. “A really hung werewolf can give you sexual pleasures as you will soon find out boy!”

“No…stop…please…I’m begging….you’re hurting me,” Felipe blubbered as tears formed in his eyes. The once arrogant alpha werewolf heard his own pitiful vocal whining and felt a sense of humiliation come over him. He was bawling like a wolf cub and not like the  strong dominant male wolf he always thought he was. More pain exploded in his ass as the aide’s erection plowed away. Felipe could not conceive of what the aide’s dick looked like to be causing such agony. “His manhood must be immense ,” Felipe thought. Subconsciously his brain was telling him that maybe he, Felipe, was merely hung like a young cub. Another  fiery pain erupted. “Please…you…too big…I give.. please…stop….my  hole….on fire,” he wailed.

The grin barely held off laughing in triumph.  He too realized that Felipe was acting like a child. It was just what he wanted. “It will be okay little boy,” he cooed with fiendish delight. “I promise the pain will go soon boy,” he lightly replied.

The out-of-shape older werewolf’s patronizing tone only caused Felipe to experience further shame. He was behaving like a baby and he knew it. Yet, to Felipe’s added horror, the pain slowly did ease up. Soon highly pleasant warmth began filling him up from below. He wanted to sigh with relief but instead he clenched his jaw to stop from making any sound to the aide that would indicate this new sensation had overtaken him.

The aide, however, did not need any reply from Felipe to inspire his next steps. He was fucking the young powerful werewolf; his game plan was on course. Even as he humped deeply into the once alpha werewolf’s guts, the aide began whispering a steady stream of mind fucking words into Felipe’s ear. As he did so, he carefully made sure to keep calling him “boy ” to further subtly mentally unman Felipe. “Relax boy. It's ok, you know it feels so good and you need it so much already. It will feel so good. You know this. That's right just ease into it. Now go on boy. Open your arse for me. Give it up boy. Easy now just breathe and let it fully into you. You know you need too don’t you boy.”

Part of the old Felipe still battled on trying to reassert itself. “No…I…not…I’m an alpha…wolf,” a rapidly diminishing mental part of him furiously yelled as it struggled to prevail. It was however a lost war. His inner wolfish nature had long ago unconsciously succumbed to the repeated domination that he had endured from the older aide. To Felipe, like all wolves and their werewolf kin, there lay deep within their physiology a natural predisposition that told them “if your fucked ” you are the sub. The entire genetic structure of wolf packs was founded upon this concept of one alpha wolf and his submissive brethren. Even their “pack leader” hierarchy subtlety re-enforced this concept. Felipe had lived by this code. It was a part of his nature. The fact he had been successfully “mounted” coupled with the sexual arousal now consuming every cell in his body only aided this process. His old macho image was gradually being crushed by this biological imperative as more and more of his conscious psyche was being taken over. Yet, a small scrap of the arrogant Felipe clung onto a vague hope of victory. “I …must…no,” he moaned. “Aw my arse,” he grunted as another jolt sensual engulfed him. “What are you doing inside of… arse is…can’t be…soooooo good,” he growled without thinking about what he was verbalizing.

The aide knew it was the final make or break time and he continued fucking deeper and deeper. His cock-head hammered at Felipe’s prostate setting off a series of arousing explosions inside the squirming young buff werewolf. “You’ve played the man too long,” he hissed as he brought to bear his training in psychology. “I know you fucked our clan’s so-called royal wolf into being your bitch,” he growled as he slapped his balls on the hard upturned rump of his victim.

Felipe’s eyes grew wide. “You…fuc…know,” he weakly replied. Felipe had thought no one knew this fact.

The aide smirked. He had done his research well. He was going to use every bit of information to crush Felipe. “You’ve fucked over and conquered every other wolf even our brother. Made them all your wolfish bitch. Had them moaning under your cock thrusts. Well look who is now getting all hot for a good fucking huh.” He said through gritted teeth. “Go on. Admit it you secretly lusted for a real alpha wolf to come along and bitch your tight arse!” The aide took a gamble to add on, “You own hard-on proves it!”

