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Psych Diary
By Hooder

Psych Diary

Transcript of sound file: Xinang Gu - 4E/772/03/21

[Recorder on – 09:33]

Is this recording?

[Noises of microphone being moved on clothing]

Hello? One. Two.

[Recorder off]

[Recorder on – 09:34]

Seems to be. Okay. It’s time for the yearly one-day sound diary for the Company’s shrink. I hate doing these. And what do they do with the recordings? Is there a room somewhere full of the things?

Okay. It’s… oh nine thirty four and I had a lie-in. I only have one session today, and that isn’t until eleven hundred. Shower time.

[Clothing noises, bump, water running]

Gah! Damn!

[Sound of rapid scuffling]

‘Express your feelings and thoughts’ the Psychologist says. All right, I’ll express my feelings and thoughts: the plumbing in this fucking flat needs seeing to. Every time the guy upstairs turns his cold tap on my shower goes hot enough to boil a lobster.

2nd voice, distant. [Wife Joanne] What’s up Gu?

Fucking water tried to boil me again.

2: You should tell them at work.

Again. Yeah. It’ll get done sometime. You off?

2: Yep.

[footsteps approach]

2: Have a good day. You can tell me all about it tonight.

[sound of kissing]

You bet. You too, Jo. Love you.

2: Love you too.

[Footsteps recede]

[Recorder off]

[Recorder on – 9:59]

Had a shower and breakfast – cereal, toast and marmalade, coffee one cup, black. Just remembered, I’m not supposed to turn this recorder thing off at all. Sorry. Going to be fun listening for the next half hour while I’m on the way to work in the car.

[Car. Radio (Trance music)]

[Car parks. Footsteps.]

I’m inserting my key card. Door is opening. How much detail do you want on this? I’ve no idea.

Walking down corridor A5. Into lift. Going down. -1... -2... -3.

Walking down corridor C2. Key card. Through turnstile… Key card… Into Ready Room. Why do they call it that? That’s a naval term.

Hi Peter.

2nd voice: Hi Gu.

Any coffee?

2: Just made some. Help yourself.

Cheers mate.

Sitting with my coffee. Reading ‘Practical Gardening’. Who chooses these mags? Why can’t we have something interesting?

2: Who you talking to, Gu? Oh – you doing a psych diary? I can see your mic.


2: [laughing] Well good luck with that.

Bloody things. Hate them. Sorry, shrink.

2: See you later.

Ok Peter. Have a good one.

It’s… ten forty-five. Time to get ready.

[Sounds: footsteps, locker opening, clothing noises, mic being transferred]

Looking in the mirror. Funny thing – I used to get embarassed when I put the gear on. All this black leather, the boots, and the mask. But now I’m sort-of into it. Very, actually. Here’s something for you, shrink: I bought myself a pair of skin-tight black leather jeans last week. Wearing them makes me feel horny. Joanne loves me in them too – says they make me look ‘sexually dangerous’. Does that mean more therapy?

Ok. All set. Waiting for the blue light.

[Sound: ding]

There it is. Immaculate timing. Wonder who the subject is this time. Hope he’s sexy. Makes work a lot more interesting.

[Sound: door opening, footsteps, door closing]

Ah. Very nice. Early twenties, six-pack, strong thighs, nice skin. Curly brown hair. Good-looking. I see the prostate plug is in and he has the big headphones on, so I’ll be able to carry on talking to you, shrink. The interro boys’ll have a mic they can talk to him through. I wonder why he’s in here. Who he is, what he’s done. I’ll never find out. Never do. That’s lack of closure for you, shrink. You should consider that. He looks powerful, he’s got muscles – I hope the restraints are strong enough. Still, they don’t do things by halves in this place – the straps could hold a rhinocerous. Check… biofeedback sensors applied Ok…, plug switched off for now.

Right, better get started.

[Sounds: items being moved around, small table rolled along, stool dragged across floor, nitrile gloves snapped on]

Ok. First thing is to find out how his cock responds, and to what.

Good. Lube is effective. The head seems to be most responsive. First signs of beginning erection. He’s started to struggle and yell.

‘Express your feelings and thoughts’. Oh yes. Ok. Well, I’m an edger, and it’s my job to get a subject horny. To make him need to cum. To make him need to cum very, very much indeed, in fact, so that his need for orgasm can be used as a motivation for the interrogaters. Since the Company took the new rules and regulations about ‘extreme interrogation techniques’ on board a while ago the thumbscrews and the red-hot pliers are out (well, mostly), and edging is in. Good news for guys like me.

