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A Conspiracy of Boys
By Hooder

A Conspiracy of Boys

Even if Jim hadn't been feeling as horny as a buck in heat, the guy leaning against the wall would have stopped him in his tracks. As it was, he froze, standing there in the middle of the pavement, drooling. He had never seen anyone dressed like that before, and the sight was going straight to his cock. The object of his lust was perhaps twenty, twenty-one years old, had jet black spiky hair, and was dressed from head to toe in studded black leather. His boots were almost up to the knee, and Jim had never seen so many straps and chrome buckles on boots before. His leather jeans were skintight, the only creases being at the back of one knee as he stood with a booted foot flat against the wall behind him. There was a kind of sheen on the leather that almost looked oily somehow. The light from the streetlamp created a bright highlight along the top of his muscular thigh in the otherwise coal-black leather. He had black fingerless leather gloves on, and his biker jacket was short, revealing a wide belt with long chrome spikes on it resting around his hips.The jacket was unzipped halfway, and beneath it muscular pecs stretched a tight white tee shirt. Jim had never seen anyone so sexy in his life. He wondered if the boy was a biker, but there was no sign of either a crash helmet or a bike nearby.

The leatherboy was eating chips thoughtfully from a cardboard tray. He seemed to be unaware that he was being watched, so Jim stepped a little closer for a better view. Jim's cock was almost bursting out of his faded jeans, and as nonchalently and slowly as possible, he hooked a thumb in a pocket so that he could squeeze it with his fingers.

"Hello," said the leatherboy, still concentrating on his chips.

Jim jumped as if he'd been caught red-handed doing something very naughty.

"I won't bite, you know." He popped a chip into his mouth and looked up, smiling, straight at Jim.

"Hello. I - er..." He ran out of steam. But if he didn't say anything he'd get nowhere with this incredibly sexy boy. "You are ... fucking amazing!" He blurted out, and instantly regretted it.

The leatherboy chuckled, but said nothing more. Jim didn't know quite how to proceed; he wasn't very experienced at picking guys up - he'd never actually tried to cruise anyone before. The pause lengthened, threatening to become embarrassing.

The boy held out the carboard box. "Want a chip?"

Jim stepped closer and took one. "Thanks. That leather gear is... fantastic!" He said in a rush. Damn! Why couldn't he control his fucking mouth at a time like this? He felt like a ten-year old.

The boy looked down at his shiny black booted legs and then back at Jim. "You into leather then?"

Jim's mouth was dry and he couldn't form words properly. He stuttered something and felt ridiculous.

"Never mind - I can tell you are." He nodded at Jim’s very obvious bulge.

Jim looked down and blushed bright red. The outline of his cock was obscenely clear in his tight jeans. Automatically he put his hands over it.

"My name's Marcus. What's yours?"


"Pleased to meet you, Jim."

"It's just that I'm not very... very good at... at..."

"Don't worry about it. I'm not going to beat you up, and I’m not going to rape you - unless you ask me nicely. Ok?"

"Ok." A few seconds went by, and then Jim realized that that had been a joke. He laughed. There was another pause, and it became obvious that Marcus was not going to do this for him, and that he'd have to say what he wanted. "Erm... I fancy you. A lot."

Marcus grinned as if at a secret joke, and popped another chip into his mouth. "Do you?" he asked, around it.

"You’re gorgeous. And that leather gear is fucking sexy. Those jeans..."

"Hmm. I like leather. And I like to wear skintight jeans that show my bulge off. Gets people interested. Makes them want to touch it. And leather gets my cock hard." He squeezed his bulge to underline the point. His cock jerked.

So did Jim's.

"Would... would you… consider... having sex with me?" That had been very difficult for him to ask.

Marcus gazed at him thoughtfully for a few moments, picking bits of potato from between his front teeth. "Well," he said at last, "it depends. You’re cute." He paused, and ate another chip. "Tell you what," he said eventually, "I'm waiting for Junior - my little brother - he's inside." He nodded his head towards the shop whose wall he was leaning on, then finished off the last chip, crumpled the box, and dropped it into the litter bin by his side. "Tell you what, Jim, why don't you take a ride home with us, and we'll see what happens?” He reached forward, took Jim’s hand, pulled him closer, and placed the hand squarely on his crotch. Jim gasped in surprise. He could feel the boy's cock, warm and hard, under the smooth, shiny black leather.

