The Telemachus Story Archive

Under New Management
By Kyle Cicero

The following is a work of pure fiction and does not represent the actual sexuality of anyone cited. This is an old story rescued from cyber space’s realm of lost tales. Originally by Kattt11 he kindly allowed me to “add” to it and have it updated. We both hope you enjoy it.

Under New Management

By Kattt11 & Kyle Cicero

I received with pleasure- and anticipation the news that Derek Jeter was looking for a new agent. Until now, I had largely limited my, clientele to professional football players. COLT BRENNAN, TOM BRADY, MATT LEINART and many others had joined my stable. Thoroughbreds all. For a while I had been of the mind to expand my practice to include baseball players. They were so iconic, symbolizing the innocence, strength and grace of American man at his best. Thus, Derek's desire to change management came at a most propitious time. He would truly be a trophy client to obtain. A multi-time World Series MVP with four championship rings to his credit. Playing for the New York Yankees, he had become the king of Manhattan, dating and dumping a string of actresses and supermodels. Word was Mariah Carey was so heartbroken when he stopped returning her calls that she suffered a breakdown. Derek was a fashion trendsetter, wearing expensive Italian suits and cashmere sweaters to show off his athletic body. On the field he was poetry: Six foot four and lean and muscular. He showed off his Yankee pinstripes to advantage; a perfect bubble butt sat high and firm over lithe and long thighs. He was - in fact - a show horse. His skin was smooth and flawless, the shade of coffee with and an extra cream. His smile would melt many a heart among his legion of female admirers. And he never seemed to set a foot wrong, always being gracious, sportsmanlike and working on all the right philanthropic causes.

Derek had heard that I tended to exercise a tremendous amount of control over all aspects of my clients' affairs and this initially made him less than receptive to my proposals, wishing as he did to maintain a large degree of independence from and say-so over his manager. Indeed, this had led to the departure of his prior manager. During our first meeting over dinner at Le Cirque, I made him a proposal; let me manage your affairs for one month no charge. If after that period, you are comfortable we will formalize the relationship. If not, then go your way having gotten a free month from one of the top sports agents in the business, but you must do things my way for a month. Derek was skeptical, but several phone calls from my current clients convinced him to give it a try. He was struck by the incredible devotion, bordering on awe, that my other athlete-clients had for me. Finally, Derek agreed. He flashed his magazine-cover smile and said, "Well, Jacob, you’ve got me for a month.”

“Or maybe forever”, I thought to myself as I smiled back like a crocodile.

Derek had heard that my management style was to employ an entire team of physical therapists, massage specialists, yoga and meditation experts to provide total fitness and mental preparation for my clients, along with my own special financial and management acumen. On the first day of our new business relationship, I took Derek to the special indoor training facility I had built on the Upper East Side. Derek was surprised to find a completely developed indoor batting cage. I explained to him that my sports training team had been analyzing his swing for the last year and, impressive as it was, they had noticed some areas for possible improvement. Derek scoffed at first, but agreed to try some of their training methods when I reminded him of our deal.

Before Derek stepped into the electronic batting cage, he donned the full-body training suit that wrapped him in Lycra from head to toe. I explained to him that the suit was remote-controlled so that it would guide his body toward the stance that would best develop his swing for the most power. I also handed him the special batting helmet fitted with sensors I told him were intended to help improve his visualization of the oncoming pitch and sharpen his senses. In reality, both the suit and the helmet would serve very different purposes. Seeing every muscular curve of his body set off by the shiny clinging outfit my mind fantasized about what I intended to do to him.

As Derek assumed his stance in the batting cage, bat resting on his shoulder, electronically generated holographs of baseballs were generated and pitched toward him. When his bat contacted the image of the ball, the speed, distance and direction of the hit would be measured automatically and dually registered as a single, pop-out, home run, etc. . The Lycra covered crotch area of his outfit moved upward giving me a sweet view of his famed “jewels” From the impressive bulge in his basket, it was clear my newest prey was fully packed. Luckily, Derek was so intent on his “practices” he never noticed my leering.

