The Telemachus Story Archive

Without Restraint
By Hooder

Without Restraint

Master Jeff stood with his hands behind his back, gazing unhappily at the signed Tom of Finland portrait on the wall. Behind him, James - the Mansion's perverted, rubber-clad German butler and Master Jeff's right-hand man – fiddled abstractedly with the silver ashtray on the desk.

“We’re not getting on very well with this,” said Jeff. He turned, fixing James with a meaningful stare.

James made a fist with a shiny rubber-gloved under the table. “No. Thor has turned out to be much more resistant than I had expected.” His thick German accent was particularly obvious today, as it always was when he was displeased.

Thor’s presence at the Mansion was the result of a challenge issued to Jeff by his good friend Master Arthur, in Sweden, in a Skype conversation a few weeks ago: Arthur had boasted that he had come into possession of a slave who was ‘unbreakable’. This had immediately pricked Jeff’s sense of professional pride, and he had rashly replied that the Mansion could easily break any such slave.

Consequently, Master Arthur had been installed upstairs in one of the guest suites, and his slave Thor was resting in the cells after the last, failed, session.

There had been many failed sessions.

Thor had been strapped down, hooded, and had electrodes attached to his balls, cock, and nipples. James had then used his considerable expertise to subject the slave to shocks of intensity, frequency and duration all carefully designed to cause suffering of a kind that was the most difficult possible to deal with. Thor had grunted underneath the leather hood, as the electricity had made his body jerk the straps holding it, but that was as much reaction as they had got.

He had been restrained tightly on the bench and fucked, in succession, by Master Jeff, James, Chris the Mansion’s Head Slave, and every slave in residence at the time – all to no effect. He had been hung by his wrists from the hoist, and beaten with everything from canes to the bullwhip. But it was as if he was impervious to pain. They’d stopped when Master Jeff had decided that any more would cause injury. Clamps on his nipples, the ballcrusher on his testicles, even sterilised needles carefully pushed into his balls – all of these had produced little more than the occasional moan from the slave.

Tickle-torture had fared no better: James, who had made a lifetime study of the most sadistic pressure-tickling techniques – absolutely unbearable to most victims, including pain pigs – had worked on Thor for hours. It wasn’t that Thor was not ticklish – he jerked and struggled in his restraints - but he seemed to be able to control his reactions to it and not allow them to overpower him.

He had been strapped down and forced to suck every cock in the Mansion – including that of Peter, who was the proud owner of the longest, thickest penis Master Jeff had ever seen in his life. Thor had taken it up to the balls.

He had been tied up, hooded, and gut-punched repeatedly, with extreme enthusiasm. No effect.

Probably the thing that had come closest to causing him any problems had been the bastinado. There had been a moment when James was sure that Thor had been about to break, but again Master Jeff had called a halt to proceedings when he’d judged that further application of the cane to Thor’s bare soles would cause damage.

It was not easy to make Thor cum, but they had – many times - and then had tortured him in different ways immediately after. Even that had not broken him.

James shook his rubber-masked head in defeat. “I am out of ideas, Sir.”

Master Jeff poured himself a small brandy and sat down the other side of the desk. “Is there anything we haven’t tried?”

James gazed at Jeff in silence.

“Psychology,” said Jeff, almost to himself. He picked up Thor’s file and turned the pages. The first part was a profile of the slave – his turn-ons, weaknesses (that bit was very short) and general history; the second part was a series of reports of the sessions he’d been subjected to since he’d been here at the Mansion. Jeff read these carefully. Finally he looked up at James. “Is there anybody here he really fancies?”

James tought for a moment, then nodded. “Yes: Josh. He gets hard every time he sees the boy.” Josh was the smallest, weediest slave currently living at the Mansion. And he was certainly the cutest.

Master Jeff smiled. “I have an idea,” he said. “You are going to spend the rest of today training Josh.”

* * *

Chris and Michael brought Thor into the dungeon, positioned him in the centre of the room facing the two-way mirror behind which Master Jeff, Master Arthur, and James were seated, and then left.

“He really is a magnificent specimen,” said Jeff, filling Arthur’s glass from the crystal decanter.

Arthur nodded, both in thanks and in agreement. “Oh yes.”

Thor was six feet, three inches tall, and was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. There was almost no fat on him, and his muscles were like slabs of solid steel. He had a perfect ‘V’ shape, broad shoulders and a slim, flat waist. A classic six-pack glistened in the overhear lights below Schwarzenegger pecs, and between his powerful, muscular thighs, a huge cock curved downwards over bull balls. His body shone with health and with a light sheen of persipration. His wrists were cuffed behind him, and from beneath the thick leather hood long black hair cascaded over his shoulders. He looked like some captured Viking warrior.