Felipe’s head went crazy as he heard those words. He could sense his erection grinding beneath him. The aide’s words seemed to be true.  His muscular body unexpectedly bucked as he tried to get free of the invader that was firing pulsating waves of erotic thrills into him. His efforts only drove the aide’s cock in farther to batter on the young buck’s inflamed prostate. Felipe’s dick was in full flower and slick with pre-cum. “I’m…hard…how,” he mumbled in confusion.

“Yeah, “the aide gleefully said with satisfaction that his verbal gamble had struck pay dirt. “You are as hard as a rock. Getting butt-fucked exactly like the submissive she-wolf you are inside. Hard as a rock for this huh, boy! That’s what you always needed. All those times it was you wishing the other wolves were fucking you instead. You hated that make-believe. That’s why you fucked the others. You hated them for not fucking you. Deep in your head you wanted to stop the stress of pretending to be what you never were. Right now you are so erect. See that proves my point!”

By now Felipe was mentally lost in a confused sea of pleasurable sexual sensations.  Doubts about his masculinity entered his brain. Could the repeated rapes of other male werewolves been merely a search for his own craving for being mounted?  His addled mind thought that it had to be so since he was so erect right now. The last remnants of the alpha fighters in his brain lost their focus. Felipe succumbed and was engulfed in a flood of submissive arousal. “Bitched !” his woozy mind laughed to him. “Who’s moaning now?” It sneered inside his head. His body relaxed into the screwing. “His bitched she-wolf ,” he realized.

“Tell me you want it!” the aide cried to Felipe as he sensed the subtle shift in Felipe’s movements. The young stud werewolf had clearly ceased squirming in opposition to being fucked. Quickly the young werewolf’s muscled body began to wiggle upward in tandem with the aide’s anal penetrations. “You need me fucking you right,” the aide barked as he now vigorously plunged into Felipe’s anal cavity.

“Uhhuh,” Felipe weakly moaned in agreement as his anal defenses stopped all their resistance. Felipe’s strong long legs spread outward as he literally willed his chute to accept the aide’s cock. “Uhuh,” he gasped as his pupils fully dilated as he gulped in short gulps of air. His hyperventilating only made him mentally woozier and easier prey for his re-programming. Soon he fell into a fully complaint “fuck-mode”. He sighed as the sensation of submission took hold over him. “Fuck…me,” he heard himself tentatively whisper like a shy teen-aged wolf cub requesting his first kiss. “Fuck me…please,” he whined.

The aide grinned in triumph as he felt the young werewolf’s mental and physical resistances completely fade away. He kept up his verbal patter as he screwed Felipe into a permanent submissive state. That's right don't fight it boy,” he snickered. “ You know you are going nuts right now to get popped by me. I bet you are anxious to howl huh. Go on. Howl like a good she-wolf does when an alpha werewolf seeds her. Howl to show me that you are my she-wolf bitch.”

Felipe let out a loud grunt as every part of his once powerful masculine self-image finally shattered. “Your she-wolf bitch,” he unexpected purred using a she-wolf’s submissive tone of voice. “Fuck my she-wolf pussy,” he said adopting the term that he now felt fit that part of his anatomy. It was over. The once dominant wolf in the clan yielded his top wolf position to the werewolf aide. “Fuck me hard,” he lightly begged in that familiar submissive wolf-voice he once heard others use in sexual encounters with him. “Seed my she-wolf cunt,” he whined. He now began really humping back onto the aide’s cock. As each stroke went further into him a low grumbling welled up inside of him. Felipe’s prostate experienced a smoldering fire flaring inside of it as the aide’s dick repeatedly pounded on its surface. The low mumbling grew too powerful to contain and it flashed upward. As it did, Felipe’s eyes literally rolled up inside their sockets. He raised his head and, slack jawed, he began to bellow out the sexual heat that would have him enthralled to being dominated from this time onward. A vibrating series of piercing wails burst out from him.  This time the tone of those yells were not ones used by a dominating male wolf in the throes of rutting but rather the lighter pitched ones typical of she-werewolves as they gave their bodies up for seeding: “AAAAHHHHWWWHHHOOO” he cried as, at last, he experienced an intense orgasm. Massive amounts of creamy warm jism burst from his cock. His anal cavity’s muscles tightened on its invader. Felipe went wild now reveling in his mental and sexual surrender to his breeder. “AAAHHHWWWHHOO!” he bellowed again.

