The Telemachus Story Archive

The Arrangement
By Hooder

[ The Arrangement ]

William shifted the parcel under his arm to a more comfortable position. He’d always thought that impulse buying was something that he wasn’t susceptible to - if he bought something it was because he’d thought about it first, and then set out to buy it – but that shop “Bizarre Bits” had only appeared this last week and it was full of Interesting Things. He walked home happily humming a tune he’d heard on the radio that morning.

He put the object on the table and turned it around slowly. The lamp looked like something from a kids’ pantomime: it was made of a single piece of brass (at least he thought it was a single piece – he couldn’t see any joins anywhere), it had a vaguely elliptical body, a round handle at one end and a long, slightly curved spout at the other. There were strange runic designs on its sides. But it was much more substantial than a stage prop; this thing looked real, and it was heavy. There was a small lid. He lifted it, peered inside for a moment, then put it back, wondering how the hell anyone could use it as a lamp; he assumed a wick of some sort must go down the spout. He smiled. He liked this lamp - for some reason it gave him a great deal of pleasure.

He knew he would have to do it at some point – with a lamp that looked this theatrical it was mandatory - so it may as well be now. Taking a cloth he’d got out for the purpose, he rubbed the side of the lamp, then peered down the spout for any signs of a genie. He chuckled; of course he’d been expecting nothing to happen, and he wasn’t disappointed – the only change was that there was a patch of marginally brighter brass where he’d rubbed it.

He set it back on the wooden surface and sat down. Yes, he thought, it looked good there on the little table. He was pleased he’d bought it; if nothing else it would at least be a conversation piece.

William had nothing planned for the rest if the day, so an evening of mindless TV was called for. He fetched a bottle of beer from the kitchen and was reaching for the remote control when there was a minor earthquake. Unusual as earthquakes were in rural England, the fact that this one appeared to be confined to the small table made it even more remarkable. He dropped the remote control in surprise, and watched as the lamp appeared to go through assorted contortions as if it were made of rubber. It lengthened , then shortened and fattened, and finally a bulge appeared in the spout, and travelled at high speed up the length of it.

“Sorry, I was on the loo.” A real, bona fide genie complete with beard, strange hat, intricate gold tunic and curly-toed shoes had materialised by the sideboard. He was wearing sunglasses.

William stared, open-mouthed. “Well fuck me...”, he said.

* * *

Later – much later – William was sat next to the genie on the settee smoking cigarettes, shifting uncomfortably; his arse hurt. “So I suppose I’ve used one of my three wishes, then.”

“Oh no,” the genie was smiling. “There’s no limit. You can have as many as you like. I’m not one of those cheap three-wish ones. I’m the real deal.”

I can have as many wishes as I want?”

The genie nodded. “Yep.”

William thought about this for a while. “What’s the catch?”

“Catch? There’s no catch. Clearly I can’t do everything – but unless your wishes involve moving planets around, I can grant them.”

“And I won’t have to sell my soul or anything?”

The genie looked slightly insulted. “No, no. Nothing like that. There’s no price to pay.”

“Where did you come from?”

“From the lamp. It’s a bit cramped in there, and the plumbing’s a bit erratic, but I have everything I need. I’m a lot smaller when I’m in there, you understand.”

“No, I mean who put you in there in the first place?”

“Oh. I’ve always been in there. This is the first time I’ve ever been out, actually – and it’s bright. Hence the sunglasses. A small number of these lamps were made as presents for guests at a coronation. Princess Ananka had them done. She thought it would make a change from giving people tombs.”

William was silent for a while. This was a lot to think about. When he focussed again he found himself looking at a poster on his wall – it was of a guy he’d fancied like crazy for years: a heavy-metal singer named Skunk. An idea occurred to him. “Can you change your appearance if I wanted you to?”


William nodded at the poster. “Can you look like him?”

There were no flashes, no smoke, no special effects at all – nothing. But suddenly, sitting next to him on the settee was Skunk, complete with ripped tee shirt, muscles, studs, boots, and skintight black leather jeans. William swallowed. He reached out a tentative hand and touched the shiny leather thigh. It was real. Oh fuck, it was real. “I -” He tried again. “I suppose you’re straight...”

“Listen, William. You haven’t quite grasped the principle here. I exist for your gratification. I can be anything you want me to be. Straight, gay, bi, anything. Whatever you want.” The genie smiled again. “Can I have another cigarette?”


