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Lanor and the Seven Djinns
By Jotto (Illustrated by Patrick Fillion)
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The characters of Lanor and Cam are the property of Patrick Fillion and Class Comics. This story and the new characters within are based on the wonderful world created by Patrick Fillion that exists somewhere out amongst the stars... And at the Class comics website . The illustration of Lanor is by Patrick Fillion and is included to familiarize the reader with the main character. I may do additional artwork for this story in the future.


The Unauthorized Adventure of a Felinoid Prince




Lanor is a prince. But do not bother to ask him of it, for he denies his royal lineage until all his people are safe and free once again.

He earned the title of prince by simply being the one and only son to King Jadda, the wise and rugged ruler of the Laban clan; a family that ruled justly over the highest snow bound mountains of the Felinoid home world. And though Lanor’s birth was much heralded as a new age of prosperity, he entered this world on the eve of an invasion that would all but eradicate his culture. As the king celebrated the end of his son’s first day by laying him to rest, evil forces had started to blunder the planet and subjugate its inhabitants. Felinoids are renowned across the universe for their sexual prowess, making them a much-valued prize. So, the fortunate Felinoids were slaughtered or enslaved, for the rest would become subjects of the perverse pleasures and experiments of their captors. And the more virile a Felinoid male was, the more brutal his body would be ravaged, and the more intense the designed of his humiliation.

Word of these atrocities reached King Jadda mere moments before invading forces were to knock down the palace doors. One look at his newborn child confirmed that Lanor had fully inherited the virile attributes of the Laban clan, and as such, put him at immense risk for being consumed by the perverse forces invading their world. As the king repelled invaders with one sword in arm, he handed his son, Lanor into the arms of the most trusted and stout of his royal guards, Captain Cephas. With the infant prince safely tucked under his cloak, the captain made his way to the king’s private space-yacht and blasted off as the walls of the palace came tumbling down around them.

With sullen eyes, the captain gazed over his ward, “I fear, your Highness, you are now king. A coronation under fire, you now rule over a doomed world.”

With their ravaged world behind them and fellow Felinoids being molested in mass, the captain set coarse to the only off-world Felinoid he knew the exact location of, the king’s estranged stepbrother, Azuba. Many years earlier, Azuba’s intense jealousies of his stepbrother had driven him mad and caused him to seek asylum in the arm’s of one of the less bothersome yet amorous foes to the Felinoid race, the Djinns. With solar-sails unfurled, the sleek pleasure craft and its two refugees were carried off by the winds of a star to a world of uncertainties and fears.

As disturbed as Azuba was, he recognized the need to grant them sanctuary in his humble domain. And he also saw the opportunity for revenge against a stepbrother whose only crime was denying him his extravagant appetites and desires.

As instructed, the captain landed in the courtyard of a compound that was dominated by a well-appointed structure that still somehow managed to be modest by the kingly standards Cephas was use too. The high walls and iron doors surrounding the compound made him wonder if this was a fort or a prison. As he stepped out of the ship with his precious royal cargo safely tuck in his muscular arm, the shadowy figure of Azuba slinked out to greet them. Azuba was a black cat and he was about to cross their path. He stood in sharp contrast to the silvery-white pelts of the captain and the infant prince. The only variation in is midnight-like complexion came from the white in the corner of his eyes and the teeth that glistened deep inside his slimy smile. Jewelry that defined his ankles, wrists and neck, and an immodest sash of red that did little to hide the contents of his groin stood in sharp contrast to Captain Cephas’ armament. Azuba reached out to caress Lanor’s head, but the captain recoiled out of his reach.

Azuba feigned a pout, “My dear captain, is that any way to greet your king’s brother?”

“Your stepbrother, I regret to inform you, is no more. I present to you the new king of the Laban clan, King Lanor.” The Captain bows gently, and just down far enough for Azuba to gaze upon him.

Azuba’s hand fluttered to his chest, “ By dear brother is dead?” He could barely keep from grinning, “But how can this be?”

"Unknown hostile forces seized our planet and commenced unspeakable atrocities on our brethren."

With a hint of glee, Azuba asks, "And of our king, my stepbrother? Molested? Humiliated?"

"I can only hope his demise was...quick."

Azuba was visibly disappointed, "Yes, we can only hope, can't we. But, you never actually saw what happened to the king, did you?"

“Well, no I did not. But there was no way…” Cephas paused as he gave it some thought and realized that there may still be hope.

Azuba’s next words tasted sour in is mouth, “Hmm, yes, best we not assume anything. My dear brother can be so resourceful. Hmm.”

"Fortunately, the royal blood at least survives in our new prince safely in my..."

Azuba hastened to cut off the captain, "Hush up with that, all that prince and highness talk. The walls and trees have ears."

"We are not safe behind these walls?"

"Well, you see, in order for me to live here, I've achieved an understanding with the locals, a symbiotic relationship of sorts. We each have something the other desires. I desire food, shelter and jewelry, you know, the essentials. And they"

Cephas was disgusted, "You mean to consort with the Djinn? When I landed, I wondered if this was a fort or a prison, I see now that it is a zoo and you are nothing more than a…”

"You know that from a very early age we are taught to use our bodies as weapons, and failing that, we then use our bodies as a bargaining tool. Even as currency if we have too. And this body has pounded out a good life for me here.”

"What does this have to do with the infant king?"