I didn’t believe it when they recruited me. Edging as a torture? Still, the subject doesn’t get damaged – well, at least not physically, though who knows about the psychological effects? – and it works. At any rate the Company is happy with the results, it seems. And I know I’m very good at it – the Company wouldn’t employ me if I wasn’t. A couple of years ago I was just a guy who loved edging victims at home on the bed. For some reason, although I’m straight, I’ve always had a fetish for edging other guys. This may well be because I know I’d go insane if it were done to me. It was once. Never – ever – again.

Joanne freaked out when she first found out about this fetish of mine, but then, after she’d thought about it for a while, she decided it might be fun to watch, and now she watches every time at home. Can’t get enough of it. She knew I was straight, so it didn’t threaten our relationship, but that I just had this talent for edging guys. Turned out that was absolutely fine with her. I get my victims off the net – and there are lots of regulars. Anyway, I must have got a bit of a rep, word must have got around ‘cos suddenly I was being interviewed by men in Dark Suits. Joanne thought that was brilliant. The idea of me working for the Company. Then here I am. And, shrink, I fucking love my work; I love making victims need to cum as desperately as I possibly can, and I love even more making very sure they can’t. I love to see them struggling and hear them begging. And it’s made sex with Jo a lot better. Does that make me a bad person?

Sometimes I have to do the exact opposite: I have to make a guy cum over and over until he’s dry and then carry on doing it – again and again and again. I’m also very good at doing that. It’s not so much fun for me, but with some victims that’s the way to get results – and hey, you take the ups with the downs.

So, how are we doing with this one? It’s funny – I’m so used to edging guys that I don’t even really have to think about the early stages any more: I can get a victim hard and needing to cum almost on autopilot. Ha! Privately, I still call subjects ‘victims’. I’ve got into trouble about that before now. Sorry, shrink.

Ah, I see he’s fully erect and leaking precum. He’s been giving the restraints a good workout, but they’re fine. Another thing – I no longer really hear the swearing and the shouting. But now I’m going to have to start concentrating. I’m checking the BF – the biofeedback monitor – he’s at -1.2. That’s already close. If I let him cum there will be hell to pay. I have to set the prostate stimulation program and level now, so I let back him off a bit to -1.7 and switch the plug on at its lowest setting. Up a little, slowly… Watching his face and his movements. He’s conscious there’s something happening down there now… Oh yes… Oh yes… Looking from him to the monitors… There, that’s good. He’s come back up a little but he’s not getting any closer now. Steady at -1.5. Good. That’ll do for now. I think that’s it – yes. Time to get the interro boys in and to start with the feathers.

[Sounds: button being pushed. Pause. Door opening and closing. Footsteps.]

2nd Voice: Hiya. He’s ready?


[Transcript note: Interrogation dialogue redacted. Comments only.]

[Voice very quiet] If I whisper I can continue this diary while they’re interrogating him. Subject is very close to orgasm: -0.8 on the monitor. He’s been circumcised, and a number six feather seems to be most effective with slow strokes on the glans.

-0.6 now. He went to -0.4 briefly, but came back Ok. In the main, this subject seems to be nicely controllable. The questioning causes him to back off as far as -1.3, or sometimes even -1.5, but then he returns quickly. I’m concerned that when he’s closer than -0.5 his level can vary a bit erratically. Rapid fluctuation like that is not uncommon, but this subject seems to be displaying it more markedly than most. I will have to be very careful.

The principal interrogator has reached more sensitive material and the subject is beginning to resist more. I’ve been asked to get him closer. The interro knows that this will be dangerous, but I have to try. As well as the BF I’m keeping a close eye on the Blood Pressure and the ECG monitors – both for the subject’s health and also because they can sometimes give a warning of impending orgasm themselves. The biofeedback system is not infallible, though it usually gives the most precise indication of his level. Every minute or so I have to allow the subject to recover a little – take him back further than -1.5 – and I signal to the interros that I’m doing that. They have to pause until I judge it’s safe to start bringing him closer again.

