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Top Talk
By Hooder

Top Talk

Three double-one six eight...

Mark? It's Ryan.

Oh hi Ryan. Hang on, let me turn the TV down.... Ok. How ya doing mate? Oh, and Happy Birthday! it is today, isn't it?

Yeah, thanks. And I'm good. You ok?

Could be worse. So what's new?

Got a job that could be interesting.

Yeah? Tell me about it.

Was in the Spider's Web last night. You remember Damien?

Damien... is that the weird guy with the pony tail and tattoos?

Yep, that's the one. Well, I was standing at the bar with Paul and Baz, and Damien comes up to me. Can he have a quiet word?


Apparently there's this boy who's been pestering the fuck out of Damien for weeks. Youngish kid, nineteen, twenty - straight, so far, so he says, no experience - and the usual story: turned on by leather, and wants to be dominated. And the kid's cute. Well you know Damien, he's into bears and Harleys - so this kid's not his type of thing at all.

Why didn't he just tell the kid to piss off?

He did. Several times. But he says this kid is fucking arrogant, thinks he's sex on legs. Damien reckons he needs 'introducing' to a few things to take him down a peg. He won't leave Damien alone - and Damien is getting seriously pissed off with him. He made the mistake of giving the kid his phone number when he first met him, and he rings at all hours.

I see. So what's this kid like? What's he into? What's his name, by the way?

His name's Brandon. I haven't seen him, but Damien says we'd wet our knickers. 5'10", blond, blue-eyed, cute and a six-pack. As for what he's into, Damien says he's a total beginner, but Brandon says he's 'into everything'.

Hmm. Dangerous thing to say.


Ok. So what's this to do with you and me?

Well, Damien wondered if you and I might fancy doing a kidnap. Reckons we cold have fun with this kid, show him what can happen to a boy alone in a playroom with two experienced tops, and hopefully get him out of Damien's hair at the same time.

Mmm. You're right, this could be interesting. I like taking cute, sexy boys down.

I know you do. That's why I told Damien I'd ring you.

Ok - so how do we do this? I've never done a kidnap before.

Well, Damien can set up a 'meeting' with him any time we like - and anywhere we like.

Good. Ok - so let's think... how about we get Damien to set it up for the lane at the side of the rubbish tip? Say around 8-ish? It's quiet and dark there by that time of night, and we can park the van out of sight behind the big skip.

Excellent. Ok - now what do we want to do with this boy? For a start, we want to get him as horny as fuck during the kidnapping itself. Don't make it too quick. Give him time to realize what's going on, and that we've got him. The boy says he wants to be dominated, and he's well into leather, so we'll wear full leathers, boots, tight gloves, masks -

- And crash helmets. That'd probably be a turn on for a victim.

Yeah! Let's wear the tightest gear we've got - really turn the fucker on when we get him.

How are we gonna get him? he's not going to be expecting to get kidnapped, so we're gonna have to cut him off, so he can't run back down the lane. He can't get out the sides - it's fenced. We need one of us up the lane hiding, in front of him, and the other coming up behind him.

Yeah. Ok - so you get behind that tree on the right. You know it? 'Bout halfway up. Big thing.

I know it. Ok - I'm waiting there. How we gonna get him? We'd better silence him first, then get him restrained, and drag him to the van.

Yes. How about this: I'll find somewhere to hide further down, so he passes me first before he gets to you.

Yeah - not too far down - just a few paces. I think there's some kind of litter bin or something there, isn't there?

You're right. Big blue thing with a black roof on it. No - I'll tell you what it is, it's one of those bottle bank things, with holes in where you put the bottles through.

That's it! That's perfect! Ok - as soon as he passes you, you come out behind him, hand-gag him, and hold him. I'll come out in front of him and between us we'll get him tied up.

Or how about hooding him? If I drop a hood over his head from behind him, that would do it.

Hmm... I'd like him to be able to see us a bit longer first. Seeing us in our tight black leathers, masks and helmets will blow his mind, and knowing he stands no chance against us...

True, Mark. Ok. I'll gag him and hold him, you come up in front of him and let him see the hood before you force it over his head.

Yeah, I like that. Think you can hold him while I walk up slowly and hood him?

No problem. I'll be behind him, and he won't be ready for it.

Ok - great!

Ok, so we've got him hooded. Now what?

