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Dylan's Training
Part 1 - Dylan's Training
By Dylan

Dylan's Training


Dylan, the freshly turned 18yo high school athlete, was nervous.

The principal had summoned him , and now he was waiting in the front office , sweating under the watchful eyes of the principals trusted secretary .

The older principal Mr . Miller had chosen a quite  handsome young secretary, but all rumours had ended after the principal pointed out that the young man was a former student of the school and, after an accident had ended his career as a wrestler, needed some help.

Dylan sat in the wooden bench, dressed in the school uniform he was given as a scholar of the school.

He was proud having a sports scholarship, and he wore the school uniform given to him with pride, even though he knew he attracted more views than he liked.

The white short sleeve button shirt and the shorts seemed a bit too tight and small, but since he was a young athlete in constant training, it was no wonder his bulging muscles nearly burst the seams.

He had no idea he and a few other boys wore the tight uniforms just for one purpose:

To show off their bodies.

Mr Millers assistant Randy looked up at the handsome nervous boy .

 Randy said:

"The principal is done now, Dylan , you might go in without delay"

" Uhg uhm ..yes Randy..I mean ..sir"

After he knocked and waited for  a short " Come in", Dylan opened the door. Not for the first time he felt like a young boy again, insecure and shy.

The principal did not look up from a file as he told Dylan to calm down and take a seat.

"Uhm, yessir!"

 Dylan quickly answered and sat in the only chair, right in front of the huge desk that dominated the office.

The principal looked up from the file he was reading, peeked to another thing on his computer, and then addressed Dylan :

" You know why you are here, boy, your evaluation"

" Yessir!" a  boy trembling in anticipation answered

The principal smiled malicious as he said: " You know I have to go by the rules, Dylan ... "

He looked at the muscular boy as if he would like to eat him , and said: " I have to check your physicals, boy... I have to make sure you are as good as our standards ask for."

Dylan stood up nervously and waited for the principal to give the command that was so common in these halls, but highly uncommon for any other , normal, school.

"Strip, boy, I wanna see you naked!"

The principal looked briefly at his computer to make sure Dylan was right in the center of the various cameras that, perfectly hidden, aimed at the boys body.

He licked his lips in anticipation as Dylan carefully opened the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off. The boys wide shoulders and hard, perky pecs came to view, and the principal couldn´t help himself..  he adjusted the growing bulge in his expensive suit trousers.

The boys nipples stood out harder and bigger as you might expect it from a normal boy, but Dylan was not normal. He was a highly trained and perfectly groomed prized possession of the school and the men who ran it.

"Very nice" the principal already commented. "Your nipples look good enough to eat, my boy.. Dr. Cummins did a good job!"

He smiled as the boy closed his eyes for a split second, clearly remembering the last painful session strapped in the Doctors chair as the good doctor works his nipples..

The video of the pumping of Dylan's nipples and the forced workout with crocodile clamps with weights on those stretched nipples were clicked several hundreds of thousands of times...

"Go on my boy, loose those shorts, we don't have all day!"

The principal told Dylan to hurry up, while the boy carefully hung his shirt over a chair.. since he knew he would be punished if he did not take perfect care of his school uniform.

But he also knew he would be punished if he did not obey the principals commands, and so he hurried up as he bent down to open his shoes, and to open his belt and push his shorts down .

The principal had watched the boy in anticipation, but still moaned low  as he saw the boys very big bulge.

Dylan had be chosen out of several hundreds of candidates for the scholarship for his perfect, boyish but clean cut  face and overall attributes, but namely for a dick that hung 6 inches soft at the age of 14, and now was 8 inches..and 10 when hard. The Principal smiled as Dylan's dick hung full and thick between those muscular legs .. as usual almost no boy at the school was fully soft.

He heard the soft voice of the boy ask: " Sir, please, do we really have to go through the full evaluation process today?"

The principal smiled lewd as he answers: " Oh boy, you perfectly know we have to...and for this question alone I will have to be especially careful and thorough "

He felt great as he saw the boy swallowed again, since he knew Dylan was now sure his evaluation would be extra hard.

Mr. Miller told the fully naked boy to stand at parade rest, which in this case meant to stand straight,  pecs and dick pushed out, the legs and arms spread like an x, but his arms bend to have the hands folded on his head.

The principal stood and walked around his desk, carefully avoiding the cameras . He knew nothing would be sent out to anyone outside the inner circle without careful editing and some photoshop, but he always was careful.

