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Dylan's Training
Part 5 - Dylan's Training 5
By Dylan

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Dylan's Training 5

By Dylan

This chapter is dedicated to my reader Germain from France, who took the effort to write the sequel of the party story. I just edited his writing a little bit and added some minor details , but most of the following is his work! Thanks Germain, I really appreciate your dedication !

Dylan's Training part 5 - Sequel: Aftershow party

The evening was coming to an end. Almost all of the guests had satisfied their sexual appetite and already left . The last patrons present were enjoying the talents of the waiters-escorts at their disposal, fucking or getting fucked, using the hot sexy boys like the toys they were.

There was only one boy in the house who had not been here willingly, even though he did not fought what had happend to him. He was well trained and perfectly groomed, and, besides the fact he was maybe the hottest boy the school had produced for years, he also knew he needed to obey his elders wishes, or else.

In the center of the room, Dylan was stilled cuffed over the block, a slumped mess of muscled, athletic boyflesh, almost unconscious. He had been fucked in the ass and the mouth, spanked, whipped, fisted, electrocuted. His body was stained with cum and cooled wax off candles the men had used to make him grunt n squirm as they dribbled the hot wax onto his skin. His round sexy muscled ass had a now thoroughly abused, disproportionately enlarged hole, and one of the gold medals which had been shoved up his ass, showed its golden shine amidst the crimson flesh. Since the boy was tied up on his back, his huge cock was proudly presented, hard and resting on Dylan's washboard abs, vibrating in anticipation of finally being able to ejaculate.

Dylan was moaning of lust since he had been denied the pleasure to cum, and because some of the Simpson Pharmaceuticals miracle products that had been tested on him, and which had been administered to him, he did not only have a perpetual erection, but the pills prevented him from an ejaculation.

Strangly enough he had multiple orgasms, but all dry as he was unable to shoot semen. Since his dick and balls, nipples and lips were masterfully fondled, sucked , and even had been used to make him grunt and scream in pain as the men , the guests of the night, tormented and tortured him, he was overly sensitive by now, pleading to be allowed to cum.

A cigar had been held painfully near to his nipples, and a thick steel rod had been inserted in his urethra and was blocking it, preventing Dylan's legendary precum from oozing out, and his famous super big cumshoots from painting his body or maybe even his face or hair with white creamy semen. All guest's had real fun in taking place in administering the punishment the boy had received during the evening and night. A punishment most of the guests loved to give, since they all had suffered from arrogant muscled jocks during their schooldays, or other goodlooking idiots that had thought they ruled the world because of their good looks. And it was Dylan who paid the price for being such a perfectly trained specimen of pure young male perfection.

Every guest at the party knew the rules: No permanent damages, but a good stretching or some marks on the jocks perfect skin were no problem. And if the stud screamed, nobody thought about stopping, it just added to the fun.

Joey had a much more pleasant evening. He had been paid generously, not to mention the nice bundle of hundred dollar bills he received in tips, and the new clients to add to his address book. And the sex, whatever the partner or partners, had been great for Joey. He was an insatiable slut and a true nymphomaniac, and he liked to have sex. The guests perfectly well knew the difference between the toy that was subjected to all their whims, Dylan, and the professional escorts who acted as waiters. Dylan's performance had been particularly exciting for Joey, and that had contributed to his performance. To watch his object of desire as well as hate being used and abused was thoroughly arousing to Joey and his clients . The last customer he had satisfied was the master of the house himself, whose fat cock he had deepthroated, before putting it in his ass, riding the powerful man, making sure he wouldn't forget how hot Joey was.

"I've seen you ogling our slutty main course since the beginning of the evening. You like him. He's a little damaged by now, tainted meat at this hour, but you can use him if you want."

Having seen the schools best athletic gymnast suffer all evening, Joey's petty need for revenge had been largely satisfied. But even now, in this state, Dylan was still an object of envy for Joey.

