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Alpha Wasp Vs Mind Drain Spider
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Alpha Wasp Vs Mind-Drain Spider

Well this has been a very exciting night everyone the hero Silver Scorpion and the villain Fear Scorpion killed each other.

Well you know them Scorpion’s their stinger crazy.

This will be the final death match of the season the 6-month brake will begin after tonight.

The crowed moans loud.

But don’t worry men re-runs will be shown on our M.E.N.

(Mutant Entertainment Network)  T.V. Station 24-hours a day.

This is our final round between the champion stud hero Alpha Wasp.

From the Southern region the villain Mind-Drain Spider.

The crowed cheers.

Both fighters’ profiles front poses appear on two monitors.

Alpha Wasp 6ft3 jet-black hair green eyes super strength muscle bound 22-inch stinger penis when fully erect.

A large arsenal of venom’s next to some can be deadly.

Weapons: Goggles Gauntlets Utility belt red rust color briefs with flex metal shield android type power brain.

Mind-Drain Spider 6ft3 brown hair brown eyes super strength muscle bound 27.5-inch stinger penis when fully erect is now longest of insect, arachnid on record formally that belonged to Death Hornet.

A large arsenal of venom’s next to some can be deadly.

Weapons: Gauntlets Utility belt black briefs with silver hypnotic circles several types of webbing’s.

Alpha Wasp flies in and circles the crowed smiling and Mind-Drain Spider walks in from the contender’s waiting room.

Alpha Wasp lands opposite Mind-Drain Spider.

Alpha Wasp has to step back and exhale Mind-Drain Spider is drop dead gorgeous and dripping in muscles his briefs loaded full with his balls and stinger penis.

The Ringmaster walks out and stands between them.

Ringmaster - Congrats to you both this is the final round this is a match to the death when you hear the bell start fighting.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Well I do declare if it isn’t the famous Alpha Wasp it will be a pleasure!”

Alpha Wasp - “Thank you, I have to say you look better then a bundle of cash and an all niter with a stud who doesn’t know how to stop.”

Mind-Drain Spider - “Tell me something how is that stud of yours Omega Wasp? I bet you can’t keep up.”

Alpha Wasp laughs - “Your right!”

The bell rings and Alpha Wasp flies upward fast when he looks around Mind-Drain Spider is nowhere to be found.

Alpha Wasp starts looking and is steadily flying backwards looking everywhere he keeps going back and flies into a web.

He’s caught he tries to break lose when down from up above comes Mind-Drain Spider.

A stinger hits Alpha Wasp in the neck.


Alpha Wasp is out cold.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Time to show you all my power Alpha Wasp.”

Alpha Wasp wakes up on his back lying on the floor groggy he’s disoriented and completely naked then stingers sting the outer parts of his asshole.


Mind-Drain Spider - “Like my mind control venom Alpha Wasp?”


I also disabled your stinger penis venom’s I’m going to suck all your power and sperm supply dry!”


Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis is fully erect throbbing and pulsating dipping pre-cum because of three of Mind-Drain Spider’s venoms

Mind-Drain Spider removes a long tube of rubber from his utility belt he wraps it around Alpha Wasp’s balls several times and ties it good and secure.

Mind-Drain Spider then points his first finger at the base of Alpha Wasp’s balls and starts webbing around and around making Alpha Wasp’s balls stick upwards instead of hanging down normally.

Then he points the finger upwards and it attaches to the ceiling and pulls a shocked Alpha Wasp upwards fast.


Alpha Wasp’s is four feet off the ground his muscular arms and legs hanging limp his webbed balls pulled upwards to the max.


Mind-Drain Spider then webs around and around Alpha Wasp’s left wrist then points upward Alpha Wasp’s muscular arm is pulled up fast then he does the right wrist when done both of Alpha Wasp’s muscular arms are pulled upwards.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Now we can begin your end Alpha Wasp.”

The crowed is going nuts seeing the stud hero champion being totally dominated powerless from the start.