I happily continued watching as his muscular body moved into action. His slightly “bent” hitting posture really gave me a nice view of his Lycra clad bubbled ass in motion. “Soon,” I mused, “that tight butt will sway for me.” Once Derek got into a rhythm, he began to notice that the holographic baseballs being pitched at him seemed to be shifting in shape and form, getting larger and smaller and almost pulsing. Meanwhile, the sensors in his batting helmet were serving their real and nefarious purpose, using subsonic pulses and signals to his brain to lull the thorough bread athlete into a trancelike state. The combination of the sub-sonic trance programming of the rigged batting helmet and the beguiling visual spectacle of the hypnosis-inducing holographic baseballs soon had Derek in a mental la la land. His movements slowed and soon he was barely hitting anything. A few more minutes passed then he stopped swinging altogether. He stood up from his “hitter’s squat”. As the bat slid from his hand, Derek began to sway, his face now expressionless and his fixed eyes locked on the spinning baseball that now filled his vision. The electronic beeps and grinding of the machine’s code became audible as the batting helmet processed its next program. Derek, as if waking from a dream, found himself in Yankee Stadium, trying to hit a pitch from Jon Lester of the Red Soxs. To Derek's frustration and humiliation, he could not hit any pitch. His magical powerful swing was lost. The crowd began to jeer. And Derek began to swing with greater and greater desperation.

From above I looked on and smiled as I saw the look of fear and anguish on Derek's face. Physically he was standing locked in the electronic batting cage, but mentally, he was experiencing a moment of profound ego-crushing humiliation. I always found it so pleasurable to see how proud cocky jocks break when they think for even a moment that their physical prowess at their silly game is gone.

Meanwhile, back in Derek's addled mind, he was swinging and missing badly, so badly that he fell to the ground after one swing. The thousands In the Stadium who had once idolized him now mocked and booed him. Derek began to cry. He felt like a small boy playing little league and not good enough to hit the ball. The Red Sox players smirked and laughed at him. After one hapless swing, the bat went all the way around and Derek fell to the ground. As he lay there, wiping dirt from his uniform and barely holding back tears of shame, the young baseball hero felt like weeping like a small boy, it was then he saw a shadow come over him. He squinted into the sun and looked up to see who it was.

Gazing down at Derek was my face. The sensors In Derek's full-body workout suit now activated to stimulate his genitals and nipples at the same time the batting helmet projected the image of me into his mind. While I was a much smaller man than Derek in real life, in this electronically generated dream world, I seemed so much stronger and more powerful as Derek gazed up at me. Derek also felt a feeling of inferiority and awe as he gazed at me. The signals into his brain did their work programming all this into my baseball stud.

He stood dazed and under their influence, as my program played out I reached down and lifted the dirty, weeping baseball player to his feet. I tenderly adjusted Derek’s helmet and brushed off his uniform the way a father might for a son. I then took out a handkerchief and held it up to Derek's face, while placing the other hand behind his neck. “Go on son,” I softly instructed him. “Everything will be fine. No need to cry. Be a big boy and blow your runny nose for me.” Derek blew his nose like a small, shy boy. Speaking in a voice that seemed so much deeper and commanding than before I said, "Let me show you how to play, boy."

Derek's workout suit sent further bursts of stimulation through his crotch and nipples at my intonation of the word "boy." As the scene played out in his head I then firmly stood behind Derek and placed the bat in his hand, guiding the boy through practice swing after practice swing the way a coach might with the smallest, weakest, bespectacled boy on his team. The sexual stimulation rifling through Derek's body now reached a peak. His eyes gazed over as his mind was overcome with s sexual stimulations.

Suddenly, a highly gratifying series of groaning, “ oooohhhh,” came from my zapped baseball captain. Soon a series of even lower moans of , “aaaahhh,” escaped from deep inside Derek, as his erogenous zones were further enflamed. His trademark famous killer-boy smile broke out on his face and I noticed a firm rise in Derek's crotch area.

Looking from above, I decided this was enough for the first day. The program shut down and Derek awakened from his trance. He remembered nothing of the dream sequence, but his subconscious retained the experience as intended. Derek did not notice that when he saw me come down from the control room his penis jumped inside the workout suit. “Well Derek, that was a good workout. 'I Derek felt a slight shiver as I patted him on the back.

Five subsequent days of "batting practice" planted deeper and deeper in Derek's mind his sense of dependence upon, submission to and attraction toward me. At the end of that first week, I decided to accompany Derek to a gallery opening. As we got out of the cab and walked into the gallery, I forcefully put my hand on Derek's back as if to guide him the way a man would guide a woman. He did not object as my touch lead him around the exhibition. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work was observing the subtle, almost unnoticeable everyday results of deep brainwashing.

Long before Derek fully and consciously accepted our respective role of master and degraded slave, he would begin, like now, to exhibit it in small everyday interactions.

