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D Angel Ant Vs Demon Fire Ant
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

It has been the 6-month Death Match brake, D Angel Ant, is finally so in love and very happy with his new life partner the super stud hero, He-Man Spider!

Both living with and personal security protector's to Omega Wasp, and a free of the deadly venom's and completely cured Alpha Wasp, put into him by the still at large super-mutant villain Hypnotic Scorpion!

The Ring Announcer - "Welcome Gentlemen!

To the last Death Match of tonight between the now three year Death Match Champion, D Angel Ant, and the well known super-villain, Demon-Fire Ant."

On two large monitors both contenders’ stats are displayed:

D Angel Ant: Stunningly handsome 6ft 3 short jet black hair, light blue eyes, super strength, a fat 9-inch around, un-cut 25-inch long, when fully erect stinger penis with huge testicles… He is wearing silver speckled soft metal flex protection Lycra briefs and is wearing short black wrestler type boots…

D Angel Ant's, weapons: He has the most advanced, android AA-1 Power brain, he has many stingers and venom's, next to some say, can be deadly! D Angel Ant, has a golden colored unlimited powers Halo-weapon, two lower arm gauntlets with many defense and offensive powers, a silver and black colored utility belt,

He has clear and rainbow colored wings, witch is rare for an ant mutant, that can fly him at light-speed! Demon-Fire Ant: Also stunningly handsome, 6ft 9 light-reddish-gray colored eyes, he has super strength, he has a very huge mind and asshole wrecking, 12-inches around 26.5 inch long when fully erect, cut stinger penis! His testicles are also huge… He is wearing black with red and yellow flames soft metal-flex protection Lycra briefs and blood red, short wrestler type boots… He has extremely long, light to dark red colored hair in a MO-hawk style sticking out of a black with red flames skull cap, with long needle sharp (weapon) horns, on either side…

Demon-Fire Ant's, weapons: He has a large assortment of stinger's and venom's next to some say can be deadly… He has two arm gauntlet's with many powers and functions a red and black utility belt, his naked shrunk lover My-Man, has a black market robotic-brain, can think and talk, WARNING: My-Man, can be deadly! Demon-Fire Ant was named most malice and insane-villain of the year, for 5 consecutive years, in once a year, annuals of Hero/Villain magazine.

The crowd cheers loud for both, as D Angel Ant, flies in from the right flexing his awesome pecs and biceps and smiles big for the crowd

And the very tall Demon-Fire Ant, struts confidently in from the left side of the arena, talking to his killed but acts very much alive, naked and shrunk lover, My-Man! Hanging around his well-muscled neck.

D Angel Ant, lands and has a puzzled look in his beautiful eyes listening to Demon-Fire Ant, chat away to his dead lover My-Man, who is talking back to him, with red glowing eyes!

The Ring Announcer - "Congratulation to you both for making it to the last round, when the bell rings start fighting, good luck!"

The Ring Announcer walks away. Demon-Fire Ant "Oh yes My-Man! Look at D Angel Ant, is a very-very handsome, muscle dripping stud hero, it will be fun working him over and taking all that power of his, away!"

My-Man "Yeah he's a Dapper Don, muscle toy! Fuck him up good! My love, and save some for me!" D Angel Ant "You are crazy Demon-Fire Ant, I now believe everything Hero/Villain magazine, said about you and that naked corpse of a puppet, you're wearing around your neck!" My-Man, sticks out his tongue at D Angel Ant, and My-Man's, limp penis goes rock hard fast! And like a magnet to steel!

It points right at D Angel Ant, and a long urine stream pee-tube, shoots towards, a flies back to fast for it, super stud hero, D Angel Ant!

Demon-Fire Ant "Yeah I'm crazy! See what one of you heroes' did to my lover, I had him shrunk down and a robotic brain put into him with thoughts and memories of our life, together!"

My Man "Yeah now that's what I call love, you fucking spider-lover, YOU!" A tear falls from Demon-Fire Ant's, left eye as he looks down at his dead but acting very much alive, naked and very shrunken lover, My Man.