Many in the crowed chanting over and over Mind-Drain Spider is going to suck all of Alpha Wasp’s power away.

Mind-Drain Spider grins seeing the pre-cum dripping down the head of Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp’s balls are swelling getting huge one of the stingers Mind-Drain Spider stung Alpha Wasp’s asshole with is powerful sperm multiplier venom.

Mind-Drain Spider’s stinger penis is fat and huge 27.5-inches long when fully erect he has had victim’s beg him to stop working them over with it, it’s a powerful mind-weakening weapon.

Mind-Drain Spider pulls down his briefs his stinger penis goes rock hard it’s a power-paralyzing tool he uses to rape minds and makes them weak.

The head of Mind-Drain Spider’s stinger penis self lubes with weak mind venom.

He sticks the head of it to Alpha Wasp’s very swollen asshole and has to force it in.


Finally it goes in stretching Alpha Wasp’s swollen asshole to the max Alpha Wasp’s entire muscle bound body jerking and going weak Alpha Wasp breaking becoming weak minded.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Is my small stinger penis making you weak Alpha Wasp?”


The crowed goes wild the jack off rooms filled up as soon as they saw Alpha Wasp trapped in

Mind-Drain Spider’s web!

Mind-Drain Spider starts pumping Alpha Wasp pulling almost out then slamming it back in.

Alpha Wasp has never felt anything like this Death Hornet’s stinger penis a half inch longer but not as fat.

Alpha Wasp is in terrible pain Mind-Drain Spider’s stinger penis is zapping him senseless.


Mind-Drain Spider - “I’m going to shatter your mind with my stinger penis Alpha Wasp and drain all your power away!”


Mind-Drain Spider - “No one is going to help you Alpha Wasp but me help you lose your mind.”

Mind-Drain Spider knows that if Alpha Wasp is made to cum with a stinger penis inside him it drains 33.3% of his super strength instantly and puts him in a power drain stupor.

Mind-Drain Spider grabs Alpha Wasp’s pre-cum dripping stinger penis and starts jacking it stroking it and fist pumping it.

Mind-Drain Spider is able to have a good portion of stinger penis inside of Alpha Wasp and be able to suck Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis at the same time.

He stops jacking him and lowers his handsome head to Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and starts sucking it licking the pre-cum.

Mind-Drain Spider sucks Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis into submission in no time, because of the three venom’s.


Alpha Wasp shoots load after load of his sperm with Mind-Drain Spider’s stinger penis inside of him.

Alpha Wasp is zapped senseless his pecs indenting wildly his entire muscle bound body spasming.

Mind-Drain Spider swallows down Alpha Wasp’s sperm looking at his handy work.

Alpha Wasp is wrecked his eyes very drugged like his handsome head jerking mindless words coming out of him.

Mind-Drain Spider doesn’t stop he keeps pumping Alpha Wasp and sucking him.

The crowed goes insane whatever the out come of this match it will be in big video demand!

Mind-Drain Spider - “UM! Your sperm taste so good Alpha Wasp I don’t think I can get enough of it!  I’m going to keep sucking you and sucking you until your mind is melted down and you are destroyed.”


The crowed is insane with this Alpha Wasp’s mind being sucked and pumped into total submission.

Mind-Drain Spider pumps and sucks Alpha Wasp senseless Alpha Wasp’s awesome body jerking all over and his huge pecs indenting making big circles at his nipples his eyes blinking rapidly.

Alpha Wasp is talking out of his head mindless words coming out of him.

Mind-Drain Spider is master skull fucker he starts working over Alpha Wasp’s mind wanting to pin point his most sexual experience and desires with Omega Wasp.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Alpha Wasp who is your Master?”

Alpha Wasp - “Mind-Drain SPIDER!”

Mind-Drain Spider - “Alpha Wasp you will obey me!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes Master, I will obey!”

Mind-Drain Spider - “Alpha Wasp, you will think about Omega Wasp and the most sexual hot time you and he had that’s so hot and you will tell it to me!”

