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Villain's Dream / Hero's Nightmare
Chapter 6 - Midnight Comes
By Jacob Lawrence

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As the clock approached the midnight hour, Luthor's henchmen and close associates were gathered to watch Superman's final moments.  Luthor stood before them wearing only a white silk robe over his nakedness.  He had never looked so completely satisfied.  His demeanor was one of a god, an imperial leader, a modern day Caesar.  He walked over to Superman and spoke directly to his "soon to be" former foe.  He grabbed a handful of Superman's curly hair and jerked the once mighty man's head up to verbally confront him one last time.

"Well enemy...what do you have to say for yourself?  Who's powerful now?

Victory is totally mine! It will be complete!  At the struck of midnight, you will cease to exist.  It will be by my hand and there will be NO coming back.  Once I'm sure you are gone, your body will be submerged in a preservative solution so that I view your remains and enjoy my triumph any time I feel like it.  That solution uses kryptonite, the only element that can kill you, as a base.  YOU WON'T BE COMING BACK THIS TIME-EVER!!!

After you are gone, one by one your buddies at the Justice League will be on my "hit list".  With the help of the other crime lords, I will eliminate them one by one.  So you were the main obstacle to the realization of my dream-a dream of crime ruling the world and controlling the masses.  Hmmmm...what a fucking failure you have turned to be...such a FUCKING FAILURE!!!!!!!"

To everyone's shock. Superman suddenly made futile attempts to speak and lunged forward, struggling against his restraints. Luthor never flinched, but stood firmly in place- a sneer on his lips as he savored the moment of final resistance.

As Luthor finished his final statement to the Man of Steel, He held up a huge beautiful kryptonite dildo for all to see.  The sight of it brought a rousing cheer from the gathered assembly. It glowed with a light that illuminated the entire room.   

"The time has finally come for me to FUCK you one last time.  I have a "killer" load of cum for you, Superman.  It's huge and it will do the job VERY, VERY well.  If it doesn't, this solid kryptonite dildo will be permanently implanted in your ass, which will guarantee that there will be no "coming back" for you this time.  Do you hear the clock beginning to toll midnight, Superman?   YOUR TIME HAS RUN OUT!"

As the clock began to toll the hour of midnight, Luthor, showing enormous determination and pleasure, viciously rammed Superman's ass one final time---driving his cock repeated into the deepest part of the superheroes' hole.  Superman's eyes rolled back in his head as the villain reached climax and that one all important last load was delivered to the already dying body.  

After this ejaculation, however; the Man of Steel's body shuttered and convulsed. Wave after wave of intense convulsions wracked the beautiful hero's body. Luthor remained inside the magnificent ass, wrapping his strong arms around his enemy's chest to enjoy every throe the awesome body went through on its way to permanent stillness. As the clock struck twelve, as though on cue,  the body calmed and Luthor felt the mighty man's ass rim go limp, all resistance to the invading cock now gone.

As Luthor slowly withdrew his mighty cock from Superman's ass he smiled with purely evil satisfaction.  As promised, he plugged the ass with the solid kryptonite dildo, strapping it on to guarantee the deadly deed.  A resounding cheer when up from the assembled crowd.

"IT IS FINISHED!" the super villain proclaimed.