The Telemachus Story Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an attempt to answer the sort of questions I frequently get asked. If anything isn't clear please email me at and I will get back to you.

Question 1: How do I submit a story to you?

Easy, just email it to as an attachment, but it would be good if you could read the information below to avoid disappointment. If this is your first story then I will also need to know what Author name you wish to use and whether or not you want your email published.

Question 2: What sort of format should I send the attachment in?

I can accept most word processor formats such as TXT, HTM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF etc. But not publishing formats such as PDF or EPUB. If you are not sure drop me a line first and ask. Remember that the story will be converted into Html so please try and keep any fancy formatting within reason.

Question 3: Can I include pictures in the story?

Yes, provided they are in the normal JPG, PNG or GIF format. Please make sure they are not too big though as the larger ones will be reduced to about 600px in width when published. You might want to set the compression factor of JPG pictures to 15% rather than 0% as well, it hardly affects the quality but it has a big effect on the physical size. CAUTION: Please, please make sure that the pictures are either your own or you have the copyright owners permission to use them.

Question 4: Do you have restrictions of the type of stories you will accept?


  1. No children or animals in sexual situations. No exceptions!
  2. Comic book violence is fine (even encouraged!), but gratuitous, excessive or repetitive gore or deadly violence should be avoided.
  3. The stories are aimed at horny gay males and should be written with that in mind so please keep female involvement to a minimum.
  4. Any pictures should not be subject to copyright unless the owner has given express permission for their use.

By children I mean anyone below 18 and by animals I mean dumb animals, sexy centaurs and foxy furries are fine, hehe.

NB: I reserve the right to refuse any story without explanation or justification, however as long as you observe the rules then you should be OK.

Question 5: My grammar and spelling isn't very good, can you correct any errors I may make?

Sadly no. Any such errors are your responsibility, partly because I don't have the time but mainly because some authors deliberately break the rules for dramatic effect and I may inadvertently damage your story if I try to 'correct' it. And remember, all decent word processors will have a good spellchecker, don't be afraid to use it. And some will even check your grammar too!

Question 6: Do you mind if I create a link to your site?

Not at all, if fact I hope that you will. If you look at the bottom of the main page you will see a button labelled ' Webmasters ' where you can find some banners you may wish to use.

Question 7: Will you create a link to my site?

Yes, provided the site is the sort of place my beloved readers would like and provided you can supply me with a suitable banner image. Check on the main links page to see examples of the sort of links I will accept.

And, of course, it is only common courtesy for you to create a link back to my site (see above for details).