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Lost Soldier
By Hector Himeros (Illustrated by Hector Himeros)

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Lance Ford was one of the American soldiers stationed in Iraq. Like most American, he started to get sick of the stupid war. One day, during a daily patrol, he separated himself from his group only to find a quiet place to masturbate. Not having shot his cum for quite some time, Lance turned horny beyond words. But just as he finished cumming, someone hit his head from behind. When Lance came to, he found himself being captured by a group of Iraqi insurgents. Instead of being killed, he was forcefully converted into homosexuality by the Iraqi men.

To some people, this may be a controversial story. I do not wish to discredit either the US soldiers or the Iraqi men. This story is FICTIVE and written for masturbation. No life is lost here. I do wish for no war so that no parents, either American or Iraqi, cry over their dead children. All flames regarding this story will be ignored. If you can't distinguish between fantasy and real world, you need a psychiatrist.

It had been hours since Lance Ford and his comrades walked around the rocky barren land. The camouflage uniform that he wore was not a blessing amid such heat. Sweat had dampened his shirt, soaking it. He really wished that he could take off his clothes, get naked, and have cold shower. The gun that he held in his hand felt heavier as he walked. Occasionally, he brushed the sweat drops off his face. Turning to his comrades, he saw that they were sweating profusely as well. Lance was one of several thousands American soldiers stationed in Iraq. At first, Lance was very enthusiastic about serving his country and kicking some bad guys' asses. But after some time being in Iraq, he started to think that the war was foolish. Feeling angry about his being trapped in Iraq, Lance kicked the pebbles. The sand grains were immediately blown by the desert wind. Looking at the horizon, Lance could only see vast desert and rocky hills.

'Damn! I'm horny. The last time I jacked off was two weeks ago. Now, I'm very frustrated. Fuck!' Secretly, he reached down for his crotch. None of his comrades saw it. Immediately, he massaged the bulging crotch while walking. It felt somewhat good but it was not enough. He needed to empty his ball sack as soon as possible. 'Fuck! I need to cum. I can't stand it any longer. Damn! Ever since I got here, I hardly have any privacy to masturbate.' Looking around him, he noticed a tall rocky hill. It had many nooks, suitable for hiding place. 'It looks like a perfect place to jack off. It won't hurt to release my lust there. I'll be back in a minute. I'm sure my comrades won't even know that I'm gone.' While the troops kept advancing, Lance deliberately slowed his pace down. Finally, Lance found a chance and he quickly scurried to the rocky hill. 'Yeah, now it's my chance.' Dropping the gun onto the sandy ground, Lance quickly unzipped his trousers. He did not have much time to masturbate, thus he had to do it fast. 'Damn! I'm so horny. If I don't cum, I'll go fucking crazy.'

Lance fully realized that what he did was unbelievably stupid. But when one was sexually frustrated, he would do anything to relieve himself. As the sand-colored trousers were unzipped, a big bulge sprang out through the open fly. Pulling down the waistband of the briefs, Lance carefully released his aching dick. A fat reddish head poked out. Being circumcised, the cock had no foreskin to protect its head. The reddish glans seemed to be rather dampened owing to the oozing precum. Proudly, the hard meat throbbed before Lance's eyes. The hot desert wind blew against Lance's body. "Oh yeah," Lance moaned, touching his own chest. To relieve himself, Lance unbuttoned the shirt buttons one by one. He kept doing it until his uniform hung open. Underneath the camouflage shirt, Lance wore a white undershirt. However, it had been drenched by excessive sweat. Soaking wet, it clung tightly onto Lance's athletic body. The outline of his body was clearly shown, curving and bulging against the wet fabric. "Oh! I want to cum. I have to jack off."

Lance found a comfortable position, hidden from the view. Hiding inside a nook, Lance got an excellent view of the rocky desert. He laid his clothed back against the towering rocky structure. "Ah! Yeah! I'm milking my hard dick. Oh!" To ease himself, Lance unzipped the trousers and then pushed them all the way down to his ankles. The rubbery waistband of his briefs was tucked under the balls. Thus his dick was hanging out in the open. "Ah! I'm so fucking horny. Damn! I wish there's someone to fuck. I need a cunt to fuck." In his early 30s, that horny straight man had a great appetite for sex. His cock, as hard as rock, pulsated incessantly. With one hand, he fisted the eager meat. "Oh!" he moaned when the callused palm rubbed the exposed dick head. "Shit! I need some lube." After gathering enough spit in his mouth, Lance spat onto the dick head. The hand then began stroking the fluid across the head. "I need to fuck. Darn!"

The other hand slipped into his wet undershirt. Upon feeling his own skin, Lance groaned. "It feels so good. Damn! I wish it had been someone else who touched me." To achieve a better stimulation, he closed his eyes. His fantasy running wild, in his mind, he pictured himself being in a nude beach. There were so many sexy things to see. "Yeah, baby. I love your body," Lance whispered, drowning in his erotic fantasy. Meanwhile, his hand continued to caress his own chest. Slowly, it crawled up. At the same time, it also wiped away the sweat. "Damn! Oh! Play with my nipples, baby." Still closing his eyes, Lance groped his own nipples. One at a time, he stimulated the already-erect nipples. "Damn! Oh!" But as the fingers made contact, Lance could not stay quiet. The muscles growing taut, his body writhed with pleasure. "Shit! Oh!" Both of his nipples were more sensitive compared to other men's. Whenever they were touched during masturbation, they gave off overwhelming sensation which would bring Lance closer to the point of no return. "Ah! My nipples! Oh!" But Lance did not give any mercy to his own nipples. Those fingers relentlessly continued to twist and rub them. "Damn! Yes! Oh!"

The effect was immediate. Lance's cock grew harder and throbbed in his fist. Suddenly, Lance's precum oozed out. It stained Lance's palm and lubed up the knob. The fluid eased the masturbation because it lessened the friction between Lance's callused palm and the sensitive dick head. At the same time, Lance could barely grip his own dick because it became too slippery. "Oh! I'm precumming. Yeah! I can feel it. I'm about to cum. Just a little bit more. Ah!" Wanting to ejaculate as fast as he could, Lance milked his manhood with increasing speed. The fist went up and down so fast that it could not be seen clearly. "Ah yeah!" he moaned, his head falling back. "I'm ready to cum. It's near. Ah! I have to cum now." The grip tightened in order to give the shaft more pressure. "Ah!" Instinctively, Lance groaned more loudly. "My cock head. Fuck! I squeezed it too hard." If Lance had more time, he would certainly love to prolong his masturbatory session. "Damn! I must cum now," he whispered to himself. His heart was beating fast inside his rib cage as if it could break out from its cage. He knew for sure that if he had not gone back quickly, his comrades would have started to look for him. The last thing that Lance wanted was to be discovered with a hard leaking dick in his hand. "Shit! Cum now, Lance. Come on. You can do it," he encouraged himself.

The cock head glistened, dampened by the excessive precum. As Lance grasped the shaft, the head turned redder. Covered entirely with precum, the glans looked as if it was about to burst. "Yeah! I'm so close now. Oh yes! I'm about to shoot my loads! Yes! Oh fuck!" More beads of sweat were formed, slowly crawling down Lance's body. The back of his shirt had already been drenched. The sweat flowed down his forehead in steady streamlets. Lance was in such a heat and only orgasm that could release the tension. "Oh! Fuck yeah! I'm cumming. Ah!" As the orgasm was at hand, he began to display signs of impending climax. His chest was heaving up and down. Taking in the air, the torso expanded. "Fuck! Oh! Damn!" Lance timed the nipple stimulation with his ejaculation. At the same time when the cum squirted out, he gave one of his nipples a hard twist. "Ah!" A painful groan echoed. Lance did not care whether his comrades could hear his orgasmic groan or not. At desperate time like that, all he cared about was his own orgasm. "I'm cumming! Fuck yes!" he yelped.

Without being able to stop it, Lance abandoned himself to the power of orgasm. His entire body shook violently, looking as if it had been zapped with electricity. Lance's strong sturdy legs shuddered, almost unable to sustain the weight of the body. His mouth gaping, Lance only produced incoherent grunts. His voice immediately turned hoarse. "Ah! Fuck! Oh! Shit! Oh!" Again and again, he groaned, one hand still milking the shaft. The creamy cock juice shot forward, landing several inches in front of Lance. The gooey cum immediately seeped into the sandy ground, leaving wet mark. "Fuck! Oh!" More cum was shot forth. But after the first shot, the intensity of his ejaculation grew weaker. Instead of shooting, the cum dribbled down. Some of goo clung onto Lance's fingers as he continued to milk his cock. "Fuck yeah! Oh! Yes! I'm cumming! Oh!" Contracting muscles shook Lance's athletic frame. It only happened for several seconds. When it was over, Lance still had trouble in breathing. "Oh, it was awesome," he sighed. The broad chest heaved again, dampening the undershirt with perspiration. Lance did not immediately tuck his cock in. Instead, he shook the limp dick as he wanted to get rid of the excessive cock cream. While he was busy with his dick, suddenly someone approached him. Lance soon realized it but he had no time to defend himself. The next thing that he remembered was the darkness.

"Oh, my head," Lance growled, his head spinning. He had no idea for how long he had passed out. As he regained consciousness, he realized that his whole body tingled in pain. It did not take him long to realize that he was lying on a damp rocky ground. When he was about to move his hands, he noticed that they had been tied securely on his back. As Lance opened his eyes, he took in the details around him. After scanning the surroundings for several minutes, he concluded that he was being held in a cave. Suddenly, several men, coming from no where, stood around him. He could not see their face clearly, though, because the cave was only lit by flaming torches. "Where am I?" he asked. But no one answered him, not in English. Some of them were talking to one another in foreign language. Lance believed that it was Arabic.

A man in his late 30s approached Lance. Rudely, he grabbed Lance's arm and forced him to stand up. Lance's feet were not tied, thus Lance could comfortably position himself in a standing position. Silently, Lance observed the Iraqi man. Obviously, that man was one of the insurgents. Like most people who live in desert, his dirty clothes were loose. On the head was a turban. Around his jaw was thin beard. The Iraqi man muttered some things in Arabic. Lance could not understand a word of it, but he could guess that those words had negative meaning. The Iraqi man continued to manhandle Lance's body. After several minutes of Arabic lecture, the man suddenly spoke in English. Although the accent was weird, Lance could still understand it. "My name is Yusuf Hamaad. We caught you because you are an American soldier". He paused for a moment, his eyes glinting evilly. Glancing down at Lance's crotch, he continued, "And also, because we caught you masturbating."