* * *

William had rarely had an orgasm as intense that that one had been. He had licked Skunk all over, kissed him, chewed his cock through his leather jeans, given him an industrial-strength blowjob, and moaned in pleasure as the rocker had ravaged his unresisting body while somehow – he was slightly unsure how Skunk had physically managed this – sucking him off at the same time. This time, mercifully, the genie’s cock had been of more human proportions. It had all been quite wonderful.

In just a few short days William’s life changed beyond recognition: he had a red Lambourghini, a million pounds in notes in a case in the bedroom, a state-of-the-art sound and TV system, and a new fridge full of the best beers he could find. He’d even booked a man to come and service his boiler.

William told himself to slow down. He had never really had expensive tastes, and he couldn’t think of anything else he really needed, or even wanted. Sex with Skunk-genie was wonderful.

The days passed, and after a while William began to feel restless. Skunk was still brilliant in bed, but it was all becoming a bit limited somehow. William began to feel the need for more interesting sex, but he didn’t quite know what.

“Hmm. Well, if you ask me to make suggestions, I will.” The one thing about this Skunk that was not at all accurate was his voice. The real Skunk had bad grammar and a thick Birmingham accent where this one still spoke like the original genie had – in perfect English.

“No, I don’t want to hear suggestions. I want you to do them. Things you think I would get off on.”

“Oh.” Skunk thought for a while. “Ok,” he said.

The genie had remodelled the bedroom. Possibly the most eye-catching change was the fourteenth-century rack in the middle of the floor. It looked like something straight out of the Spanish Inquisition. “Strip, and get on,” said Skunk.

William looked at the device uncertainly. “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

Skunk smiled sweetly. “Only if you ask me nicely.”

He took his clothes off and climbed on. The wood was cold against his bare skin. Skunk attached iron cuffs around his ankles and wrists, and turned the wheel slowly. The heavy ratchet made a worrying clunking noise.

The restraints were just beginning to pull slightly when Skunk stopped. William was stretched out flat, unable to move much at all.

“Hmm,” Said Skunk, “I don’t think I look quite right for this...” Suddenly he wasn’t Skunk any more. William shrieked – a horned demon stood looking down at him. It had dark red fur, the most evil eyes William had ever seen, and talons.

“No! Fuck no!”

The demon frowned. “Too much?”

William was nodding violently. “Too much.”

“How about…. this?”

The demon had gone, replaced by a medieval torturer in studded black leathers, complete with hood.

“Still worrying – but better. Bit more muscular, if you can… make your mask tighter. Leather jeans much tighter - and more shiny. Bigger boots… More studs.”

The genie made the adjustments before William’s eyes.

“And a bigger bulge.”

The shiny black leather at the torturer’s crotch expanded and took on more shape.


The genie sighed, but did as the boy asked.

“Ooooooh yeah...” William purred, looking the torturer up and down. Now that was horny. He wanted to lick him all over. And his cock was hard.

“Ok, but I’m going to keep the talons.” Claws grew back on his hands. “Now, relax.” The genie climbed onto the rack and sat astride William’s thighs. He leaned forward and, with a smooth motion, raked his talons lightly down the boy’s body from his armpits to his hips.

William closed his eyes and moaned. “Oh fuck yeah. Do that again.”

The genie complied. “I’m not sure you should be telling me what to do. It’s not authentic.” A leather gag appeared in his hands and he fastened it onto William in spite of the boy’s protests.

The claws raked again. This time they lingered around the boy’s nipples and tweaked. Seeing a satisfactory reaction to this, the genie marked ‘tits’ on a mental checklist, and went on to explore other areas and techniques.

This went on for some time. When the genie finally got to the boy’s cock he settled down for some comprehensive experimentation, at the end of which he knew precisely what got the boy going and what did not. It was clear that William was extremely cock-centric – other parts of his body were erotic, but it seemed that his cock - especially the head - was the way to his soul.

For most of that night the genie worked mainly on the boy’s cock. He teased it and tickled it lightly with his talons, sucked it with hot, moist lips through the black leather torturer’s mask. And he also paid much attention to William’s balls – they were extremely responsive to light touches, and it seemed that encircling and gripping beneath them - at the very root of the boy’s cock – and pulling everything away from his body, made both his balls and his cock much more responsive. To William, it just felt unbelievably horny.