This was just the type of flashy, high profile celebrity-studded event that Derek loved to attend. Despite his humble front, he really got off on being the center of attention and combining his jock charisma and beauty with highbrow cultural pursuits. I figured I would go along this evening. My conditioning program would be best served by integrating my efforts into all aspects of Derek's day. You never know where an opportunity will present itself.

Derek looked his best that evening, wearing an expensive tan Italian suit with a cream-colored Prada t-shirt. The suit accentuated his broad shoulders and narrow waist and invitingly hugged his exquisite buttocks, without flaunting them. I accompanied him as he strolled through the gallery pretending to examine and appreciate the paintings, but really checking out all the women from the comer of his eye and paying attention to which other celebs were looking at him and noticing him.

Finally, I maneuvered him to a corner of the gallery where we would be alone. As we each looked at an impressionist painting of a boy playing in a field, I placed a hand on his shoulder and gazed at him. "You see Derek, this is a very interesting painting. Look very closely at this spot here and notice the brush strokes." By this point he was becoming increasing attuned to my touch and too my voice. “Why not just let yourself drift into that scene boy,” I whispered to him. My jock star blinked a few times as he heard these words. I repeated them. “Go on boy do as I tell you,” In no time, he was in a trance. His sexy green eyes grew duller as they glazed over. "Look at the boy in the painting, Derek. He is lost and alone in the middle of the field. He does not know where to turn or what to do. He is looking for his daddy. You understand how the boy feels, don’t you Derek?" I hissed as I moved alongside of him while making sure we were still unseen. I griped his shoulder as his body began to sway.

“Boy, lost" he whispered in a child-like tone. I reached down to his crotch and began to feel him up through the material of his expensive suit. "Yes, Derek, just like the boy you are lost without a daddy to tell you what to do. You find your daddy exciting and so powerful.”

“Exciting, powerful,” he mumbled.

I continued to stroke his “jewels” until I felt his manhood begin to rise.

“Daddy,” he groaned as his breathing increased. A flush came over his handsome feature. “Daddy,” he lightly gasped between gulps of air. My hetero baseball player was now panting at the touch of a man.

''Yes, Derek is nothing, I’m his daddy," I firmly instructed him.

"Derek nothing, you are my daddy,” he groaned as his crotch firmed more under my touch to its full extent. I felt his impressive manhood begin to throb under his pants. My hand traced its impressive length and girth. How many women had his cock thrust into until they moaned with delight? Now Derek, baseball’s symbol of manhood, was moaning in delight as another man “felt him up.”

"Derek is falling in love with daddy,” I eagerly told him. Derek is so aroused by this thought.”

Hotly and passionately, but in a little boy voice he repeated, "Derek is falling in love with daddy. Derek is so aroused." Derek's manhood was now pressing against the material holding it prisoner. I let my hand squeeze it.

“Da…dy,” Derek sighed. I looked at his crotch area and took in the outline of his erection. In its full glory it was a cock to be proud of. In action it must have been as woman’s wet dream come true. But THAT would soon change!

I slid my other hand down the back of his suit pants then under his tighty-whities. Reaching my goal, I began to probe his tight sphincter with my index finger. Derek let out an audible gasp of “oooooo”. His body quaked. I saw his crotch lurch inside his suit and them gleefully discovered a growing wet patch. My hunky jock had exploded! He had creamed in his pants in public! Derek swayed slightly then slumped into my arms. The front of his slacks were obviously stained. I quickly hustled him out from the gallery through a side door. I kept my hand resting possessively just above those high, tight buttocks. Luckily no one noticed us as we left. It might have been a bit embarrassing for both of us but from the blissfully spent look on my humpy players face he probably wouldn't have cared.

I took my stud home, slipped him a light dose of drugs to knock him out, striped him off, and got him into bed. Next, I secured a soft damp hand towel which I used to clean up his crusted cum stained crotch area, As I wiped the dried spunk from Derek’s cock I imagined how it would look fully erect. My young jock possessed some truly impressive equipment. Uncut and thick, it looked like; at full flowering it would be quite a formidable weapon when in use. I slowly pulled back his foreskin and took in the darkly rosy hue of his head. All too often well-endowed jocks had small balls. Derek however, had a nice hefty pair. As I giggled the bull-like set in my hands my tranced out hunk let out a soft sigh of contentment. I smiled and, like a caring parent, I finished tucking him into bed then left.

