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Done Up
By Cracker

Done Up {W }Right

By Cracker

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Horny as hell today so I hit the computer to see what was around? Always able to find some fags who want me to use and abuse them online while we both get wasted and beat off. Fuck they see me on cam and I can almost hear them drooling. About six foot and a gym toned 185. Played sports in school and had a good rep as a take-charge fucker. Met this new guy tonight and we shot the shit for a bit. You know, the usual, getting things set down for sex-play. Told him right up front that I always top. He seemed cool about it but, after a few drinks, he suggested I try jerking off while being trashed talked like I was some fag pussy. I told him to forget it but the bastard accused me of being afraid. Like I’d be afraid of it, right? So by then I was pretty wasted and not looking to hunt for another guy to pop my load. Besides I wasn’t going to let this guy think he’d scared me. I’m not going to go running off like a scared bitch. So fuck it, I agreed. Next thing I know our cams are on and he’s calling me his little fag-punk. Hot looking guy too. Well soon my bone is out and I’m pounding away while he takes control and orders me around. That fucking bastard was really great at role-play head games. I really got off blowing my wad for him on cam.


Last few days I’ve been jonesing about that hook up on cam with that guy, Matt. He fucking played me! Fucking boned though thinking about how he used me as his fag in that session. Why is a part of me turned on by how he treated me? Fuck it. I think I need to re-hook up with him tonight to reassert my status as the alpha in our role-play. Not good letting someone think I’d really fag out. Shit I need to jerk-off first.


Goddamn shit! I cruised the Net last night looking for him. Passed up role-play with the usual bottoms betas looking instead for Matt. For some reason tonight I was edgy during my search. Took a few fucking hits to chill myself off. I was feeling it when suddenly he shows up online and signals to me. By then I was so horny and looped. I asked him to role-play again. Before I even set up the bottom role he had to take the fucker just takes over…fuck he fagged my ass again. Had me squeezing my nipples till I was crying out then jerking off on cam while moaning like a bitch in heat. All during it he was mocking me. Calling me his little fag bottom or his pussy-boy. Fuck, I thought my nuts would explode when I finally pounded my pud hard enough to shoot my spunk. I creamed so much for him. I was so wasted and horny I wasn’t thinking…yeah that explains it. He took advantage of it. Hate that guy’s guts. Now I gotta make sure our next contact is with me on top. Set up a weekend meet up on cam with him. He’s a hot looker though and fuck I had the best orgasm but no way is this man’s man some guy’s fuck bitch.


Fucking shit. Matt managed to bottom me again on the fucking cam. WTF, I barely hit him up online before he’s trash talking my ass. Part of me is thinking, ”whoa dude this has gone on too long. I’m a fucking top,”but then I look down and my boner is waving, “Hello Sir”right at him on cam. He just laughs when I try to explain how I’m really a top. By now I’m dripping damnit even as I’m telling him the bottom shit stuff was okay but not really my thing. He told me that, from his view, my cock seemed to think different. By then I was babbling and really mentally shook. He told me to stop objecting. He saw I was erect so I needed to simply take a few hits and just perform for him like a good boy.

Fucking called me a boy! I was about to tell him to go screw but, my rod is lurching and it’s screaming to pop a nut. Fucking damn cock! So I figure, what the fuck, I’ll just jerk off then take charge later. After three hits, I’m itching to be his fag boy. He poured on the mocking and ordering until I found myself legs up & thighs spread wide sitting in my chair. My butt-hole is on full view for the cam. Before I know it, he telling me to finger out my hole on cam for him too. Son-of-a bitch, I played with my fucking hole for him! He had me turn on the mike so he could hear me and leave my hands free to jerk off while I fingered out my shitter for him. Fuck, by the time I blew my spunk I was moaning for him to bitch me hard. After I creamed on my fucking keyboard, he told me to go clean up and report tomorrow on cam for more training on being a good fagged out bitch. WTF man. Gotta end this shit. Matt ordering me around now thinking I’d jump to obey. No way! I was mad yet still horny as fuck. So, I showered off and, recalling what had gone down, I fingered my hole during a second jerk-off. Honestly, with my finger up my hole … it felt…fine! Still no way I’m hooking with him anymore.


Fucking hell. I was boned all day thinking about not hooking up with him tonight. I swore over and over that wasn’t going to return. I mean fuck him treating me like a submissive bitch. I top guys online and in the sack! I’m a fucking alpha jock not a closet beta faggot! Finally decided it would be better to hook up with him and show him that fact tonight. Had a few too many drinks at my computer waiting for the time he told me to report. I figured I needed something to keep me chilled and take the edge off my semi-boner. Bastard saw me online and hit me up when I wasn’t ready for it. He never gave me a chance to tell him off. He just started right in on me. Telling me how much I looked like I loved fingering myself out for him the other time. Bragging about how he knew about my smug attitude towards guys online even before we met. He told me he’d wanted the fun of turning me out. He insisted he knew from my attitude that I was a closet bitch and how I knew it now too. I was all set to tell him he was wrong but my cock was so fucking hard all during his trash on me.