Being embarrassed, Lance's face immediately reddened. Then it all came back to him as he remembered the shattering orgasm that he just had. 'It did feel like the greatest orgasm ever. I shot a lot of cum.' Yet, as he looked down, he realized that his limp dick was still dangling out from his open fly. The Iraqi men broke out in mocking laughter, some pointing at Lance's dick. To Lance, it was certainly the most embarrassing experience ever. If the earth could open up, he would have immediately jumped in. "Oh!" Lance groaned when Yusuf suddenly grabbed his exposed testicles. Yusuf's grip was mercilessly hard, his fingers accidentally plucking several pubic hair. Wincing painfully, Lance felt very vulnerable. Although he was a combatant soldier, he could not help shivering with indescribable fear as the thought of death crossed his mind. 'Fuck! I know exactly how much the radical Moslem members hate us, the American, to the bones. They're gonna kill me!' Without being able to control himself, all of a sudden, Lance wept uncontrollably. He tried to plead for his life. "Please don't kill me. Have mercy. Please."

Yusuf and his men laughed again as if Lance had just mentioned the funniest joke in the world. "So are all American soldiers cry-babies like you? I never saw a crying soldier before." Yusuf brought his face close to Lance's. His hand still gripped Lance's balls. Tightening the grip, he whispered, "Fear not, my American soldier. We will not kill you. Unlike other militant groups, we don't believe in killing our enemies. Our religion doesn't teach us to be terrorists. But we do believe that the status of American soldiers is lower than animals'.' With that, he yanked Lance's balls free. A gasp of painful relief escaped Lance's mouth. "Take him away, guys," he ordered his men. "Put him in the training chamber."

Like a helpless ragged doll, Lance could not defend himself when several Iraqi men manhandled his body roughly. One man simply grasped the back of Lance's uniform shirt and tore it into two. The torn shirt fell onto the ground, leaving Lance in his undershirt. "No! What are you guys doing? Let me go! Please!" Turning to Yusuf, he frantically yelled for mercy. To Lance's disappointment, his pleas were completely ignored. Lance had no idea what he would encounter in the training chamber. But as long as it was not death, he would be able to manage it. Another man took out a knife and showed it to Lance. Lance's body shivered, fearing for what was about to happen next. But his worst thought did not happen. Instead, that Iraqi man brought the knife down and tore Lance's zipper. The sharp edge of the knife ran down to Lance's ass without harming the skin. Simultaneously, another man, from behind, did the same to the back of Lance's trousers. Torn into two, the trousers dropped down. When those men tried to rip Lance's briefs, Lance fought for the honor of his manhood. Unfortunately, he was easily defeated. Within seconds, the briefs became shreds. "Shit! You guys are pervert!" Lance screamed angrily. While he was screaming, a man ran a knife on Lance's undershirt. "Fuck!" Lance screamed, realizing that he was as naked as a newborn baby. The last thing that he wished to keep was his shoes, but he was ordered to take them off. What choice did he have? Lance stood in front of them stark naked.

No matter how hard Lance tried to fight, he lost. Those men were much stronger and, not to mention, they had knives. When one of them placed the sharp weapon on Lance's throat, Lance decided to give up. For a moment, those men were mesmerized by Lance's naked body. Obviously, they appreciated his muscular contour and his fair complexion. But Lance hated the way their eyes stared at his naked body. Lance's limp dick swung about whenever Lance's body moved. Unprotected, the dick was very vulnerable. When one of them reached down for Lance's dick, Lance had no way to avoid it. A groan of shame echoed as he felt another man's hand on his dick. But to Lance's relief, Yusuf's baritone voice resounded. Clearly, Yusuf did not like the reaction of his horny men.

"Stop molesting him!" he said in Arabic. "This American soldier may be the best one that we ever captured. He can be worth a fortune. Take him the training chamber first. After his pride as a man has been broken, then you guys may enjoy him." His eyes glaring, he ordered those men to take Lance away immediately. As those men walked away, Yusuf kept his eyes on them. Yet, he did not look at his fellow Iraqi men. It was Lance whom Yusuf observed from top to down. Lance's muscular back was straining as he tried to give resistance. 'He will make a fine sex slave. I can sell him to a wealthy homosexual sheik.' Bending down, Yusuf picked up Lance's torn shirt from the ground. 'Lance,' he read the name on that shirt. 'Get ready to be converted.'

The naked American soldier was pushed through a long tunnel. To Lance's relief, none of them tried to grope his naked body. But it still could not lessen his embarrassment as he marched naked. The cave had a large network of tunnels. Each tunnel was lit up by a series of flaming torches. Several Iraqi men stood along the tunnel, guarding it from intruders. Silently, Lance counted their number. 'Fuck! There are tens of Iraqi men. How can I ever escape from them?' Lance's concentration was suddenly blown off when he heard a series of faint yelp of pain. 'What the fuck is going on here? Who are these men?' Lance's questions would be answered soon enough. As he approached one opening at the end of the tunnel, the noises grew much louder. 'What happened to those screaming men? And why are they screaming? Fuck! They must be tortured.' As Lance got closer to the training chamber, he lost his bravery.

Rudely, Lance was pushed into a chamber. There, he witnessed the most terrifying scene ever. The room was quite large, lit up by torches. Inside it, the temperature rose owing to the heat emanating from those torches. In front of Lance, a number of naked white men were being sexually tortured by shirtless Iraqi men. Being a straight man, the homosexual rape scenes were too gross for him. Lance's feet froze, unable to move forward, as he realized that he would soon join those unfortunate men. An Iraqi man pushed Lance into the center of the room. Upon witnessing the ordeal of those white men, Lance shivered with fear. Walking clumsily, he was led to a series of dangling chains. As soon as Lance got there, those Iraqi men quickly shackled his arms and feet. Lance gave no resistance for he realized that there was no way out. While he was being shackled, he looked around the room and got a better view about what they did to the other unfortunate white men. And what he saw made his body shuddered frightfully.

Most of those Caucasian men were muscular. Some were built athletically like swimmers. The others were big and strong, almost like bodybuilders. Yet, despite their strong physical appearance, all of them were powerless to fight back. They had been stripped off their clothes and also off their honor as free men. Lance guessed that they were soldiers who were captured just like himself. The painful groans continued to resound through the room. A blond athletic white man was on his knees, shackled. His mouth was being stuffed with an Iraqi man's thick dick. Tears were streaming down the blond man's face. Obviously, he did not enjoy sucking the cock. Another white man was groaning as a rough Iraqi man was fucking his ass in a doggy position. In the corner, a naked brown-haired guy was whimpering because his cut dick was being stroked without any lubrication. All those painful cries echoed in Lance's mind and he had no way to get rid off them. Lance's feet and arms were shackled securely to the dangling chains. Instinctively, he fought to free himself from those chains even though he knew that it was useless.

"What a beautiful man," Yusuf said, standing at the entrance. Having taken off his clothes, Yusuf was as naked as Lance was. Although there was a number of naked white men around him, Yusuf fixed his eyes to Lance only. "You're our finest catch so far. I'm sure I can sell you with a very good price." As he was talking, he walked up to Lance. Waving his hand, he dismissed the other Iraqi men who previously brought Lance in. "Oh yeah, I really like you." Without shame, Yusuf proudly displayed his raging hard-on. Like all Moslem men's cock, Yusuf's had been circumcised. The reddish head glistened, covered with precum. "Do you like my cock, huh?" It was actually a rhetorical question. The sight of Lance's helpless body hanging down in chains excited Yusuf so much. Using his fingers, he traced the contour of Lance's naked torso. "Oh, I can't believe how beautiful you are. Wish I could keep you for myself."

As the finger tips made contact with Lance's body, Lance could not help groaning with disgust. It was the first time that another man touched his body in a sexual way. It made him shiver with both disgust and anger. "Fuck you! Hands off me. I'm not a faggot. Release me immediately before my comrades find you and kill you all." To his dismay, his threat had no effect at all. Yusuf's fingers were still dancing on Lance's smooth bare chest. "Oh fuck!" Lance groaned, fighting the pleasure of being groped. His hands were lifted high above his head as the chains held them securely. Lance's smooth pits were displayed. "Ah! Don't touch my pits! Stop it!" But Yusuf's ears turned deaf to his pleas. "You're a fucking pervert! You're all homos! Fuck you all!" Lance yelled, out of anger. His voice boomed through the chamber but it could not compete with the loud groans of pain from the other tortured white men. "What are you gonna do to me, huh?" he asked Yusuf, staring into the Iraqi man's eyes. "You're gonna rape me? You're gonna turn me into a cock-sucking faggot? Never! You'll never break me!"

"We shall see then," Yusuf said. Clapping his hands twice, he signaled one of his men to come forward. Yusuf's dick throbbed, excited about what was about to happen. An Iraqi man came and brought a device which looked like a cop's nightstick, both in color and shape. Yusuf took it and showed it to Lance. "You will learn to obey me. Resistance is futile." And with that, Yusuf poked the head of the nightstick into Lance's left pec. Immediately, low voltage of electricity surged through Lance's body. The naked American soldier screamed at the top of his lungs. It was both shocking and painful. "Yeah, do you still want more?" Mercilessly, Yusuf poked Lance's chiseled stomach. "Scream as loudly as you want. The louder you scream is, the hornier I become."

His body hanging down in chains, Lance could not defend himself. Wincing, he tried to curl up but the chains held him in place. "Oh stop it! Please!" he yelled for mercy. Repeatedly, his body was electrocuted without mercy. Although Lance's body was muscular, it could not bear the jolt of electricity. Still shaking from the jolts, Lance's body ached painfully. The spots where the nightstick landed were burning with pain. "Don't hurt me, please. I'll do anything you ask," Lance said, feeling very defeated. To his relief, Yusuf finally stopped the assault. 'These Iraqi men are going to turn me into a faggot. If I want to keep living, I must endure these ordeals.' Lance's body shuddered when he heard a hoarse shriek coming from somewhere in the room. 'Fuck! Are they going to torture me first before raping my ass?'

"Stand still while I inspect your body," Yusuf ordered, his hand still holding the stick. That naked Iraqi man roughly touched and groped Lance's body. In close distance like that, Yusuf's body looked more intimidating. His physical features made him look like an executioner from ancient Baghdad. When he was dressed, he concealed the bulging muscles from the view. Being naked, the muscles were proudly shown. Compared to Lance's body, Yusuf's was slightly larger. Those muscles looked as if they were about to burst out and tear the skin. Proudly, Yusuf flexed his biceps to demonstrate his strength. "I'm bigger and stronger than you. So don't try anything stupid." Rubbing Lance's torso, Yusuf wanted to estimate how much muscle that Lance had. "You have a very nice body. Strong. Athletic." It was very obvious that the perverted Iraqi man enjoyed the hardness of Lance's torso.

Having no way to defend himself, Lance could only let Yusuf feel his pecs. The callused palms brushed against Lance's smooth chest skin. 'Fuck! This Iraqi faggot is groping my chest. And, oh, he's touching my sensitive nipples. Ah shit!' Uncontrollably, Lance's body shivered. "No! You can't force me to be a fag. I'm not into men!" Lance groaned, wincing as if Yusuf's hands had tried to skin him. Knowing that the chest was Lance's erotic zone, Yusuf purposely stimulated it with his hands. "Stop it, oh! Don't touch my chest. Ah! Fuck!" Despite Lance's thundering protest, Yusuf kept rubbing Lance's pecs. The ordeal was simply too much for Lance. In a matter of minutes, his pride as a heterosexual man crumbled down.