"Well, if the amorous natives found out that this child has royal blood flowing through his veins, they will want the royal semen in his loins. And then there will be no controlling them. I will have lost the equilibrium of power I have achieved here and no one will be safe. Comprehend that, love?"

"Perhaps you are right, we shall keep his identity a secret. But fortunately, the prince and I will only be staying long enough to use your computers to track down other off-world Felinoids so that I may join with them. And then maybe mount a rescue of the king if he is still alive. But, I will be leaving soon, and then I won't have top worry about the Djinn... or you.”

"It’s good to se you too, but I think you'll be staying a little longer than that, Captain Cephas."

"What treachery are you up to?"

"Oh, it's not me, it's them. I guess they saw you landing."

Azuba pointed back to the space-yacht, directing Cephas to look behind him. Much to the captain's horror, the ship was already spiraling down through a whirlpool of dirt and rocks, quickly disappearing into the ground. Cephas ran back to the ship but stopped half way when he realized it was too dangerous for him to get any closer with Lanor still in his grasp. When the craft was halfway submerged, it snapped in half and crumbled into pieces. The remaining chunks of the ship were swallowed down into the dirt-whirlpool. Then, as the dust settled, the ground resumed its natural appearance, like nothing ever happened and leaving not a single trace of the ship. The captain stood in the middle of an empty field with his jaw agape.

Azuba chuckled, "Oh, I guess I should have told you not to land there. Oops, my bad." The black cat heads back to his domicile, "The evening meal will be served on the first chime after sunset. Oh, and I have no one here for your kitten to suckle on, but I’m sure we can find something for him to wrap his lips around." Azuba’s laugh echoes hauntingly off the walls of the compound.

Forever the devoted warrior, Captain Cephas had not given up on hope or his royal ward, and he never would. He immediately set his mind on guarding the infant prince against the djinns beyond the walls and the nefarious uncle trapped in here with them.

And the years did pass, slowly, meticulously, but never eroding Captain Cephas’ obligation to protecting his prince, Lanor. Protecting him from the perversities of the djinn and Azuba, never once letting down his guard. And over the years, the captain took on with honor the extra duties of schooling the young prince in the ways of his people. How they lived, loved and defended themselves, how to use his body as a weapon and as a tool of pleasure. But the captain is a mortal and has fought just as hard against his own needs to have his flesh press up against the flesh of someone, or even something. Many a time did he consider yielding to the whim of the Djinn for some tawdry gratification, only to pull back at the last moment because of his sense of duty. Sometimes his disgust for Azuba would be superseded by his needs and he would pounce on the black cat with the intent on having his way with him, only to have his sense of duty intervene again and he would pull back in to a shameful retreat.

And despite his external and internal struggles, he remained ever diligent to his prince, teaching him of his race and instructing him in the arts of self-defense. But as Lanor grew towards adulthood, as his body blossomed more and more into its masculine form, the captain found it increasingly difficult to keep his thoughts pure as his hands guided Lanor’s body through sessions of the Felinoid martial arts. But his sense of duty triumphed over all and he kept his distance. The most difficult times for Captain Cephas came during Lanor’s teenage years, the time Felinoids refer to as the awakening, puberty. Like all Felinoid youths, Lanor was brimming with sexual energy. And like the others of his age, this energy came with some instinct but no wisdom. And since there where no royal concubines around to handle the task of focusing his libido, it fell to the captain to instruct Lanor in the arts of self-gratification. The captain felt the actual act of lovemaking should wait until a more appropriate subject were available, someone who wasn’t in the charge of the prince’s well being. So, with the utmost discipline, the captain managed to suppressed his emotions as his hands guided Lanor’s hands over his nubile body, placing his fingers in just the right spots. Helping him to contort his flexible body into a variety positions, some of which would allow Lanor to orally pleasure himself. And all the while, the captain never crossed the line between guardian and ward.

And since Cephas kept a sleepy watch over Lanor by staying in the same room with him, the most challenging times for the good captain would come when he awoke to find the prince in the middle of a wet dream. Cephas would sometimes watch with fatherly pride that his ward was growing up, and that despite the odds, they had made it this far, and that Lanor had come to know the pleasures of his own body. And sometimes, the nostalgia of his own youth would send him drifting into forbidden thoughts of desire. As the young prince lay atop the sheets, his body would gently stir, fending of the heat of the night air and fanning the flames that burn within his loins. His magnificently royal cock would sway to and fro, a lighthouse on a shore of flesh calling out to approaching seamen. Soon, the beacon would glisten as the hot dew of youth ran down its sides, followed by erupting waves of virility, splashing against the shores of his undiscovered country. As Lanor’s actions subsided, Cephas would approach gently, stealthily, and towel off the newly spilt seed from the prince’s torso. Sometimes, the youthful Lanor would awake and reach out and grab on to the captain’s arm.

Lanor, half awake and with the scratch of a sleepy tone, “Thank you.”

Lanor would pull on the captain’s arm trying to make him fall into his bed, but Cephas, forever the infallible guardian, fighting against both of their powerful animal instincts and desires, would pull away from his horny ward.

With regret, Cephas would whisper back, “No, it is not to be, for I am not worthy of your affections. And you are…you are so beautiful. And you are still too young and tender for my passions.”