I think we'll use the plastic strip cuffs. They're dead quick to put on. Once he's hooded, get him on the ground, face down. You kneel on him, and get his arms cuffed behind his back. I'll tie his legs together at the ankles and knees with rope while you're doing that. It'll stop him being able to struggle while you're doing his arms.

Will the hood cut down enough of the noise he'll be making?

Oh yeah. No problem.

Ok. So we've got him helpless. Now just drag him to the van?

Yeah, don't see why not. We'll leave the rear doors open so we can shove him straight in the back. You get in with him, I'll close the doors and drive the van. Once you're in, you can hogtie him properly. Keep him hooded, and make sure it doesn't come off. Lock it on.

Ok. Take the scenic route back so that he can't remember the way.

Yep. Which hood should we use?

Well, if he's into leather, how about the loose bag hood? That's very quick to get on him, and it's got shiny leather on the inside...

Hehe - they all have.


But yeah, the bag-hood is good. Use that.

Right - I love that one too. Do you want to use your place or mine?

This boy is going to be struggling, so probably best to use here - it'll be easier to get him into my playroom from the van. We'll probably be carrying him.

You're right. Ok - so we've got him back to yours. Leave the garage door open so you can drive straight in. I'll hop out and close the garage door, then we can take our time getting him out and drag him kicking and screaming into the house.

Yeah. Let's have him between the vertical posts first. We'll spreadeagle him there, take his hood off, and he can get a good look at us before we start working on him.

Like it.

That's a thought - what's he going to be wearing?

Damien says that whenever he's seen him he's always been wearing tight faded jeans, a muscle teeshirt and a leather jacket.

Okay.... so we'll put him straight between the posts. Get the thick fingerless leather mitts over his hands, leather cuffs, and clip them to the posts. Once that's done we can get the ankle cuffs on him, with ropes through the bottom rings on the posts, untie his legs and pull the cuffs tight to the posts. That way he won't be able to kick.

What if he struggles too much for us to get the mitts on or his arms up?

Just pull the hood tight around his neck and clamp your hand over his mouth. Cut off his air for a few seconds. He'll get the idea.

Oh fuck! Yeah! Excellent. Shit - I'm getting horny about this!

Me too Ryan. When we've got him helpless between the posts, we can take our helmets off, make sure our ski-masks are in place, and take his hood off.

I'm looking forward to seeing his face when he sees us!

You and me both, mate. We can walk around him, have a look at him, and generally grope him for a while. If he's wearing underpants we'll undo his jeans, cut them off him and fasten his jeans back up.

Oh yeah! I think it would be good if we don't talk to him at all - just talk about him to each other. As if he wasn't there, sort of thing.

Brilliant. Yes, I like that. Humiliate him from the start. Ignore anything he says. Even if he baits us, spits at us, completely ignore it.


Ok, Ryan. Now - we're supposed to be teaching this boy a bit of a lesson, and humiliating him, yeah? So what I suggest is that once we've had him between the posts for a while, we get him on the padded restraint table, face up - be best to hood him again while we move him, make it more difficult for him to fight us - spreadeagle him on the table, but fasten his feet to a 2ft spreader bar and his wrists to another one, and lift them two or three feet off the table, on chains. Keep him fairly stretched, but not tight. Then a good thick strap over his waist and under the table to keep him down in the middle. And then make him cum. Straight away. No messing. Bring him off. Make him cum in his jeans. I did that to a guy a few weeks ago in that position, and he said he felt intensely helpless cos he could struggle, but there was nothing for him to push against cos his arms and feet were suspended from the chains.

You want to make him cum straight away?

Yes - for several reasons: for a start, it'll humiliate the fuck outta him - especially if we make him cum in his jeans, cos he'll have to go home in them - and also whatever we do after that is going to be less horny and more frightening for him, for a while anyway. It'll really establish that we're in control of him and we can do any fucking thing we want to him.

Oh fuck! That is fiendish. You're brilliant. How do we make him cum?

Hands all over him. Open his leather jacket, work on his nipples, his arse, thighs, legs - everywhere. I'll bring my irresistible vibrator.

I've heard about that thing! Why's it so irresistible?

I've no idea. It just seems to make lads cum. Just have to hold it on the head of a boy's cock - it works best through denim or rubber - and he's shooting in seconds flat.

Oh shit. Ok - we'll bring him off as quickly as we can. What then?