The next day, the genie had come prepared. After an hour of general teasing, he picked up a wooden apparatus from the floor. It seemed to fit onto the rack as if it had been made for it. The device looked like a small pair of stocks, but with just one hole. The wooden board was split lengthwise into two, and the two halves of the hole had rounded and smoothed edges. He carefully positioned William’s cock and balls through the hole, and slid the wooden part down to lock them there. Then he adjusted the height of the boards from the rack so that the genitals were pulled gently but firmly away from his body. Just how, he knew, turned the boy on most.

The genie nodded. This looked promising.

William moaned. The new device was making his cock and balls feel incredibly vulnerable – and very very horny. They stuck out almost as if they were separated from his body. The genie’s talons were absent on this occasion; his fingers were now encased in skintight, thin, black leather gloves. William thought they went well with the rest of the leather gear – and a shudder of pleasure ran through him imagining what those fingers could do to him, helpless as he was on the rack.

He watched as the genie produced a single feather, twirled it for a moment while laughing evilly (he did worryingly good evil laughter), and then ran it up the length of the boy’s cock shaft.

Oh fuck! That felt amazing! The feather returned, and began teasing lightly up and down his cock. Every time it stroked over the head he gasped and found himself trying to hump his pelvis, but his position on the rack and the presence of the boards made that quite impossible.

The genie tapped his teeth with the horny end of the feather, thinking. “We can make further improvements.” He reached down again and came up holding a black leather blindfold.


The leather came down over his eyes and the lights went out. He suddenly felt ten times more vulnerable and helpless.

“Aaaggghh!” The feather was back on his cock – and moments later another one was tickling the sole of his left foot. Then a third went to work on the other foot, and a fourth and fifth joined them, working on his armpits… How the hell was he doing that? Another one began to tease his balls. William thought that it was probably a good thing that he couldn’t see anything as this genie clearly had half a dozen arms at the moment.

The feathers continued – and William felt the genie getting onto the rack again. Hands removed his gag, and the bulging leather crotch was forced over his mouth. He licked the leather, feeling the hard cock pushing against him through it. And all the time the feathers teased and caressed his most erotic spots.

This was all too much – William was on the verge of cumming. Another few strokes and he would shoot.

But the genie had other ideas. He stopped.

William wailed into the leather – he was so fucking close! Were it not for the cock bulge gagging him he would have ordered the genie to make him cum there and then. But he couldn’t get a word out.

William’s reaction to this fascinated the genie. He brought William close to cumming and then stopped, watching carefully as the boy struggled to make himself cum. This was very interesting, so he did it again. And again. And over and over again. The boy was delerious with the need to cum. This, thought the genie, deserves much closer investigation. But now, he’d let the lad cum. He leaned down, took the cock head in his mouth and sucked, his lips forming an airtight seal around it. The boy’s body stiffened, he yelled into the gagging leather bulge, and he came. His cock jerked rhythmically and the genie felt hot cum spurting onto the back of his throat. He continued to suck until there was no more left and William collapsed back onto the rack, exhausted.

The genie had turned back into Skunk, and they were sat on the settee smoking and drinking coffee. He actually preferred tea – especially this late in the evening - but he didn’t say anything. He’d been thinking about things. This was all very nice, but he suspected there was more to life in this world than what he was being used for here. He rarely went back into the lamp now; it seemed so confining after the freedom out here, and he decided he wanted to see more of things. But he was tied to this boy. He stared at the poster of Skunk on the wall (he thought he could look far more sexy than that, but it seemed to be what William wanted most of the time). He had to confess that making the boy need to cum so badly but at the same time making it impossible for him to do so, did turn him on more than anything else they’d done – and William’s reactions to that edging were very interesting indeed. Hmm. That gave him an idea. Perhaps there was a way around this…

* * *

The genie had made modifications to the rack – in fact it wasn’t a rack any more. The stretching mechanism had gone, the iron cuffs were now more comfortable padded leather ones, and restraints fitted over the boy’s body at the chest, stomach, pelvis (that one held him down particularly tightly), thighs, knees, calves, and feet. He couldn’t move an inch in any direction. The rack was also now no longer horizontal but inclined so that the genie could work on the cock from in front, in a relaxed sitting position. With that in mind he’d also materialised a comfortable chair. He sat down and adjusted it until the position was perfect.

William lay there wondering what the genie had planned this time. He couldn’t see anything as his head was enclosed completely in a very tight leather hood. The hood had an open mouth, but at the moment it was filled with a gag. With all these tighter restraints and the hood he felt more helpless than he’d ever felt in his life before.