It was at these times the captain would have to excuse himself with a simple bow and find a private location to practice the art of self-gratification. And all was virtuous and good until the day of Lanor’s Ascension, the day he was officially declared an adult Felinoid. And that morning started like most others, with Lanor taking a nude dip in the spring at the far end of the compound. But then, from under the water, he could recognize the dark figure of Azuba posing by the flowered shore of the spring. Lanor knew well not to trust his uncle by way of his actions and the captain’s warnings. The young Felinoid slowly raised his head out of the water, never taking his eyes off Azuba.

“What do you want, uncle?”

“Why, I merely want to congratulate you on your day of Ascension. Surely a joyous occasion for one as deserving as you.”

“Yes, surely.”

“A tone of skepticism?”

“You have given me many reasons to trust you.”

“Mind your tongue kitten, I still have claws who’s sting you haven’t felt yet.”

Lanor started to drift away to the far end of the spring, causing Azuba to take a more apologetic tone.

“Well, maybe I deserve that; I haven’t been the best cat a Felinoid could be. But here, let us… let me take new strides in earning your trust. Look at what I had made for you, an honest to goodness Ascension ceremonial robe.”

Azuba snapped out the rolled up garb of white, made of material so light and shear that it took a moment to drape downward. Lined with a lacework of gold and accented with a stream of tiny rubies, the robe was too beautiful for Lanor to resist or too even question the true motives behind it. He rose out of the water transfixed on his uncle’s gift and stepped out of the spring. A stunning physical specimen of a young Felinoid male stood in a bed of flowers as it glistened in the light of the suns. Azuba’s eyes followed the beads of water that ran down Lanor’s well-crafted body and trickled of the end of his prodigious phallus and royal family jewels, envious of the droplets that traversed over and through parts of the young Felinoids body that he had been forbidden to visit.

As Lanor hastily toweled off, “It is beautiful, Uncle Azuba.”

“Not as beautiful as you, my nephew. The captain has done a masterful job in helping you to sculpt your body. This robe is truly befitting of you.”

Azuba extended his arms and fluttered the robe, gesturing Lanor to slip it on. The young Felinoid eagerly walked over and slid into the robe with a graceful half-turn. Azuba managed to cop a feel of the young king’s body as his hands guided the garment flat across Lanor’s musculature, the back of his fingers brushing down against the side of the prince’s hefty privates, parting the robe so it would leave the center of his young body and his grand genitals exposed. Lanor didn’t really mind the incidental touches in light of Azuba’s gift. In fact, Lanor was so grateful for the gift, he would have tolerated a little more from his uncle, just a little more. Azuba circled him as he guided Lanor through a modeling of the robe.

Azuba grinned, “You are stunning!”

“Thank you, Uncle. I apologize for any disrespect that I…”

“Oh hush, don’t mention it. Now that today you become an adult Felinoid, we can all make a fresh start of it. Okay?”

Lanor thought for a moment and then cautiously nodded yes.

Azuba acted a little to affectionately, “Wonderful! Now go to your captain, he awaits for you in the main garden and is ready to perform the ceremony.”

“Are you not coming, Uncle?”

“I would except that I have one more surprise to prepare for you.”

“Oh Uncle, you shouldn’t.”

“Please, please, I insist. This is a once in a lifetime event and I just want to make sure it’s as memorable as can be. Now go.” Azuba’s grin widened.

Feeling he may have misjudged his uncle, Lanor smiled as he turned and headed to the garden and his future. Lanor found Cephas in full armament standing by an altar he hadn’t seen before, a large slab of marble sitting atop four massive wooden legs. At the foot of the altar was a shallow wide iron urn ablaze with fiery coals. And basking in the flames was the captain’s glowing red-hot blade. Lanor took a deep breath and walked up to the altar.

Cephas noticed the robe, “What are you… is that… that’s an Ascension robe. Where did you get that?”

“Azuba gave it to me. He had it made just for me.”

“I do not like it. He never gives anything without expecting something in return. He is up to something, I know it.”

“I think this was a wonderful gesture on his part. Let us not sully this occasion with suspicion and mistrust.”

Cephas closed his eyes for a moment, “Yes, of course, you are right. You are wise for your years.”

“I know, for today I am a full-fledged Felinoid and proud.”

Lanor stared down at the blade shimmering in the flames, “Are you sure we have to do this? Is this absolutely necessary?”

The captain smiled reassuringly, “It is the way of our people. And in the hopes we are not the last of our kind, we will keep our traditions alive.”

“Again, why do our people do this?”

Captain Cephas looked to the heavens, “It is the grand gesture of covenants between us and her, she who gave birth to the universe. She, who governs the flow of energy within all of us, the one we call, ALL”

“Are you sure then it has nothing to do with the fact that our religious leaders are female and that maybe they’re just trying to curb our veracious sexual appetite?”

Cephas rolled his eyes, “No! That’s not it at all.”

“But I like my body the way it is. I like my foreskin.”

Cephas points to the altar, “Up…you…go.”


Lanor slid onto the marble as Cephas guided the young king’s legs to either side of the fiery urn. The captain pulled out ropes from under the altar and began to tie down Lanor spread-eagle to the marble slab.

“Why are you tying me down? You didn’t say anything about this.”

“Because I didn’t want to frighten you.”

“Frighten me about what?”

As Cephas pulled the last of Lanor’s limbs out straight and tied it off, “About how much it’s going to hurt. And if you move to much, I could accidentally hurt you.”

Lanor started to sweat, “Hurt? How much is this going to hurt?”

“A lot.”