D Angel Ant understands Demon-Fire Ant's, feelings but knows he must keep a level head! Demon-Fire Ant has a well-known reputation of being very crazy, and malice acting and is very very deadly!

The bell rings and D Angel Ant, acts fast and at light speed fly hovers above Demon Fire Ant, flooding him with a sticky upon contact, powerful thought stunning, very light-blue colored dust venom, from both his rainbow and clear colored wings!


The 6ft 9-inches tall, handsome, muscle bound, hung! Demon-Fire Ant was taking in a deep breath and inhaled the very light-blue colored brain stunning venom, before he realized what he was doing!

And is also feeling the powerful venom absorb into all his naked skin areas, he is soon unable function normally, helpless to even lift up his awesome, muscular arms!

He starts walking around the arena floor, dazed senseless, speaking very short words and moaning and groaning, loudly! Demon-Fire Ant's, stinger penis went rock hard at the very first sight of the stunningly handsome and also very-very muscle bound, D

Angel Ant! But now his stinger penis due to venom shock acknowledgment is going very limp, rapidly!

And is quivering violently, like it is very nervous… D Angel Ant, keeps flooding Demon Fire Ant, non-stop with the powerful venom dust, as the super-stud hero, quickly strips Demon-Fire Ant completely naked!

D Angel Ant is enjoying very much! Seeing the 6-inches taller then himself of 6ft 3-inches, very hung, extremely muscular, hypnotically handsome Super stud villain Demon-Fire Ant helpless before his very light blue eyes and the young super stud villain doesn't know D Angel Ant is spreading open wide his tight ass-crack!

Dusting the stud villain's deep red asshole then straight down the stud villain's stinger penis huge opening hole, by forcefully turning Demon-Fire Ant Around via his very long limp stinger penis  by reaching for it and grabbing it, then pulling and quickly spin turning a dazed senseless, utterly venom drunk, Demon-Fire Ant!

When D Angel Ant has completely brain stun venom dusted Demon-Fire Ant's eyes and already hanging open mouth in a dumb-struck, in shock pose the super stud hero, stands back and looks over his handy work grinning big!

D Angel Ant has completely light blue color coated Demon-Fire Ant even his eye whites areas are light blue!

Demon-Fire Ant is a very conquered Very light blue colored naked skin everywhere on his awesome body builder physique except for his red wrestler type boots.

All of his weapons skullcap with horns and My Man, are lying in a pile on the arena floor.


D Angel Ant, guilds a brain totally stunned into submission

Demon Fire Ant to My Man, Demon Fire Ant doesn't hear anything his fallen lover is saying!

D Angel Ant picks up a very loud protesting My Man, and from his utility belt pulls out a very small

Halo-weapon, but large enough to fit around My Man's, neck!

My Man, non-stop cursing D Angel Ant, until the super stud hero pushes a button on his utility belt…


The Crowd "MY Man, My Man! You should have kept your big trap shut! Because this Angel-hero, put an end to your nasty mouth, and zapped senseless your alive lover, the nut!"

D Angel Ant, smiles big at the cheering for him, crowd! He starts walking a completely light blue, muscle bound, hunk super stud villain, all around the arena floor, for all to see!

As Demon-Fire Ant, steadily inhales the thought stunner light blue venom dust making him more and more helpless acting, his huge round bubble like pecs, indenting wildly!

D Angel Ant "I think it's time this young stud villain here, feels my stinger penis what do you think crowd? Tell me!"

The crowd cheers loud for D Angel Ant and chants

"D Angel Ant, our 3-year Death Match Champion! Has the insane Demon Fire Ant, totally in his Angel power!

All of us are wondering what's next for this Crazy-Ant, within the hour?"

Demon Fire Ant, is truly helpless as D Angel Ant, force spray blast from his large stinger penis hole a fast acting all aggression wipe- out venom He quickly rams his fully erect stinger penis into a being beaten, very defeated behaving, Demon-Fire Ant!

Demon-Fire Ant, as his voice keeps going higher toned and higher!


D Angel Ant flood loads Demon-Fire Ant with a huge deposit of all aggression wipeout venom the young stud villain's huge bubble pecs are rapidly indenting And quivering wildly, at his rock hard quarter inch-long nipples they are making huge creators!

