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The Deal
Chapter 8 - Punishment
By Ferdy (Illustrated by Franco)

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Kenn admired the sinuous grace of the lad’s back, the deep cleft of his spine. Then looking down at where his own hands were, just spreading off the butt and onto the boy’s waist, thumbs powerfully pressed down on the lower back, he eased his weight forward onto his arms and slid the weighted hands all the way up Shaun’s back, fingers taking in the broad expanse of the lateral muscles.

Shaun hummed throatily.

Kenn sat back up and surveyed the body beneath him. Inspired by what he saw, he did something he’d thought about when he first laid eyes on this stunning landscape, for that was how he now thought of it. He bent down and placed two soft kisses on the perfect dimples at the base of the spine. Shaun ‘Humphed’ a laugh beneath him. ‘Indulge me’ Kenn growled softly.

Swilling his mouth with saliva, he slowly tracked his moist tongue, re-slicking it every few inches, up the spinal groove that so fascinated him, tasting the light saltiness of the lad’s skin. At the nape of Shaun’s neck he stopped. Kenn’s dick now nestled temptingly on the groove of the youngster’s ass. Kenn quivered and felt a build up in his nuts. Gently he bent and softly kissed and nuzzled his way around and up the neck beneath him. Shaun had turned his head so his face lay, facing to the right and Kenn licked behind and under the ear, then grazed his lips across the side of the kids face.

Shaun turned his head as far as he could and their mouths met briefly in a hot kiss, which turned Kenn’s nipples to iron.

He drew back, and pulling his right leg back over snuggled between the boy and the seat of the toppled sofa, so they were lying side by side on the back. ‘Hmmnn’ Shaun sighed, ‘Don’t stop’.

Kenn brought his right hand softly along the lad’s back until it rested on his rump. He stroked it and gently squeezed each of the cheeks. Each time his fingers or thumb slipped into the deeper crack there was a soft moan of pleasure from Shaun. Emboldened by this, Kenn experimented by sliding his right thumb down the crack from top to bottom, applying a light pressure as he eased over the warm pucker of the young man’s hole. Shaun hissed a soft, ‘Yesss’. Kenn’s already hard shaft twitched and a string of clear pre-cum connected itself to the boy’s thigh and stretched like a rope-bridge of spun-sugar, between them.

Kenn slopped his index finger in his mouth, then, gently, slid it down the crack until it pressed against the sphincter, slowly he pressed further and slipped inside. There was a slight clench and Shaun seemed to tense. Kenn stopped and said, ‘You sure you’re alright with this?’ After the briefest of pauses, Shaun nodded and raised his butt slightly, the boner beneath an indication that this was fine with him. ‘But go gentle’ he whispered huskily.

Kenn marginally increased the pressure until his finger was up to the major knuckle, Shaun giving little moans of encouragement as he did so. Kenn waggled the finger slightly eliciting a gasp from the younger man. Then he slowly withdrew. To his surprise the smell on his finger wasn’t funky, but kind of... Earthy! He thought, then after a slight hesitation, put it into his mouth again but this time with his middle finger too. Well lubed up, he proceeded to gently push and stroke his way back into the man beside him. At one point, Shaun clenched really hard around his fingers and Kenn worried he had hurt him. Sensing this Shaun muttered, ’I think it makes it easier’. So, working together, with Shaun occasionally clenching and unclenching his inner muscles, Kenn loosened the boy’s butt finding to his inner astonishment, that he was not in the least bit averse to what he was doing. In fact, the more he experimented and the more Shaun encouraged him, moaning with pleasure when he hit certain areas. The more Kenn found it a turn on.

After about fifteen minutes of this finger play, Kenn had worked in a third finger and Shaun became more and more relaxed and, it seemed, more and more aroused.

Kenn was startled from his focus by Shaun, turning his face towards him and whispering, ‘Let’s do this... please!’ The lightly imploring tone of the ‘please!’ almost made Kenn come there and then, but he controlled himself and said, ‘Ok... but first.’ He straddled the boy’s legs once more and sluicing his mouth again, bent and lapped his way down the curve of the crevice and licked against, then through, the now softened pucker.

Shaun let out a huge groan and gasped, “Ohhh Man! You do that much longer and I’m gonna cum all over your couch.” Huffing a laugh, Kenn continued with his oral examination of the cavity. It tasted, earthy and dark as his soaked tongue mixed with the juices produced from the lad’s interior. With one last wave of saliva he withdrew, and swilling mightily, spat into his open palm and lubed his now almost foaming dick.

‘I’m gonna take this real slow OK?’ he warned Shaun, who nodded. Placing his cock-head close to where it had rested earlier, he gently eased it down with his fingers until it rested against the moist sphincter. Then he pushed in. There was a moment of resistance and then quite suddenly the flared head had slipped in and despite his best intentions, Kenn almost fell into the kid up to the hilt in one fell swoop. Shaun bucked, which finished the journey as his butt came up against Kenn’s abdomen and Kenn had to put his arms out to support himself, ‘Oh Man Oh Man!’ the boy groaned, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’

‘You ok?’ Kenn gasped.

‘Oh God yeah! Oh man!’

Kenn eased out slightly then slower this time, pushed on in, setting up a rhythm he wasn’t sure he could sustain as the build up of sensation in his nuts and cock were driving him to the edge of frenzy.

Suddenly, he heard Shaun groan loudly and then experienced a series of long tight contractions of the boys flesh around his dick ...and Kenn was gone. He moaned wildly and thrust even harder into the now gasping Shaun’s butt. Huge, quivering thrusts, over which he had no control, fed by an electricity that seemed to course throughout his body, as his boiling cum shot out of him and rammed into the other man’s writhing body. It could have lasted seconds or forever. Kenn couldn’t tell, as he lay collapsed on top of the form beneath him spent, as if he’d just run up a mountain and breathing as hard. They lay curled together sweating and panting in shared ecstasy.

After a brief silence Shaun mumbled from underneath him, his voice vibrating through Kenn’s body, ‘Hell, Mr Blake. Are all your punishments like this?’

The incongruity of it made Kenn want to laugh. Instead he growled, ‘you better hope this couch cleans up kid, or you’re gonna find out!’

There was a silence and then they both laughed, weakly at first, then holding onto each other as it swelled into a storm vibrating through them. It peaked and ebbed, gradually subsiding. They were quiet for a while.

‘You ok there’ Kenn said, ‘I’m not crushing you?’

‘No!’s nice’ Shaun murmured and snuggled back into Kenn so they lay spooning, cupped and curled into each other... and softly they both drifted into sleep.

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