“Okay, wait a moment. There has to be another way. How about some painkillers? Hmmm? Or anesthesia, do we have anesthesia?”

Cephas pulled his blade from the fire, “The pain you’ll endure is part of the covenant. But not to worry, the blade is now hot enough to cauterize the cut, there shouldn’t be any blood.”

“Blood! What blood?”

The captain took Lanor’s voluminous penis in hand and pulled the foreskin tight over its’ plump head, “Like I said, there shouldn’t be any blood. Now take a deep breath and act like the mature Felinoid I know you are, Lanor.”

There was something stern yet reassuring about Captain Cephas’ tone. Lanor calmed down, took a deep breath and tilted his head back.

Cephas took a deep breath, “Ready, on the count of five. One…”

But on the count of one, the captain surprised the young prince. With a flick of his wrist and a flutter of his fingers, Cephas sent the blade flying in to Lanor’s groin and in a split second, the sharp edge slid around the circumference of his cock, just below the head. Just as quick, the captain had the blade away from Lanor’s body and back in the flames as his foreskin slid off. It took a second for it to sink in, and a split-second for the pain to reach Lanor’s brain. He looked down and let out just a peep of a blood-curdling scream, only to suck it back, proving his adulthood…right before he passed out.

When Lanor awoke some time later, he found his limbs untied and Cephas licking and spreading his saliva on to the incision where his foreskin use to be. The saliva of a Felinoid is well known throughout the cosmos for its healing qualities and its ability to fight off germs, diseases and viruses. By the time Lanor was entirely conscious again, not only had the cut completely healed, his penis had reacted to the captain’s touch and become a fully engorged cock. As Lanor sat up, the captain unhanded the young Felinoids cock and placed it in his hands.

The captain instructed him, “You may continue the treatment on yourself now.”

Groggily, Lanor whispered, “Thank you.”

Lanor leaned forward, his flexible legs splayed out wide draping off opposite sides of the altar as his hands raised his cock to his mouth. His tongue reached out and started to caress the scar on his cock. Only after a few moments of auto-fellatio did Lanor realize that the captain was standing in front of him naked. Lanor stopped licking his own cock and looked up to his guardian.

Lanor was puzzled, “I have never seen you in the nude outside of the spring’s waters. Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine, Prince Lanor.”

Lanor chuckles, “Prince? What is that, your new pet name for me now?”

“No, my liege, you are a prince, my lord, and I am your humble servant.” Cephas got down on one knee.

Lanor’s massive cock slid out of his hands and landed with a thud against the marble slab, “Ah, what are you talking about?”

“The homelands I taught you about where ruled by your father, he was…or still is a wise and just king. It has my duty and my honor to serve him since I was your age. And it has also been my honor to be in your service since you were born.”

As a pool of pre-cum formed on the marble under the prince’s drooling beast of a member, the two Felinoids were silent as Lanor let the news sink in. Then after almost too long of a pause, Lanor took a deep breath and exhaled as a wide range of emotions whizzed through his head.

Lanor was puzzled, “Then why am I not surprised? Shouldn’t I be surprised?”

Cephas looked up to his lord, “No, that’s because of what you are. It’s in your blood to know your destiny, to instinctively be aware of you importance in this universe.

“Or maybe it’s because you have always treated me like I was someone important, like there was something very special about me. The way you took care of me.”

“That is because you will one day soon rise to greatness and save or people.”

“Huh…and is that why you are nude before me?”

Cephas rose, “It is just that on this auspicious occasion I have nothing to give you, except, the one thing you have been wanting for a long time now.”

Lanor knew the answer but had to ask just to make sure, “And what is that?”

“Me, your humble servant. That is, if you will still have me?”

Without saying a word, Lanor reached out for Cephas and pulled him up onto the altar. As Lanor started to passionately kiss him, Cephas pushed him back.

Frustrated, Lanor asks, “What is it now?”

Before we go any further, there is so much more I have to tell you. Things you should know about your parents and who you are.”

“Not now! Oh, just shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up and fuck me! Make love to me, rape me, or just molest me, whatever you want! Now is not the time for a history lesson, now is the time for us to fuck where no man has fucked before. I command it, my good Captain Cephas”

Cephas smiled, “As you wish, my lord.”

Immediately, the two cats became a tangled blur of silver body’s fighting to explore each other. His lips pressed firmly against his, the robe was ripped to shreds as Cephas yanked it off Lanor’s body. There were no boundaries as their mouths and tongues slid across each other’s bodies. For hours, their bodies twisted and formed around the other, wrestling with the pent up energy of many years. In the confusion of their passions, they would unexpectedly find their heads in the other’s laps, their lips wrapped tightly around the other’s aching, throbbing and slobbering cocks. Lanor would wreathe uncontrollably each time Cephas’ fingers penetrated his royal glory, probing and stroking the silk-like walls of his inner body. Their equally massive cocks engaged in an unassisted fencing match of passions, each leaving their pearlescent mark on the other. In the brief moments where light could pass between their bodies, the two Felinoids remain tethered together with strands of pre-cum. A slick mixture of saliva and pre-cum greased their bodies making it a little more challenging for one to stay on top of the other. In one moment when Lanor briefly came for air, Cephas took advantage of the youth’s inexperience and pinned him down to the marble. Lanor’s sinewy form playfully fought against the more massive build of Cephas. The captain’s cock hovered over the prince’s glory-whole, gently knocking at his backdoor.

