The Telemachus Story Archive

Villain's Dream / Hero's Nightmare
Chapter 1 - The Plan
By Jacob Lawrence


Good plans, if they are going to be totally effective have to be carefully thought through if all possibilities for failures are to be eliminated.  If those plans involve the capture of a world acclaimed superhero, it calls for the highest possible degree of cunning and shrewdness.  If the superhero is Superman, the Man of Steel, the bar is so placed so high that success is for all practical purposes is unattainable.  Unless...the villain planning the capture is Luthor, long time arch-enemy of the strongest of all superheroes.

As Clark Kent looked up from his desk, his surprised gaze met that of a well dressed messenger holding a very official looking document.  As the young man handed the envelope to the Daily Planet reporter he stated, "I was instructed to personally place this into your hands and your hands only.  It is from the governor and is intended for Superman.  It is the opinion of the governor that you can guarantee that Superman will see this before the end of the day.  Is that true?"

"I can tell that this is important.  Superman will see it within the hour. You can assure the governor of that.  Trust me---I can tell that this is urgent."

Clark was fully aware of the importance of this communication.  His x-ray vision had already scanned the enclosed letter.  It was specific in its content, signed by the governor and wore the official seal of the governor's office.  It read:


We have been alerted by Homeland Security that a terrorist cell has positioned a dirty bomb in the basement of City Bank.  If allowed to detonate, a 6 mile radius in the most highly populated section of Metropolis will be irradiated. Thousands will die.  It is too dangerous to risk our police or National Guard and be left defenseless if the bomb explodes.  This must be handled in complete secrecy to avoid panic.  This is a job that only you can be trusted to handle.  This is a job for Superman.  We desperately need your help.  Our information indicates that the bomb could go off at any time.  You must hurry.

God Speed! Good luck, Superman.  We are counting on you!"

The letter bore the governor's signature. It left no doubt in Clark Kent's mind of its authenticity.

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