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One Morning
By Jotto
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One Morning



It had been a night where open windows gladly receive a cool breeze.  Of beds pushed closer to those windows, and a night of little or no clothing.  And for one young boy, sleeping in the nude by an open window was the norm, even if the heat hadn’t made him do so.  There was an understanding between him and his frat brothers that his nudity was permitted within the house due to the fact that his unusually large genitalia and spontaneous erections made it uncomfortable to wear clothing.  His large cock had become the frat house mascot and was given the moniker of, “Big Ben”, since his dong would rise up once an hour.  At first, he worried about his unsightly roommate in the bed next to his taking advantage of him in his sleep because he had shown a little too much interest in the copious amount of meat between his legs, but counted on his usual lack of sobriety to keep him unconscious.  He also worried about his backdoor frat house neighbors being able to look down into his bedroom, but felt safely hidden by the dark cloak of night.  And he's nudity would have remained unobserved that night and approaching morning, if not for one owl eyed collegiate wrestler who lived in the two-story frat house behind him.

The warm summer night yielded to the morning sun.  The Sun seemed to rise early that day, as if eager to catch a glimpse of the boy's naked body.  The Sun had greeted the boy so many mornings since his puberty, and now lit up the dawn of his manhood.  However, this morning sun would find the boy’s body in a position not usual to either of them.  Usually, the boy greeted each new day, facing upward, eager to receive his luminescent friend.  But today, the boy's body had its tight stomach planted in to the mattress, posed like a runner frozen in mid stride, the result of a dream in which he is being pursued by a tiger.  The dream also caused him to move and kick during the night, causing the top sheet to be rejected to the far reaches of his bed and unveiling the fine artistry of his well-sculpted mass.  His body left bare and abandon to the elements welcomed the cool morning breeze that brushed the peach fuzz-like hairs of his body.  The voluptuous terrain of his brawn was wrapped tightly with smooth flesh.  His body was ready for its daily debut and eagerly awaited the spotlight of the morning sun. 

The morning sun found its' way through the open window, skimming the hardwood floors, then up and onto his bed, the stage of this mornings play.  The new light of day was warm as it ebbed over the boy's thighs, like a steady wave on the shore of a deserted beach.  Soon after, and just beyond his thighs, the Sun cast its' light over the two round hills of flesh that rolled into the boy's back.  The low reddish light of morning accentuated how deep the rift between these hills was carved.  At the bottom of this rift in waning darkness is where laid two life-generating orbs loosely sheathed in a purse of young leather.  The light rolled across the two hills of flesh and then onto his back.  The Sun highlighted the complicated trail of his spine and the two smooth plains of skin that lay off to either side.  Then, just as the sun caressed his shoulders, it seemed to stop."One Morning "


The tiger in his unconscious hallucinations that he was able to elude had found him.  The big cat pounced hard and pinned him to the ground.  At first this dream had started with him fully clothed, but now he laid face down and naked under this fierce beast, bare flesh against striped fur.  Then the tiger's attack turned surprisingly kind, but remained strong.  Any attempt to escape met with stronger force.  What had started as an innocent nightmare had turned into something, different.  The tiger's breath burned.  The cat’s paws held tight as its claws dug in.  The fur bristled into every pore of his skin.  Oh, the long fangs, so smooth, so wet, were heavy as they glided against his struggling body.  He struggled against the tiger and fought the urge to submit to the proud and powerful beast.  The tiger had caught him, and then had him as the large cat’s phallus bore deep into his body from below.