Although he could have left the hand there forever, Jim pulled it away, afraid that others would see, although there were very few people about. The feel of the leather, and the smell of Marcus - a mixture of clean, fresh soap; leather; and maleness - made up his mind for him. "Ok," he breathed.

A small group of people came out of the shop, and two of them - a woman and a younger boy - joined Marcus and Jim. Marcus made the introductions. He nodded to the kid who had a leather jacket identical to his own (but considerably smaller). His hair was cut in a short mohican, and was bright green. There was a stud in his eyebrow, and he was wearing baggy jeans that threatened to fall down at any moment. "This is Junior – my brother Alex," and then to the woman. "This is Janice, a friend. Guys, this is Jim." The woman smiled and the kid nodded cautiously. “Don’t fucking call me Junior! I’m sixteen for God’s sake!”

Marcus smiled. “Sixteen and three days. And you look about twelve.” He straightened up from the wall as the boy stuck his tongue out at him. "Ok, let's go."

Janice led the way to an enormous dark blue BMW with smoked windows, and pressed the remote. With a soft click the doors unlocked. Alex got into the back, followed by Jim, and then Marcus got in himself, closing the door with Jim between him and Alex. The smell of leather from Marcus' gear, Alex’s jacket, and the car's interior, was intoxicatingly sexy. Janice put the BMW into first and pulled smoothly out into the light traffic. The sound of the engine was barely audible from inside.

"So, you and Jim having sex?" Asked the kid.

Jim's mouth dropped, and he looked at Janice in the driving mirror - she smiled slightly, but apart from that she made no comment.

Marcus smiled. "I've told him he can have sex with me as long as he doesn't cum before I get him into my bedroom."

Alex was chewing gum. He took it out, rolled it into a ball and stuck it in his pocket. "Is he into leather then?"

Jim blinked. Surely this wasn't the kind of conversation to be having with a young teenager? And what was that about ‘as long as he didn’t cum before he got him into the bedroom’? Marcus hadn't told him that! But no problem - he had no intention of cumming for a very long time yet.

"Oh yes, he's into leather," smiled Marcus.

Alex leaned back against the headrest and closed his eyes. Within seconds he was snoring gently.

Marcus pulled Jim closer. "So," he said quietly, "what would you like to do to me when we get home - or like me to do to you?"

Jim couldn't put what he wanted to do into words. His imagination was running wild with images of bodies entwined on the bed, licking and feeling the leather boy all over. He hadn't got any further than that. "I... erm... well..."

Marcus chuckled. "Have you ever been with a guy before?"

Jim reddened. "Oh yeah," he said, hoping the nonchalence in his voice would see him through. It didn't.

"Really? How many times?"

Jim swallowed. "Once," he whispered.

"Ok. How about girls?"

Jim shook his head.

Marcus put Jim’s hand on his leather-jeaned thigh. "Do what you want for a while. Enjoy yourself." He sat back with his hands clapsed behind his head. Jim didn't know where to start or what to do. He ran his hand up and down the boy's thigh for a while and then, very tentatively, felt his crotch. He almost jumped as the cock responded to his touch through the soft leather jeans. Gaining confidence, he squeezed, and ran his fingers down to feel Marcus' balls.

Before long he was all over the boy - touching the spikes on his belt, feeling his jeans, burying his face in the boy's leather jacket, sucking the studs, thrusting a hand under it to feel his pecs and nipples. He was in heaven. And he was getting unbelievably horny.

"Janice, call in at Dave's for a few minutes before we go to my place, will you?" Marcus said.

"No problem," replied the woman. She glanced in the rear-view mirror, a small smile on her face.

They drove through the city.

Eventually the car stopped, and Marcus woke Alex up. The boy looked around, blinking. "We're at Dave's."

“Indeed we are,” said Marcus. "Do you want to come in or stay here?"

The kid extracted a mobile from his jacket. "Stay here," he mumbled.

They left him in the car and walked up the path to the house. Marcus gave three short rings on the doorbell, then went straight in, the others following.

"Marcus! Nice to see you! Come in all of you." The voice belonged to a pear-shaped man in a blue rubber catsuit. Jim's eyes were wide as they were ushered into the living room. Marcus introduced Jim and the pear-shaped man, whose name was Dave, then pointed to one of the armchairs. "Sit down," he said. Jim sat, and Janice took the setee while Marcus and Dave disappeared into the kitchen.