The crowd roars loud for D Angel Ant as he flies up with a stinger penis impaled Demon-Fire Ant looking very venom trashed and showing no signs of voluntary muscle power, movement!

Mindless words coming out of the very handsome Demon-Fire Ant's, mouth as both potent venom's pound him into a zapped senseless super stud, villain!

D Angel Ant slowly flies to the arena floor, and before all the cheering loudly for him crowd he lifts up high Demon-Fire Ant's huge bulking muscular arms then D Angel Ant lets go!

Both fall down fast, like cement blocks showing no power at all limp and swaying back and forth!

Two more arm lifts way up above his zapped looking head and again down fast like a ton of gold, no power!

D Angel Ant lands and for 30-minutes piston pumps an impaled Demon- Fire Ant, then lifts an all muscles limp Demon Fire Ant upward with rapid pelvic thrusts with super strength stinger penis, flex lifts!

Demon-Fire Ant bobs up and down looking very venom drugged out of his mind with his sexy full lips mouth hanging open in shock looking!

Then D Angel Ant shoves a driving even his super stud-hero self-crazy! Due to hearing Demon-Fire Ant speaking pussy-male words running rampant from his mouth!

Off of his very erect stinger penis

The young stud villain looking very venom drugged out of his mind his handsome head jerking up and down and looking very de-powered all his muscles are quivering, he is laying in a fetal position looking very conquered, helpless, utterly defeated! D Angel Ant goes to the crowd flexing his huge round bubble like pecs biceps and triceps for a good long 15-minutes!

For the crowd, then stroking his throbbing and pulsating stinger penis for the whistles and catcalls cheering and praising him crowd!

D Angel Ant "Well I think it's time to finish this young stud villain off!

I might not destroy him he is awfully handsome! I may drain most of his power, then enslave him!"

The entire jack off rooms started to fill up fast! Watching D Angel Ant totally dominating Demon-Fire Ant, the crowd keeps cheering loud, for D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant walks back to a very out of it looking young stud villain Demon Fire Ant and grabs both his huge testicles and roughly pulls him up to look him over!

D Angel Ant

"Yeah! It looks like my two venom's took all your power away stud villain a huge load of my power drain venom will make you so weak and all but take away most of your awesome, powers!

And make your super tight asshole mine if I decide to enslave you!"

Demon-Fire Ant is un-responsive his light red-gray eye pupils very small pen points as D Angel Ant, smiles big looking into them.

D Angel Ant turns towards the crowd and with his sexy grin tells them time to finish Demon Fire Ant off!


D Angel Ant lets lose of Demon-Fire Ant's, huge testicles and starts walking around the arena in mind wrecking pain!

He is venom zapped senseless, trying desperately to resist the powerful, saliva venom!

The spit venom called total agree venom taking over the acting more and more mentally wrecked stud heroes' AA-1 android power brain little by little!

Demon-Fire Ant - "Hey crowd, this hero forgot I have regeneration ability too, he should of kept pumping me with his powerful venom's, instead of flexing all his very bulked up muscles for you, right?"

The crowd cheers loud for Demon-Fire Ant and chanting

"Demon-Fire Ant, has put the fallen stud D Angel Ant, in a spit venom stupor web soon all this muscle bound heroes' powers, will be shed!"

Demon-Fire Ant, smiles knowing D Angel Ant, is totally helpless; he goes and puts back on his utility belt and skull-cap with horn weapon's!

He removes the small Halo-weapon from around My Man's, neck and with a small re-pair and functions-indicator unit, he quickly re-stores,

My Man - Next Demon-Fire Ant goes to a walking around the arena floor talking, acting and looking very drugged out of his mind D Angel Ant!

Demon-Fire Ant - "Oh yeah, keep trying to fight my agree venom D Angel Ant, it works better when being fought, your huge round pecs indenting and quivering at your big fat nipples, tell me your losing the battle!

The saliva venom has finally taken away all of D Angel Ant's will- power to fight! His huge round bubble-like pecs slowly stop indenting his huge round python-like biceps and triceps arms hanging down limp looking very powerless!

