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Installation / instruction manual

Thank you for your purchase. The AV-2700 range is the most advanced, cutting-edge SE system available, and incorporates features found on no other machines of this type. We at AV Industries are sure that whichever model you have chosen, it will be a successful, popular, and remunerative addition to your facility or venue.

Each of the 2700 range of machines is guaranteed for 5 years, with many parts guaranteed for 10 years. Further product insurance may be purchased separately. The following guide applies to the 3-bay, 4-bay, 5-bay, and 6-bay versions.

Setting Up

Each bay requires a space of 1m width, 2.2m height, and 1.5m depth. The units must be placed on a level floor and anchored in position with the ground bolts supplied (4x per bay). Locking clamps are provided on the right-hand sides of the bay units for the connection of additional bays.

When the master unit has been placed, position additional bays in a line to its right, connect each to the previous one with the USB2.0 ports [a] on the rear surface (1 cable supplied per bay), and plug the bay’s power cable into the socket on the rear of the previous bay.

Connect the master unit plug to a convenient 240v A/C mains electricity supply. Once connected correctly, the green power indicator [b] will light. If this indicator does not light, check connections.

Admin Controls

The master unit (always the first bay) incorporates the control panel, situated behind the hinged door [c] which is secured with a lock. 2 swipe keys [d] are provided per machine.

Switch [e] operates the bay lights on all of the units. These lights are positioned to provide flattering illumination for the donors, enhancing musculature. Replacement bulbs are type 4Ca.

Keypad [f] is used to enter the price per service, as follows:

1. Press BAY

2. Press the number of the bay concerned.

3. Enter the cost to the client per service, in the format £££/pp.

4. Press ENTER to register that bay.

5. Depress catch [g] and pull the whole of the front transparent part of the bay forwards to open.

6. Attach optional devices following the instructions in the OPTIONAL EXTRAS section below.

Repeat for other bays.

Note: Service price for a bay may also be set from the staff Wi-Fi control station, and if this is done, the price that was set on that bay’s own keyboard will be over-ridden. The change may be temporary – just for that session – or permanent. See STAFF Wi-Fi STATION below, and also the separate AV-2700 Staff Wi-Fi Control Station Instruction Guide for full details.

Loading the bay with a donor

1. Insert the donor’s wrists into restraints [j], and press the WRIST LOCK button [k]. The restraints will lock.

2. Insert the donor’s ankles into restraints [l] and press the ANKLE LOCK button [m]. The restraints will lock.

3. Ensure the donor’s head is firmly positioned in the head restraint and fasten the restraining strap over his forehead comfortably, but tightly.

3. Ensure the donor’s hips are pressed well back against the padded pelvis rest and press the PELVIS LOCK button. The pelvis restraint will emerge, travel across the donor’s body, and lock in place. Monitored backward tension will be applied to render the pelvis immobile.

4. Press the P STIM button (below the PELVIS LOCK button). The prostate stimulator will be inserted automatically. (Ensure always that the level of lube in the reservoir [n] is above the white line).

5. Attach the biofeedback monitor [q] to the centre of the donor’s perineum by peeling the protective tape off the flat side and pressing it firmly in position. (A pack of 100 spare adhesive pads is provided. For more, order part no: SV-2700-qa).

6. Close the front of the bay and ensure that the catch [g] engages.

Note: Health and safety reg HS2100/6 stipulates that a donor may not be kept in a bay for longer than 6 hours at any one time. The AV-2700 has, however, been designed to provide an extremely comfortable resting position for the donor, and so the full 6 hours may be used without concern.

7. When the donor has been positioned and the bay door closed, attach the transparent dome to its hinges on the front of the smaller door [p], over the aperture in the plexiglass, and close it. This dome will prevent unauthorised access to the donor’s genitals.

8. Depress catch [o] and open the smaller clear plexiglass door [p]. Pull the donor’s genitals forwards past the red line. While holding them there, press the CLOSE button (on right). The semi-circular, edge-padded, transparent trap doors will close around the base of the scrotum, holding the genitals in position, and rendering them impossible for the donor to withdraw.

At this point it must be decided whether to allow your clients manual access and milking at this bay, or fully automatic.

Setting a bay for Manual Milking

Close the plexiglass door [p], ensuring the catch engages.

On the admin control panel, press MANUAL. The dome will close and lock against the plexiglass door automatically, and the MANUAL indicator [r1] will light.

The prostate stimulator will be energised at low level. This will encourage the donor’s penis to harden quickly.

Close and lock the admin control panel. (but see Recovery Mode below). All locks on the bay doors will secure.

The bay is now ready for use in manual milking mode.

Repeat the above procedure for other bays you wish to be set to manual milking.