Master Jeff pushed a button and spoke into a microphone. “Thor, this is Master Jeff. One of my slaves will shortly be joining you. You will obey his every command as if it were my own. Do you understand?”

Through the glass, Thor nodded. “Yes Sir,” he said in a thick Swedish accent.

Jeff turned to the fourth person in the room, who was standing by the door. “Ok, Josh, you know what to do.”

Josh bowed his head nervously. “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.” He left the room.

Moments later he appeared in the dungeon. Josh was still in his teens, and a smidge over five feet tall, but although his thighs were smaller than Thor’s arms, his slim little body was nicely proportioned. And with a permanent cheeky, boyish smile, and big blue eyes below a fringe of golden blond hair, he was also as cute as fuck. He was usually to be found wearing a teeshirt and tight, faded jeans, but James had dressed him especially for this: motorcycle boots; skintight, shiny black leather jeans; a studded belt round his hips; and a leather motorbike jacket.

He walked round behind Thor, reached up and removed the slave’s hood. Thor blinked in the light, then caught the reflection of Josh in the mirror. His irises dilated and his cock gave a small jerk as the boy put the hood down, and took off the wrists cuffs.

Unrestrained now, Thor stood with his hands still behind his back, keeping his eyes to the front. A small noise escaped his lips as the boy stood in front of him. He’d noticed Josh the day he’d arrived at the Mansion with Master Arthur; he was one of the sexiest boys he’d ever seen. But now, wearing tight, shiny black leather, it took all Thor’s self-control not to take him in his arms and smother him with kisses before fucking the boy senseless.

“Erm...” Josh coughed nervously; he was as subby as a slave got, and giving orders to a huge, powerful guy like Thor did not come easily. He tried again. “Put your arms by your sides, please, Si-... And part your feet.” Thor complied. “A bit further, please. Thank you.”

The proximity of that beautiful boy had already had an effect on Thor: his cock was now almost fully erect. This boy was bringing out unfamiliar feelings of extreme Topness in him, and he liked it.

“Look at me, please.” Thor looked down at the boy and Josh forced himself to look directly into Thor’s eyes. “Now, erm… you must… you will stay perfectly motionless, in that position.” Josh smiled, and Thor groaned. “And you m.. you will make no sound at all. Absolutely motionless, absolutely silent. Please nod your head if you understand.”

Thor nodded once. He was used to obeying orders from Masters, but to have to do so from a little slave boy like this was… different.

“Good. Thank you.” Josh moved closer, pushing the huge cock to one side with his leather-jeaned hips, and pressed himself againt the naked skin. He wrapped his arms as far as he could around the guy, then looked up into Thor’s face and smiled again, running the tip of his tongue across even white teeth. He could feel Thor’s massive erection pushing against his leather jeans.

A shock passed through Thor as the boy’s leathers and studded belt made contact with his skin. Cool and smooth, and very, very sexy. His cock was sandwiched between their bodies, pressing tight against the boy’s jeans.

After a few moments Josh stepped back again and knelt down. Very carefully he took the end of the cock in his mouth and just held it there, not moving, not sucking. The cock hardened even more. With his fingers he traced up the inside of the muscular thighs until he got to the low-hanging balls, and began teasing them very lightly. He heard Thor’s breathing become shallower and faster. Slowly, Josh ran his tongue round the sensitive head. If there was one thing the boy knew all about, it was how to suck a cock.

He stopped, stood up, and began slowly to play with his own cock through his thin leather jeans. It had already been hard, but now it started to bulge outwards more obviously. Soon it was stretching the shiny black leather out into an obscene bulge between his thighs. Getting into it, he ran his fingers slowly and seductively over his leather jacket and jeans, feeling like a total slut. At first he’d not been at all sure he could do this, but it was clear now that Thor fancied him like fuck. Josh wasn’t used to wearing leather, and he certainly wasn’t used to prickteasing another slave, but he was enjoying the novel feeling of the sexy gear, and also of the power he appeared to have over Thor. In fact he was loving it.

So, apparently, was Thor. His eyes were fixed on the boy in front of him, and his cock was harder than it had been since he’d arrived at the Mansion. How had these bastards known? This boy was Thor’s wettest dream; he was so beautiful, so vulnerable, and he was sex on legs. This was the first time he’d seen Josh in leather, and the sight was fucking amazing.

Josh went to the side of the room, took a stool and a small table with various items on it, and put them down in front of Thor. He sat on the stool, pulled on a pair of thin, skintight, black leather gauntlets, and picked up a feather. A sexy grin appeared on his face. “Remember, do not move, do not make a sound.” Then, with one hand he began to work on the steel-hard cock with the tip of the feather while he caressed the guy’s balls with the other.