Mind-Drain Spider sucks Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and pumps him and listens.

Alpha Wasp - “Yes Master! When I first met Omega Wasp I took him to my home we stripped each other naked and our lips touched both our stinger penises going to rock hard fast!

His self lube with total submission venom he bent me over and inserted it into me the lube venom took over and I was his bottom he worked me over all night long and in the morning I was totally his!”


Alpha Wasp shoots huge load after load of his sperm!

Mind-Drain Spider swallows it down it seems to be energizing him his awesome pecs indenting with power.

Alpha Wasp put in another rapid power drain stupor!


Mind-Drain Spider starts pulling his huge stinger penis out of Alpha Wasp’s very swollen asshole then slamming it back in he does this again and again.


Mind-Drain Spider - “What’s my stinger penis doing to you Alpha Wasp?”


Mind-Drain Spider’s long and huge stinger penis is wrecking Alpha Wasp’s mind and turning him into a completely submissive captive hero!

Mind-Drain Spider starts sucking and pumping Alpha Wasp time after time he makes Alpha Wasp ejaculate his sperm with his huge power paralyzing stinger penis outside of Alpha Wasp this time!

Mind-Drain Spider, knows if he makes Alpha Wasp cum three times with his huge stinger penis with in him it will drain away all of his power except 1% which is only enough to keep him from death! And he is not ready to completely drain his entire power away parse, Just Yet!

Alpha Wasp’s muscular pinched buttocks flexing and rising with every thrust of Mind-Drain Spider’s huge stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp’s super strength being drained a certain percent at a time each time he ejaculates with Mind-Drain Spider’s huge stinger penis inside him!

After the 3rd time Alpha Wasp will be wrecked! Body and mind completely drained! All his muscles are quivering! His huge pecs indenting wildly like their begging for power.

Mind-Drain Spider - “Oh yeah! Your good and weak stud hero your huge pecs indenting from the power drain shock! One more ejaculation will completely drain all your power away!”


Mind-Drain Spider pumps and sucks Alpha Wasp senseless! The zapped stud heroes’ head jerking his eyes blinking rapidly his muscular buttocks flexing and thrusting upwards with every inward pump of the Mind-Drain Spider’s huge stinger penis.


After Alpha Wasp came into Mind-Drain Spider’s mouth the second time his android power brain security system went into a protective action and laced Alpha Wasp’s pure sperm supply with a huge slow acting pure wasp venom load!

Mind-Drain Spider’s eyes open wide a very shocked look on his handsome face!

His muscle bound body starts to spasming all over his stinger penis now limp slides out of Alpha Wasp’s asshole he goes to his knees then he turns white pain all over his handsome face he goes down on the floor face down he is dead!

The crowed cheers for Alpha Wasp but he doesn’t hear anything his wings start moving faster and faster.

His eyes glow brighter and brighter his entire muscle bound body starts glowing.

His wrists and balls glow intense then the webs are gone.

His stinger penis goes limp he flies up naked his muscular body an awesome sight to be seen!

With his eyes still glowing he flies down to Mind-Drain Spider he kneels down and picks up Mind-Drain Spider’s huge long stinger penis.

Like before two fangs come forth and sink into the limp phallus he starts sucking when he is done Mind-Drain Spider is nothing but a dried husk!

The crowed chants over and over. - “ Alpha Wasp is the greatest death match champion! He is truly the king of the ring!”

Alpha Wasp stands naked he has a drugged look on his handsome face he does not turn towards the crowed he just stands with a blank drugged like look on his handsome face!

Omega Wasp flies in a very concerned look on his handsome face he goes straight to Alpha Wasp.

Omega Wasp - “My love talk to me MY LOVE!”

Omega Wasp takes Alpha Wasp by his hand and walks him to his briefs and goggles and gauntlets and utility belt and boots, thinking that he with the lose of 2 thirds of his power gives him two cans of wasp-mutant nectar! After a still in a mindless state Alpha Wasp flexes his entire muscle bound body and his eyes a physique glow very brightly for a good two minutes then stops! But Alpha Wasp’s stupor acting remains the same!  