“GOTCHA!” the aide laughed as Felipe’s anal squeezing on the former’s cock caused him to cream inside his prey.

“AAAHHHWWWHHOO,” Felipe continually screamed before finally, totally spent, he collapsed onto the surface of the bed. “Seeded my hole,” he muttered as he slipped off to a happy sleep. “Seeded me good sir,” he finished saying as his mind took its well-deserved  slumber. The delighted aide lay on top of dozing Felipe savoring his victory. He knew taking of Felipe’s arse was not only a victorious battle win but also signaled his totally fucking over Felipe’s mind. He had won the war! As he pulled out of Felipe’s now jizz-slickened loosened hole he was rewarded by an audibly disappointed sigh from the lips of his unconscious captive. The stallion had truly jumped the wall.

For the next few days the aide screwed Felipe while reinforcing his control. At one point Felipe was anally injected with powerful sexual stimulants while bound arse up over a pummel horse. The aide had a screwing machine vigorously humping in and out of Felipe’s anal hole.  The latter watched as Felipe repeatedly ejaculated while being continually sodomized. “That’s right Felipe,” he snickered as Felipe climaxed his seed onto the floor below for the thirty-fifth time. “I want you to get it deep into your brain that being fucked brings you sexual orgasm.” He grabbed Felipe by the hair to yank the young werewolf’s head upward. Felipe’s face gazed at the aide through half opened eyes. From his dilated pupils it was clear Felipe was in the throes of sexual heat. “You are such a cock lover now aren’t we, boy?” The aide chuckled.

“Uhuh,” a sexually woozy Felipe agreeably mumbled as a goofy smile of contentment came to his face. The aide used his other free hand to unzip his pants. His freed erection poked out at Felipe’s mouth. “Suck me you she-bitch,” he commanded.

The still grinning Felipe quickly opened his full sensual lips and took in the cock. As the fuck-machine continued its anal workings a docile Felipe suckled on the aide’s hard-on. “Good bitch,” the aide grunted as he suddenly pulled out of Felipe’s throat to shoot his jism directly onto Felipe’s face. He watched as the creamy goop splattered over Felipe’s handsome facial features. It was a pleasure watching how the young werewolf’s tongue flickered out to lick the parts of the goo that dripped downward onto his lips. By this and in other degrading ways the aide soon had the smug young werewolf totally dominated both sexually and mentally.

“You love servicing my cock now doncha, boy,” the aide said a few days later as he gazed down at Felipe. Today the younger werewolf was lying face up on a table. His head hung over one edge of its surface exposing, like a true submissive wolf, his throat to his dominant wolf. As the aide played with one of Felipe’s nipples the former “alpha wolf” of their clan contented sucked on the aide’s erect cock. The aide noticed Felipe’s eyes were closed and his breathing had slowly steadied. “Yah you really zone out now when you go into she-wolf mode you punked bitch,” the aide snickered as Felipe continued orally to suckle while he purred with an agreeable satisfaction. “Time to let you resume your life albeit a new one,” the aide grunted as he gushed deeply into Felipe’s gullet. He watched as his she-wolf greedily took it all into his stomach; his throat muscles feverishly working to consume every drop filling his throat.