The struggle also took place in the purview of the Sun.  The boy's body started to move as he fought the imaginary cat.  His body flattened out.  His hands clutched the pillow.  His mouth took over for the deep breathing that was now required.  His legs spread apart to receive the beast of his dreams.  The light gleamed down deeper into his body.  The Sun gazed into his virgin well and on to his testicular pouch, the whispering fields of his pending adulthood, still soft to the touch had been easily shaved away in days prior to this.  Pinned under his stomach, his ample member grew to its full majesty.  The two mounds of flesh above started to quiver and flex.  They flexed again, and this time hiked upwards to meet the morning sun.  The light hit his tight and glorious hole hard, causing the fleshy aperture to pucker, and just as quickly, relax.  And as his hole relaxed even more, a beam of light peered into his secret cave.  His body slowly became more and more involved with the thrusting of his hips into the bed.  And no matter how many times he lifted or how fierce his thrust, he remained asleep while his scrotum stay plated on the sheets, like bellows inflating an invisible flame.

The folds in the sheets of his bed received his member gracefully.  The creases caressed and guided his blood-bloated appendage against his stomach.  As the one eyed snake slithered through the ruffled terrain of his bed, and back again, its rejuvenating venom started to seep on to the sheets.  The spreading spill lubricated the path of his stiffened penis; his cock pushing now struggled with the tugging sheets.  The bed and his stomach primed with the clear fluid from within his body coaxed the precious cargo of his loins.  His tight buttocks became tighter.  His head lifted off the pillow, his back arched lifting his stomach off the bed.  His fully engorged and oversized cock now basked in the light of morning.  Glistening and gleaming with glossy perfection, the head of this mighty snake rose itself off the sheets.  Webs of clear liquid tethered his drooling member to the bed below like an obscene float in a parade.  The veins on his cock pulsed as the translucent precum surged once more.  Deep inside, semen burst its damn and raged forward.  A torrent of white shot out and sprayed across and bounced off his abs and chest like a raging river on rocky banks.  His lungs gasped for air, but froze in the bow shock of his orgasm.  A geyser of semen shot onto and over his pillow to splatter against the headboard, as the pearlescent dew of his virile condensation gently dripped off his body.

The boy awoke bewildered and looked down at his very proud cock.  But he looked down too soon, for his favorite pet had one more load in him.  Another stream of semen shot out and washed across his face.  He wanted to cry out in ecstasy, but choked it back to a loud moan.  He flipped on to his back, covering the wet portion of his sheets with his body.  He examined his body and became pleased of his unconscious performance.  He dabbed his finger in the river of seed running across his face and mouth.  As he lifted his hand, he found himself fascinated by a drip of his juice forming on the tip of his finger.  Just as the drip was about to break free, he caught it with his tongue.  This was the first time he had tasted himself.  He liked it.  It wasn’t until then that he came out his sexual daze enough to worry about his roommate.  He looked over to see his roomy was still in an alcohol-induced slumber.

"Did my other frat-mates hear my moaning?" He thought.  "No, they're not morning people.  Never had been.  They should be asleep for at least another three hours, especially since they too had partied hard the night before."

The sun was now in is eyes as he guided the streams of white on his face into his mouth, sperm coated fingers mingled with his tongue.  Then he threw his head back as he skated his fingers across the slick of spilt man-milk that trickled through the deep valleys between his abs.   He giggled as the river of white running down off the side of his body tickled him.  He grabbed his still hard cock with both hands and looked at it proudly as he gave it a few congratulatory shakes. 

Even in his most innocent years, he knew he had something special and rare.  At the age of six, he was already bigger than his father.  His parents were well aware of his physical attribute and the trouble he could get into when he grew up and learned how to use it.  His father tried to instill in him a sense of responsibility and respect that comes with a large penis, you know, with great power comes great responsibility, but this just made an already inquisitive boy all the more curious about it.

He sat up in his bed and leaned over his cock.  With little effort, he curled up even tighter and gently kissed the jizz-soaked head of his penis before placing it in his mouth.  His flexibility, as well as his body, was a fringe benefit of years of training for the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team.  While many believed he would bring home the gold from the Olympic games, none were aware he already won the pearl.  After several minutes of licking his pet snake clean, he fell back into his bed.  The boy wanted to see if he could block the sun from his eyes with the shade from his cock.  He raised his hips into the air and managed to cast his mighty member's shadow across his face.  It was then he noticed that the sun was not his only spectator.  A wrestling jock in the second floor of the frat house behind his frat house had been watching. 