The following Monday, Derek was awakened by a knock on the door of his luxurious So-Ho loft. At the door was an utterly formal-looking English butler in full morning coat and black tie. "Hello, Sir, I am Edmonds. I will start to get the house in order, the butler said in an officious, formal British tone. Derek was confused and a bit putout. I laughed as I followed Edmonds into the loft. "Derek, I think you could use a butler to take care of all the everyday needs, keep your house and clothes in order, you know'" After a little back and forth about how he didn't need anybody doing that, I reminded him of our deal whereby he would let me manage things for a month. Combined with the highly suggestible state he was in from his daily "batting practice" he readily agreed.

Edmonds had become one of my most valuable employees. Placing a loyal personal assistant butler directly into a client’s house was a very brilliant way to speed up the brainwashing Process. Especially when the butler was, like Edmonds, completely trained at hypnosis and a whiz with drugs and sexual submission training. The technique was all the more effective because millionaire athletes are so used to others handling the everyday details of life that they seldom question the steps a Seemingly innocuous assistant takes.

That night, Edmonds approached Derek; "would you like a spot of tea or warm milk before bed, Sir?”

Derek chuckled at the formal tendencies of the stuffy Englishman. "That's really not my thing, Edmonds.”

Edmonds drew himself up and assumed a very formal attitude. “You see, Sir, Mr. Jacob has pointed out to me that because you are one of the most stylish celebrities in New York, you need to develop a lifestyle befitting a proper International gentleman. He will be so disappointed in me if I don't achieve his instructions.”

Derek smiled broadly and said in a laughing mock English accent, “OK Edmonds, I'll try a spot of warm milk.”

Edmonds bowed and withdrew to the kitchen. As he mixed a cocktail of hallucinogens, muscle relaxants, Valium and lithium into the milk, Edmonds reflected on what a nice, firm body the boy had. He would make a fine addition to his employer’s collection. Edmonds especially enjoyed helping to bring down cocky arrogant young American sport celebrities. He found their boasting and preening offensive to his proper British sensibilities and was well paid for his services.

He approached Derek and placed the milk on table before him. Derek was splayed out on the couch lazily watching Sports Center on the TV. He took the glass and quickly gulped down the milk without a second thought. Within seconds, he was groggy and dizzy.

“Are you alright sir,” Edmonds lightly inquired. “If I may say so, you seem flushed, Sir.”

“I…feel…funny…Edmonds,” Derek sputtered. His head was spinning as he tried to stand. The room seemed to turn upside down and he found himself on the floor, looking up at Edmonds who seemed to be smiling down at him.

“Oh dear, Sir, it seems you have had a bit of a fall. May I help you?" Edmonds said as he bent down and heaved Derek to his feet effortlessly. His formal butler-s clothing hid the fact that Edmonds worked out regularly and was in strong shape for a man in his early fifties. "Here, Sir, let me help you prepare to retire for the evening. " Edmonds slung an arm around Derek's shoulder while another flagrantly cupped his buttocks. "Yes, Sir, lets get you to bed, shall we? May be a touch of the flu."

In his drug-induced stupor, Derek did not notice that Edmonds undressed him in a most proprietary manner and placed him in bed. Then Edmonds began what would become a nightly ritual. “Sir, Mr. Jacob wants me to make sure I apply this cold cream to your face every night. It will help keep your skin moist and clear, retaining that marvelous complexion of yours. Of course the barbiturates in it will also seep into your pores and help keep your brain nice and foggy. You will like that won't you Sir?" he asked in the mock ironic tone of a deferential servant. Derek tried to focus on the butler but found he couldn't. As the cool lotion was applied Derek's face tingled slightly. "How does that feel master Derek," Edmonds asked in a superior tone that one would use with a child.

"Feels so nice," slurred Derek as his mind went fully under. Edmonds smiled and patted Derek on the head. "Good boy," he responded." Now beddy-bye time for you young man." Once the cold cream was fully applied, Edmonds placed the earphones on Derek's head. "Pleasant dreams, sir'"

Derek had strange dreams that night. He was chained and on his knees, while I stood towering over him. A tight collar was around his lean muscular neck and he found that he desired nothing so much as to please me. He recalled his many sexual assignations with actresses and models & felt disgust over his conduct with them. He awoke in a fevered state. As he looked at the foot of his bed he saw Edmonds.

"Good morning, Sir. I trust you slept well?" Edmonds asked.

Derek rolled over and saw he was naked. ·'How…how did I get undressed?”

Edmonds clicked his tongue. "You really must leave all of these details to me, Sir. I am here to serve you. Now it is time for your bath, Sir".