After Felipe was released there was no outward change in how Felipe appeared to the others in the werewolf band. Inside the wolf clan all werewolf life seemed to go on as they always had been. To them Felipe swaggered about as always while carefully paying “lip service” to the royal werewolf clan king. Everyone knew, or thought they knew, who was the behind the scenes alpha power werewolf. The aide knew that publically revealing to the other male werewolves that he had bitched Felipe might create future problems. Felipe had sired quite a few testosterone energized young male cubs. Right now their sire and his reputation intimidated them. Removing the “Felipe equation” was not smart. These upcoming younger & more muscular werewolves might not challenge Felipe but they would certainly decide to try to take on the aide for power. The latter knew he was old and basically out-of shape. Better to let the illusion of the old macho wolf-fucking Felipe stay on display in front of the clan. In their private meeting however Felipe was always totally submissive and growing ever more subtly effeminate around his “master”. Felipe had always believed the werewolves he fucked were somehow being “feminized ” by him. Now his bigoted views where turning upon him. Since he was being willingly mounted he believed he therefore must not be a truly masculine werewolf. His brain simply adopted the appropriate lifestyle it felt fit for such a situtation: namely the characteristic traits of weak she-werewolves. The aide, however, knew better. He realized that on some deeply unconscious level Felipe’s prior ruthless sexual aggressiveness must truly have been an unconscious attempt to hold a latent effeminate and submissive streak in him in check. “It was always in the cards you’d become what you fought against ,” he thought as he watched Felipe become ever more feminized in his vocal addressing to the aide as well as his physical interactions when they were alone together.

In either event, in public the aide made sure that these new forming characteristics were never seen either in Felipe’s moments or vocal tones. In fact the aide mentally programmed Felipe to be even more hyper masculine in front of the other werewolves. He also had Felipe devoting more time to his routine of exercise. He enjoyed having the mind-zapped werewolf in a well-cut peak physical shape that was the envy of the other male werewolves and the secret lustful desires of the pack females.

As for potential challengers the aide always kept a watch. Any possible contender was taken care of as the need arose. He laughed at the thought of using Felipe to sexually crush any opposition. Right now Felipe was mentally castrated as a top and only got fully erect when he was serving cocks.  Still a few drugs would easily get Felipe erect for any sexual toppings and the aide fully intended that Felipe continue to occasionally do this to maintain his “alpha wolf role”.  Felipe no longer enjoyed sexually penetrating anyone but he would meekly obey whatever the aide told him to do so that was a non-issue as well. When coupled with another set of powerful drugs to mentally wallop his younger werewolf sons, it would be simple to crush any threats. A set of vigorous fast screwing would do wonders on the younger buffer contenders’ self-images. Recently Felipe had taken down one such troublesome younger werewolf-son. That particular youthfully smug werewolf had become too well known for his innate athletic abilities, good looks, and finely chiseled body and, in the aide’s view, his too relentlessly successful screwing of other young she-wolves. His growing dashing macho reputation had proven too risky for the aide’s comfort.  The aide had Felipe invite the young cub over for a nice “family chat” about possible clan succession.  During the dinner the aide had slipped both parties the required drugs. Felipe, ever obedient, had ruthlessly and violently sodomized his son so successfully over the next few days that the boy’s prospective threat was neutralized. In fact, to the aide’s amusement, the younger werewolf’s experiences at Felipe’s hands had completely short-circuited the former vigorous prior ability to “get it up” for female werewolves. The young mentally traumatized  and  now impotent werewolf was “mated” by his father to one of the oldest fattest she-wolves in their clan. The grateful she-wolf, who was quite rich, was appropriately grateful to Felipe for mating her gross ancient body to a strapping young wolf stud.  Unfortunately for the groom, her age would prevent him from siring any future cubs. This very infertility was, of course, something that was in the aide's mind when setting up such a match. She had also been instructed it was best to insert a dildo into him along with a helpful dash of stimulants to get her mate fully erect while she straddled on top of him. Still, on the whole, she was happy with her mating. The aide appreciated her hefty financial dowry to her father-in-law when he took them from Felipe.