"I think that you're indeed a bitch after all. Your cock gets hard when I touch your pecs. Don't you know that bitches always get excited when their tits are stimulated?" Giggling to himself, Yusuf enjoyed Lance's ordeal. He just loved to see the defeat on that handsome American soldier's face. "Oh yeah, you're such a slut. Your lust is great. It's insatiable. No matter how often you fuck, you just want more and more." Yusuf's right hand trailed down Lance's rock-hard abdomen. "You've trained yourself well. Many older sheiks would love to fuck a macho soldier like you." Delightedly, he watched Lance's abs contract, responding to the touch. "Mmm... Nice. I simply love handsome virile Caucasian men with sensitive bodies. They're great at receiving pleasure, which simultaneously also pleases the pleasure givers. Older sheiks usually love to see their studs moan and writhe from sexual pleasure." Carefully, Yusuf's hands moved downward, sliding on Lance's hard abs.

"Ah! You're touching my cock!" Lance protested. But before he could say more, he was threatened with the electric nightstick. Learning from his previous experience, Lance forced himself to stay quiet. 'Oh shit! This is fucking wrong. Another man is holding my cock in his hand. No! It can't be happening!' Somehow, Lance got the courage to fight back. But as he was about to move his hands, he was helplessly immobile. The chains were pulling his hands back, restricting him from lowering those arms. The feet, cuffed together, were immobilized as well. "Ah!" Lance flinched when Yusuf's callused hand brushed his exposed dick head. At that moment, the knob was still dry. Thus, it created uncomfortable sensation which almost resembled pain. "Fuck! My cock head!" Lance whimpered, his body jerking against the restraints. "No, stop it please. You're hurting my sensitive cock head. Oh! Mercy, please!"

Instead of letting the cock go, Yusuf held it more tightly. "So your dick is sensitive? I guess we just have to make it insensitive, then." He applied more pressure, squeezing the head. Lance's painful groan was the reward that Yusuf sought. "Oh yeah! I love seeing the pain on your handsome face. The grimace makes you look sexier. I'm gonna break your pride down." Bending his body over, Yusuf brought his face closer to Lance's pulsating manhood. After a quiet observation, he spoke again, "Lucky for you, you're cut already. Thus I don't have to circumcise your dick. Whenever I find that the men we capture are uncut, I always circumcise them by force." Standing up, he clapped his hand and gave a cue to his men. "Yesterday, my men caught an Italian soldier."

A minute later, one of Yusuf's henchman wheeled out the Italian man who was strapped to a wooden wheelchair. The helpless man was positioned right in front of Lance, just a few feet away. Like Lance, that man had also been stripped off his clothes. Nothing was left to conceal his athletic muscles. Both of his hands, along with his legs, had been secured. It was clear that he was trying to break free. His contracting muscles became the obvious evidence. "Fuck you all! Let me go, faggots!" the Italian man screamed angrily. "I will kill you all! Bastards!" To his frustration, his ireful scream was ignored. The wooden frame of the chair held his body securely. His legs were spread out, exposing his unprotected cock. Knowing that something bad would happen to him, that Italian man looked at Lance nervously. As the man breathed, his slightly hairy V-shaped torso contracted. Beads of sweat were rolling down the Italian body. Despite his protest, an Iraqi man, wearing medical coat, came up and knelt on the ground. In his hand were a pincher and a scalpel. Looking at the surgery equipment, the Italian man's face immediately went white. "Fuck no! Don't do this to me! Please! No!" Several other Iraqi men came up and gathered around the helpless Italian man. They were all naked, displaying their lewd erection. Some of them began to fondle the Italian man's chest. Feeling disgusted and scared, the Italian man yelped for his life.

"I want you to witness this. We always prefer to have our sex slaves circumcised. With the loss of foreskin, the beauty of the cock head will be revealed," Yusuf explained as he fondled Lance's dick. Unfortunately, Lance's dick could not maintain its erection. Wanting to arouse Lance's lust, Yusuf used his hands to bring the hardness back. Gently, he stroked the circumcised meat up and down. "Oh yeah! I know that you like my hand-job. Don't fight it. Give it up and embrace the pleasure." Even though Lance's dick hardened a bit, it still failed to reach its maximum erection. With a snap of his fingers, he ordered two of his naked henchmen to stimulate Lance's body. Without being told twice, those Iraqi men immediately began their job. Although Lance kept pulling at the chains, they continued to grope Lance's body. "You can't escape. Don't fight it. You know you want it," Yusuf persuaded Lance. Up and down, Yusuf's fist was pumping the half-erect fuck rod. "I'm gonna milk you dry and turn you into a cock worshipper. But in order to do that, I must break your pride."

"Fuck! No!" Lance growled when he felt a wet yet warm tongue sweep across his left nipple. Although it was done by a man, Lance could not deny that it did feel very good. Callused hands were groping his nude body, caressing and squeezing it. "Shit! Oh! Fuck!" To his amazement, his dick responded by getting harder. "What? My cock is getting hard? Ah! It can't be! I'm not a fag!" It was no use to fight the sensation. The more he tried to deflate his dick, the harder his dick became. "Fuck! Shit!" Lance groaned in defeat. Never had he felt so humiliated in his life. "It can't be. I'm not getting hard over a bunch of faggots. Fuck no!" Lance's dick grew harder within Yusuf's fist until it reached its maximum hardness. "Shit! No!" Lance cried in anguish. Tears of humiliation dripped down.

While Lance was whimpering, the Italian man began to whimper as well. "Don't do this! Don't cut my foreskin. Fuck no! You guys don't even use anesthetic! Oh shit!" The gentle caress on his body could not calm him down. His eyes widened with fear as the Iraqi doctor was stroking his dick. "No, don't touch my cock, faggot! Stop it! No!" Unfortunately, the Italian man could not control his erection. The sexual stimulation that his body received was simply irresistible, even for a straight man like him. Groaning hysterically, he still tried to break free. Although his body wasn't built like a bodybuilder's, the muscles flexed hard as if they were about to burst out. "Oh no!" he wailed in great despair. In the Iraqi doctor's hand, the cock reached its full erection. The male member was throbbing excitedly without knowing what would happen to it. "No! Get off me, perverts! Shit!"

Seeing the Italian man's erection, Lance was more than glad to know that he was not the only one. After minutes of useless struggle, Lance began to give up. "Oh shit. It starts to feel really good. Oh," Lance moaned, his body contracting. Against his will, he was being masturbated. Lance certainly had no idea why his body responded to the sexual stimulation given by other men. However, the horny man-to-man scenes around him seemed to have a profound effect on him. As he cast his eyes around the room, he witnessed several naked white men moaning as they were being raped by Iraqi men. Lance could not make out what their moans mean. At times, they sounded as if they really enjoyed the raping. Lance's' head was reeling, not being able to resist the pleasure. "I'm getting horny. Oh! Fuck!" The chains rattled as Lance pulled them. The muscles within his body grew stiff, shuddering beyond control.

Those two Iraqi men were getting eager; they loved touching Lance's well-built body. One man embraced Lance from behind as he pressed his throbbing Iraqi dick against the crack of Lance's ass. But the cock did not go in; it merely stayed there at the entrance. Lance shivered uncontrollably, feeling uncomfortable. It was his first time to be embraced sexually by another man. It felt strange, especially when a hard dick rested in his ass crack. The other Iraqi man still busily sucked Lance's hardening nipples. After he finished with the left nipple, he gave the right one the same treatment. Without stopping, he assaulted Lance's nipples with his tongue. Needless to say, he left some sloppy mess on Lance's torso. But the saliva trails soon dried up. Since Lance's body moved too much, the other Iraqi man locked it within his strong embrace to keep it steady.

To Lance's shock, besides getting an erection, he also oozed out some precum. "Shit! It can't be happening. I'm precumming! Oh!" It was a big shame for him as a so-called straight man. His body had betrayed him. Being chained, he could only whimper and accept the stimulation. His dick was throbbing in Yusuf's hand as it was being stroked. "Ah!" Lance groaned when his dick head was brushed. The oozing precum immediately lubed up the cock and protected it from friction. Closing his eyes, Lance was unwillingly carried away by the pleasure. "Oh, I can't fight it. It's too pleasurable, oh!" The lewd moans around him also heightened the sex atmosphere. Yusuf's sentence resounded in Lance's head over and over, 'Resistance is futile.' Whether Lance realized it or not, he was being mildly hypnotized. His brain responded to the suggestion and began to adopt the idea that being gay was necessary. "Yeah, stroke my cock, faggot. Make me cum if that's what you want. Oh! I'm gonna show you how American soldiers shoot their cum. Ah yeah!"

Meanwhile, the Italian man was about to start his ultimate ordeal of pain. His dick was fully erect, pulsating in the Iraqi doctor's palm. His face turned pale when he felt the cold metallic pincher grip his foreskin. "Ah!" he whimpered. His body shuddered, trying to anticipate the impending pain. Cold sweat ran down his forehead. Beads of sweat had also been formed on his broad torso. As the Iraqi men continued to grope his body, the Italian man cried for mercy. To his dismay, his erection was very well maintained. The purplish veins bulged along his dick shaft. "No. Please. No," he whimpered when the doctor brought the scalpel over. No matter how earnestly he tried to beg, his pleas remained unheard. Suddenly, the Italian man was screaming at the top of his lungs. It happened at the same time as the scalpel made its first incision. "Argh!" A long wail of pain echoed. Its intensity outmatched the incoherent groans coming from the violated white men in the room. Instantly, tears ran down the Italian man's face. His mouth gaped open as he kept screaming.

The loud yelp woke Lance up from his masturbatory reverie. He could not believe that they really cut the Italian man's foreskin without any anesthetic. As blood flowed and dripped onto the ground, Lance could not get his eyes off that horrible circumcision. As a fellow soldier, he would like to protect Italian man. But, being chained, he was helpless, too. "Oh! My cock! Ah!" Lance kept whimpering as Yusuf tightened the grip. Lance's dick was squeezed hard. As the result, more precum was wrung out. "Ah! Fuck!" Lance whimpered. It was hard to believe that he could still get hard even while watching other man in bloody mess. "I can't stop getting hard. Ah!" Squirming, Lance helplessly pulled against the chains. Against his will, his dick could not stop dripping. The precum was spread evenly over the glans while the dick was being stroked. "Shit! Oh! Fuck!"