Matt told me to perform again for him like a good bitch. I was high, mad but horned to the max by then. Finally my dick ran my head. Yeah, I posed on cam for him again and yeah the microphone was on too. Sitting in my chair, legs spread and up so he could see my hole with my finger deep in me. Later, standing up, turning around and bending over to pull my cheeks apart so he got a good view of my hole. I was dripping by the time I finished doing all that shit. He saw the vibrating dildo on my nightstand that I use to loosen up the bottoms I fuck at home. Fucking had me shove it up my hole, turn it on its highest speed, then sit down on it in front of the computer. I was moaning by then big time. I was amazed at how good it felt having my shitter stuffed with that vibrating dick. Couldn’t stop wiggling and bouncing on the chair to ram it in deeper. My balls were quivering from the vibrations. I had to cum so bad. He kept trashing me. Telling me if I was such an alpha total top then why was I moaning like a bitch with a vibrating dildo shoved up my butt-hole. If I wanted to pop a load I had to beg him.

Fuck it I just wanted to come. Exploded while begging to squirt. As I did I suddenly start repeatedly screaming out loud “I’m your fag bitch.” I came so fucking hard that I passed out from it and the hits I taken. When I woke up in the morning I was covered in my own jizz with that fucking dildo still rammed up my butt-hole. On the screen I saw he’d typed, “In three days we will re-meet online and fag you full out.” Fuck I jerked off reading it. WTF is he doing to my head! Why the fuck was I screaming out that shit about being his fag bitch and why am I so fucking hard typing it? Fuck!


He fucking used me tonight. I took shots like he said then did my usual asshole reveal. Never even tried to object. Fuck I needed what he was giving me so bad tonight. I actually begged him to do me. Me, a jock that was always on top, whose now begging for Matt’s mind-fucking cunting. WTF man. By the time he was done having me fuck my hole or slap my boner and nuts around, I was desperate to pop my cream. He had me and he knew it. Hell we both knew it! He told me I could shoot my shit only after I sent him an Amazon gift certificate as thanks for making me his bitch. I was so horny I just did it man. We both knew what that made me but I wanted to cream! After I sent it, he typed out the line, “cash fagged you huh you alpha poser”. When I read it, I lost it. I swear I kept creaming shot after shot just burst out of my rod. I thought I’d never stop cumming. Once I’d finally finished empting my nut-sack, he showed me a compilation tape of the cam shit I’d been doing for him during our hook-ups. It was humiliating seeing me pussying out like as bitch in heat. Instead of being mad though, I was turned fucking on!

Matt just laughed when he saw my boner rising up again. He told me from now on I could only hookup online with him and any friends he sends to me. I will make more videos acting like a cunt and pay him to let me do it. Told me he and his friends will be online in ten days. Until then, I had to let my cream build up in my nuts so I’d be horny as all fuck that night. He also explained he wanted me to be totally sober so I couldn’t excuse anything I did by claiming any shit that went down was only because was high or drunk. His last typed lines were I should be ready to buy & perform in silky panties. He told me to remember how I got off when I also cash fagged tonight for him. By then I was just nodding at whatever he typed. I was mind-fucked by that tape I’d seen. After he went offline, I swore to myself I wouldn’t report and I’d jerk off all I wanted. I told myself I wasn’t some fagged out performing pussy and definitely not a cash fag. Fuck him. I won’t be there.


I was there. I didn’t object. Matt knew he broke me. A day later, after going online and staying soft with a guy I once bottomed, I knew it too. I couldn’t get it up to top any more. Yeah I was jizz full and desperate to unload. I was cold sober and I ready to perform for him and his mocking “friends” during a conference he set up. The cam was on & the microphone was live. Hell, Matt’s friends were most of the guys I’d mocked and used online too. I was freaked out by that until I suddenly realized how turned on I was by them being there too. For the next two hours they took turns ordering me to fuck my hole with the dildo, squeeze my nuts or my tits and moan like a bitch during it. I even got into and flexed while wearing pink lacy panties for two of them. {Yeah, a few days before I went to some pansy store to buy them}. My cock felt so good wrapped in that satin shit. All during my panty flexing I was tented in them. The large wet spot I was sporting in them clearly showed I was hot doing it. They mocked me and laughed and had me admit I was now a fagged-out ex-alpha. I shot while I humiliated myself by confessing I needed them to use me like a pig-boy.

Afterwards, five of them stuck around and joined Matt to tell me they were going to fucking cash fag me. I objected like hell. I don’t cash fag! Sure I’d did it with him that once but hell, I told them I only did it so I could shoot my fucking shit. Matt typed that it was either cash fag out or have this cam show with my confessions on it go on-line. He then played the fucking thing for me. My rod rose seeing me in action. I was rock solid; my head was wacked, and my entire body was itching to …fuck…to be their fucking cunt! Hell, whom was I kidding, I finally admitted to myself? By then I was hot to degrade myself to cash fag for these guys. Matt knew it. I think he made the threat because maybe he wanted to leave me some dignity in front of the others. I typed to him in a separate screen thanking him for that cover-up. I also begged him to cash fag me later on after they gone offline. He typed he would and liked I’d admitted I was a loser cash fag now. I squirted twice as I sent them the fucking money.

Fuck it. I’m a fagged out ex-top cunt who now pops his wad big time while being turned out as a total cash fag. Well they are all gone offline now. After I finish this entry, Master Matt is waiting to cash fag my cunt hard tonight! Fuck, I’m pretty HARD for it in too in both senses! Better put this on type-speak now huh. Where is that fucking dildo for my butt-hole?

Shit, I popped jizz air bubbles just now as Matt cashed drained me some more. God I’m so much his loser cash fag now. I can’t get a hard-on unless I fag out now. Squirting cash and gifts to my alpha Master while my pecker squirts its load doing it. YEAH!

The End