Demon-Fire Ant stops the venom zapped senseless D Angel Ant and strips him of all his weapons and silver speckled soft metal flex Lycra briefs

D Angel Ant, standing with his sexy mouth hanging open in a shocked senseless pose with his chiseled chin down to his upper pumped power pecs!

His beautiful light blue eyes, with one open to the MAX! With its pupil smaller then a pin point and the saliva venom coated eye bulging with red spider web-like veins and very glazed over, destroyed looking!

My Man - "Oh yeah Baby! He's good and spit venom FUCKED! Lets fuck him some more, my stud my handsome Demon-Fire Ant this fallen heroes' finished!"

Demon-Fire Ant "D Angel Ant, I'm going to stick My Man's, going very erect fast stinger penis into your hanging open mouth, and you are going to suck it! You want to do this very much so! Don't you?"


Demon-Fire Ant puts My Man's now rock hard stinger penis into a very venom wrecked D Angel Ant's, sexy full lips open mouth, the fallen hero begins to obey sucking My Man's, rock hard stinger penis!

My Man - "OH YES! Suck my stinger penis you muscled out stud hero, it feels so good! You're a good, SUCKER!"

My Man fakes good feeling sounds as the totally conquered D Angel Ant keeps sucking away at it! Demon-Fire Ant looks towards the crowd and winks then squeezes My Man's, left testicle!

And a powerful all muscles B-1 paralyzing venom shoots fast into D Angel Ant's sucking mouth and goes down his throat quickly!

D Angel Ant moans loudly as all his awesome muscles are robbed of power and he like in slow motion falls backward to the arena floor all his awesome muscle power wiped out!


Demon-Fire Ant "D Angel Ant your regeneration power has been neutralized you need a load of My Man's, regeneration power restorer venom, don't you?" D Angel Ant is utterly powerless! He has never been worked over by this type of venom before, his regeneration power is very stunned and barely working, it's very weak!


Demon-Fire Ant puts My Man's, still fully erect stinger penis back into D Angel Ant's sexy mouth again…

And this time squeezes his right testicle and a very powerful load of stinger penis over erection venom goes into and down D Angel Ant's throat!

D Angel Ant's went limp stinger penis starts going to over erection and the pain starts melting down a completely helpless D Angel Ant!


D Angel Ant is completely muscle power paralyzed; his stinger penis is going into over erection, killer pain! Pounding his mind area down breaking his ability to think normal thoughts…

The pain of his stinger penis being over erected is breaking his mind area of his power brain down fast, already 25% damage!

Demon-Fire Ant, reaches into his utility belt and pulls out a diamond blade razor-knife, he goes to a spread eagle on the floor D Angel Ant's, stinger penis base and with very much malice in his mind! He quickly circumcises D Angel Ant's, un-cut overly erected! Stinger penis!

Blood flows down D Angel Ant's, stinger penis shaft and huge testicles and very muscular wide legs all over the arena floor as

Demon-Fire Ant takes the cut off foreskin and puts it into his mouth and starts sucking and chewing the bloody, foreskin!

Of a shrieking in the most pain he has ever felt! The very conquered looking and acting, D Angel Ant!


The crowd goes insane seeing the very muscle bulked and stunningly handsome D Angel Ant, totally helpless and begging for help! He is unable to move and Demon-Fire Ant is not finished with our stud hero, yet! A monitor is displaying D Angel Ant's mind area of his power brain damage, at 35%!

Demon-Fire Ant, deep throat sucks D Angel Ant's, overly erected very bloody stinger penis as the fallen stud hero is speaking out of his mind extreme pain and his power brain mind area damaged caused words…

Demon-Fire Ant, wants to destroy D Angel Ant, slowly! An extremely cohesive clear colored spray comes from his sexy mouth that makes a large circular puddle, on the arena floor! He roughly grabs the stripped naked D Angel Ant's, wrecked stinger penis and pulls the muscle paralyzed hero up, then sticks his black boots to the large extremely cohesive, circular puddle!