The endless cries of pain continued to echo. Deliberately, the Iraqi doctor cut the foreskin very slowly. No matter how hard the Italian man bucked and writhed, his body remained still owing to the restraints. The naked Iraqi men were kissing and touching the Italian body, but nothing could ease the horrible pain. The Italian man almost fainted as he saw his own blood flood the ground. During the circumcision process, his dick grew limp. Not being a masochist, he could not achieve erection when experiencing extreme pain. There were no words that could describe the ordeal that he suffered. The pain shot up to his brain and racked his spine. Each time the sharp scalpel made a cut, the Italian man flexed his muscles so hard that sweat flooded his entire body. The gathering Iraqi men gratefully licked up the excessive sweat off the flexing body. While their lips busily licked the Italian sweaty torso, their hands stroked their own cocks. Obviously, they derived pleasure from seeing men in pain. The doctor, being one of Yusuf's henchmen, apparently enjoyed the same fetish. An obscene bulge was growing in his pants as he continued to remove the foreskin.

Lance knew for sure that he was not aroused seeing the pain that was torturing the Italian Adonis. What got him hard was the thought that gay sex would soon follow after the circumcision. In addition, almost everyone in the room was having sex. Thus, being horny was something inevitable. Grunting helplessly, Lance flexed his biceps. He could feel cum churn inside his hanging balls. "You keep stroking my dick. Ah! I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck!" Lance warned, still squirming. Yusuf's gripping hand indeed felt very good and Lance could not reject the pleasure it gave. Without realizing it, Lance was shoving his crotch forward, fucking Yusuf's fist. "Fuck! I'm very horny. My cock keeps getting wet with precum. Oh! If I don't shoot, I'll go crazy. Oh damn!" When a hand brushed his nipple, Lance gave a surprised yelp. "Oh! I want to cum! I want it so bad. Damn!"

Noticing the behavior change in Lance, Yusuf gave him a lewd grin. "That's it, stud. Let it go. Shoot your cum. Yeah!" Seeing how excited Lance was, Yusuf got excited as well. His other hand was free and was used to milk his own dick. "Yeah! I'm so horny for you. White men always get me very horny. Fuck yeah! And I swear that I'm gonna fucking fuck your cherry ass." With much determination, he was milking Lance's rod. "Fuck yeah! I want you to cum! Shoot it! Cum! I want to see it! Yeah, cum for me, you American slut! Spill your creamy loads for me. Come on."

The howl of pain continued, coming from the Italian hunk. His voice had turned quite hoarse owing to the constant screaming. Uncontrollably, his entire naked body shook from the unspeakable pain. The bloody foreskin was hanging by his dick head. It only took one more cut to detach it completely. When the doctor finally cut the frenulum, the Italian man gave out a louder shriek. Then, he collapsed into unconsciousness. While the doctor was tending the wound, the gathering Iraqi men could no longer hold back their ejaculation. Cursing in Arabic, suddenly one of them let his cum loose. "Ah!" he yelled, while a sticky load of cum shot out from his dick slit. The gooey white load landed on the Italian man's sweaty torso. Soon, another load was released. The other Iraqi men reached their orgasm, too. Thus, cum was raining upon the unconscious Italian man. His hair, face, and body were soon covered with puddles of cum. Lewd groans of orgasm filled the room. And they affected Lance, too.

"Oh fuck! I can feel it. I'm gonna cum! Now! Oh!" Lance growled, pulling against his restrains. He was at the mercy of those perverts. "Ah! My nipple!" Lance screamed. His nipple was being bitten gently by one of those Iraqi men. And it soon triggered Lance's violent orgasm. "Shit! I'm cumming," he cried, shoving his hips forward. In Yusuf's hand, Lance's dick erupted. "Fucking shit! Oh! Yes!" Lance cried again. Immediately, gooey liquid was released from the slit. It stained Yusuf's hand as it squirted. "Yes! I'm cumming! Oh shit! Milk my dick! Milk me!" Lance groaned, abandoning himself to the orgasmic pleasure. Repeatedly, his naked body jerked against the restraints. But the chains were strong enough to hold Lance securely, keeping the body steady. "Yes! Oh! It feels so damn good! Ah!" Lance whimpered, writhing helplessly. Most of the cum dribbled onto the ground as the cock was milked.

"Yeah, shoot your cum. Oh yeah! I love seeing you cum. Cum for us, slut. Yeah," Yusuf coaxed him, increasing the pressure around Lance's rod. It was harder for him to grip Lance's rod owing to the leaking cock juice. Yet, loose stroking was enough to coax Lance's dick to shoot out more cum. While milking lance's manhood, Yusuf continuously stroked himself. "Oh fuck! I'm close too! Ah!" Having no intention to spoil his own fun, at the point of ejaculation, he quickly released the dick. But his other hand still busily wrung the cum out of Lance's dick. "Yes! Give me all your cum! Shoot it. You need to release it. Ah yeah." He never took his eyes off Lance's flexing body as orgasm took it over. "Yes! Shoot it! You have so much creamy cock juice. Oh yeah!" Seconds later, the ejaculation stopped, but Yusuf still did not want to let Lance's dick go. "I’m gonna keep milking your dick even after you cum. It feels terrible, huh? I bet that your dick is sore after cumming."

"Stop it, ah! Please! Oh!" Lance whimpered, trying to free himself. The orgasm was indeed excellent and the amount of loads shot was quite a lot. Yet, list most men's, his dick head turned more sensitive right after ejaculating. "My cock head, ah! Stop it! Oh shit!" Despite Lance's protest, his dick head kept being rubbed until Yusuf lost interest. "Ah," Lance sighed with great relief. His broad chest was expanding, filling his lungs with fresh air. Sweat had already drenched his whole body, including his cropped brown hair. Sighing, he could only wait for what was about to happen to him. With a curious look, he saw the doctor wheel out the unconscious Italian man. The gathering Iraqi men dismissed themselves. Lance felt so weak after the ejaculation. Just as his feet lost their power, his body was then supported by the hanging chains. "You've milked me. Now what?" he asked Yusuf, his voice sounding weak.

Ignoring Lance's question, Yusuf said nothing. Turning to his henchmen, he clapped his hands to cue his men. They immediately worked together to lower down the chains that bound Lance's hands. Although his hands were still cuffed, at least they could move more freely. Suddenly, Lance was being pushed down onto his knees. Unprepared, Lance fell on his knees with a groan. Those Iraqi men laughed, enjoying Lance's ordeal. Cursing silently, Lance got onto his feet again. But before he could stand up, someone shoved his body forward from behind. Staggering, Lance somehow managed to maintain his balance. The chains, binding his wrists and ankles, limited Lance's movement. Yusuf stood before Lance, waving his erect dick at Lance. What Lance feared the most as a straight man finally came. They were about to force him to become a cock sucker.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Lance winced when he felt someone clutch his hips. Painfully, he groaned again as he was being forced to bend over. Awkwardly, Lance obeyed. As he bent over, he could not help seeing himself as a broken marionette. His arms were hanging down from the chains, supporting the balance of his bent body. In front of him was Yusuf' drooling cock. Looking up, he was greeted by Yusuf's evil grin. 'Fuck! This Iraqi faggot wants me to suck his filthy dick. I don't want to. I'm not a faggot.' Lance groaned again when someone pushed his head down. He was being forced to touch Yusuf's dick with his lips. "Please don't. I don't want to be a faggot," Lance begged, although he had already known that it was useless to beg.

"You have no choice," Yusuf said. "I want you to kiss my dick head. And lick it, too. Come on, slut. Worship my cock." Rudely, he grabbed Lance's ear and pushed Lance's head down. To his surprise, Lance was weaker than he previously thought. "Suck my dick. Come on, suck it. Oh!" Yusuf moaned as his dick head made contact with Lance's lips. "Lick my cock now or I'm gonna electrocute you to death. Do it!" There was nothing more delightful to Yusuf than to see a straight American soldier lick a dick. "If you want to live, then start licking my dick. I will not hesitate to kill if you resist." Yusuf's henchman pushed Lance's head and held it there so that Lance could not back away. "Lick my dick, gently. Keep your teeth away. Then open your mouth and suck my cock."

'Fuck! This is disgusting!' Lance thought, nearly vomiting. His lips were pressed hard against Yusuf's reddish glans. The smell of precum was so strong. After summoning his courage, Lance slowly parted his lips. As he did that, he could taste Yusuf's salty precum. Lance thought that the snot-like texture of the precum was revolting, even though he himself produced the same liquid from his dick. 'Shit! It tastes so nauseating. Fuck! I'm really fucked up.' Knowing that he had no choice, Lance forced himself to worship the Iraqi cock. At close distance, Lance could observe its shape. It did not look much different from his own. Hesitantly, Lance opened his mouth and took out his tongue. When the tongue touched Yusuf's cock head, Lance got a clearer taste. 'Fuck! It's salty. And it feels like I'm licking snot.' At that exact point, Lance felt the urge to vomit but he tried hard to suppress it.

"Look at him. He's really licking your dick, boss," one of Yusuf's men talked. The English that he spoke sounded weird, filled with Arabic accent. He was quite curious to see how well Lance could perform fellatio. While stroking his dick, he fixed his eyes on Lance's body. "Oh! I get very horny. I want to fuck his ass, boss." His attention was then distracted as he saw Lance's muscles flex. "Ah, that's beautiful. I love muscular white men. They're the best male whores." With much appreciation, the Iraqi henchman ran his fingers on Lance's bare back. "You're so beautifully sculpted. Your muscles have strong sensual aura. Oh! I can't wait to mount your ass." Lustfully, those hands roamed Lance's body, squeezing the contracting muscles.

Being groped by another man, Lance felt quite uncomfortable. 'This faggot is touching my body. Fuck! He touches my pecs, too. Oh!' Lance's body, especially his pecs, was sensitive. If someone touched it in a sensual way, his dick would soon harden. 'Damn! My limp dick reacts to the touch. Fuck no! How can I get hard again coz of men? Fuck!' But whether Lance liked it or not, his dick slowly regained its erection. Before long, the cum-covered meat was throbbing hard like a steel rod. Lances face reddened when the other Iraqi men laughed mockingly at his erection. Groggily, Lance licked Yusuf's manhood. Up and down, the tongue went. As it did, it collected some precum liquid. Suppressing his disgust, Lance quickly gulped it down. Rolling his eyeballs upward, he saw Yusuf snicker at him.

"That's it, slut. Lick my dick up and down. Lick up my precum," Yusuf patted Lance's head. "Ah," he moaned when his dick oozed another drop of precum. 'Yes, this man has begun to accept his fate as a sex slave. It won't be long until I can sell him.' Running a hand on Lance's damp hair, Yusuf occasionally gripped Lance's hair when he could not bear the pleasure. "OH yeah! Your tongue is very talented. Oh! Yes!" But Yusuf wanted more than just being licked. Oral sex would not be complete without sucking. "Now, suck my cock." The order was short but it had great impact on Lance. "You heard me. Suck my cock!" Yusuf repeated, glaring down on Yusuf. "Open your mouth and put my dick inside. Do it!"