Derek still felt groggy and disoriented. Edmonds reached into the bed and in an efficient, deferential, but forceful way, pulled Derek to his feet and practically carried him to the bathroom. Derek attempted to resist but was still too dazed from the drugs and programming for the night before to prevent what was being done. So he was half-dragged, half-carried like a baby to his own bathroom, where Edmonds already had drawn a steaming bath into the Jacuzzi.

"In you go, Sir" he said cheerfully as he practically lifted Derek into the tub. He noticed that Edmonds poured a chemical into the frothing water and then donned a pair of rubber gloves. Derek tried to resist, but his thick tongue could not form the words. Edmonds then began to aggressively scrub and clean around his body. Derek’s proud muscular body now riddled with muscle relaxants and mind control drugs could only limply resist as Edmonds washed him the way a mother would a small boy. Soon Derek came to feel stimulated by the strong feel of Edmonds' hands handling him.

A huge smile came to his face and he giggled as Edmonds soaped his crotch area. “Hmm, good,” he mumbled as Edmonds copped his own “feel" of a famous manhood that had once only been available to more feminine handlings.

“That's it, Sir, I know you’re going to get to like the feeling of another man handling and controlling you," Edmonds chuckled as he stroked Derek’s cock until the mentally zapped baseball hunk was purring with pleasure. “Like it boy,” Edmonds laughed as he vigorously massaged the erect cock of a now squirming Derek.

“Uhuh,” Derek yelped. Suddenly his eyes rolled up in their sockets. “Yessss,” he gasped as his strong body went rigid. Under the water a noticeable stream of creamy looking liquid began visibly squirting from his cock.

“My, my young boy seems to have lost control,” Edmonds said in a faked indignant tone of voice.

A sheepish look came to Derek’s face. “Sorry,” he muttered as he looked down at his now deflating cock with his jizz obscenely floating around it.

Edmonds reached down to grab Derek’s dick causing the young player to gasp in shock. “I hope that is all you intend to do in this water,” he said in a strongly dominant tone. “You don’t intend to repeat that do you?”

Derek felt completely humiliated. “No,” he finally croaked. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Edmond. The butler slightly smiled. The process of breaking Derek was going along nicely. The rest of Derek’s bathing proceeded in embarrassed silence.

At the end of the bath, Edmonds quickly injected a syringe into Derek’s arm causing the latter to black out. When he awoke, Derek remembered nothing about that morning or the night before and he dazedly dressed to go to the daily batting practice and workout that had scheduled for him.

The days went by one after the other with batting practice, home to the loft, a meal prepared by Edmonds, a warm glass of milk, darkness, the dreams, waking up, a morning bath by an increasingly possessive and domineering Edmonds. Derek was in such a constant drugged haze that all he could really put together was an increasing sense of inferiority and attraction to me combined with a submissive desire to permit Edmonds to handle, groom and tend to him as he saw fit. Derek ate all of his meals at home and only left the loft to go to my training sessions. Edmonds did a superb job of warding off friends and family and screening all calls.

Derek was now a virtual prisoner in his own home, dazedly accepting whatever drug injections, pills, lotions, balms or brainwashing techniques we imposed upon him. His body became our laboratory and I was pleased with the results. Between the powerful subliminal of batting practice and the enforced submission and drug administration by Edmonds, Derek was well on track to becoming a perfect client.

On the Friday of the second week, Edmonds removed the dinner plates and I slid across to Derek some formal legal papers. Derek attempted to read them and figure out what they were, but he was too far gone by that point and numbly signed the papers that liquidated the Derek Jeter Charitable Foundation and transferred the assets to me. The next morning, Derek sat in his usual stupor as Edmonds handled and bathed him. Today, however, a new phase would begin.

Edmonds removed a straight razor from his pocket and put it on the side of the tub. He then hoisted Derek into a sitting position on the side of the empty tub so that his strong legs dangled over the floor. "Now, Sir, its time for us to remove this unsightly hair." Edmonds began to soap up the hair surrounding Derek's genital area.

Derek's still-powerful manhood flared up and he attempted to resist. “What are you doing,” he asked in a growing panic as he tried to push Edmond away.

Edmonds plowed a shoulder into Derek's chest causing the drugged athlete to fall backwards into the tub. "There, there, Sir, we can't have you with all this manly hair if you're going to be Mr. Jacob's bitch, can we?" Edmonds asked in an utterly formal tone. He grabbed Derek legs and pulled them upward leaving Derek’s lower body lying helplessly inside the tub. Edmonds spread Derek's legs wide and let the razor’s edge lightly rest against Derek’s nuts. “I suggest most strongly that you do not move about. Straight razors are quite sharp and we do not want to cut you now do we boy?” The muscled baseball hero stopped wiggling in the face of his threat. “Good boy,” Edmonds laughed as he went to rapidly to work scraping the pubic areas of the stunned jock.