He holds a very defeated looking and acting D Angel Ant up by his wrecked to a bloody overly erect, and newly circumcised stinger penis and starts…

Stinger penis spraying D Angel Ant's entire muscle bound body that is very power paralyzed he even coats D Angel Ant's bleeding stinger penis,…

When he is finished D Angel Ant, is flesh colored with a clear glossed look similar to a life sized, ceramic statue! His huge round python-like biceps and triceps hanging down no power to be seen with his big huge muscular legs spread to the Max!

Demon-Fire Ant goes around completely spraying D Angel Ant until he's completely clear coated, then with his long fingers spreads open D Angel Ant's, ass-crack exposing the wrecked stud's heroes' red super tight asshole!

From Demon-Fire Ant's, huge more dominate stinger penis hole that is force spraying a powerful power drain venom that has wrecked and utterly destroyed many heroes'

Because of his very fat 12-inch around width stinger penis, it has to be forced into a screaming loudly D Angel Ant's super tight asshole, the fallen hero very much feeling it's, power!

Demon-Fire Ant "Oh Yeah D-powered Angel Ant, I'm going to ram my 12-inch around very fat stinger penis up your soon to be not so super tight asshole and pump all your super tight asshole' s tightness, away! HA-HA-HA-HA!"


Demon-Fire Ant smiles at the cheering very loud for him crowd saying D Angel Ant, is finished and will soon be destroyed!

Demon-Fire Ant's huge stinger penis hole force blasts huge loads of power drain venom and slicks down D Angel Ant's, super tight asshole!

The very malice nature acting Demon-Fire Ant starts forcing his huge more dominate stinger penis into a very shocked and very defeated looking D Angel Ant's being stretched open wider and wider, asshole!


"Feel my more powerful stinger penis forcing it's way into your soon to be no longer super tight asshole D Angel Ant?"

D Angel Ant, can only speak weak out of his headwords as Demon-Fire Ant's, huge 12-inch around stinger penis forces it's way into a being stretched open wide D Angel Ant's, no longer super tight asshole!

D Angel Ant's mind area damage to 45% Demon-Fire Ant's, favorite way to destroy a hero is to damage his mind area of his android-like power brain, to the deadly 100%! D Angel Ant is being mentally wrecked and his mind area of his AA-1 power brain is being severally damaged and being broken by the stud villain Demon-Fire Ant fast!

Demon-Fire Ant slides his huge fat stinger penis all The way into D Angel Ant, and starts slam pumping the very helpless looking and acting, super stud hero!

Demon-Fire Ant, starts depositing huge loads of power drain venom into a mind area being wrecked more and more D Angel Ant, now a 50% mind area, damage!

To the very weak and could be destroyed at anytime, D Angel Ant! Demon-Fire Ant skull fucks D Angel Ant while pulling his huge stinger penis out then slamming it back into the very defeated looking super stud hero!

Demon-Fire Ant "Yeah that once super tight asshole of yours is all stretched and de-super tightened I'm going to stinger penis fuck all your awesome power away!"

My Man - "Oh yeah my hung like the prize stud you are baby! Fuck this fucking totally in your power heroes' life, away!"

Demon-Fire Ant puts his skullcap horns weapon to D Angel Ant's,

Ears and from the very tips, powerful electrical shock beams go into D Angel Ant's, power brain! Shutting it down! All but main life support, D Angel Ant is being electro-beam shocked into a totally complete power brain paralyzed state zombie!

D Angel Ant no longer speaking weak out of his head words both his very drugged out of his mind looking eyes blinking rapidly!

The crowd is in heaven watching the super stud hero D Angel Ant. being slowly destroyed by the young stud villain Demon-Fire Ant, and from the looks of this match he would soon be the new, Death Match Champion!

Demon-Fire Ant shows the crowd how de-powered D Angel Ant is by lifting up high his lifeless huge very round python-like arms then letting them go and watching them fall down fast like cement blocks!

Demon-Fire Ant pulls from his utility belt a power brain mind area damage indicator devise and puts it to a lifeless acting D Angel Ant's head

And it shows that he has damaged D Angel Ant's, power brain mind area to a very deadly 80% Demon-Fire Ant, smiles big, thinking my huge stinger penis is going to take away all this handsome super stud heroes' power, in a few more minutes!