His first instinct was to hide.  But his immediate second instinct came from years of casually displaying his huge talent.  He wanted that boy to see it, that very attractive boy.  Hell, he wanted any one to see it.  He saw that the boy didn't shy away from wanting to see it.  "What to do?" He thought to himself.  So many desires weighed against so many taboos.  And just as the debate was about to consume him, the neighbor boy waved.  "Oh wow!" He thought.  "He approves?  With my hair in my eyes, I can pretend not to notice."  Then the boy thought for a moment.  "I could use a special friend.  An intimate friend." Then he sheepishly waved back.  He lowered his hand down on to his body.  The boy on the second floor took off his shirt and stood on a chair to show off his mostly naked body and aroused cock poking just above the waistband of his shorts. 

Redirecting the fluids from his groin, the young boy guided the flow with his hands, forcing it to trickle over his twin spheres, and then dripping on to his private orifice.  A finger on his other hand pumped the white nectar in to his virgin hole.  The boy from behind started to stroke his pride out his open window, occasionally slapping it down on the windowsill.  Both boys knew this could be trouble, but who else would be up this early on a Sunday morning to see them publicly displaying their wares?  Our young tiger victim was now on the prowl.  He stared through the window to eye the neighboring jock and gestured for him to come over.  The boy on the second floor smiled, nodded yes and stepped away from his window.  A few seconds later, the neighbor walked out his backdoor wearing nothing but a flimsy pair of gym shorts.  A simple hop put him over the short picket fence and heading straight to his window.

The tiger approached!  With his snake ready to strike again, and firmly in hand, he's ready for that tiger once more.  And this time, he would have at the beast. 

He greeted the neighbor boy at his window with a hush and pointed at his roommate that was still unconscious.  The visitor leaned in and lifted himself over the windowsill as stealthy as a ninja.  As his guest regained his footing, his shorts glided down his rippling thighs with the slightest push from their fingers.  The two boys touch each other timidly at first, but then embrace passionately as they kissed.  As they start to wrestle, their two bodies became one in a twisting meld of flesh.  Their balance compromised, they fell onto the bed with a quiet thud. 

"Quiet." The boy whispered.

The two athletes lips never parted as they playfully vied for dominance as equally strong limbs tangled and locked together.  The wrestler was use to pinning down burly young men and usually found himself on top.  As the gymnast’s boa constrictor of a cock slithered up between them, curiosity got the best of the wrestler and he couldn’t resist going in for a taste of that snake’s venom.  If it were any smaller he wouldn’t have considered it, but it was so majestic that it almost seemed to call out to him.  But he knew once he placed his lips on cock not his own that he would redefine his sex life.  His lips hovered just above the other boy’s cock as his hands grabbed on and wrestled with it while he decided whether or not to take a bite of that plump apple.

“Oh, fuck it.”

And like a starving child licking a cone, the wrestler recklessly lapped his way down the gymnast cock.  The wrestler maneuvered and placed his cock in the gymnast’s face hoping he would return the favor.  The gymnast wrestled with his demons much quicker and did indeed return the favor as his lips slid over the cock of his new friend.  The gymnast’s finger teased with the wrestler’s manhole, like a tiny boat caught in a whirlpool, making lazy circles around the rim and occasionally dipping across the center. The wrestler was a quick study returned the same gesture as well, but his fingers would take a slightly deeper plunge.  And while the gymnast was willing to fully receive a finger or two, the wrestler remained clinched up for some time until his resistance was eventually worn down.  Then just as the gymnast was about to bust a load, he stopped.

The gymnast smiled at the wrestler, “I want to cum while you’re fucking me.”