Walking up to the block, he slowly stroked the taut muscles, his hand sliding over the mixture of cum and sweat to the nipples that were still being bitten by clamps. The man who had just fucked him still stood by his side and fondled his ass, while Joey removed the clamps, making Dylan grunt out as suspected. Joey saw they left a mark of their sharp teeth in the purplish nipples. "Lychees," Joey thought, the obscenely swollen nipples reminded him of the exotic fruits, having the same size and same color. He bent down to lick them, and they were firm, so he couldn't help but nibble them.

Joey had watched as a man in a white labcoat had made a show of injecting several chemicals into Dylan's nipples, his dick, balls, and some muscles, carefully and full of detailed describing what effects those injections would have. The guest's of the party were more than interested, it seemed, and Joey almost could read the minds of the pervs attending the party. Several young men , boys, would be feeling the results of those drugs during the following days and weeks, since Joey was sure their daddies, masters, bosses would want to improve the quality of the boys they had at home.

Joey still nibbled and pinched Dylan's tits, who began to moan in pleasure and then pain, his eyes closed. His cock twitched. Joey removed the probe from the tied up slaveboys uretha and a little precum escaped from the head. He didn't know what chemical cocktail Dylan must have swallowed, but he suspected he couldn't hold back from cumming all night without some sort of additive, maybe some experimental drugs from Simpson labs. The effects of those chems slowly seemed to be wearing off. Without ceasing to suck the nipples, Joey's hand grabbed the hard and hot cock and began to wank it gently. With his head tipped back on the edge of the block, Dylan's breathing became heavier, his whole body shivering. The slightest excitement revived the unfulfilled orgasm in him.

Joey couldn't resist, he stepped over the block, straddled Dylan and slid the athletes cock between his buttocks. The bulbous head found Joey's hungry hole, well softened by his previous clients he took over the evening. Joey let out a grunt as the thick bud broke through his ring of muscles and entered his ass. Leaning with both hands on the protruding pectorals of the dream boy he was riding, he straightened up and, feeling every inch, impaled himself on the cock. The instrument was perfectly sized, and when he found himself sitting down on Dylan's stomach, the turgid head rubbed against Joey's prostate. His whole body shook, but Joey was a sex professional and he was able to contain his orgasm. He was going to make the most of the situation, and he knew he was watched, and maybe filmed.

He leaned forward, his cock sticking out proudly. Taking Dylan's head with both hands, he straightened it and put his lips on Dylan's. Dylan opened his mouth, as if by reflex, and kissed him deeply. With a subtle movement of the loins, Joey rode the cock in his ass, the tip of the head grazing his prostate with each pass. Little by little Dylan seemed to emerge from his faint, his hips began to accompany Joey's movements, amplifying the back and forth of the thick cock in Joey's tight muscled ass. The dickhead came to rest more firmly against Joey's prostate and the waves of orgasm multiplied. Joey straightened up and put all his weight into it, holding Dylan still. He could feel the cock pulsing in his gut. A light froth crowned his own cock as it stood stiff against his abs again, his balls clenched at the base.

Controlling his pleasure, he arched his loins, the cock pushed in a little more, the head working the prostate deep in his bowels. He felt Dylan's huge swollen balls against his buttocks. He took the time to contemplate this magnificent body, which was finally his toy. His fingers grasped the fleshy nipples and twisted them. They were overly sensitive by now, and a howl from Dylan answered. All his muscles contracted and a flood of cum shot into Joey's bowels. In response, without even touching himself, Joey also began to shoot short bursts. In his ass, however, Dylan's huge cumshot was a flood, with all the cum Dylan had accumulated filling Joey's bowels. Spasms were shaking the athlete's body. Finally the spurting stopped and like a puppet whose strings had been cut, Dylan collapsed inertly on the block. The softened cock escaped Joey's ass, and he clenched his buttocks to keep the cum inside him.