As Derek verbally squealed in protest the butler methodically shaved the star athlete of all his pubic hair.. Derek wept as he saw his manhood swept away but was now too weak to resist. After that Edmonds began to completely denude the hapless player of all his hair below his neck

Next, Edmonds hoisted Derek up from the tub. Derek gazed at his reflection in a side mirror,” “I’m …not…a…man…anymore,” he blubbered as he took in the sight of his hairless body. He was so shell-shocked by now by now that he meekly let Edmond move him into a position where he was bent ass-up over the tube’s side.

“Yes that will do,” Edmond snickered at the sight of the manly jock laying in such a way that Derek’s round muscled buttocks now protruded over the side of the tub while his upper body lay downward inside of it. "Now, Sir, lets get your cunt up prepared so that it will be of some use, shall we, Sir?" His words were spoken in a polite, formal servant's tone, as he spread the baseball jock’s legs apart to expose the stud’s pinkish rosy hole to view. "Yes, lets make sure you put your useless cunt to some good shall we Sir?" Edmonds then began to lube and finger the conquered jock's glorious anal ring.

“Fuck, “Derek grunted as this heretofore unexplored part of his body was violated. Despite his shame at being in such a situation, Derek found himself becoming sexually aroused. He pressed his growing erection upon the cool surface of the tub. “What’s…happening…to …me,” he pathically whimpered through clenched teeth. “Owww,” he muttered lightly as his anal muscles constricted and relaxed under the finger massage.

"Yes, you like that don't stupid cunt" Edmonds asked in a singsong voice as Derek merely gasped like a bitch in heat. Edmonds grinned as he firmly inserted one finger deep into Derek's virginal hole.

The young ballplayer let out a strangled sigh of “AWWWW,’” as the finger hit his prostate. Edmond took note of the reaction and let his finger rube on Derek’s gland. “Shit that …feels…so…aw shit amazing,” Derek grunted as he unconsciously spread his legs farther apart and gingerly pushed his firm butt upward into the butler’s finger.

"Oh yes sir," the English butler chuckled softly as he fingered out the now highly agitated stud. "Now you are learning what a cunt is for!" Derek looked back with embarrassment at his manservant. Edmond probed the prostate harder causing Derek’s eyes to dilate. He knew he should object but he found that when he tried to speak all that came out was gibberish. Edmonds could see that the young jock was flying off on a wave of sexual heat. He increased his finger thrusts as he watched the former arrogant hunk squirm under the assault.

Unconsciously Derek began humping the side of the tub. His leg and back muscles sexily rippled as the Yankee went into a “fuck” mode. Edmond never let up expertly making sure Derek was getting fully turned onto anal invasion. At last Derek's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a howl of, “AAAARRGGGHHH!” He rammed his cock onto the side of the tube as he experienced his first ass -fucking induced orgasm. When he was done he laid limply draped over the tube. White cram oozed from under his crotch area down the surface of the tub. Edmonds gently reached under with a small towel and cleaned off the dazed hunk.

Once this anal probing was completed, Edmonds flipped Derek over onto side. He carefully eased Derek into a sitting position on the floor letting the jock’s back now rest against the cool tub’s surface. Derek was drenched in beads of sweat. Taking a sponge from a nearby basin he began to wipe Derek’s smooth hard chest. “A good boy gets a reward,” he softly told the out-of-it jock. Edmonds next dipped the sponge into another nearby basin that was filled with water spiked with drugs and hallucinogens. Edmonds placed one hand behind Derek's neck and tilted the latter’s head upward toward the sodden sponge. “Open wide now like a good widdle boy,” he mocked. As Derek’s complied, Edmonds squeezed the sponge letting the drugged water cascade into Derek's eager mouth.

“Ooooo,” Derek moaned as the drugs hit his brain. Edmonds lowered his sponge to Derek’s lips and grinned as the jock sucked on the sponge like a newborn at his mother’s breast. As I watched on closed circuit television, I was thrilled. The training was progressing perfectly. A few more days should do it.

The following Thursday, Derek was in for his normal batting practice. The usual humiliation, followed by being saved and stimulated by my holographic image followed. Soon I stepped down from the control booth. Derek gazed at me like a hero. "Would you like to learn how to play baseball son?" I asked empathizing the word “son”.