The ward looked up into his guardian’s eyes and nodded yes, “Eh hmm, yes, yes, come in my hero and put out the fire that rages inside of me.”

“Take a deep breath, my prince.” Cephas whispered.

The prince obeyed his loyal servant and took a deep breath. Ever so slowly, ever so tenderly, Cephas teased with the tip of his cock at first, poking his head in and out of Lanor’s ass. Lanor bit down on his lip as he voiced his approval with a series squeals and moans as claws pressed and pulled against Cephas’ hairy chest.

Through heavy breathing, Lanor ordered Cephas, “Stop…teasing …me. Give me…all of it. I…want…all of…you inside of…me.”

“Are you sure? This is your first time. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lanor grabbed Cephas by the head and huffed out, “I…command you! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Make this cat…your pussy!”

And like Cinderella and her slipper, Cephas easily slid all twelve inches of his imposing phallic girth into Lanor’s body. Lanor screams reverberated with ear piercing volume off the compound walls as he clawed away at Cephas’ body. Tears flew off his face as his head rocked frantically back and forth. His screams became melodic as his pleas for more sounded more and more like gibberish. And the louder Lanor got, the harder it made Cephas drive into to him.

Lanor cried out, “Oh my gods, this is…perfection. But I think...I’m about to pass out. If you’re killing me, this…is how I…want to die.

Without missing a beat, Cephas grabbed Lanor by the back of the head, “Here, try this.” And forced the young prince to go down on himself. “That should keep you awake, my sweet little pussy.”

Cephas’ thrusts against Lanor’s ass forced the prince’s cock further down his own throat and he was swept over by a new wave of energy. Time lost all of its meaning as the two of them spent half a day atop that altar, sacrificing themselves to their passions and tossing all their universal concerns into the winds generated by their lust and love for each other. Even if they had noticed they were under the leering gaze of Azuba, high above in his tower, they would not have cared. Their passions had waited this long and they weren’t going to wait any longer. And it all finished as quickly and unexpectedly as it erupted. Cephas’ pile driving of Lanor’s ass became spastic and feverish as he started to scream. He planted his shaft extra deep as his juices gushed forward, a hot steaming torrent of sperm blazing through the inside of his prince’s body. Lanor was overwhelmed by the sensation of his inner sanctum being flooded by his mentor’s seed and let his cock fly out of his mouth as his throat filled with his own sperm. A fountain of royal semen washed over both of them just before they collapsed into a sticky pile of silvery flesh. Limbs entwined and phalluses deflating, they remained there in a loving embrace.

When their breathing returned to normal, Cephas slipped off the altar and over to a nearby well and returned with a large pale of water. He took his place beside his prince and poured the cool water over both of them. Their hands worked the water around each other’s bodies, washing away the heat of the suns and the juices of their spent passions. The pale was kicked off into the flowerbeds surrounding them as each embraced the other and fell into a well-earned nap.

After a few hours, Cephas’ guardian instincts told him to wake up. The heavy breathing of a hundred djinn surrounding them, staring at them, had stirred his senses. The captain nudged is ward back to consciousness as he looked around for his blade and his armor; they were nowhere to be seen. The two Felinoids tried to slide off the altar but were stopped when a number of the djinn drew out their laser-blasters.

With eyes fixed on the crowd, Lanor turned to Cephas, “What’s going on?”

“Keep calm, Lanor. This is the type of thing I trained you for.”

Then the all to familiar figure of Azuba pushed his way through the crowd of djinn.

“Excuse me, coming through. Move it! Black cat walking here! Bothersome little pests. Come on boys, move aside.” Azuba walked up to Cephas and Lanor.

Cephas demanded, “What is the meaning of this? So help me, if you are planning any harm to the… to Lanor, you will fall hardest of all.”

Azuba smiled, “Calm down captain, there is no need for violence. In fact, no one should be harmed at all…if you do as I recommend.”

“I knew it! I told you my prince that he could not be trusted.”

Lanor’s head fell into his chest, “How could you Uncle, I was willing to trust you.”

“Hey now, just a moment, hear what I have to say first. I have your best interest at heart. If it weren’t for my so-called unsavory practices, these djinn would have had at you when you were just a child, an infant even. It was only because of my negotiating skills…”

Lanor countered, “You mean your whoring.”

“Like I was saying, I got them to wait until he reached the age of Ascension, when he would be just about fully developed.”

Cephas pulled Lanor into him, “And now you want him to be a whore, just like you?”

One of the djinn stepped forward, “Since he is a prince…”

Cephas, “They know he’s a prince, Azuba!”

Azuba sheepishly admitted, “It seems I talk in my sleep.”

The djinn continued, “He will be made only to service our royal families. And be milked by only the best sperm collectors.”

Lanor worried, “Milked?”

Azuba blew it off, “Oh, it done with this machine thing and it does hurt at first, but once you get use to it, it’s really quite pleasurable.”

“And how would you know that, Uncle?”

“Trust me, I know.”

The captain stood off the altar, “Listen Azuba, the prince and I are going to walk out of here and take our chances in the jungle.”

Azuba wags his finger at the captain, “I think my little off color friends here might have something to say about that.”

As Lanor stood beside Cephas, Cephas smiled, “I though they might.”