Setting a bay for Automatic Milking

On the control panel, press AUTO. The AUTO indicator [r2] will light.

Low-level prostate stimulation will begin. When the donor’s penis is fully erect, reach through the aperture, carefully pull the extraction unit up from the base and push it slowly over the erection. Press VACUUM (to the right of the extraction unit tube). The unit will settle in position firmly.

Close the plexiglass door [p], ensuring the catch engages. The dome will close and lock automatically against it.

Close and lock the admin control panel. (but see Recovery Mode below). All locks on the bay doors will secure.

The bay is now ready for use in automatic milking mode.

Repeat the above procedure for other bays you wish to be set to automatic milking.


Client use in manual milking mode

When the client triggers the contactless card reader successfully, the AVAILABLE indicator will change to IN USE, the client controls will light, and the transparent dome will open fully. Access to the donor’s genitals is now possible, and manual milking may begin. The Staff Wi-fi Control Station will be alerted that the bay is in use, and data about the bay’s current client settings, and the start time, will be transmitted.

A pack of 100 semen collection vials is provided. 20 of these may be stored in the convenient dispenser on the front fascia. For more vials, order part no: SV-2700-v.

If the nipple or testicle stimulators are fitted to a bay, the options to use them will be available to the client, on the front control panel. The prostate stimulation is not controllable by the client. The nipple stimulator arms feature tiny cameras near the clamps, which will detect the position of the donor’s nipples accurately when the arms move into position.

When the monitor has detected that the donor has ejaculated, the prostate stimulation will stop, a red alert indicator [s] on the top of the machine will light and a chime will sound. Also a program-completed signal will be sent to the staff’s Wi-Fi control station. The client will see a visual timer [t] begin to count down. After 30 seconds the transparent dome will close and lock.

Staff should ensure that a client does not impede the closing of the dome.

After a further 10 seconds the alert and the chime will stop, and the unit will switch to recovery mode.

Client use in automatic milking mode

The procedure is the same as for manual milking with the following differences:

The transparent dome will remain closed and locked.

The client may select one of three extraction times from the display buttons on the front of the machine. These times are set by default at:

FAST 1 min
MEDIUM 10 min
SLOW 20 min

but these may be adjusted from the Staff Wi-Fi Control Station:

  From To
FAST 30 sec 2 min
MEDIUM 2 min 15 min
SLOW 15 min 30 min

The times set will appear on the display buttons so that the client may select a duration. Once the contactless card reader has been triggered successfully the times may no longer be changed by the client.

For reasons of donor safety, FAST may not be less than 30 seconds. See the separate AV-2700 Staff Wi-Fi Control Station Instruction Guide for full details.

The extraction unit, the prostate stimulator, and the nipple / testicle stimulators (if used) will begin a computer-designed cycle to bring the donor steadily closer to orgasm, forcing him to ejaculate in approximately the time selected. State of the art monitoring will ensure that whether the optional extras are in use or not - and however variable the donor’s responses to the stimulation is - the selected extraction time will be achieved quite accurately (usually ± 5 seconds).

When the monitor has detected that the donor has ejaculated, the prostate stimulation will stop, and the collected semen will be delivered to the outlet spout, below which should be placed a semen collection vial.

A pack of 100 semen collection vials is provided. For more, order part no: SV-2700-v).

Spills will run into the excess reservoir below the draining mesh on which the vial rests. This reservoir must be emptied and cleaned regularly .

The machine will signal completion and enter recovery mode as described in Manual milking mode above.

Recovery Mode

The recovery mode is designed to allow the donor to recover from ejaculation. The time period may be changed when setting up by pressing REC MODE on the bay’s admin control panel, and then the + or – keys to change the period by increments of 1 minute. The minimum is 10 minutes.

When the recovery period is over, the AVAILABLE indicator will light, prostate stimulation will re-commence, and the unit will be useable again.

Optional Extras

Blindfold (Order part SV-2700-bf). This optional attachment is used to protect the anonymity of the client if requested, and/or to put the donor into a head space of helplessness. It may be connected by pushing the unit into the round locating holes at the sides of the head restraint until it engages with a click. Its normal position is up. If a client requests anonymity, the member of staff may deploy a bay’s blindfold from the Wi-Fi control station. This will cause the leather blindfold to lower, and then to move back until it presses against the donor’s face, making it impossible for him to see or to identify the client even before he or she arrives at the bay. The device has been designed to allow the client to see as much of the donor’s face as possible – so that his reactions may be monitored and/or enjoyed - while still providing complete anonymity for the client. If such anonymity has not been requested, the blindfold may still be employed for recreational use at any time by the client, by pressing the relevant button on the client control panel.