The video cams only filmed his hands as he moved them over the boys muscles, felt and massaged the hot toned body of the schools best athletic gymnast.

Even though Dylan had won several tournaments and many medals and was featured in many articles of the towns newspapers, he was still nothing but an animal to the school, to use and work with. His medals just made him more valuable and more daring to the crowd of pervs.

The principal watched Dylan's body carefully as he worked his hands over the hard muscles, covered by soft skin.

 The boy moaned low, hissed one or two times, and grid his teeth as the principal squeezed his heavy balls, but he did not try to stop the mans hands.

The young athlete started to blush as his heavy dick started to grow usual the principal knew what to do to arouse the boy.

Soon the piss slit on Dylan's dick started to ooze pre. The principal dipped his fingertip into a nice drop of pre and licked it ....

" Very nice my boy, nice and sweet, as we like it"

The inspection went on while Dylan moaned in pleasure and pain, and his dick oozed a puddle of pre on the high polished wood floor of the office .

" Before we start the next part of your weekly inspection, I know you won't hesitate to clean my floor"

The principal watched smiling as the well trained athlete dropped into a pushup with the easy moves and grace  his muscles and athletic abilities made possible.

Dylan's tongue lapped up the precum his dick had produced, until the floor was clean again.

He knew this would not be the only humiliation he would have to endure this afternoon, and he carefully avoided to make the schools highly respected principal mad .

" Very nice, my boy.. and since you are down there now, I would like to see a few pushups..why don't you gimme 50?" He giggled, as the boy started to do his 50 pushups.

Dylan soon was done, and did not show any sign of getting weak.

If the principal was pleased or maybe pissed  he did not show. But a first reason to punish the boy was wasted.

"Very nice boy.. you know the drill, 50 chinups!"

Most unusual for a normal principals office, there were huge double doors that opened to a next room..  and this next room was carefully set up with something like a simple gym plus some extra furniture .

Every goodlooking boy  at this so well respected school had been a guest in the principals extra room. Only the good looking boys.

Only very few boys were allowed to be chubby or pimpled.. only the few boys of the very rich members of the board who sponsored the school.

Those boys usually had no idea of the extracurricular activities of the less fortunate part of the schools body. Just a chosen few were allowed to use the athletes, and what they did to make those poor athletes suffer was carefully monitored and stored. For future use, in case the material came in handy.

The principal now had a lil whip in his hands and helped Dylan to do the full 50 chinups .

Every now and then he whipped the boys back, ass, or upper legs to encourage him to do his best.

Mr Miller  was so engulfed in his training efforts that he ignored his own thick dick.

The dick oozed a fair amount of precum ..and stained the principals trousers.

Dylan screamed out as a very hard hit of the whip burned into his ass.. he just had finished the 49th chinup as he lost his grip after the sting of the whip.. he let go the bar and stood on his feet cowering.

"I am sorry sir..I was about to do my last...."

 He was cut off by a fuming Mr Miller " Look what you have done ! My trousers are ruined!"

Dylan knew better than to speak out now.. Miller found just the reason to punish the boy.. and any reason was good enough.

" Arms up boy, you know the drill!" Miller slapped cuffs on chains dangling from the ceiling onto the boys hands, and soon a sound of a winch could be heard.

Dylan had to stand up straight, his arms stretch out high and wide.

He still stood on the ground as the principal closed leather  cuffs around the boys ankles ..and a new push of a button made Dylan moan as his muscular, long legs were pulled to the sides, till he stood on his tiptoes, stretched like an X.

The principal smiled into Dylan's face as he said: " You my boy might think you are gods gift to mankind.. but your nothing but some goodlooking muscle jock we can use at will, and you have no means to do anything against it."

The principal carefully choose a small whip ..and this time aimed at the boys front...

"Auuurghmmmm!" The boy screamed out as the principal aimed at his balls..

Soon Dylan's voice sounded hoarse as the man started to sweat.. he was not used to physical labour, but he always insisted to do the training sessions himself.

The principal was delighted as usual that Dylan took so long till he started to plead for mercy. A hard muscled athlete was used to hard workout, he thought.

Dylan hung in the cuffs, panting and sweating,  his muscles went limp after the principal had worked him over really hard. The boys dick was, also as usual, still hard.. the principal knew the boy was trained to feel the pain and get sexually aroused.

Dylan was oozing a heavy stream of pre again, and softly moaned out the usual question after a session like this.

As the principal attached crocodile clamps to his swollen nipples, Dylan asked the  question the principal wanted to hear: " Sir please let me cum!"

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