A few minutes later they returned, Dave bearing cups of tea. "Stand up for a minute," Marcus said to Jim. He sat in the chair, then pulled Jim back down so that the boy was sitting on him. Marcus put his booted feet around Jim's, holding them back against the sides of the chair, then grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back, holding them there.

"What are you doing?" Asked Jim, uncertain.

"You'll see," chuckled Marcus.

Dave had a slightly manic grin on his face as he knelt on the carpet between Jim's spread legs. He carefully found the zipper of the boy’s faded jeans, very slowly pulled it down, then unfastened the button at the top and worked the jeans down his hips a little. "Ah! Commando! Excellent," he chuckled as Jim's still semi-erect cock sprang out into the air. Dave inspected it for a moment, then took it into his mouth and began to suck.

Jim had no idea what this was about - then he remembered what Marcus had told the kid: "as long as he doesn't cum before I get him in my bedroom..." The bastards were trying to make him cum too soon! Marcus must have had words with Dave when they were in the kitchen. He struggled to get free, but Marcus, laughing, tightened his grip and held him helpless in the chair.

Dave's head bobbed as his mouth sucked up and down the boy's cock, the fingers of his hand tickling his balls through his jeans.

Ok, thought Jim, so it's a contest you want, is it? He knew that Dave stood no chance of making him cum like that – the sucking just wasn’t doing anything for him. He stopped struggling, and just let the man get on with it. The only thing that was in danger of making him lose it was the feeling of being held helpless by that incredibly sexy boy Marcus, and the feel of his leather jeans on the bare skin at the tops of his thighs. But as long as he concentrated on the very un-sexy man trying to suck him off, he could deal even with that.

Janice was sat with her legs crossed, smiling slightly and sipping her tea. She seemed gently amused by the goings-on, rather like an indulgent mother watching her kids doing something a little naughty, but harmless.

"Nope," said Dave eventually, "not going to work." He stood up, flexing his jaw to relieve the cramp. Marcus released Jim with another chuckle. "Drink your tea," he said.

Jim fastened his jeans up and sat on the settee next to Janice. He picked up his tea - it was cool now, but he drank it anyway. He was getting a lot more horny looking at Marcus across the coffee table than he had been while Dave had been trying to make him cum.

"Ok," said Dave, "let's go upstairs for a few minutes." He led the way, Jim and Marcus following.

The room they entered was like nothing Jim had seen before. It was a dungeon. "Strip off," said Dave cheerfully.

While Jim stripped, Dave busied himself preparing a strange-looking rubber device which lay on a large table. There was a solid black base, and attached to it was what appeared to be a large bag made out of uncoloured rubber - sort of creamy-yellow, and not quite transparent. He undid a long zip down the side, and folded the top back. "Lie down, my boy. You'll like this."

Jim got into the thing, and Dave positioned him properly, pulling the top cover over and carefully inserting a rubber tube into his mouth. "That’s so you can breathe."

Jim had no idea what this device was, but he was fairly confident it wasn't going to hurt him; and anyway if it did, he could get out with no problem. He nodded, and Dave closed the long zip.

Through the semi-transparent rubber over his face he could make out shapes, and he watched as Dave attached a tube of some kind to the bottom of the bag. A few moments later there was a whirring which sounded for all the world like a vacuum cleaner - and he opened his eyes wide in surprise as the rubber over him began to move. It seemed to shrink to the shape of his body, and then he realized that the air was being sucked out of the rubber bag. The shrinking continued until the vacuum cleaner could suck no more out, by which time the rubber was holding him down so firmly that he couldn't move a single muscle however hard he tried. For a moment he panicked - but then the vacuum cleaner was switched off, and he felt Dave's hand on his cock, through the rubber sheet.

It was a very strange feeling: he was totally helpless - which he liked a lot - but he couldn't get the image of a shrink-wrapped pork chop out of his mind. The rubber was so tightly stretched over his genitals that Dave couldn't get a proper grip on his cock, and resorted to rubbing his fingers and thumb up and down the shaft. Jim couldn't understand why he was mostly ignoring his cock-head, unless it was because his own cock wasn't so sensitive there. Had he worked gently on the head alone, he would have stood a much better chance of making the boy cum. As it was, although Jim was hard, he was in no danger of losing it.

He saw another shape come through the door. Marcus was standing where he had been all the time, watching, so this must be Janice. She stood and watched as well.

If he were honest it would have been quite nice to cum like this – even if it was being done by a pear-shaped man in an unsuitable rubber catsuit - but he was determined to hold out for the main prize: Marcus, at home, in the bedroom, with nobody else around. Although given the strange relationship all these people evidently had, he didn't even know if that was going to be possible.