The attachment may be removed by pulling both sides forward firmly and simultaneously.

Hood (Order part SV-2700-hd). The optional hood attachment is positioned in the tops of the vertical slots to the outside of, and above, the head restraint. Push both sides in together until a definite click is felt and it locks in place. The unit is a half-hood, consisting of a stretchy, shiny, leather-like material. Breathing holes are provided. When activated for client anonymity from the staff Wi-Fi control station - or for recreational use by the HOOD button on the client controls - the device will lower, and then move back so that it presses very tightly over all of the donor’s face. This induces intense feelings of helplessness and humiliation, as it is designed both to gag and blindfold the donor very effectively, and will cause most donors to ejaculate more quickly. The software monitoring will detect this, and cause the MEDIUM and SLOW cycles each to build up more gradually to compensate. In most cases the resulting ejaculation times are similar to use without the hood attachment. The FAST option is not changed, however, and will probably cause ejaculation in much less than 30 seconds (particularly if the testicle / nipple stimulators are also used).

The attachment may be removed by pulling both sides forward firmly and simultaneously.

Testicle Stimulator (Order part SV-2700-ts). This unit consists of a mobile set of soft rubber fronds that rotate and move to tease the testicles. Its use will encourage most donors to reach orgasm much more quickly. To attach, push the unit into the its receptacle [i] in the angled part of the pelvic rest (lower centre) with the white arrow pointing upwards, until the edges of the fronds are level with the padded surface.

Nipple Stimulator (Order part SV-2700-ns).

Rubber-covered clamps which grip, turn and roll the nipple are monitored closely by the software, and stimulation of appropriate intensity for the individual donor is applied in intelligent and unpredictable patterns.

Push the nipple stimulator arms into the marked holes at either side [h1, h2] and position them pointing straight downwards. Carefully wipe the lenses of the small dot cameras directly above the articulated clamps occasionally.

Edging Mode This is an optional software extra which may be added at the factory when the AV-2700 is ordered. Its use is confined to recreational venues, rather than normal semen-collection facilities.

Setting a bay to edging mode must be carried out at the staff Wi-Fi Control Station.

Use is the same as Automatic Milking mode, but the software does not allow the donor to ejaculate. Instead, the computer-designed stimulation and monitoring system will bring him close to the point of orgasm, hold him there for the longest period that the software decides is safe for that individual donor, then all stimulation will stop abruptly and completely for another computer-determined number of seconds to allow partial recovery, and to force the donor to back away from the point of orgasm, before repeating the cycle. This will continue indefinitely, until the client presses either the CUM button to allow ejaculation, or the ABORT button to end the stimulation. Either of these will complete the machine’s program and move it into Recovery Mode.

The timing of this program is determined by the advanced software, which uses constant microsecond-polling of the biofeedback monitor to tailor the hold and recovery times in order to produce the most excruciating need for orgasm – and the most intensely acute frustration - as possible, in each individual donor.

When Edging Mode is set by a staff member, a special service price may be entered by him. If this is done, it will override any service price already set on a bay.


Although the AV-2700 has intelligent monitoring systems, and will alert the staff Wi-Fi control station if the donor’s heart rate or blood pressure look like they may move into a danger zone, a member of staff MUST monitor the feedback screen continuously during edging use.

The AV-2700 edging mode software is designed to monitor a donor and to use his responses to modify its stimulation at microsecond intervals. This means that he will be held increasingly close to the point of orgasm with each cycle, until the point is reached at which the software determines that no further advance may be made without danger of allowing the donor to ejaculate. This is much closer than any human edger would normally be able to achieve. Consequently, donors may suffer psychological damage if subjected to edging mode often, or for long periods. We would recommend that a donor is subjected to Edging Mode for no longer than two hours per session, and no more often than twice in one day.

Staff Wi-Fi Control Station

This free-standing unit is shipped with the first (master) bay purchased. It consists of a feedback screen which will automatically detect the number of bays in use and split-screen their data. Below this screen is a keyboard from which may be entered an over-riding service price for a bay (temporary or permanent), and deploy the blindfold or the hood (if purchased) for the purposes of client anonymity. Edging Mode is also set from this station. Other data, including the lube level in a bay, statistics and times, program progress, and other information, is also displayed. See the separate AV-2700 Staff Wi-Fi Control Station Instruction Guide for full details. The station is finished in the same colour scheme as the bays.

The shipping package has protected your new AV-2700. All utilised materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable. Please contribute to a better environment by disposing of packaging materials in an environmentally conscious manner. Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local council about current means of disposal.

Do not let children play with packaging and associated parts. Risk of choking on plastic film and collapsible cardboard boxes.



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