Slowly, the American soldier opened his mouth wide. As he brought Yusuf's dick in, he had to struggle not to retch. 'Fuck! This is really disgusting! I'm gonna suck another man's dick.' But he still did it for his own sake. Yusuf's dick, throbbing constantly, felt big inside his mouth. With a strong determination, Lance finally closed his mouth. Upon locking his lips, the salty taste of precum immediately spread through his taste buds. 'Fuck! This cock tastes terrible.' Slowly, Lance swept his tongue across the dick head. More precum was collected. 'It tastes rather salty. And I can also smell the musky odor. Oh man!' Being held back by the chains, Lance awkwardly maintained the contact between his mouth and Yusuf's dick. It was not easy. Carefully, he started to suck.

"Yeah, slut! That's how you suck a cock," Yusuf commented, encouraging Lance. "But you need to apply more pressure. Suck my dick harder. Suck my cum out. Come on. Harder." The hand ran down, touching Lance's nape. "You have a nice muscular back. I love to see men who appreciate muscles." Yusuf's hand resumed its journey down Lance's back, caressing it gently yet lustfully. "Oh! I like the way you suck my cock. You're amateurish but I like it. Oh yeah!" Being sucked was one of the things that Yusuf liked the most, especially if it was done by a white man.

For Lance, it was not easy to give a blow job to another man. It was both disgusting and humiliating. To his own surprise, he noticed that the more he tasted Yusuf's precum, the more he could tolerate it. 'Damn! Am I a faggot now? I swear that I almost vomited when this Iraqi precum touched my taste buds. But now.... Now, I begin to like it. This is impossible. Shit!" Amid his confusion, Lance did not stop sucking Yusuf's dick. Slurping noises echoed at times. Carefully, he made sure that his teeth did not get in the way, just as Yusuf instructed. Yusuf's pre-ejaculate, flowing out from the cock slit, filled Lance's mouth. Like a real man, Lance gulped it all down. While he gave Yusuf an oral service, he could not help realizing that his own dick was throbbing. And those naked Iraqi men were still making lewd comments about him.

"I know how much you like my cock," Yusuf commented, pointing downward at Lance's erection. "Your dick can tell no lie. Look at that. It's throbbing happily." A series of mocking laughter followed soon after. "Yeah, I can’t wait to bang your straight ass. Oh yeah! I'm horny for you, white American slut. You're gonna be a faggot, just like us." Yusuf's dick jerked harder as soon as its owner finished saying his sentence. As the dick head brushed the fleshy interiors inside Lance's mouth, Yusuf could not help gasping. "Fuck yeah! Suck my dick harder. Get the juice out of my throbbing cock. Yeah!" Being horny, Yusuf wanted to feel the chiseled muscles that defined Lance as a stud. While one hand was groping Lance's back, the other one was sliding across Lance's broad chest. "Oh, I love your body. I can feel the muscles inside you contract. They're the muscles of an American soldier."

Lance flinched a bit when Yusuf's callused palm glided over his pecs. The touch did feel good, but at the same time, Lance was ticklish. The chains rattled, following the sudden movement of Lance's body. Lance's erect dick swayed to right and to left whenever Lance's body moved. A drop of precum hung down from the cock tip for several minutes before dropping to the ground. Even though he had just ejaculated, Lance wished that he could jack off again. Unfortunately, both of his hands had been secured. 'Fuck! Oh damn! I'm so horny. Damn! Why am I hard? Is it because I am sucking a cock? Or is it because of the groping?' At times, Lance had the urge to moan out his pleasure. Yet, with a dick in his mouth, it was hard to do that.

"Look! The American soldier's dick is wet," one of Yusuf men said, pointing at Lance's erect manhood. "You're handsome. I want to suck you." With his limited English, he simply wanted Lance to know how much he wanted to suck Lance's dick. It was not for Lance's pleasure, but it was mostly because that Iraqi man loved sucking cocks. Without waiting for approval, that man quickly knelt down. "I want to suck." That was all he said before he sealed Lance's hard dick inside his mouth. "Yummy dick," he muttered. He sucked rather sloppily, slurping loudly. Most of Lance's precum was sucked in. Yet, some dripped down onto the ground after seeping out through the sides of his mouth. Showing no shame at all, the Iraqi henchman exhibited his gay interest in Lance's dick.

Upon having his dick sucked, Lance was quite surprised. He never expected an Iraqi man would want to suck his dick. If Lance had had free will, he would not have chosen to get sucked by a man. "Ah!" Lance moaned, his mouth gaping. As the mouth opened, Yusuf's dick slipped out. "Fuck! Oh! A man is sucking my dick. Fuck yeah!" he groaned, pulling at the chains. Although he hated to admit it, it was the best blow job that he ever received. "Shit! How do you suck so well?" But before Lance could say more words, he was forced to resume sucking Yusuf's male member. Giving no resistance, Lance meekly opened his mouth again and took the cock back into his mouth. 'Yusuf's cock doesn't taste so bad. The more I suck, the more I get used to its taste.' At that very point, Lance realized that his mind had been screwed. Sex with another man gradually seemed to be normal.

"Lick my dick, slut. Suck the juice out. Yeah! I'm so proud of you. You're a quick learner," Yusuf praised Lance, throwing his head back. "Oh damn! Keep sucking my manhood. Ah! I really love your mouth. Oh!" Yusuf's fingers, squeezing the pecs here and there, were roaming Lance's broad pectorals. During the exploration, he could feel the hard contour of those muscles. Deliberately, Yusuf's fingers reached for one of Lance's nipples. "Your nipples are hard. I like hard nipples. Oh, yeah! Do you like it when I do this?" After asking the question, he lightly twisted one of the nipples. The reaction was immediate. Lance groaned more loudly and his muscular body writhed against the chains. Seeing such reaction, Yusuf snickered to himself. Looking over Lance's back, Yusuf gave a cue to his man. "Pick a moderate-sized dildo and ram his straight ass."

The Iraqi henchman smiled as he heard the order. Gladly, he fished out a dildo from a box, not far from where Lance was chained. Kneeling behind Lance's ass, the man was ready to begin the penetration. Speaking in broken English, he said, "This white man has a tight ass. I can't see his asshole without pulling the ass apart." With that, he grabbed Lance's ass buns and forced them to spread apart. "Oh, his ass is tight. I will love to rape his ass with this dildo." Next, he spat the exposed asshole. The drool hit the quivering hole. "Get ready to be loosened, American slut." And he brought the dildo head and placed it right in front of Lance's anal entrance. "Get ready," he said again. "Your hole will be loosened, slut. Then you can take our boss' big dick."

When Lance heard that his ass was about to get loosened, he instantly grew worried. He had never had anything inserted into his ass. Thinking that a dildo would be shoved up his ass turned his face pale. Being chained had certainly left him no choice but to take it like a real man. 'Fuck! He will fuck my ass with a dildo! Shit!" he thought. Lance's naked body shuddered out of fear. It felt rather cold when the tip of the dildo touched his ass lips. Just seconds before the dildo was inserted, Lance begged for mercy. "No! Please, don't fuck my ass with a dildo," he whimpered, letting Yusuf's dick go. "I'm not ready. Please don't. Don't fuck me. I..." But before he could finish his sentence, he was suddenly slapped by Yusuf's hard dick. That was his cue to resume the suction. Another Iraqi man approached with an electric nightstick in his hand. Feeling threatened, Lance immediately took Yusuf's dick back. 'Fuck! I hope I can bear it. Oh, this is gonna hurt so bad. But I'm an American soldier and I've been in much worse situations. I can do it! It's only a fucking dildo.' Lance tried to be strong, but it was certainly not easy. "Ah!" he groaned, just as the dildo began to push its way in. Instinctively, Lance tightened his fuck hole to protect it.

"Open up," the Iraqi man barked. One hand holding Lance's ass, he tried to push the head of the dildo in. "I love breaking American soldiers' asshole. It's fun to see how they react. And I also like to hear their painful groan." No matter how loudly Lance groaned, the Iraqi man did not stop penetrating the asshole. While doing his job, he glanced downward to see his fellow Iraqi man suck Lance's dick. "Shit! I want to suck that white dick, too." Applying more pressure, he forced the dildo to sink in. He knew for sure that Lance must have felt uncomfortable. "I'm gonna open your ass. Oh, I can imagine how good it will feel." With one more push, the dildo head was finally lodged in. Lance's loud yelp accompanied it. "Yes! It's in!" The Iraqi man seemed very pleased.

"Oh!" Lance muffled his groan. Involuntarily, his muscular naked body jerked. At the same time, his dick produced another drop of precum. It was as if the dildo had pushed the fluid out of Lance's cock slit. Lance's eyeballs rolled upward. Tears streamed down his face. In his entire life, he had never felt any pain like that. 'Shit! It hurts like hell. It's only a dildo but it's tearing my ass apart. Oh!' Lance fisted his arms as if by doing that it could have eased his suffering. The muscles within the arms bulged, growing slightly bigger. Pain was racking Lance's body without any mercy. Even both his sturdy legs, shaking uncontrollably, could not bear the pain. "Oh please! It's hurting my ass," Lance pleaded, almost crying. Again, he was forced to continue his blowjob. He received a hard slap across his cheek. With teary eyes, Lance continued sucking Yusuf's leaking dick. There was no more pride left in him. At that very second, Lance finally knew the real meaning of humiliation.

"Learn to obey me, slave. A good sex slave should be able to suck and to get fucked. If you dare to complain, I will have you whipped." Yusuf suddenly groaned when Lance's tongue flicked the piss slit. "Damn! You've only sucked for a few minutes but you know the happy spot on a man's dick. You're really born to be a cocksucker." For several times, Yusuf almost let his cum loose. But he always held it back because he wanted to have a shattering climax. "Yeah! Oh! You suck so well. Yes!" As the reward for his service, Yusuf gave a light pinch on Lance's left nipple. "Oh! I can't wait to fuck your ass but your ass has to be loosened first. You're gonna love my cock, slut."

Yusuf's words echoed in Lance's ears. The American soldier could not think of anything else. His entire mind was occupied by the torturous pain. It was burning his ass. Tears, like water from a tap, could not stop flowing. 'My ass! Oh! They're fucking my ass and turning me into a faggot. Ah, the worst part is that I begin to enjoy being molested. My cock is still hard even though a dildo is violating my ass. No! I don't wanna be a faggot! No!' Just as he finished making his resolution, suddenly Lance received a familiar sensation which was stirring his crotch. 'Shit! I'm gonna cum. Fuck! I didn’t know that I can cum while being sucked by another man.' All of a sudden, his ass ring relaxed. The dildo was able to slide in and lodge itself in the depths of Lance's bowels. The dildo was quite big for Lance's narrow fuck chute. After that object positioned itself securely inside Lance' rectum, Lance immediately felt uncomfortable. 'What's going on? I feel the urge to shit. Oh! It must be caused by that damned dildo.' In the same time, he experienced pain, pleasure, and uncomfortable sensation mixing into one.