Tickle him.


Have you ever been tickled straight after you've cum?

Er.. no...

Well make sure you never are. It is fucking unbearable!

I bet it is! Even the thought of that is making me shudder. I'm as ticklish as hell. He's going to be hooded for all this, isn't he?

Yes. Hmmm. When we're ready to get him on to the table, we'll put your tight leather hood on him. That's a bastard, that one - it'll make him feel fucking helpless even before we start on him.

Yeah! Ok! So, we tickle the fuck outta him.

Yep. Again, hands everywhere. Knees, sides, ribs, armpits... Another good thing about that position is that you can't protect yourself at all from something like that. And there will be four hands working on him. He won't be able to see where we are or what we're doing. Really go for it. Make him suffer. Take advantage of the fact that he's just cum - he'll only stay hypersensitive for a few minutes.

Oh fuck! Brilliant! Ok. What then? How about strapping him to the chair and wiring him up to some electrodes?

Yes! He should be exhausted after struggling against the tickling, so he won't be difficult to move. But we'll keep him hooded until we get him strapped well into the chair, just in case.

Then take the hood off so he can see the electrodes going on.

Exactly. Ah - we'll have to strip him before he goes on the chair.

We can do that while he's recovering from the tickling.


Right. And we're still not talking to him?

Not a word. We can make comments like 'Ouch, I wouldn't put that electrode there - it's gonna hurt like fuck' and the other one can say 'oh to hell with it. Let's make him suffer' or something like that.

Oh shit, Mark, I'm as hard as a rock just thinking about this!

Me too mate. I've been playing with myself for the last ten minutes.

So - we zap him with electricity. Better not have it too high...

Oh no - just so he gets the idea. We'll put your induction coil on his tits, cos you've got those safe electrodes for tits - are they for the induction coil or the pulser?

They're for the coil.

Ok - the coil on his tits, and I'll use the telephone generator on his balls.

OUCH! That thing can be a bit intense.

Yeah I know, but not if you only do it slowly - and there's something very threatening about seeing a guy holding that and turning the handle, and feeling the shocks from it...

Oh yeah.

The idea is not to hurt him, but just to let him know what we could do to him in a room like that.


We can set it all up, work on him for a while, then blindfold him - that'll make it worse for him.

Mmmmm... Shit, I want to cum, Mark.


While we've got him in the chair we can do some breath control on him - we'll use your gasmask and the tubes. Try poppers on him, do some TT and CBT, se if he's into that -

And we can get him hard and horny again, wanting to cum, then put him on the cum-control horse and tease his cock for a while. Not let him cum. Make the fucker beg and plead to be allowed to shoot.

Oh YEAH! I love that fucking horse. Talking about fucking - I can fuck him while he's on there, and he can suck you off at the same time.

Excellent. And when we take him off that we'll get his hands cuffed behind his back and make him lick our boots and leathers all over.

Fuck yeah. Do we make him cum again?

Yes. We'll hold him between us, with our leather jackets and jeans all over his body, and I'll gag him with my gloved hand and reach round and wank him off - then make him lick his spunk off your jeans.

Oh shit I'm gonna cum, Mark.

Oh control yourself Ryan!

Who're you giving orders to? I'm as top as you are!

I know. But don't cum now - let's get this sorted.

Ok. Anyway - afterwards, we'll hood him and tie him up again and take him back to the lane in the van. He'll never know who we are or where he's been.

Oh shit... when are we gonna do this, Ryan? I'm nearly cumming just thinking about it.

Ha! You've got no control either Mark!


I say we do it tonight. I'll phone Damien and get it set up.

Go for it. Oh fuck yeah. Call him now, get him to phone Brandon and set it up, and then ring me back.

Ok. Talk to you in a while. Bye.


. . .

Damien? It's me, Mark.

Hi. Did he fall for it?

Like a brick. You all set?

Sure am mate. Poor Ryan.

Poor Ryan my arse! He's gonna love it. He nearly came when we were talking about it.

Ok. Me, Colin, and Ben will be in the lane at 7.30. Don't get there before then.

No problem. Colin's been round to get my jeans, jacket, ski mask, crash helmet and boots. Hehe - I'd love to see Ryan's face when he realizes it's not me under that lot and he's not in my playroom!

Hehe. I think this is going to be the best birthday present Ryan's ever had...