The air slowly began to leak back into the rubber bag, and there was a brief discussion about whether to switch the vacuum cleaner on again for another go - but they gave up and released him.

“Well, thanks anyway Dave,” said Marcus - and then he had a thought. “Don't get dressed again just yet,” he told Jim. He took Dave to the far side of the room and spoke for a moment. Dave nodded. “Of course. I'll get it.” He went out of the room for a minute and came back holding a carrier bag.

Marcus reached into the bag and came out with something very black and very shiny. “Put that on.”

Jim took the object and held it up. It was a full-length black rubber macintosh. Unlined, the inside was almost as smooth and shiny as the outer surface. Jim had never had dealings with rubber gear before, and he was curious. He put it on, and only just managed to stop himself from breathing a sigh of ecstasy as the heavy, cold rubber slid over his naked body. His cock, which had begun to soften, instantly rose to full erection again, although the coat was loose enough to hide the fact. He buttoned it up.

"Put your hands behind your back." Marcus produced a pair of handcuffs and locked them around Jim's wrists. "Janice, would you bring Jim’s clothes please?”

She put the clothes into a carrier bag Dave handed her.

Ok, let's go. Thanks again, Dave.”

"Any time, any time," beamed the pear-shaped man. He saw them out.

The cold night air cooled the macintosh where it had begun to warm up from the heat of Jim's body, and in the few paces from the front door to the car, he almost came from the feeling of the smooth rubber gliding over his skin and his cock head. He had to get one of these.

Alex put his mobile away as they got back into the car and set off. "Did he cum?" He asked.

"No," replied Marcus with what Jim thought was a touch of peevishness.

“Ah. Ok.”

Alex stared out of the tinted window and watched the city lights going past.

“Open your legs wide,” said Marcus.

Jim did so.

“Now close them, tight.”

The rubber fell down between his legs and the feel of the cold macintosh sent electric currents of pleasure through him as he squeezed his thighs together.

Marcus placed the boy’s hand on his leather bulge again. He smiled to himself – he knew that Jim was very close to cumming.

Soon they arrived, and Janice brought the car to a stop. "Have fun, you two," she smiled.

Marcus smiled. “Thanks for the taxi service. You going to Moonshine's tomorrow?"

"No, got the vicar coming round." From the look on her face it was clear that the vicar was coming round for something other than sherry and biscuits.

"Ok. See you soon." They piled out of the car, the rubber mac doing wonderful things to Jim's nether regions. The car drove off, leaving them in relative darkness, and they followed Marcus up the short path to the front door.

Jim had never been handcuffed before, and it was strange walking with his arms behind his back. He felt vulnerable, and horny. And as he walked, the rubber raincoat was moving against his cock and his legs in the most incredibly erotic way. The sight of Marcus in that gear in front of him was wonderful: the studs gleaming on the black leather; the spiky belt low on the boys’ hips; the round, shiny black arse; his thighs in those skintight black leather jeans and those boots with straps and chrome buckles all the way up... The thought that he was going to have that beautiful, sexy boy was almost too much for him.

They got to the front door, and Marcus went up the three steps. He put down the bag with Jim’s clothes in and started searching in his pockets for his keys, while the other two waited behind him.

Then Jim felt something. A hand sneaking into one of the pockets in the rubber mac and fingers closing very gently around his cock head. The pockets weren't pockets - they were just openings in the rubber. He looked around in alarm. There was a cruel smile on Alex’s face as the the boy reached up and clamped one hand over Jim’s mouth, gagging him, and spit-slippery fingers began to wank the head of his cock quickly inside the rubber coat. He desperately tried to grab the invading hand or to get his cock away from it - but his cuffed wrists made that impossible for just long enough: two seconds later he was staggering as he began to cum – he yelled into the gagging hand, his spunk shooting out of him helplessly into the black rubber under the efficiently and irresistibly milking fingers of the young punk.

"Mmmmph!!!!!!" Jim's knees gave way in the throes of orgasm, but – still gagging him - the boy sadistically followed him down as he sank to the ground; relentlessly working on his cock until the last drop of Jim’s spunk was running over the inside of the shiny rubber and his balls were completely drained.

When he had finished cumming, he saw Marcus had turned round and was watching him. There was a grin on his face. "So near and yet so far," he said.

He gave his little brother a wink.