"Oh please yes daddy" the All-Star begged. I had won. Mr. macho Derek Jeter had been broken! It was time to “finish his old “women balling” days forever. I eagerly took up position behind him, placing the bat in his hand and wrapping my hands around his, sidling my crotch against his backside and placing my mouth just next to his ear.

"Daddy will show you how to play," I said. Then I began to simulate a baseball swing, with Derek in my arms, we went back and forth, back and forth. Soon, I began to grind my hips more provocatively into his ass and he began to sigh. Soon all pretenses of baseball swings were lost and he swooned backward into my arms. I licked at his ear.

"Now do you finally understand you are nothing Derek? Are you ready to be my cunt?"

The thoroughly drugged and brainwashed superstar merely mouthed "nothing…cunt." He started to grind his firm hard buttocks against my crotch even as his own basket rose obscenely under his clothes. My boy needed it bad.

I slipped a specially designed collar around his perfect neck, turned him to face me and, lowered him to his knees. I unzipped and brought out my hard cock. Derek’s eyes widened with awe. "Taste daddy's manhood son," I urged my drugged superstar. Derek breathed deeply and opened his sensual mouth. His coral-colored lips became slick as I brushed my leaking cock back and forth over them. Then I slipped it into his waiting oral tunnel. As I suspected, his long lean neck provided excellent muscles to clasp and massage my manhood.

“Mmmph,’ he mumbled as he slurped on my cock. Naturally he had a short awkwardness about how to “properly go down on a cock” but, after my fatherly advice on how to orally service his “daddy”, Derek proved a most effective cocksucker. His natural athletic competitive desire to excel served him well. “MMMM,” he soon happily muttered as he slobbered on my erection.

“Good boy,” I said knowing the use of that term would trigger a sexual heat inside his addled brain. As expected my “son” quickened his oral activities on my engorged cock. I grabbed his head and pushed his mouth further downward so he could take me fully into his gullet.

“Umph,” he protested as he struggled to “orally take” me. His powerful body squirmed but he stayed on his knees. His muscled arms flayed in the air. Suddenly he took hold of my hips trying to try to push me off him.

“You can do this son,” I hotly told him. “Show Daddy how a true athlete gets it done.”

His movements stopped. I knew that Derek was used to “playing through the pain” on the field. I simply subverted his normal jock tendency to do it for my own ends. Gradually he adjusted and his blowjob performance improved. I kept up a steady stream of verbal encouragement now knowing the “athletic drive” in him would respond to it. “That’s right boy,” I cooed as he slobbered on my pole. “You are our star player, show them how a Yankee Captain does the job.” After more words of coaching he began to show that he had warmed up to his task.

“Mmmmm,” he now continually mumbled as his tongue lapped on the under-shaft of my erection. Clearly his time as a Ladies Man had shown him how one can give an amazing blow job. I grinned as I looked down at his cock stuffed face. By now he eagerly deep throating me. “Hmmmm,” he moaned as he slurped me fully into his moist hot gullet.

It soon became too much for me to hold back. Seeing the once totally confident captain of the NY Yankees reduced to a humbled cocksucker sent me over the edge. As I exploded down his throat I recalled with glee the many times I’d watched him smirk in triumph after a victory on the field. How often had the newspapers shown that same victorious smirk on his handsome face as he was out on the town with some new woman whom he clearly knew he was going to “ball” later that night? Now I was the one smirking as I gave Derek his first of soon-to-be many face fucks. As I flooded his throat with my spunk he tried to push off me. I forcefully grabbed his head and kept his face firmly thrust into my crotch. I was intent on making sure that he drank every drop of my juices taking even further pleasure as I heard his panicked “ulp-ulp-ulp” gulps as he swallowed my cream.

When I’d finished “seeding him” I relaxed my grip and let him collapse at my feet. He gazed up at me panting for air. His full sensual lips were swollen while the area around his mouth was red from the scratching of my pubic hair. Droplets of my musky scented cum were smeared on the corners of his lips. He never looked hotter!

Later that night, I wondered what his female fans would think as I looked down at Derek. He was now lying under me. His sultry green eyes were glazed over in lust, his brown humpy body bathed in sweat and, his hard six-pack rippling as he gulped in for more air. I had his thighs spread wide with his young colt's muscular legs hiked over my shoulders. I let my cock rub against the soft rosy-hued entryway of my baseball virgin.