The Iraqi man who sucked Lance's dick recognized the signs of orgasm. He quickly announced it to his leader. "He's gonna cum!" That man then stopped sucking, pulling Lance's dick out of his mouth. A string of precum was stretched between his mouth and Lance's dick. Taking hold of Lance's dick, he gave it a series of hard jerks. "Yeah, come on. Give us your cum. I'll milk you till you cum." The stroking was hard and merciless. At times, the callused palm brushed against Lance's unprotected glans. Even though Lance had been oozing a lot of precum, he could still feel the soreness from the friction. "Yeah, I know you're in pain. But that's how a slave will spend the rest of his life. Now, cum!" The rhythm of stroking became faster. His jerking hand turned rather blurry object, owing to its stroking speed. "Shoot your cum, slut! Come on. Do it! Shoot your cum! Yeah! Don't hold it. Just cum!"

Meanwhile, the other Iraqi man, who tended Lance's ass, did not want to miss the fun. After the dildo managed to slide in all the way, he began to fuck Lance's ass. Steadily, he pulled the dildo out after there was nothing left to push. "His ass is so damn tight," he commented in Arabic. A string of precum was hanging down from that Iraqi man's dick. It was swinging about until it hit that man's leg. "Take the dildo, slut! Take it up your tight ass. Oh yeah! By the time I finish, you'll be a horny faggot who craves nothing but big juicy Arab dicks." He cruelly pushed the dildo back in when its tip almost popped out of Lance's ass. His eyes widening, he enjoyed seeing Lance's puckered hole stretch as the invading dildo slid in. The dildo went in until its tip hit something. Simultaneously, Lance's body jerked and a loud growl was heard. "Is this your prostate, huh? I wonder." To test it, he gave Lance's ass a series of short yet strong thrust. The head of the dildo was rammed into Lance's rectum over and over. "I knew it. It must be your prostate," he said, hearing the loud muffled groans.

'This is unbelievably crazy! I'm sucking an Iraqi man's cock. A dildo is fucking my ass. And another man is milking my dick. I hate to admit it but I really enjoy it.' Lance tried his best to fight the pleasure but he was just an ordinary man. Even though the stimulation was being done by men, it was still called sex. No sane man could reject the pleasure of sex. The dildo did bring excruciating pain, but, when it hit something inside Lance, he lost control. 'Shit! He hit my prostate again. Fuck yeah!' The prostate stimulation brought back old memory. Lance recalled the time when the military doctor examined his prostate. He also received the same wild sensation that made him shoot his cum all over the examination bed. 'They're trying to milk me. Oh! And it seems to work. I can't hold back from cumming. I must shoot now!' The defense breaking down, Lance no longer felt the need to resist the pleasure. 'I don't care if they treat me like a whore. I can't deny this pleasure. My cock is about to cum.' All of a sudden, it dawned on him that he could no longer feel the burning pain around his stretched asshole. Apparently, the prostate stimulation had drowned the pain.

"Enough," Yusuf said, pulling his dick out. His throbbing dick was wet with the mixture of saliva and precum. The reddish head glistened under the dancing light from the torches. "I don't want to cum, not just yet." Sweat was rolling down Yusuf's broad muscular chest. The view was quite erotic for those who loved well-built men. "Yeah, I can see it in your eyes. You're begging to get fucked. Isn't that right, huh? Tell me. Let us know how much you like getting fucked." Another reason why Yusuf wanted Lance to stop sucking him was because he wanted to hear Lance beg. "Don't be shy. Tell us that you need cock. Come on. Say it. You have known the pleasure that a dick can give you. The thing in your ass is just a dildo. Imagine what a real cock can do to you." Teasingly, Yusuf waved his dick before Lance's face. "I know you want it. Say it."

"Fuck yeah! Oh! It feels so good. Damn!" Lance was groaning. Like a slut, he did not care how embarrassing it was to reveal how much he loved the sexual treatment that he had. "Ah! I love the dildo. It's fucking me hard. Oh! And I'm close to cumming, too. Ah yes!" The chains rattled as Lance expressed his pleasure. To maintain the penetration, Lance kept his body bent forward. Thus, his ass was exposed. "Yes! Do it to me. Drill my ass with that dildo." Lance groaned like a bitch in heat. The droplets of sweat forming on his body dripped onto the ground. Turning his head back, he looked into the eyes of the Iraqi man who fucked him. "Fuck my ass! Make me cum! Oh!" He then bent his head down to get a better look at the man who milked his dick. "Milk my cock. Oh! Milk it! Yes!"

"I'm gonna milk your dick, American slut. I want your cum to rain on me," the Iraqi man said. His hand, waiting for the cum gush, was placed right under Lance's glistening dick head. Several droplets of precum had already dripped onto the callused palm. Relentlessly, the horny Iraqi man stroked Lance's dick without pausing. "Come on. Shoot your cum. Let me see it. Cum! Cum!" he chanted. His eyes widened as he impatiently waited for Lance's climax. "You can do it. Shoot it! Yes, shoot it!" The stroking hand moved so fast that it could hardly be seen.

"Ah!" Lance growled ecstatically. Both the dildo and the stroking hand drove Lance to the edge of orgasm. For the second time, inside the training chamber, the American soldier poured out his cum. "Yes! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Yeah! Ah!" Instead of shooting, the creamy fluid dribbled down onto the Iraqi man's palm. Despite the dribbling, Lance experienced one of the best orgasms ever. It was mainly caused by the dildo in his ass. At that precise moment, he finally knew why gay men liked getting fucked. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Yes! Oh, milk my dick! Fuck it! Ah yes! Ah!" Repeatedly, Lance's body shook as orgasm took over it. The muscles in his body were flexing beyond control. As he came, his asshole involuntarily twitched and gripped the dildo securely. "Fuck me! Oh! I'm cumming" Lance yelped, his voice turning hoarse. It was such a sweet surrender.

Forming a milky puddle, thick cum dripped onto the henchman's palm. As Lance continued to ejaculate, the cum puddle grew thicker. "Oh yeah! Cum! Shoot it!" the Iraqi man encouraged, fixing his eyes on Lance's spurting dick. Needles to mention, He enjoyed the spectacular ejaculation. Without realizing it, that man licked his own upper lip. "Mmm... Juicy cock juice." Clearly, he wanted to lick up Lance's cream. "Oh, your cum looks so delicious. It must taste good." Still milking the rod, he did not slow the stroking down. He was determined to wring out every last drop of Lance's cum. "You're a cum leaker. You cum a lot," he commented, amazed to see the amount of Lance's cum. But just as he thought that Lance might not stop cumming, the gooey fluid suddenly stopped dribbling. The orgasm was over.

"Oh damn," Lance sighed, his body shuddered from post-orgasm. "Fuck! You guys have drained me completely," he sighed again, losing all his energy. Exhausted beyond words, he let the dangling chains support his body. Both of his feet turned weak, not being able to support the weight of his body. Lance winced as his wrists were somewhat hurt by the chains. Tiredness could be clearly seen on his handsome face. His cropped hair had been completely drenched by sweat, so was his naked body. "I'm so tired. Ah, I need to rest. Oh!" Lance groaned as the dildo kept worming its way in and out. His body swaying, he could do nothing to avoid the invading dildo. "Stop it. It begins to hurt. Pull it out, please. Ah!" Lance's pleas were ignored, thus he had to endure more pain as his ass was being bombarded. "Fuck! Ah!" The continuous thrust did not succeed in re-erecting Lance's creamy manhood. The dick remained flaccid. Swaying about, a drop of cum was hanging from the dick head.

"You're truly a stud. Look at the amount of your own cum," the Iraqi man who milked Lance's dick finally spoke. "You have produced more cum than I initially expected. It's amazing. We just milked you earlier. I bet that you haven't emptied your balls for weeks. Don't worry. Our boss hasn't done with you yet." Bringing his palm close to Lance's mouth, the man barked out an order. "Lap it up. Don't leave any drop." Actually, he gave the order reluctantly because he, too, wanted to lick Lance's cum.

Seeing his own cum puddle, Lance's mind instantly froze. He never expected to get such an order like that. "What the fuck? You want me to eat my own cum? Never." The thought of eating the cream, oozing out from his own cock, was so disgusting that Lance almost retched. The bleach-like smell infiltrated his nostrils. Before cumming, he longed to smell such smell. But after cumming, that smell almost made him puke. "No. Please don't make me lick my own cum. I can't. Please, don't force me." Weakly, he tried to turn away from the cum-coated palm. But wherever he turned to, he could not escape that hand. "Please. No. I can't possibly eat my own cum. Don't."

But the Iraqi henchman had different plan for Lance. 'If that American soldier does not want to willingly eat his own cock juice, then he has to be forced.' With no warning, he suddenly grabbed the back of Lance's head with one hand to keep it steady. "Eat your own juice. You just shot it. It's still fresh." Mercilessly, he pressed his palm against Lance's face. "Yeah, lick it all. Smell it. It's your own cum." It was certainly not easy because Lance kept squirming but the Iraqi man could easily subdue him. "You can't escape my hand. Eat your own cum. Be a good sex slave." The callused hand rubbed itself onto Lance's face, spreading the goo evenly. Some of the fluid got into Lance's eyes, forcing him to yelp. "Yeah, I know it hurts your eyes. I really enjoy seeing you like this," said the henchman. He then laughed mockingly, watching Lance's predicament. "Take this, you slut! Fuck you!"

"Oh! No!" Lance whimpered, pulling the chains hard. It was very humiliating to be treated like that. The smell of cum went into his brain and took it over. Blinking, he tried to get rid of the stinging cum by squeezing out some tears. "Fuck! Oh! Please, no more. Shit!" But Lance was only a slave in training, he had to learn to obey. As he flexed his asshole, he realized that the dildo was still there. Lance tried to hold his breath but it did not help. The smell of cum was too overpowering. Not being able to breathe, Lance was forced to part his lips. At that exact moment, he accidentally tasted his own cum. Instantly, he retched. More cum flowed into Lance's mouth. Once he opened his mouth, there was no mercy for him. His arms flailing and his legs kicking about; the naked soldier tried to resist. "Fuck!" he yelped when a stinging pain attacked his ass. "My ass, oh!"

After tasting cum for the first time in his life, Lance thought that cum tasted weird. Its taste was simply indescribable. Perhaps the closest description of its taste was like drinking laundry water. When the Iraqi man removed his hand, Lance was finally able to breathe again. Yet, he could not fully relax because a new kind of pain invaded his ass. Grunting, Lance tried to avoid the penetrating dildo. At least, that was what he thought so. But when he turned his head around, he noticed that the dildo was no longer in his ass. The object that invaded his ass was actually Yusuf's big dick!