Omega Wasp has to dress Alpha Wasp in his briefs boots and weapons.

When Omega Wasp is finished he removes a silver band with a small audio computer from his utility belt and puts it to Alpha Wasp’s head it has two probes he puts inside Alpha Wasp’s ears.

Omega Wasp pushes three buttons then in just a few moments a male voice says:


The crowed gasp Alpha Wasp’s loyal fans are vocally up-set sending their love to him.

Rex comes walking out with the check and trophy.

Rex, being of King Cobra mutant DNA origin.

Rex - “Omega Wasp this is bad can you help him?”

Omega Wasp visibly shaken pushes a red button on his utility belt it glows bright directly a low tone male voice response.

“Top Star here!”

Omega Wasp - “Top Star this Omega Wasp I’m here at the Death Match arena with Alpha Wasp a power brain analyzer indicates he has power brain damage area mind 65%.”

Top Star - “Listen to me carefully Omega Wasp the drug Mind-Calm should be in both your utility belts it is pre-measured in the injection devise inject Alpha Wasp with it how fast can you get to us?”

Omega Wasp reaches into his utility belt and pulls out and injection devise with light red fluid.

He puts the needle to a vein in Alpha Wasps muscled arm and pushes the fluid flows into Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp with still a drugged and blank look on his handsome face!

Omega Wasp - “We can be there in less then thirty minutes via our hover craft.”

Top Star - “Get him here as fast as possible Omega Wasp! We will be standing ready upon your arrival Top Star out!”

Omega Wasp pushes a button on his utility belt and lowers his head to Rex.

Rex motions with his finger and the back arena doors open wide in no time a hover craft floats in and hovers near Omega Wasp Alpha Wasp and Rex.

A clear dome slides back Rex puts the heavy trophy in the back and opens a compartment and puts the check inside.

Omega Wasp picks up Alpha Wasp in his strong arms and puts him in the passenger side seat he connects the safety harness.

Omega Wasp lightning fast gets in Rex moves fast out of the way and they are gone in a blink of an eye.

Two weeks later.

Omega Wasp - “How are feeling my love?”

Alpha Wasp - “Much better sexy with you waiting on me completely naked hand and foot I might get spoiled you know we have servants for all this stuff you have been doing for me.”

Omega Wasp - “I like tending to you I like spoiling you I love waiting on you naked seeing your eyes light up watching my 25-inch stinger penis go fully erect that makes me happy!”

Alpha Wasp grins dark sexual thoughts flooding his completely almost like new mind his stinger penis self lubes with total submissive venom.

He throws a magazine with his photo on the front cover past Omega Wasp.

Omega Wasp with his muscle bound body turned away from Alpha Wasp bends over to pick it up.

Alpha Wasp lightning fast is upon him! His lube stinger penis rock hard he rams it up Omega Wasp’s muscled asshole!



Alpha Wasp - “Loading you with a huge load of total submissive venom feel it draining away your aggressive top stud power my soon to be worked over and put in a totally metal senseless state my Omega Wasp!”

Omega Wasp, feeling the full effect of the submissive venom as Alpha Wasp walks him around the room!

Alpha Wasp puts a death grip on Omega Wasp’s large balls!

Omega Wasp getting weaker and weaker fast Alpha Wasp lifts his muscular arms up high above his handsome head.

Then lets go Omega Wasp’s arms, they fall back down and sway back and forth as Alpha Wasp slams him hard and fast!

When morning comes Omega Wasp is wrecked body and mind Alpha Wasp grins an evil grin looking down at the stud in a completely zapped state!

Mind-Drain Spider’s malice mind venom could not be neutralized and has turned the stud hero Alpha Wasp, into a split personality of light and evil darkness!

The end. David Circe.

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp, Rex, Mind-Drain Spider, Top Star are my creations! Revised  11/24/2010