Thor clamped his lips together and closed his eyes. The feather stroked along the shaft of his cock and over the circumcised head, then slowly back again. Round and round, up and down, while leather fingers teased his balls. Oh fuck, it felt amazing. He had to open his eyes again – he coudn’t not look at that beautiful boy.

He was getting closer to cumming by the second. His right hand jerked – it had been going to go to his cock to rub it; it desperately needed more friction than the infuriating lightness of the feather – but he managed to stop the hand in time.

After a while, Josh walked around behind Thor, gently pushed his right arm between the guy’s waist and his wrist and, pressing his leather-clad body tight against Thor, took the rigid cock in his gloved hand and began to stroke it very lightly, and very slowly. Precum was oozing out of the tip, and Josh used it as lubricant between his finger and the shiny, smooth cock head. He moved back a little, reached with his free hand between Thor’s thighs and cupped the balls gently while his other hand continued to work on the increasingly hungry cock.

Thor’s eyes were glazed in ecstasy. The feel of black leather against his skin and between his thighs, one gauntleted hand around his balls and another working so gently on his cock – and knowing that it was that drop-dead fucking gorgeous kid Josh doing this to him – was becoming a concern: he was aware that if he were not very careful, his resistence could easily begin to crumble. Master Arthur had given him the strictest orders that nothing they did to him here was to break him – and before today there had been little chance of that – but this was unfair. And Thor was used to being strapped down – there he could struggle and give vent to his feelings and frustrations. Here, his body was unfettered; his only restraints were psychological: he was immobilised and silenced by Master Jeff’s orders to do exactly as this little boy told him.

Josh sat on the stool again, picked up a leather thong and soaked it with lube from a bottle. Holding it by the ends, he wrapped it around Thor’s cock, just where the head met the shaft and, with an impish grin on his face, began to seesaw it back and forth slowly.

Thor had to stifle a groan of lust – that felt unbelievably fucking horny…

The boy scooted the stool a bit nearer, got Thor’s left thigh between his own, and closed his legs around it. He smiled as he felt a shiver pass through the big slave’s body at the touch of the leather on his bare skin – he made sure that the balls were resting on his leather jeans. He resumed pulling the thong slowly back and forth around the cock.

This was too much – a boy he fancied like fuck, in tight, sexy leather, and teasing his cock. Thor was getting increasingly desperate. He realised that he needed to cum. He needed to cum very badly. This was so fucking unfair. They were using this gorgeous boy against him, and the only weapon they had left him to fight with was his willpower. He’d been edged before, many times, but he’d always been tightly restrained. It would be so much easier for him to resist if he were hooded so he couldn’t see that sexy fucking boy, and if he were restrained. His muscles ached to touch Josh, and he was desperate to bring himself off.

After a few minutes, Josh positioned a wooden block in front of Thor, and stood on it. This brought his face level with his victim’s. “Remember – do not move a muscle...” He reached down and took the slave’s cock head lightly between his leather-gloved fingertips, then leaned forward and brushed his lips very slowly over Thor’s. He pushed his tongue between Thor’s parted lips for a moment, then, smiling sexily, kissed him very slowly and very, very lightly. At the same time he slid his fingertip over the glossy, slippery surface of Thor’s cockhead.

In spite of his orders, a quiet groan of unendurable frustration escaped from Thor - he couldn’t stop it. This boy was driving him mad. He stared into the beautiful blue eyes and felt the soft lips brushing his in a kiss that was too slow, too light. The boy’s breath smelled of cherries. He longed to crush those lips with his, to wrap his arms around the slim body, to lay him down, to lick his leathers all over, then to peel them off and make long, slow love to him. And the finger working so gently on his cock head was going to make him cum if he wasn’t very careful. He was close…

Josh had been instructed to get Thor to the very edge of orgasm, but under no circumstances to allow him to cum. He was not experienced in edging - but he was an expert cock sucker, and although he’d never needed to do it before, he was very sure he could keep this guy as close as he wanted, if he had the cock in his mouth and not in his hand.

He drew back, stepped down from the block and pushed it out of the way. Then, smiling at the big slave, he slowly pulled up the collar of his leather jacket, and knelt down. One gloved hand went under the bull balls, and the other around the very base of the huge cock. He looked up into Thor’s adoring eyes. He whispered: “Don’t move a muscle. Don’t make a sound...” He took the cock between his wet lips and pushed smoothly forward until the entire length was inside him.

It took every ounce of Thor’s self-control not to cum, and not to cry out. At that moment in time he desperately wanted to yell at the top of his lungs; he wanted to throw Josh to the floor, rip his leathers off, fuck him violently and shoot his load into that beautiful, sexy, cock-teasing boy. But by a supreme effort of self-control he managed to remain silent, and - almost - motionless.