"What the fuck! Oh!" Lance growled painfully. 'Shit! Since when did that Arabic man fuck my ass? I didn't feel it at all. Ah! His dick must be bigger than the dildo! It hurts more. Oh damn!' Being held by the chains, Lance could go no where. After ejaculating his loads, he was no longer interested in engaging in any other sexual activities. "Oh, stop it please! I'm in pain, ah!" Unfortunately, Lance failed to realize that the more he groaned, the hornier Yusuf became. "Ah!" Lance groaned again, his legs shaking. Hanging down from the ceilings, the chains continued to support Lance's body. "Oh fuck! My ass! It hurts so much. Fuck! Your cock is too big. Ah!" Instinctively, Lance tried to break free although he knew that it would be pointless. "Stop fucking me! Please! Oh!" he yelped, wincing painfully. Lance's handsome face contorted as another hard thrust was delivered into his fuck canal. Even though, he could not see his own asshole, he could imagine how his asshole looked like after the brutal invasion.

"You have no idea, don't you?" Yusuf said as he hammered Lance's abused chute. "Oh yes! What a tight ass! Fuck yeah!" He really enjoyed penetrating Lance's tight ass. Technically, Lance's cherry had been taken after dildo tore his ass open. Yet, Yusuf's dick was the first dick that ever fucked Lance's ass. "Oh yeah! I'm fucking an American soldier's virgin ass. Fuck yes! I love breaking white soldiers and turn them into sex sluts. Ah! Take my big cock." Yusuf took great pleasure in molesting Lance. In order to show Lance who the boss was, he deliberately fucked Lance as hard as he could. "Feel my Iraqi dick up your American ass, soldier boy. Yeah! Take this! Oh! And that! Yes! Oh, fuck! You're such a good fuck!" Not caring for the fact that Lance was in pain, Yusuf kept assaulting him anally.

'My ass! Oh! I'm getting fucked by another man! Oh!' Taking in deep breath, the American soldier fought to keep his balance. Unfortunately, his entire limbs were aching. Like a broken marionette, his body was being supported by chains. "Fuck! Oh! My ass! Oh!" Lance just kept groaning. Although his body was exhausted, it slowly responded to the rough fucking. And Lance could clearly feel the disturbing erection. "Damn! I'm getting hard again. No!" Without being touched, the dick hardened. The traces of earlier ejaculation clung onto it. The entire shaft glistened with cum. "I'm hard! No!" His loud groan attracted the two Iraqi men who previously tended Lance's body. When Lance saw them approach him, he knew that he was in for more stimulation against his will.

Helplessly, Lance let those two horny Iraqi men grope his body. Moaning, Lance gave in to the irresistible sensation. Gradually, his body recuperated from the previous orgasm and regained its strength. Several muscles in his body flexed. Relentlessly, Yusuf's men were touching Lance's body. As their hands traveled up and down the body, they also wiped away the excessive sweat drops. Lance's body trembled under the touch. The aggressive groping had stimulated most of the nerves that lay underneath Lance's skin. The sensation was too difficult to resist and Lance finally decided to succumb to it. When one of the men forced a kiss onto Lance's lips, Lance did not resist it at all. Clumsily, the American soldier tried to reciprocate the kiss. In the mean time, the other man was tonguing Lance's nipples while his hands were caressing Lance's athletic body.

Lance knew that his destiny had been sealed. There was no escape. The anal pain began to fade away as the familiar pleasure revisited his ass. "Oh! Fuck my ass harder! Oh! Give me your big Iraqi cock. Oh! Screw my ass! Yes!" Closing his eyes for several seconds, Lance tried to enjoy the penetration. Real cock felt very different compared to dildo. When Lance was being fucked by a dildo, he felt that the object was dead and cold. But Yusuf's cock was alive, throbbing inside Lance's rectum. "Yes! Give it to me. Fuck me hard! Fuck me like fucking a slut! Oh! Yes!" Lance no longer remembered who he was. 'Fuck it all! I don't wanna be a soldier. I wanna be Yusuf's sex slave. Thus, I'll get fucked everyday. Ah!' A part of Lance was surprised to realize that he could actually think that way. But who could resist such sexual pleasure? It was the pleasure that no man could ever get from having sex with a woman. And Lance had just started to get addicted to gay sex.

"Yeah, you're just a slut. You're hungry for more sex," Yusuf commented as he heaved for breath. "Fuck! I'm gonna fuck you well. Yes! Your asshole will be fucked until it turns puffy and bleed from being overused. Oh!" Lance's legs were spread apart as Yusuf drove his manhood in and out of Lance's ass. Even though the legs were weak, they could still sustain the balance of Lance's body. Perspiration had already dampened Yusuf's naked body. "You're gonna worth a lot when I sell you to a horny old sheikh. Oh yeah! You'll get all the sex you want. And I'm gonna make sure that you're gonna be used endlessly. Oh yes! Coz you're born to be a sex slave. Your ass was made to be fucked." The slapping noises echoed whenever Yusuf's crotch met Lance's full ass. "Oh yeah! Take my cock! Yeah, American men love big Iraqi dicks." Still heaving, Yusuf gave an order to his men. "Make this American bitch suck your dick. Use him while you can before I sell him."

A hard dripping dick was immediately presented. Without thinking, Lance opened his mouth and took the dick into his hungry mouth. 'Mmm... I miss sucking a cock. Fuck! I never thought I would say that,' Lance thought. As the precum taste filled his taste buds, Lance suddenly felt like at home. Eagerly, he was sucking the offered dick. To his pleasure, the dick was a leaker. 'Yes! This Iraqi man leaks so much precum. Oh, I bet that he's a virile man. Oh! I can't believe that precum can taste so good.' Lance's sucking technique was not as good as a professional gay hustler's. But instinct guided him and helped him to be a better cocksucker. 'I just want more dicks. Oh! I don't care if I finally become a faggot. Now I know why so many guys like to be gay.' Although both of his feet were still somewhat weak, Lance still had the power to stand. But suddenly, Yusuf gripped Lance's thighs and lifted them up. "Ah!" With a yelp of surprise, Lance fell forward. Lance soon found himself hovering two feet above the ground, supported by chains. His face facing the ground, he closed his eyes for several seconds. Lance's erection was still throbbing, dripping precum onto the ground below.

"Fuck you, slut! Oh yeah," Yusuf groaned. With his bare hands, he lifted Lance's feet and wrapped them around his waist. Simultaneously, he maintained the penetration without pulling his dick out of Lance's abused hole. "Fuck! Oh! I have fucked many American soldiers but you're the best. Ah yeah!" It took a great strength to support Lance's heavy feet. Lifting Lance's hips up, Yusuf pounded Lance's chute repeatedly. "Yes! You're a good fuck, slut. Oh yes! I love fucking your ass so much. Yes! Oh damn! Your ass is milking my dick!" All of a sudden, the asshole tightened. His face contorting, Yusuf exerted more strength to drill the fuck chute. "Yes! Oh, you really know how to please a man. You keep milking my dick with your ass. Yeah! Squeeze my cock shaft. Oh! Squeeze it hard until I cum in your ass. Oh! Don't stop! Yes!"

Lance, hanging down from the dangling chains, had no control over his own body. When the first Iraqi henchman presented his dick, Lance literally drooled over it. "Give me your dick. Let me suck it. I want to suck," Lance said, watching the dick eagerly. But the second Iraqi henchman apparently wanted to get sucked, too. "Give me yours, too," Lance said to the other man, eagerly trying to get both dicks in his mouth. Not being an experienced cocksucker, Lance could not get what he wanted. Thus, he sucked both cocks in turns. 'Oh yes! Two cocks for me to suck. I have two hard leaking Iraqi dicks. Yummy!' While Lance sucked one dick, he stroked the other one to keep the other man excited. Precum stained Lance's handsome face as he struggled to keep both cocks happy. Inhaling the air, Lance drew in the precum smell into his lungs. 'It's such a sweet smell. Oh!'

Both Iraqi men smiled at each other as they were being sucked. They often groaned, talking to each other in Arabic. One did not have to be a genius to figure out what they said. Standing next to each other, both men embraced each other as they were locked by a deep wet kiss. Groping each other's naked body, they were not embarrassed to express their sensuality. Lance was turned on to find that he could bring other men sexual pleasure. But it was very hard to maintain the suction while having his ass fucked hard. Lance's body could not stop swaying about. And although there was no one to attend his dick, that meat still throbbed happily.

'I never thought that I would enjoy being a faggot. I love the sensation when I'm getting fucked. And I also like the taste of precum. I've been a queer all my life and only now I realize it,' Lance thought as he desperately tried to maintain his suction. The smell of precum was quite strong. Some of the liquid clang onto his face, but he did not mind it. Looking up, he enjoyed seeing the facial expression of those men whom he sucked. Their bulging pecs looked bigger as they were viewed from below. At then, Lance noticed something different in him, just as he looked at those manly pecs. 'Male bodies begin to get me excited. I'm horny. I love seeing those pecs. I never realized that they look so sexy.' Lance's eyes were fixed to those protruding nipples. 'Fuck! I'm so horny looking at their naked bodies. I want to touch them.'

Around Lance, several Iraqi men were still molesting the white men they captured. Lewd groans echoed in the cavern room. Suddenly, a deafening yelp came from one corner where a naked white man reached his orgasm. He was forced to sit on two dildo heads while his dick was being milked by an Iraqi man. The effect was too much for that white man. He erupted uncontrollably and his loads were shot all over the ground. "Ah! Fuck! I'm cumming! Yeah! Oh!" his groans apparently triggered the others' ejaculation. Minutes later, several men reached their climax, too. Since the room was rather humid, the smell of cum quickly permeated the air. It had profound effect on Lance.

'Damn! The others just came. Their orgasmic groans were echoing in my mind. Ah! It seemed that they enjoyed their orgasm. Shit! My dick is so hard and is dripping wet. I need to cum again. Oh!' Frustrated, Lance tried to move his limbs, but the chains did not allow them to move freely. 'I can’t reach for my cock. Damn! I really want to cum again.' The desperation inside him drove him wild. Without realizing it, he was sucking the cocks harder. As they were shoved into his mouth, in turns, Lance gave them his best suction. Those dicks throbbed excitedly, rewarding Lance with unlimited supply of precum.

"I know what you want, slut," Yusuf groaned, still relentlessly fucking him. "You wanna cum, huh? Oh yes, you will. I'm gonna pound your prostate and crush it with my mighty cock. Damn! Oh! And it will trigger your ejaculation." Yusuf's muscular chest was heaving up and down. Dampened by sweat, it glistened. From the look of his face, one could tell that he was about to cum. "Damn! Your tight ass feels very good. It's milking my dick. I can't hold it any longer. Damn! Oh!" Looking at his two men, he gave them order, "I'm about to cum. I want you two to cum with me. Fill his mouth with your cum. And make sure that he drinks it. Fuck! I'm close to cumming. Yes!" At that point, sustaining the weight of Lance's legs became difficult. It took too much strength. Yusuf's muscles contracted until they grew sore. "Damn! Oh! I have to blow my loads in your ass, slut! Fuck! Take it! Take my cum!"

