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Aquaman and the King of the Frog People
Chapter 2 - Aquaman and the King of the Frog People
By JMack
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The King found it hard to look away from the gorgeous human as his deep musculature flexed and struggled against the steel arch designed to provide him limited mobility and the Minister of Fertilization maximum access to his superior male form. He closed his broad yellow eyes and in his heart asked for forgiveness for what was about to happen to the beautiful hero of the deep. It had been a brutal season on his population. A virus had mutated in the male species, eliminating thousands last winter and, with dwindling population, the Giant Frog People were unfocused as the autumn neared, making them prey to sea predators looking to overtake the lush greenery of the plains where they had lived for generations. Much of the army had been wiped out in a late September battle, forcing the remaining population to retreat into hiding deep in this ridge. The cold dark depths were not the best environment for the survivors and many of the surviving elderly had died off in the ensuing weeks. It was up to him to rebuild what once was a proud army and once again relocate his people to the plains where they could thrive amongst vegetation. He needed the beautifully healthy young human he had captured to help save his kind from extinction, even if it required the next several generations of his people to not follow in the pure blood lines that had brought them to this place. Unlike his grandfather and father before him, Adolphus V was leading a now broken people. He wished he could ask his father for guidance but he knew in his heart, this was the only way to try to avoid extinction.

The beautifully built young blond man continued to struggle against the restraints that held him, his muscled torso flexing in sharp relief as his wrists and ankles worked against the steel. It was clear that there was no way that he was to free himself and, having tried his sonar, he realized that at this depth and in this fortress style palace, there would be no assistance from an ally. He looked down at his splayed ankles as he twisted them in their tight bindings, his legs flexed in his sheer green leggings as he continued the futile attempt to free himself. The room appeared empty; what was he doing here? Why had he been drugged? Who was responsible for his? His wrists began to ache slightly, he’d been restrained before but whomever had designed these manacles had intended for them to be impenetrable; the bright green fabric of his gloves bunched beneath the tight steel. He found it odd that he had been stripped to the waist but his gloves remained on his wrists.

Adolphus V moved from the doorway behind the captured hero through a small hallway where he found Grogorius, his newly appointed Minister of Fertilization busying himself with apparatus and materials that were foreign to the king. “Grogorius, I implore you, please, if you must proceed with this do so with minimal harm coming to the human. It has always been against our creed to bring injury unless in our own defense. I want not for the man to be harmed in any way.”

“Your Highness”, barked the older man, “I have told you again and again, the Ick Virus has left our population nearly extinct and its lingering effects have rendered our surviving males infertile. I must use the human to repopulate us! He is strong and will endure both my tests and the planned fertilization ceremony well. I plan to bring him no harm but he wouldn’t be willing to simply offer his seed to us to fertilize the eggs the females have produced. No harm will come to his glorious male form; he will simply remain bound in my capable hands until that time when I believe I have enough of his seed introduced to our egg supply. Once fertilization is has occurred and the ceremony complete, I will turn him over to you to be released back into the sea until then he may moan in ecstasy and beg me to provide him release but he will not be harmed.”