Cephas grabbed Azuba by the neck and crotch and flung him into the horde of djinns, partially clearing a path for his prince. The captain shoved the prince ahead of him as they made a run through the gap in the crowd. But the djinn were too quick to recover and swarmed our two heroes. Cephas managed to pull some of the djinn off Lanor, allowing the prince to make a bionic-like jump to the top of the high fence. Lanor landed squarely and steadfast on the top railing and turned just in time to dodge a laser blast.

Azuba pleaded with the crowd, “Hold your fire! No shooting! Hold your fire!”

But his plea came just a second too late as one more shot was fired off. Lanor and Azuba turned to the direction of the blast and already down on his knees was Cephas, with a neatly cauterized hole running completely through his body, from his back and through his chest.

Azuba grimaced, as Lanor cried out, “NO!”

Cephas looked at the hole in his body and looked up to Lanor, “I’m sorry my prince I have failed…I have failed y…” And the good captain fell back; dead by the time his head hit the ground.

Lanor’s face was immediately awash in tears, “I curse you Azuba! And I will make it my mission to avenge his death on your head! This is all your doing! I curse you!”

Azuba pleaded desperately, “Lanor, this wasn’t suppose to happen! I was just trying to make it possible for the two of you to live here! You have to believe me! Now, come down from there before anything else happens.”

Lanor choked back the tears, “You don’t know it yet, Uncle, but you are already dead. You are already dead.”

Lanor took one more look at his dead captain, guardian, friend and lover and simply stepped off the far side of the compound wall and disappeared from site.

Azuba stared at the empty wall, “Hmm, I didn’t know we could jump that high.” Azuba turned to the crowd of djinn, “Well go after him! But don’t touch him! He is not to be harmed. Just track him down and I’ll bring him in.”

Most of the djinn went running out the compound doors, as a few remained huddled around Cephas’ body.

One djinn asked, “What do we do with him?”

Azuba placed his hands on his hips, “He was worth much more alive you fools. Though I suppose the remaining juice in his nuts could fetch a nice price. Or be traded for a lovely piece of jewelry. Where is his knife?”

Meanwhile, as Lanor made a mad dash through the jungle, his vision was so blurred by his tears; he kept running into trees and getting caught up in vines. And more clouded still was the vision of his future. As far as he knew, he was the last of his kind and trapped on a hostile world. Aside from killing his uncle, he could not see any other reason to live.

And for two weeks, Lanor ran through the jungles of this hostile world, wretched and naked, and with no friends or allies around for light-years. With survival and revenge weighing heavily on his mind, and dehydration overwhelming his body, he soon ran out of tears for his beloved, Cephas. For two weeks, he fed himself a diet of fruits, nuts and berries, quickly learning which ones proved to be hallucinogenic and which ones made him vomit. Hiding in bushes and sleeping high up in the trees, Lanor avoided the Djinn search parties. Working in his favor was that the planet’s unusually strong magnetic field made it impossible for the Djinn to use any sort of electronic scanning devices. With only his skills and claws, he was able to defend himself against the ferocious creatures that occupied the jungle, until he ran into the giant, Corpse Flower. The Corpse Flower is creature that earned its name by being both beautiful and deadly. And its weapon was pure and overwhelming sexual ecstasy.

As Lanor worked his way through the jungle, he happened into a very wide and perfectly circular meadow that was curiously and completely void of all the tall and thick jungle vegetation he had been fighting his way through for the past two weeks. Immediately noticeable was a giant flower, two stories tall, dead center in a field of soft moss that coated the ground. Lanor looked in amazement at the brightly colored plant. One humongous petal shaped like an inverted skirt with a single split down the center, neon-green on the outside, candy-purple on the inside. The petal surrounded a towering phallus-like pistil, hot pink at the top, fading to off-white at its base. As Lanor stepped into the open of the meadow, he knew he risked detection by the djinn but was so glad to take a break from stumbling over huge roots and rocks, and fighting through thorny bushes and vines. The bed-like cushion of the moss was a welcomed change. As he got closer to the flower, it started to sway in the breeze. But he realized there was no breeze, it was dancing, dancing with a gentle hula-like motion. And then it started to sing out in soothing tones, like the purring of a cat. He realized the sound was not in his ears, but in his head. It was calling to him on a psychic level, and it got more beautiful and hypnotic as he got closer. Lanor stopped at the base of the flower, not realizing that his body was swaying in synchronized motion with it. The petal opened up and the light of the suns bounced off the purple lining, breaking up into a rainbow of colors that washed over Lanor.

The prince was enthralled by the show of it all, “How beautiful you are.” He said to the plant, “Finally, something beautiful again in my life.”

As the flower bowed towards him, a dozen tendrils rolled out of the petal and started to caress and massage every inch of his body. As Lanor’s cock became full and proud, he knew he was under its spell and he did not care, it felt so good. As his massive cock started to drool, a drop of pre-cum formed under its plump head and started to repel downward. One of the tendrils caught the droplet of Felinoid tea and brought it to the massive pistil’s tip for a taste. The tendrils swiftly and gently wrapped around his neck, limbs and torso. One tendril entered his receptive mouth as another gently forced its way up his willing ass. Lanor could feel his body’s cavities fill with a cool and sweet tasting sap, and he gladly swallowed the plant’s elixir. Then two more tendrils slithered into his ass, forcing it to open wider than he thought was possible, and it was painfully wonderful. The two tendrils already in him met somewhere in the middle of his body, causing all points between his mouth and his glory hole to tingle in ecstasy. The tendrils lifted him and splayed his limbs out wide as it sent him up towards the massive pistil; Lanor loved the sensation of flight as his feet left the ground. Total rapture swept over him as his back arched and his loins went into convulsions like never before, a tidal wave of semen surged from his balls and through his cock. He moaned almost to the point of screaming as his body became drenched in his sperm from an orgasm that was endless and unrelenting. What can only be described as a voluptuous vagina opened up at the tip of the plant’s pistil and effortlessly swallowed all twelve inches of Lanor’s cock, and for good measure, inhaled his voluminous balls as well. Suspended in air by the plant’s tendrils, Lanor’s thoughts became an incoherent scramble as his orgasm continued unabated, feeding the needs of that beautiful beast for hours and hours. As the tendril around his neck constricted, reducing the flow of air to his lungs to almost nothing, his vision faded to black as thoughts of grief and revenge slipped away from his mind. And as the flower continued to drain him of his precious fluid, he had one last thought, “What a lovely way to die.”