Those two Iraqi men were very excited, knowing that their boss was going to breed Lance. Eagerly, they pushed their dicks deeper into Lance's mouth. At times, their dicks almost choked Lance. They both showed no mercy. The contortion on Lance's face was a big turn-on to them. Speaking in Arabic, they told Lance how sluttish he was. Precum seeped out from the corners of Lance's mouth almost incessantly. Some flowed down the chin, proving how sluttish he was. "Oh! Yeah! Ah!" One of them suddenly groaned more loudly. Grasping Lance's head, he forced the American soldier to take all of the length. Shrieking like a wolf, he released his pent-up cum. "Oh! Fuck! Yeah!" The naked Iraqi man was convulsing violently. His friend had to hold onto his body to steady him. The creamy fluid was poured into Lance's willing throat. Lance did not even have time to taste the cum. Like a thirsty baby, he gulped down the cock milk. "Oh! Yeah! Oh!" The moans were soon followed by a series of Arabic curses. While cumming, the man did not stop fucking Lance's mouth. The ejaculation continued for several seconds until finally there was no more cum to spurt.

But before that man could recuperate, he was shoved aside by his friend. "It's my turn," he said in broken English. Eagerly, he stuffed Lance's mouth with his leaking dick. "Suck my dick, slut. Make me cum. Oh! Suck me now. Milk my cock. Oh! I want to cum inside your hot mouth." And with that, he grabbed Lance's head and started banging it. He treated Lance's mouth as if it were a tight asshole. "Ah! It feels so good. Fuck yeah!" Grabbing Lance's short hair, he ran his fingers through the damp hair. "Suck my dick, white slut. Suck the cum out. American men love Iraqi cum. Fuck!" His eyes widening, that man was waiting for his boss to blow some loads up Lance's puffy fuck chute. "Come on. Flood his ass, boss. Yeah! Let him know who's the boss." But seeing his boss fuck an athletic white man was too much for that Iraqi man. "Fuck! He's sucking my cum out. Oh!"

"Yeah, this white slut sucks like a professional. Dump your cum in his mouth. Make him take your creamy loads. Oh yeah! Give him what he's craving for. He wants your cum, Fuck yeah!" Yusuf was raving as he closed his eyes for several seconds. "Damn! I'm close. Do you want my cum, huh? Say it. Do you want me to cum deep inside your ass?" he asked Lance. Seeing a cock plug Lance's mouth, Yusuf realized that Lance could not say the answer that he needed to hear. But he did hear loud muffled groans coming from Lance's stuffed mouth. "Yeah, I know you want it. You want me to cum in you, right? Then take it! Oh damn!" But before Yusuf unloaded his cum, a loud orgasmic yelp came from his man.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!" the man yelled, fucking Lance's mouth mercilessly. And that was all it took. One hard thrust brought him to the inevitable ejaculation. "I'm cumming!" he yelped. The glistening dick head kept pumping in until it squirted out the thick milky fluid. At the same time, the ejaculating man cried, "Oh! Fuck! I'm cumming!" A series of Arabic words soon followed after. Although the orgasm came from oral sex, the man seemed to enjoy it very much. For several seconds, his whole body shuddered. To support himself, he had to hold onto Lance's broad shoulders. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Damn! Ah fuck!" The creamy liquid flooded Lance's mouth before surging down his throat. "Yes! Oh! Oh!" The ejaculation seemed to last forever until it gradually died down. "You're such an excellent cocksucker," he sighed, slowly pulling his dick out.

The ceilings of Lance's mouth was still coated with cum. Hanging down from the chains, Lance savored the lingering taste of cum. 'His cum tastes better. And it's also thicker in texture. I could almost bite it like jelly. Fuck! I can't believe that I'm so into other men's cum. When I was forced to eat my own cum, I wanted to puke. The taste was terrible and the smell was nauseating. I don't know what happened, but I slowly adapted to it. Now I'm craving for more cum.' Lance's tongue licked the upper lip, trying to get any remains of the Iraqi cock juice. "Oh!" Lance yelped as a powerful thrust was delivered into his rectum. "Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Oh!" he yelled. Having no cock in his mouth, he could express his lust with spoken words. "Yes! Do me! Oh, I'm so deserved to get fucked. I'm a slut. Please, oh! Do my ass. Fuck me!" All of a sudden, his hanging body convulsed. "Fuck! You've hit my prostate. Ah!" The effect was instant; Lance's dick was drooling. "Ah! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cum out of my cock! Oh yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck me!"

"Fuck! I'm cumming!" Yusuf screamed in total abandon. "You want my cum? Huh? You'll get it. Ah!" The speed of the fucking increased, accompanied by louder slapping noises. "Oh damn! Yes! I'm cumming. Fuck! Here I come! Ah! Take my cum! I'm cumming! Ah!" As the big dick slid in, it burst out in a spectacular orgasmic explosion. "Oh! Fuck!" The warm gooey liquid immediately flooded Lance's ass. "Oh! I'm cumming up your ass, slut! Yeah! I own your body. Now, you've officially become a faggot." While cumming, Yusuf did not want to stop plowing Lance's ass. Slushy sounds were heard together with the slapping noises. Some of Yusuf’s cum was squeezed out of Lance's abused asshole. "Shit! What a tight ass you have! Oh you're such a slut. Yes! Fucking yeah!" Seconds later, the orgasm died down. The spurted cum also decreased in amount, until nothing seeped out from the cock slit. "Oh yeah," Yusuf sighed, heaving. Even though he looked exhausted, he was very satisfied. Roughly, he put both of Lance's feet down. "You're a good fuck, slut."

Lance struggled to balance himself as he suddenly stood on the ground. "Oh!" he winced just as his bare soles hit the rocky ground. Instinctively, his asshole contracted. As the puffy hole was squeezed, pain shot through Lance's spine. "My ass! Oh, you've broken it." The seminal fluid, inside Lance, seeped out and flowed down his legs. When Lance contracted his asshole, he could feel the slushy mess inside. When he tried to reach for his dick, he remembered that both of his hands had been chained. "I need to cum. Make me cum again. Oh, please! I'm very horny." With pleading look, he begged Yusuf who stood in front of him. "Please. I'm very horny. Milk my dick. Milk me please."

"You want to cum? You're such a slut," Yusuf chuckled. 'That's what I need: a horny handsome virile American soldier. I can sell him and get a lot of money from an older horny sheik. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be rich, thanks to this slut.' Standing by Lance's side, Yusuf wrapped his fist around Lance's throbbing male member. "Your dick is quite hard. And it's throbbing in my hand. Oh yeah! If you want to cum, then cum. Shoot it." Yusuf gripped the shaft and squeezed it hard until Lance winced. "Shoot! Shoot for me. Let me see you cum, slut." He was aware that Lance needed encouragement to cum. Although it was difficult to get a good grip around the leaking meat, Yusuf continued to milk it. "Oh yeah! You're a slut. And you must cum now. Come on. Cum!" To enhance Lance's cumming experience, Yusuf took hold of one of Lance’s nipples. He knew about its profound effect on Lance. 'This will push him to the edge and increase his cum production.'

"Oh fuck! Oh yeah!" Lance groaned, his knees shaking. Not being able to support himself, Lance let the chains do the job. But as the chains were pulled against his arms, Lance winced. His wrists turned sore, nearly chafed. "Yes! Milk my dick! Oh!" He could not stop bucking when his dick head was rubbed. "Oh! My dick head! Yes! Oh damn! Keep stroking my dick. Ah!" Looking at Yusuf's handsome face, Lance suddenly got the urge to kiss that Iraqi man. Without thinking, Lance craned his head over and gave Yusuf the most passionate kiss ever. To his delight, Yusuf did not reject it. Lustfully, he pressed his lips against Yusuf's. But before he could do more, he had to pull away. "Ah! I'm gonna cum! Yes! Oh! I'm cumming!"

The dick throbbed and began to expel its loads. Since it was not his first ejaculation, the amount of cum had decreased significantly. However, the orgasm was still as good as ever. When Lance's body convulsed, the chains above were rattling. During the orgasm, Lance's body seemed to grow slightly bigger as his muscles contracted. Creamy cock juice spurted out, dripping onto the ground. Most of the fluid flowed down Yusuf's hand. The gooey cum turned frothy after being rubbed repeatedly. Letting the orgasm take its natural course, Lance lost control over his convulsing body. Hoping to squirt out more cum, he fucked Yusuf's fist. His orgasmic howl echoed, drowned by the other men's groans. Lance's orgasm lasted for only a few seconds. With a long sigh of satisfaction, Lance stopped cumming. After the ejaculation, the athletic American soldier flinched when Yusuf's callused palm rubbed the sensitive dick head.

"You're no longer a man. My cum inside your ass has proven how sluttish you are. You're a fag now; a sex slave to men's insatiable lust. This is your new fate. Embrace it," Yusuf said. Slapping Lance's bare ass, he said, "I think your training session has ended. I can sell you right away to a rich Arab man. You'll be his sex slave." Clapping his hands, he gave a cue to his men to release Lance from the chains. "Men, take him to the dungeon. Until we find him a buyer, feel free to use his ass. This white man is a grade-A slut." Cum still dripped down from his flaccid dick. Yusuf shook it to get rid of the excessive cum. After giving the order, he left the training room without covering his bare body.

Not having any energy, Lance let some naked Iraqi men manhandle his body. Each of them sported a hard-on, which needed to be taken care of. The chains were clinking as they freed Lance's limbs. Exhausted owing to the previous sex activity, Lance immediately fell down. Yet, before he could touch the ground, those horny men had already supported his body. After helping Lance get on his feet, they began groping Lance's naked body. One man even tried to kiss Lance. Without resisting, Lance let them do whatever they wanted to. His body was still aching from the sex, but it did not stop him from having another hard-on. Slowly, those men brought Lance out of the training room. As they passed the long cavern corridor, some Iraqi guards were eyeing his naked body.

Finally, they arrived at a small cavern room. Inside it, several naked white men were chained securely to the wall. Their naked bodies were very dirty, covered with dirt. "Ah! Don't push me," Lance protested as one of the Iraqi men pushed him in. Lance fell and his body landed on the crotch of a white man. The room suddenly felt smaller as those Iraqi men walked in. Before Lance could get on his feet, he had been pinned down by an Iraqi man. The other Iraqi men quickly found themselves other white men to fuck. "Oh! My ass!" Lance groaned as he felt warm blunt dick head penetrate his creamy asshole. The dick drilled in quite easily. "Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass all you want. Oh! I'm your slut!" Lance yelled. As he looked up, he saw the face of the white man whom he stumbled upon. Lance's hardening dick rubbed itself against that white man's crotch. "You're so handsome. I'd love to kiss your lips." And without thinking, Lance gave that man a lustful kiss. To his expectation, the kiss was greeted with an equally passionate kiss. 'Oh, man. I think I'm gonna enjoy my new life. Perhaps, this is my way to get out of the war.' Thus, as Lance indulged in a hot session of homosexual orgy, he tried to forget who he was. Lance had just become another lost soldier that went missing in Iraq.