Excellent. I got him to around -0.3 at one point, and they seemed to be satisfied with his answers. -0.3 is very close indeed. 0.0 is orgasm. The interrogators always have to keep returning the subject’s mind to their questions – victims get so desperate to cum that that’s all they can think about. The interros have to separate the pleading and begging from the answers.

Feelings and thoughts. Ok. I once briefly considered taking the training and becoming an interrogator, but it’s a completely different set of skills and I love what I do so much that I didn’t consider it for long. I get very horny during a session. I’m a sadist. There you are, shrink – I admit it quite openly. I think you have to be to do this job effectively. Making a victim suffer – all right, torturing him - bymaking him need to cum so desperately that it can be used as an interrogation technique, is something that turns me on like nothing else. I love it when I’m asked to get one closer still. I think the reason I’m so good at edging is a combination of pride in my skill, and also that extreme sadism. The closer I get a victim the more I get off on it. I can usually control myself, but on more than one occasion, when I’ve been able to keep a victim particularly close, I’ve cum during an interrogation. These leather jeans don’t help either – at least recently: leather seems to be turning me on more and more these days. If I let myself cum during a session it’s a very bad thing – it reduces the sadism a lot – but I’ve learned to carry on, and very soon it comes back as I start to get horny again.

Whoah, his BP is high. I’m signalling to the interros and taking him down to -1.6. He got to -0.2 just then, and that is dangerously close. I’m going to have to stop talking for a while and concentrate.

Excellent! In the last five minutes I managed to get this boy to -0.1 and hold him there for a good twenty seconds! That is very rare indeed – but when a victim is at that point he’ll do anything to be able to cum.He gave them everything they wanted. A good session indeed.

He’s still struggling like fuck and I’m no longer even touching him. Whether a victim is allowed to cum or not after the interrogation is over depends on several things: if another session is going to be needed; why he’s there; how co-operative he’s been, stuff like that. The interros give me a nod or a head shake before they leave, to let me know. This time it’s a nod. Good.

[ Sounds: footsteps, door opening, door closing.]

Ok. I’m on my own with him now. Let’s get this boy back up the scale, but slowly. He’s at -0.4 at the moment. I’ll use the tissue again – I was using that when I got him to -0.1 earlier.

-0.3… -0.2… -0.1… Let’s hold him there for a moment… I’m using just the corner of the thin tissue right on the very centre of his frenulum, barely touching, tiny, tiny strokes- he’s struggling like a mad man. And begging so much... Oh fuck yes! My cock’s almost bursting out of my fucking jeans…

-0.05! Wow! YES! This is unusually good. Can’t keep him there much longer, his BP is dangerously high… I’ve very rarely been able to hold anyone at that before.

One more stroke...

Oh FUCK! I drop the tissue, grab his cock and wank it with my lubed rubber glove. The boy and I are……..both CUMMING!!! …..Oh FUCK FUCK FUCK!!…. YEAH!!… OH SHIT!! His... body is... shaking – and... so is mine.

I milked every drop out of him. And my leather jeans milked every drop out of me.

[Sounds: very rapid breathing.]

They’re going to need cleaning. Again.

[Pause. Sounds: footsteps. Door opening. Door closing.]

I’ve had a shower, got changed, spent fifteen minutes cleaning the spunk out of my leathers (note to self: ask the Company about putting a second layer of thin leather in the front of the jeans. Would make them a lot easier to clean if it was shiny-side in – and it would feel fucking amazing too). Now I’m resting in the Ready Room. Ten minutes here and then home. Joanne won’t be back until sixteen hundred, so I’ll be able to surf the net for a while, possibly look for some new home victims. Then I’ll get dinner ready. Looking forward to fucking Jo tonight - after that session I suspect it will be a good one.

[Transcript note: resumes at 23:05]

Mmmm… I feel good.

2nd Voice [Joanne]: Mmm... Me too. It’s a shame you can’t take videos of your sessions at work. Especially the one today.

Yeah I know. [Sound: sigh, body turning over in bed]

You look lovely tonight.

Thank you. What sessions have you got on tomorrow?

Two. First at mid-day, then another at 4.

Ok. I’ll do dinner for 6 o’clock. Then we could go to the pictures if you want.

God – haven’t been to the cinema for years.

Make a nice change.

Yes, it will. Ok, sleep time.

Are you going to switch that bloody recorder off?

Oh yes. [Pause] And shrink, just so you know, I love my work.

[Sounds: bump and thump. Scratching.]

[Recorder off]