Josh could do little with the cock so far into his mouth, and anyway he needed to breathe, so he pulled off slowly and turned his attention to the tip. He raised his head to look up into Thor’s eyes; this moved the cock up, and he licked the sweet spot underneath the head slowly several times with the tip of his tongue. Only the whites of Thor’s eyes showed – he was in private world of ecstasy.

Josh lowered his head again. He spread lube onto the fingers of his right leather-gauntleted hand, reached between Thor’s thighs and located his sphincter, resting one finger lightly against it. Then he set about getting the big slave as close to cumming as he possibly could.

For a long time he worked on the cock head with his lips, teeth, and tongue, using tricks he’d picked up over many years of sucking cocks. Every few seconds, when he could tell that Thor was very close to cumming, he stopped, just before the big guy could cum.

Each time this happened, an involuntary, urgent grunt escaped from Thor before he could stop it, and his hands jerked towards his cock.

But Josh knew he could get him a lot closer still. His mouth continued to work on the desperately horny cock…

Thor’s body was rigid, the muscles tensed, endorphins flooding through him as his wet-dream leatherboy worked on him, bringing him to the edge over and over again. It was taking every bit of his concentration both not to cum, and to cum – he didn’t know which was more important at this moment . And it was getting more difficult by the second.

Josh was holding his cock between his lips, perfectly still, and sliding his tongue round and round the very tip – right on the piss-slit. And then he pushed his finger in past the sphincter and started to move it in and out.

Thor was on the very edge of orgasm, and that finger did it. Suddenly, with no warning at all, it all came together - the feeling of Josh’s finger in his arse; of the leather arm between his thighs; of the mouth working irresistibly on his cock; and the sight of that gorgeous boy who was determined to break him - and Thor lost it. All thoughts of his orders evaporated instantly in a puff of smoke as his body’s compelling need overpowered his conscious control. He threw back his head and screamed, abandoning himself to what was going to be a cataclysmic orgasm…

Josh stopped. He opened his mouth so that nothing was touching the cock, and prayed that he’d done it in time.

Thor wasn’t breathing; he was poised on the very edge of orgasm – but it wasn’t going to happen! The boy had stopped! “NOOOOOOO!!!!” His scream was deep and raw. His muscles took over. He pushed Josh to the floor, threw his arms around him and crushed the boy’s lips against his own. He got his cock against a leather thigh, and fucked. With an animal roar, he came – his spunk spattering against Josh’s thighs and running down the boy’s black leather jeans. Thor’s naked butt rose and fell as he continued to cum until, as his orgasm ebentually faded, he found the bulge of the boy’s cock and milked him through the leather. Josh came in seconds. Together they lay on the floor of the dungeon, limbs entwined, exhausted.

They lay there for a long time, but now their kissing was very gentle, and very slow.

* * *

“Well,” said Master Jeff. He had a smile on his face now. “Your ‘unbreakable’ Viking warrior appears to have fallen to the most weedy slave I’ve got. That boy is about as low down in the pecking order at the Mansion as it’s possible to get. They don’t come any more subby than him.”

Master Arthur sighed. “All right, don’t rub it in.”

“Why not?” Jeff was enjoying this. “It was you who were boasting about him. “ The ’Swedish Rock’, wasn’t that how you described him?”

Arthur chuckled. “Yes, I did, didn’t I. It’ll teach me to keep my big mouth shut.”

Jeff put an arm around his friend’s shoulder and laughed. “Come with me. I have a proposition for you, and also there’s a bottle of 1988 Fins Bois with our names on it.”

They walked together out of the observation room.

* * *

Josh and Thor stood to attention facing the two Masters in the main office.

“So, Josh, we have a little mission for you,” said Jeff. “Call it a kind of exchange programme. You will travel back to Sweden with Master Arthur and Thor, and stay at the Castle there. How long you stay depends on how well you perform: every Saturday night, you must break one of the Castle’s slaves – chosen by Master Arthur. You will make him lose control and cum. If you succeed, you stay for a further week. If you fail, you will be on your way back here the following day. Do you understand?”

Josh’s face lit up in a brilliant grin. “Yes Sir!” A thought occurred to him. “Sir, will I be able to see Thor?”

Jeff looked at Arthur and raised his eyebrows. Arthur smiled. “What you do in your free time is completely up to you, boy. But don’t make Thor cum too often – he may be the one you have to break on the Saturday.”

“No problem, Sir – I can break Thor any time I like. In fact I can break any of your slaves!”

Arthur turned his head slowly and looked at Jeff. “Really…? Now that sounds like a challenge to me. You want to make that official, Jeff?”

Master Jeff considered for a moment. “It’s official.” He raised a warning finger to Josh. “Do not let the Mansion down, boy.”

“I won’t, Sir!”

“Hmm. We shall see. Now get the fuck out of here both of you and let the grown-ups get some serious drinking done.”