The aide’s plan was repeatedly used in future cases as one after the other young maturing wolf cub that posed a threat was captured and  “ anally and orally taken down” by his sire. If they were good-looking and chiseled the aide would join into the fun of re-training them. Later the aide would either mate the sons to some old rich she-wolf beyond her cub bearing years or “sell” a few of the now docile younger hunks to other werewolf clan heads that had a taste for sodomizing handsome muscled werewolves from other tribes.  It amused the aide to think that this process would ultimately extinguish Felipe’s direct male genetic line.

“You did all that screwing and impregnating to set up your own hidden dynasty and it ends in nothing,” he teased as he positioned Felipe over the now well-worn pummel horse to engage in another series of machine induced butt loosening preparation.  True the “royal heir” was Felipe’s spawn but the aide knew he would mentally castrate that pup when it came time so he too would never sire.

The aide gazed at the animal-like perfection of the sight of the buff werewolf arse up ready for a hard fuck. The aide knew that in some future year Felipe would lose his physical edge. But, by selecting an appropriate contender when that happened, the aide would continue with his hidden control.  As a student of history the aide recalled how Japanese Shoguns once ruled behind the scenes leaving a paper Emperor on the throne. After a time, weaker shoguns were controlled themselves, as a stronger man became their “advisor”. It amused him to emulate that clever Eastern solution to avoid disruptions caused by shifts in power. It suited him to continue to have a werewolf king that was controlled by a werewolf “shogun” who was really under his thumb. As a werewolf, he valued pack stability and his own survival In fact he had his eyes on a young werewolf, not related in any way to Felipe, who had just entered his teen years. He was a striking handsome leanly muscled brown haired cub with piercing green eyes and a naturally pleasing demeanor. The aide calculated that, by the time that cub hit his prime in his early twenties, Felipe would be slightly past his prime and ready for replacing both in power and in the aide’s bedroom.

Still, that contingency was years away. For now there were no clouds on the aide’s horizons. As he commenced fucking Felipe he took much pleasure in mocking the once dominating clan werewolf. “So you fucked our royal clan head again you slut,” he mocked as Felipe knelt before him sucking on the aide’s cock to slicken it up. “Needed my drugs though to let you continue to play the alpha wolf with him though huh!”

“Mmmhuh,” Felipe purred as he licked the aide’s erection. Mmmph,” he gurgled contentedly as his own cock flowered. The warmth that was emanating from his fiery red butt cheeks complimented the sexual heat in his cock and balls. The aide had instituted a series of regular spankings that would occur whenever Felipe returned from his assignment of “playing the man” with others in the clan. The aide made sure this discipline was quickly followed by permission for Felipe to suck cock and be fucked. As intended, Felipe’s brain soon linked future sexual satisfaction with being spanked. Having the young muscled hunk draped over his lap while the aide wailed on the young werewolf’s upturned arse was an enjoyable occurrence for the aide. During his spankings Felipe would bawl and wiggle his arse so sexily it made fucking him afterwards an even better experience.

“You still play the alpha wolf so well in front of them all. But with me, it’s the bitch’s role you only hunger for right. That gets you fully hard now… right boy?”

“Hmmmm,” Felipe agreeably mumbled through his cock stuffed lips. His tear stained eyes gazed up with a worshipful expression at the aide as he reached down to his anus to finger himself out. He knew his master liked his wolf boy’s hole to be loose so he pushed and prodded his fingers into himself to keep his anus open.

The aide sighed with delight as he reached for a nearby bottle of lubricant. Minutes later he was fucking Felipe as the room reverberated with those now familiar frenzied lightly toned cries of Felipe’s utter submission. “AAAAHHHHWWWWHHHOOO!”

The End?