Joey stepped around the block and presented his ass to Dylan's upturned head again. He loosened his sphincter and emptied the cum directly into the wide open mouth of the fucktoy Joey by now used at will, while the man watched. Dylan reflexively swallowed his own seed and finished cleaning the ass-crack with his tongue. Joey turned and, kneeling, exchanged one last deep kiss with the sex slave. "It's been a real pleasure, slut!" Then he returned to the adjacent room that had served as the escorts' changing room. While he was getting dressed, the host came to join him, handing him a Bluray disc. "You offered us a magnificent spectacle. Here, there is some footage filmed today to enrich your onlyfans account." The host grinned, since he knew no face were shown but the hustler's and the evening's toyboy's.

In the great hall, two servants had come to unhook Dylan from the block and brought him to the dressing room adjacent to the entrance. They laid the slumped body on the tiled table. The servant who had already taken care of him took a hose and sprayed Dylan's body generously with cold water. The powerful spray cleaned the soiled body as effectively as a pressure washer would have cleaned a dirty car. He then turned the almost unconcious Dylan over on his stomach and cleaned him again. Noticing the band of the medal sticking out of his ass, the man slid his hand between the buttocks. Without effort his fist was swallowed. He withdrew the first medal. Reaching back in, he pulled out a second and then a third. He murmured, "Anything else?" and his hand disappeared back into Dylan's ass, but this time he pushed further in, his entire forearm up to his elbow disappeared into the bowels. "Like a glove!" Dylan didn't even flinch, the drugs still worked, but slowly dissolved from the boy's system. The servant pumped his fist in n out of Dylan's bowels for fun, before he withdrew his arm from Dylan's ass and checked his assring. Than he gave the muscled boy some injections, directly into the tender flesh of his anus. He tried to insert a finger, then two, and with a satisfied grunt he greased the ass he now was allowed to fuck. Knowing about the amount of work waiting for him, the servant just gave Dylan a quick hard fuck before he came into the boys ass and threw a towel over the unconscious body. "You can rest for a while, until Principal Miller comes looking for you."

Two hours later, Mr. Miller's car pulled up to the service entrance of the villa. Dylan, still naked except for the towel tied around his waist, staggered out, supported by the servant. After he woke up from his excausted sleep, three more servants had fucked his ass or mouth. Mr. Miller had opened the trunk, and the servant saw the plastic wrapper the principal had used to cover the cars carpet. "You can climb in, boy!" As Dylan stepped over the back of the car, Mr. Miller grabbed the towel and handed it to the servant. "This is yours, I believe." Dylan naked lodged himself into the trunk as best he could , which Mr. Miller closed with a rough gesture.

The car headed home. When it arrived at the school, Dylan had fallen asleep in the trunk again. Mr. Miller slapped him hard to wake him up.

"I'm happy with you, Dylan. You've lived up to the expectations!"

The hefty bonus Mr. Miller had received as a personal gift was proof of Dylan's succes.

"You may return to your room. You are excused from class and training today. I will expect you in my office tomorrow for an inspection."

Mr.Miller knew Dylan had to walk back to his room stark naked and would be the object of fun and games, even torment of his fellow students and maybe some teachers. Miller sat back and pressed a button on the intercom, while his computer played a scene that had been filmed in the villa just the night ago. While he had turned the volume of the video down, he watched Dylan as he was abused in the villa. He called his secretary to send in his next guests.

The door opened, and a freshfaced boy, good looking in the school uniform he had just received yesterday as his dad had signed him in at his new school, walked in and stood at attention, right in the middle of the room, right in front of Miller's huge desk. His dad accompanied him and waited by the side.

A principals work was never done, and Miller knew the boy would be a huge task for the old teacher. He knew the boy's dad wanted him able to fulfill the man's wildest dreams, and the dad wanted to watch his son's first steps into submission. He had seen and even tried out Dylan, and his own son had two years time to become just like the school's star.

Miller, still sitting behind his desk, watching the screen with Dylan's performance , fondling a small but fierce whip, already felt his own erection. He smiled lewd as he gave the command:

"Strip, boy!"

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