The nimble gymnast easily had his legs folded up about his head by the eager wrestler who then gently placed his cock on the boy’s hole and teased the puckering orifice by sliding his intense manhood across the rim.  As the wrestler struggled with the gymnast’s legs, the gymnast knew it was time for the next step in sexual experimentation.

“This would be a lot easier if you just tied my legs to the headboard of my bed.”

The wrestler smiled as took the top sheet and ripped into ribbons.  The gymnast helped to tie off his own legs as he raised his arms up to his ankles as the wrestler bound the gymnast’s wrists to his ankles and then looped the makeshift ties through the filigree of the headboard.  The wrestler reared back to behold the sight of the gymnast folded up in half and playfully fighting the restraints.  The gymnast’s own cock crept towards his face begging for auto-fellatio.  And just before he complied with his own cock, the gymnast commanded.

“Oh, just fuck me all ready.”

As the wrestler braced himself with his hands on the back of the gymnast’s thighs, his self-guided cock found its way into the gymnast’s inner sanctum, popping their gay cherries and forever locking their fates as homosexuals, or at the very least, bisexuals.  The sensation of his cock in his asshole was a thrill that there was no turning back from.  Then a second thrust of his planted his cock even deeper and forced the gymnast’s cock into his own mouth.  And as the gymnast fellated himself, the wrestler pounded harder and then harder still.  Maybe it was the excitement of exploring new territory the wrestler to erupt after only a few more ass poundings as his hot juices filled up and then spat out of the gymnast’s ass.  The mighty wrestler pulled out to watch the rest of his load shoot out from his glistening cock and smother the gymnast’s face with thick slugs of his seed.  The gymnast stopped sucking on his cock to lap up the gobs of his new friend’s sperm that covered him.  Still hogtied to the headboard, the gymnast could only lick up what little of the wrestler’s sap that was in reach of his tongue.  With youth and peek physical fitness on his side, the wrestler was still hard and even more still motivated to go in for a second round.  As he replanted his cock in the gymnast’s ass hole, he grabbed the gymnast’s incredible cock and started stroking with a vigor that seemed like he was trying to rip it off the young man’s body.

The wrestler commanded, “Come on you incredible bitch, I got to see this monster of yours shoot its’ load.”

That simple verbal prompt was all the gymnast needed to pop his cork as geysers of his boy-sap shot out.  Ribbons of sperm flew into the air and draped over the bodies of the two superb athletes as the gymnast screamed out in pure joy.  Their two bodies sparkled with cum like sequins on a drag queen.

The wrestler gleamed, “Fuck yeah!”

It wasn’t until sixty minutes and two orgasms later that they realized the roommate had finally awoke and was staring at them.  Just casually watching without emotion or judgment.  The wrestler stopped grinding his hips into the gymnast as he pondered whether to continue or make a run for it.

The roommate’s raspy voice was barely audible, “Don’t stop on my account.”

And with that, the roommate threw off his sheets reveling his pudgy body and that he was already stroking his less noteworthy manhood.  He sat up, rose to his feet, stumbled over to the two connected sportsmen and pushed the wrestler aside.  The helpless gymnast tried his best to maneuver away from the clumsy hairball that took the place of the wrestler at his vulnerable hole.  The roomy slapped his cock against the ass of his still tethered roommate and lubricated his cock with the previous spills of the morning.

The gymnast pleaded, “Hey, come on dude, this wasn’t meant for you.  I need to rest for a while.”

The roomy sneered, “Oh shut up, after what I saw, you can take my average dick.  Besides, you don’t need to do a thing.”

And as the roomy inserted himself into the hogtied gymnast, a lackadaisical smile grew across his face.

“Just for the record, I was kind of hoping you were a fag.”

The roommate took his turn at pounding away at the sperm-soaked ass of the hapless gymnast who could do nothing curse obscenities at his assailant.  The gymnast’s ass hole was too loosened by the wrestler to resist or push out the anal intruder.  The wrestler took on the role of referee, guiding their bodies together and forcing the gymnast to choke on his own cock.  It was about at this point that the gymnast realized that this cute little tryst had gotten out of his control.  The word “NO” was meaningless to the men that were bludgeoning his body with the blunt objects from between their legs. 