And in its grasp, Lanor stayed for six days, nothing more than a feedbag of sperm to a beast of lust. For six days, the plant pumped its sap into the prince’s body to have it converted into the precious milk it desired and needed to survive, but draining Lanor of his life as well. And as the plant sipped on its Felinoid ornament, Lanor twitched, contorted and wreathed around in exstacy, unaware his body was slowly dieing. Even as wonderfully endowed as Lanor was, the prince was unable meet the demands of the plant’s insatiable appetite and the life sustaining fluids within him began to dry out.

Lanor’s mind was adrift in an infinite abyss off silence and darkness for what he perceived as an eternity. Finally and slowly, the distant echo of something broke the silence, it sounded like the crackling of a fire…and voices too. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, not even the language they were speaking, but there was something hauntingly familiar about their tone. Lanor could then perceive that he was on his back now, laying on something hard, like wood. His limbs felt like they were spread out wide. He could feel fingers all over his body, examining his muscles, fondling and yanking on his balls. Something large and hard was being shoved in and out of his ass, probing and prodding every corner his sacred orifice. He felt an intense throbbing in his massive cock, something tight and metallic around the base of his cock. It felt like a cock-ring, only bigger though, and it was forcing an erection of his hefty penis as it bobbed and drooled pre-cum over his left hip while something or someone seemed to be licking and sucking at its plump head. He fought to open his eyes, but they did not respond at first. As he took a deep breath, he could feel the fingers freeze in place. And when he moaned, the fingers and other questionable sensations left his body. Then slowly, a slit of light pierced his darkness as his eyes opened wider and then wider still until he could see that he was looking up a wooden ceiling. Thick beams caught the flickering light of some unseen fire. He tried to roll his head over but it would not move. He could feel something metallic around his neck and when he tried to raise his arm to touch it, his arm would not move, nor would any of his limbs. He calmly wondered if was paralyzed, but discarded that thought when he recalled the sensations all over his body. He saw shadows move across the ceiling, moving towards him. He rolled his eyes towards the shadow but could only see silhouettes. The shapes were short and misshapen, but familiar. And as they got closer, the shapes became all too familiar, Djinn! They were Djinns, seven of them, and they now surrounded his powerless body.

One djinn bent over and patted him on the face, “You awake now, your highness?”

Lanor’s eyes widened in fear as the djinn leaned in closer and smiled broadly. The djinn held up a small device to the prince’s face.

“You’re probably wondering why you can’t move. I have total control over you with this control unit, and its hooked up to the obedience collars on your body. The collar around your neck controls that beautiful body of yours and the collar around your genitalia controls that magnificent cock hanging off of you. This device is inducing your current state of paralysis and is causing that rock-hard erection. I press this button here and paralysis is removed from the neck up.”

The djinn pressed the button and Lanor could move his head and talk, and yell, “Keep away you disgusting, vile little monsters! I could feel what you were doing to me, you little perverts! I will kill you all!”

The djinn mocked him, “Or you’re going to kill us? Not like that, you are. And I think a little gratitude is in order here. Why, if it weren’t for us, you’d be dead by now. Killed by that plant that was feeding off of your juices.”

Lanor was incredulous as the djinn continued, “Do you remember walking up to a giant flower?”

Lanor looked off as he began to remember, and then looked back as the djinn pressed on, “Yes, I see you do. That wasn’t just any flower, that was a, Corpse Flower. It lives by luring unsuspecting creatures like you into its clutches and draining them dry off their precious fluids. From the look of the gorged appearance of the Corpse Flower, you had to have been up there for at least a week. You probably had only another day of life in you when my six brothers and I happened upon you. We could not believe our luck when we saw you up there. You should have seen it, a sight to behold, your gorgeous body pumping sperm into that flower. We watched for hours before we pulled you free”

Lanor challenged him, “That creature was huge. How did you little shits battle that beast?”

The djinn smiled, “It’s still only a flower. We just grabbed onto your dangling tail and pulled you free. We djinn have long ago learned to ignore its call.”

Lanor conceded, “Well then, I guess I owe you my gratitude. Thank you for saving me.”

“Well, that’s more like it, you are truly royalty. But I’m afraid you owe us more than that. For the past few days, we have washed you, nursed you and poured valuable water into your body. And we have taken great risks by not handing you over to the djinn that are in alliance with your uncle and still search for you as we speak. We require specific compensation.”

Lanor already knew the answer to his next question, “And what compensation can I, a naked and destitute Felinoid, give you?”