“I…don’t…think…I can,” he whimpered in terror as my erection rubbed on his lubed up hole.

“”You can do this son,” I confidently told him as I eased the head of my cock against his anal ring.

“I…don’t…please,” he begged in a lighter tone of voice, hoping that I would yield to his pleases. Yet, it had to be done and we both knew it. Slowly, I pushed into his anus.

“Ugh,” he grunted in pain as my cock moved past his outer anal barrier. “I…can’ hurts,” he squealed as he tightly clenched his eyes and then his anal hole. “”Don’t fuck my ass!”

I loved how he was acting. Seeing this muscled baseball jock begging like some weak nerd only inspired my resolve to pop his cherry and pop it hard. “Not playing the big Yankee stud anymore son,” I growled as I thrust downward to get my cock inside of him. “You’ve played the man far too long. Now you only play the bitch got it! “ I yelled out as I thrust all the way into his hole.

“Yeeeeeooowww,” he screamed as I filled him up with all of my cock. He tried to move but my weight held him speared on my erection. “ARGH,” he roared as I pinned him like a speared fish to the mattress underneath him.

Soon he stopped quivering. His strong body adjusted to the invader inside of him. Seeing him calmer I began a steady but slow humping movement. Just as Edmond’s finger fucking had excited him, Derek soon realized getting butt-fucked on cock was even hotter! “Shitttt,” he lightly moaned. “Aw shit …it…fuck,” he babbled through chattering teeth. He opened his eyes and stared wide –eyed at me. I could see the lust filling up in them. Oh yes, my jock-stud was getting aroused. By now I was fucking him hard and he clearly loved every second of his anal violation! Knowing I was balling the Yankees’ star and captain only made this all more exciting. Soon he was humping right back onto my dick.

"Fucking me…you’re…fucking….meeeee!" He screamed in delight as my cock shoved deeper into him. The room filled with the sounds of Derek pleadings for more thrusts and the slap of my ball sack on his luscious butt. “Shit your dick feels so good up my ass,” he shouted. The young player was adrift in sexual sea of want. “Harder…fuck meeeee,” he whined as his lowered body started to hump backward on to my raging hard-on.

I rammed my cock in and out his tight chute savoring my triumph over this macho heretofore idol of women. “Now you know how those other bitches felt getting plowed huh boy,” I snarled as I fucked him harder.

“Uhuh,” he managed to reply as he wiggled his luscious butt further onto my cock.

“So smug on the field and in the bedroom I bet. But not right huh,” I teased as he moaned his agreement while also yelping in pleasure under me. “What would your teammates think now boy,” I teased. “Their big shot Yankee getting butt-fucked.”

“Fuck my Yankee ass,” he cried out as he was mentally lost in a sea of desire. “Need you…in …me…ohhhhh fuckkitttt.”

“I’ve made you into the biggest bitch of them all Derek,” I howled as I began to climax into him. “No more fucking women Derek. Your days as the big manly fucker are so over. The big time ladies player just got himself played,” I mocked as I sodomized his tight butthole. “From now on you will need a cock up your ass!”

“YOUR BITCH YES….ARRRRGGGHHH!” He yelling with a powerful roar as I drove my unloading bat into his home base. My hot spunk seared it way into him causing Derek erupt as well spilling his jiss onto his perfect chest. I had made Mr. MVP cum like a cheap back alley whore. Finally spent I pulled out from his anus. I gazed at him in triumph. "Your cunt," he whispered as he closed his eyes and drifted off into slumber. I scooped up his cream from his chest and my own that was dripped from his ravaged anal entryway. I brought the combined spunk to Derek's lips. As I watched my sleeping superstar unconsciously suck my fingers dry I grinned. I owned him body, soul, and ass! “Mmmmm,” he muttered while he lightly snoozed.

The next day, the month was up and we signed papers formalizing our, relationship. Derek gave me power of attorney over all of his affairs and as a reward; Edmonds was given title to the loft and all of Derek’s clothes and cars. Derek wouldn't need that many clothes anymore since around the house and his personal gym I kept him naked, collared, and wearing a nice tight leather cock & ball harness! By now he was a full out cock-hound totally devoted to servicing my dick. Of course on the field in practice he was never better. Now, his only concern was for pleasing me. With no girl chasing distractions taking up precious time, he improved his game. I looked forward to the start of the new season when Derek could introduce me to his teammates. I even made arrangements for a few personal friends who are rapid Boston Red Sox fans to “ buy some ass time” with Derek. It would be a very good season indeed.

The End