The gymnast’s heart raced and he could feel its pulse in his throat as he cried out, “Stop it!  You’re raping me!”

The gymnast was too young to know that such a statement could only serve too stimulate men who were completely caught up in the throws of primal passions that have consumed men for hundreds of thousands of years, so the actions of his assailants instantly became much more aggressive.  The pounding of the headboard got the attention of the other fret members and one by one, they also traced the sounds of failed silence to their source.  As other members of the fraternity filed into the room, the restrained gymnast struggled to break free as he realized his ass was the target of a sexual flash mob.  One by one, all manor, color and size of young men made their way into that tiny room and then into the increasingly widening gap of the gymnast’s ass.  Each man with his morning-wood lined up for his opportunity to dump a load into his ever more and more ravaged hole.  And the wrestler had called in all his teammates to have a turn at the gymnast’s ass.  Each callous soul ignoring his pleads and his tears.  And somewhere around hour three of what was now a gang rape and with his ass completely numb, the gymnast surrendered all hope of gaining his freedom and acquiesced to his new position as the frat house bitch as sperm rained down on him like the fountains at the Bellagio.


Eventually, his body and the ties that had bound him had been so saturated with sperm that his limbs slid free.  But with a room jam-packed with amorous young men, there was now where for him to run as he was passed around the room like a partially deflated sex-doll and took in their loads from both ends.  And when there wasn’t a cock stuffed down his throat or up his ass, his ever slackening orifices were plugged up with a variety of improvised sex toys like baseball bats, tennis rackets and a variety of fruits and vegetables like bananas and large cucumbers.  Most painful of all were the billiard balls, as many as possible were shoved up his shitter.  Then a makeshift target was drawn on the floor to test the gymnast’s marksmanship as the crowd pulled his legs apart and he exerted each billiard ball out with a pop.  And any time he missed the target, he was given five lashes with a belt while the cue ball shoved in his mouth muffled his screams.  All the while, smart phones documented this burgeoning obscenity as pictures were instantly downloaded to various amateur porn sites.  The boys in the room mistook his erection as consent when in fact his groin was so abused by then he suffered from a kind of priapism.  He was scared stiff, as the saying goes.

Then somewhere around hour six, the two frat houses worth of young men lost interest in the gymnast as he became an ever-increasing disgusting sight.  One by one, the crowd dispersed ultimately leaving the abused and disgraced athlete wallowing in a literal pool of sperm and piss.  In time, his roommate took enough pity on the ravaged gymnast to drag his jizm soaked body to the showers and turn on the sprays.  Left unattended and crumpled up in the corner of the stall, the waters eventually rinsed away the sperm but could do little to wash away the shame.

In one morning, he popped his gay cherry, made a lover out of a fighter, been betrayed by someone he thought could be his boyfriend, and had his reputation as an award winning college jock replaced by that of as the frat house bitch.

For the rest of that Sunday, his self-esteem remained tattered as he cowered in the showers.  As he made his way back to his room, his frat brothers patted him on the ass and gave him high-fives.  He had achieved a dubious notoriety that helped ease away the shame and humiliation, but not completely.  Then during the course of the week as the pictures made their way across the World Wide Web, the gymnast became the center of a media storm concerning the scandal of what took place in his ass.  But after a private and deeply penetrative meeting (or should I say meating) with the dean and head coaches, the school assured the public that the matter had been taken care of and that there was no crime to prosecute.  So, for as long as that gymnast remained at that college, he continued being a receptacle for the primitive lust and bodily fluids of students and faculty alike.  And while he did graduate with honors, most of the college was dubious of just how the honors were truly earned.  I mean really, who ever heard of a P.H.D. anal stimulation with a minor in fellatio?