Demon-Fire Ant, puts back into his utility belt, his power brain mind area damage indicator and starts slam pumping a looking soon to be destroyed D Angel Ant!

Demon-Fire Ant, hears a strange sound above him and looks upward to his shocked eyes D Angel Ant's, Halo-weapon is growing bigger and bigger fast!

It starts lower and surrounds Demon-Fire Ant's handsome head powerful golden beams blast into a shocked senseless Demon-Fire Ant's, handsome head and surrounds My Man, the beams are destroying a protesting loudly, My Man!


Demon-Fire Ant's, huge stinger penis goes completely limp and starts shrinking fast and slides out of D Angel Ant's wrecked once was super tight asshole!


Demon-Fire Ant, staggers backward as D Angel Ant's, Halo- weapon at light speed rest around Demon-Fire Ant's huge bubble like pecs and very muscular arms in seconds he is completely drained of all his power and destroyed!

Rex "D Angel Ant, wins! All hail the still 3-year Death Match Champion, D Angel Ant!" The crowd cheers for a very wrecked and lifeless looking D Angel Ant, he indeed looks finished no movement a drugged out statue!

He-Man Spider web-slings fast to D Angel Ant, tears falling! He-Man Spider pulls from his utility belt a communicator and calls the emergency hot line to the Trio Of Power's main head quarters!

Pure Energy Man - "This is Pure Energy Man here to help!" He-Man Spider "Pure Energy Man this is He-Man Spider I'm here at the Death Match arena D Angel Ant's mind area of his power brain was damaged badly to 82%, what can we do?" Pure Energy Man

"We were watching He-Man Spider Top Star and Lightning Strike should be there shortly give D Angel Ant the maximum dose of the calming drug and all my hopes to D Angel Ant Pure Energy Man out!" Top Star arrives and goes directly to the lifeless D Angel Ant with his muscular arms he wraps them around D Angel Ant's, bubble like pecs.

Top Star's healing touch starts working and a very wrecked out of his head talking D Angel Ant, at last shows he is still alive!

Top Star tells a still crying He-Man Spider that he will fly D Angel Ant to the Trio of Power's main head quarters and Lightning Strike will fly him along with, it doesn't look good!

Rex comes to the four, and says he will keep D Angel Ant's trophy and very large money amount winners check, safe in the volt not to worry all his hopes!

And gives his kind words and leaves as does Top Star with a weak talking D Angel Ant, in his powerful arms!

Sometime later…

Top Star and Pure Energy Man walk into the large room with a can't stop crying He-Man Spider his handsome head hanging down with a very sad frowning Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp and an also crying Lightning Strike! Top Star

"The weapon that Demon Fire Ant used on D Angel Ant's power brain is the problem, I have healed him but his stinger penis is now officially circumcised a now cut stinger penis!

Also a large portion of D Angel Ant's power brain has been damaged beyond repair, by Demon-Fire Ant's, skullcap horn weapons electrical power shock beams!

Lucky for all, his memory banks were not damaged we have a new more advanced type power brain for him and will download his memory banks into it after it is installed.

He will have to stay here for at least a week and we are erasing all of that match, and we strongly suggest he does not view it!"

10-days later

D Angel Ant is lying in He-Man Spider's loving arms he seems the same with his new AAA-1 power brain, with all his memories, intact.

D Angel Ant "Tell me again why I had to have a new power brain? My love!"

He-Man Spider - "Your other one wasn't as good as this one, my love!" D Angel Ant grins a sexy grin

"Okay, can we make love now? I promise I'm up for it!"

D Angel Ant, smiles stroking his completely healed and fully erect cut stinger penis and looking at He-Man Spider with much love and desire!

He-Man Spider tells him yes and makes love to a now his sexually obedient lover D Angel Ant all night long!

The end All in this story is my creation David Circe.

12/9/2005 Check the poem below if you like.

An End.

The four here we are at a time insane.
Two went into the fire, ashes then rain!
The two elder's powers seem to fade.
From the North to South in turn both came.
Never again, to speak each other's name!