“Are you horny?”

Tentatively, William nodded – as much as he could: there was even a restraint over his head so he couldn’t move it much.

Unseen by the boy, the genie’s hands changed: they became more slender, softer, the fingers lengthened. He looked at the hard, horny cock in front of him closely – he’d never actually examined one this carefully before. It curved slightly upwards from the balls which hung below, smooth and almost hairless. At the top of the rough, veined shaft, the smooth, shiny glans was split by a deep valley that ran from just above the frenulum up to the piss-slit. He knew that the frenulum and the very tip of the head – the area on, and just around the opening at the tip - were the most responsive on this boy, and he wondered if that were true for all human males. No matter, it was true for this boy, and he intended to use that knowledge.

“Good.” The genie’s voice was low, and he spoke slowly. “Because you are going to release me. You are going to say some special words which will release me from you.”

William shook his head violently. A long, clearly negative sound escaped around the gag.

Slowly, a hand reached out. The fingers stroked and teased under the boy’s balls – softly, gently. At the touch William groaned and he moved under the restraints. The fingers teased and caressed, then the genie’s other hand joined the first. It enclosed the shaft, hardly touching it, and stroked gently just once, upwards. The boy let out a louder groan and tried to fuck the hand – but it was gone.

“Oh yes, you are. You are going to say the words that will allow me to leave you and go out into the world.”

William would never release this genie. He began another protest but it cut off abruptly because at that moment the hand returned, this time just around the engorged head. The fingers were behind it, the thumb on the frenulum. They stroked and teased for a couple of seconds, and then both hands were gone.

Just that short stroking had brought William close to cumming. The genie’s feather-light touch was making him need orgasm badly. His cock moved up and down a couple of times, and he waited for the genie to touch him again.

After a few seconds he did. The fingers of one hand held the top third of the boy’s increasingly desperate cock with a grip as soft as silk while the others stroked and tickled his balls just as lightly. They moved smoothly and unpredictably over the smooth, hairless skin of his scrotum, finding spots under them and deep in the creases at their sides which made William moan with lust and move under the restraints.

“Listen,” said the genie very slowly, “and remember these words: Araknos eac attella voupai. Those are the words you will say.” He pronounced them again, very clearly. “Araknos eac attella voupai.”

William tried to shake his head.

The fingertips now tickled the insides of the boy’s thighs – right at the very tops – and caressed the perineum, getting right between his legs, before returning to the balls themselves. The other hand had been stationary, just holding the top of the cock, but now the fingers resumed their teasing, sliding on the film of precum, over and around the entire glans, running slowly along the ridges of the helmet. They enclosed the head gently and just held it again while the other hand continued to work on the balls.

A louder, more urgent moan escaped from under the gag, and the genie took both hands away. The groan turned to a wail of frustration. The genie smiled.

After a few moments his hands were back, the thumb now stroking gossamer-lightly over the frenulum itself. Another urgent sound came from William and again the genie let go completely. This time the frustration was more intense – the boy had been closer.

The genie repeated the words. “Araknos eac attella voupai.”

He allowed William to cool down for a moment, then touched a thumb to the frenulum, and his first finger exactly to the centre of the opening at the tip of the head. He tickled both in tiny circles. The other hand teased the boy’s balls again.

William’s body shuddered and he moaned more urgently than ever. The genie removed his hands.

There was a quiet chuckle. “Resist as much as you like – you’re helpless against me.” He repeated the phrase, slowly: “Araknos eac attella voupai.”

William moaned pitifully with frustration as the fingers were removed, then swore under the gag. The bastard could do what he liked - he would never release this genie. But it was hard to think about that at the moment: he had never in his life felt as horny as this, and having those two spots teased was more intense than anything he’d ever experienced before. He was so close! He yelled into the gag, ordering the genie to make him cum – but the leather in his mouth muffled his words completely.

The genie put his hands back in exactly the same places and repeated the teasing – but this time he did it even more gently, even more slowly. The journey back to the edge of cumming was longer for William this time, and even more excruciating. He needed orgasm so badly! He yelled into the gag, struggled in the restraints, but there was absolutely nothing he could do to control this at all.

Sadistically, the genie held the boy on the very edge of cumming for much longer – and this time when he removed his hands William screamed. The frustration was almost a physical thing – and it was unbearable.

“You will say the words.”

His fingers stroked over the entire cock and balls as gently as the softest feathers, as if the boy’s cock were made of something so fragile it would break at the lightest touch. They tickled, teased, stroked, caressed. This was driving William insane, and the genie knew it.

Just a single finger under the balls now and another just on the very tip of the head kept the desperate boy a hair’s breadth away from cumming. The fingertip slid around the mounds of the piss-slit on the slippery precum.

Carefully, the genie stood up. While his fingers continued to work on the cock and the balls with exactly the same lightness, he materialised a third arm and removed William’s gag. Immediately he clamped his hand over the opening.

“Now, when I remove my hand you will say the words. Araknos eac attella voupai. When you have said them I will let you cum.”

The fingers positioned themselves on the frenulum and the mounds of the opening. They remained motionless for a moment, and then – even more slowly than before – began to tease over and around the two most supremely sensitive spots on the boy’s cock.

William was on the very brink of orgasm. His body was tensed, his eyes tightly closed under the leather hood. He had to cum!!!

The genie looked down at the boy. If he was right, at this moment William would do anything to achieve orgasm. He repeated the phrase, then removed his hand from the boy’s mouth.

William had no choice. He was incapable of reason. The only thing he could think about was his desperate, insanely urgent need to cum. He screamed: “aracnoss ee-ack atella voopay!”

The genie smiled. His finger and thumb continued to move, every bit as slowly on the head of the cock, every bit as lightly - but this time he didn’t stop.

William stopped breathing. A feeling like fire started at his toes and flowed towards his cock. Time stopped for a moment - and then his whole body was jerking in the restraints as his spunk boiled up and pumped out manically from his cock. He screamed in ecstasy as he came while the genie’s fingers continued to stroke and rub his frenulum and the very tip of his cock.

The genie smiled. It was done.

* * *

William stared hungrily at the genie. He had to admit that the way he looked now was ten times more sexy than Skunk had been. Even though the bastard had tricked him into saying those words, he was drop-dead gorgeous and the boy wanted to devour him.

But the genie was leaving.

“Well, it’s been fun. Thank you for releasing me from the lamp – and also for releasing me from you. I’ll be on my way now.” He looked over at the lamp. “Would you pass me my lamp please?”

William frowned. “Your lamp? I paid good money for that.”

“Here – have another million pounds.” A case materialised at William’s feet.

“Get it yourself.” William was not in a co-operative mood.

“Look, just give me the lamp and I’m outta here.”

William looked up. He looked at the lamp, then at the genie. “You can’t actually get it yourself, can you? Now I think about it I’ve never once seen you touch the lamp. There’s something...” Realisation dawned on his face. “You’re not fully released until I give you the lamp. Voluntarily. Ha!”

The genie looked cross. “Yes yes yes. All right.”

William thought for a moment. “So what was all that aracknos ikky-poo voopay about then?”

The genie sighed. “Until you said those words I couldn’t leave the place where you lived. Now I can. And if you’d given me the lamp it would have broken my ties to you completely.”

“Do you still have to obey my wishes?”

The genie was sulking now. He nodded.

William sat down and patted the settee next to him. “Sit.” The genie sat.

“It seems like we can come to an arrangement. You have to obey me, but you can’t do your magic for anyone else, is that right?”

The genie nodded again.

“Well, how about this: Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’re here, you’re mine. The rest of your time is your own. Go where you want, do what you like.”

The genie’s face brightened a little.

“But if you ever – ever - don’t turn up, that lamp is going into the local car crusher.”

The genie’s face went pale. “No! Don’t ever do that! Please!”

“Well I won’t as long as you’re a good genie and do as you‘re told. And there will be some rules. I’m not having you torturing me into giving you that lamp, or getting any of my friends to give it to you. Nothing like that. That lamp stays exactly where it is. We will have a thorough discussion about that. Ok?”

The genie sighed deeply. “Ok. Yes.”

“Good.” William looked the genie up and down. “Right now, though, you will go into the bedroom, get on the rack, and restrain yourself. You will temporarily make yourself the most ticklish boy, the most horny boy, and have the easiest cock to control in the entire fucking world. I intend to tickle you insane, and to edge you out of your fucking mind. And then I am going to cum all over your sexy fucking body. Do I make myself clear?”

The genie nodded. Then he shuddered, got up and – on very unsteady feet – walked through to the waiting rack.