The djinn reached down between Lanor’s splayed legs and cradled the prince’s fully packed scrotum, rolling the hefty balls around his fingertips, “You have everything we desire right here. Understand?”

Lanor looks off to a horizon of hopelessness, “Yes I do, and I agree.”

The djinn showed off the control unit once more, “Now remember, I have control over you, so don’t try anything once I reanimate your body.”

With one hand on the device and the other firmly holding on to Lanor’s balls, the djinn pressed on a button, beginning a new phase in the prince’s life. Lanor slowly sat up as the djinn brothers gathered all around him. He barely made off the table before he had to start stretching the stiffness out of his limbs. He had an admiring audience as he bent over and back as his cock bounced and swayed, dripping pre-cum into the hands of his djinn fans. Then, in a burst of energy, Lanor busted through the crowd and made a run for the door. As he reached for the door, Lanor fell to the floor as a severe wave of pain arced between the two rings attached to his body, like a million needles being stabbed into every inch of his flesh at once. For half a minute, Lanor is overwhelmed by unyielding pain as he screams and flops about madly on the floor. Then just as quick, the pain is all gone and Lanor crumpled in to a heap of limp muscles. Frantic breathing is the only sign of life from the subjugated prince as the lead djinn walked up to him proudly waving the control unit.

The djinn laughs, “I failed to mention that this thing could also induce great pain. But do not fear, for there is no damage, just a lot of pain. Are you going to behave now?”

As Lanor’s breathing returned to normal, he nodded yes. Slowly, Lanor sat up and regained his composure. He leaned forward on his hands and methodically inched his legs out to each side of his body until he was in a perfect split. His balls rolled around on the floor and his pulsating cock tapped against his chest. Hoping to distract his captors, he started to go down on himself, gradually swallowing half of his gigantic phallus as he scanned the room looking for an escape, holding on to his desire for revenge.

The lead djinn warned him, “Don’t shoot off a load down your own throat. We’ll be the ones doing any cum eating here, your highness.”

Lanor stopped copulating himself for a second, “If this is going to happen, all I ask is that you stop calling me that.”

“Of course…Prince Lanor. But why?”

“It’s a long story and don’t call me prince…Oh, never mind.” And as Lanor went back to work on himself, he was swarmed by the amorous djinn.

His cock was ripped from his mouth as a number of the djinn fought for possession of his grand boner. Lanor’s body was instantly violated as djinn cocks came at him from all directions, ganging up on his asshole and his mouth. Multiple cocks were shoved in his glory hole at once as a quick succession of dicks took their turns at his mouth. When a cock wasn’t up his ass, a fist or some sort of object was. The djinn did to him wild things he never knew of; his body was tossed around and contorted in all manner of positions. He was forced to endure the humiliation of leather restraints while wearing a variety of costumes. Slapping, spanking and tickling gave way to belts and whips being cracked against his bulbous buttocks. So much djinn sperm was spilt in and on Lanor; there were times he thought he was drowning. And the more disheveled Lanor got, the more it turned on his captors to see the once noble prince reduced to nothing more than a sperm dumpster. But through it all, Lanor noticed that one smaller djinn mostly kept to himself, only coming out of his corner by the fireplace once in a while to have a gentle feel of his superior Felinoid physique. As djinn go, Lanor thought this one was a little cute, like a lost puppy dog kind of cute. During a lull in the perverted atrocities being performed on his person, when some of the djinn tired themselves out, Lanor got curious enough to ask about him.

“So, what’s with him? Doesn’t he want a piece of this?”

The lead djinn took his tongue out Lanor’s asshole just lung enough to respond, “Oh, that’s just Dope. He was born one dilythium crystal sort of an anti-matter reaction. He’s into love, tenderness and all that gay kind of shit. He’ll make his move once we’re done with you. He’s just a little faggot.”

Lanor chanced a protest, “Hey, that’s not nice. I think that’s kind of…sweet actually.”

The djinn rolled his eyes, “Whatever.”

“And because of that you call him Dope?”

The djinn indulges Lanor’s curiosity, “We’ve all earned our nicknames by way of our actions. That’s Humpy; guess why we call him that. That’s Sloppy. Be careful, Sloppy has no limitations. Sleeping in a pool of somebody’s cum is Sleazy. Taking pictures is Creepy, Dope I told you about. Basher is the one with whips and paddles and I’m Cock.”

Lanor finds it mildly amusing, “Let see, Cock, Humpy, Basher, Sleazy, Creepy, Sloppy and Dope. Right?”

Cock orders, “Okay, introductions are over. Now pipe down and ass up, I’m not done rimming you yet. And as Lanor planted his face to the floor and presented his ass to Cock, he kept an eye on the sweet, Dope.

Some time later as the spent djinn slept, Lanor rose to fetch a sip of water. He stumbled over sleeping djinn as he massaged his painfully engorged boner that was still being stimulated from the cock-ring and that dripped cum as he made his way to the water barrel. As he lifted the ladle to his lips, he felt the gentle touch of a small soft hand on the inside of his thigh. Lanor turned around a little startled to find puppy dog like eyes of Dope staring up at him, his tiny fingers tenderly traced the contours of his Felinoid body and gingerly danced on the peach-fuzz hairs on Lanor’s legs and buttocks.

“Well, hello cutie. I guess it’s your turn at me? After the pounding my ass has taken all day, it sure could use a rest.”

Dope took Lanor by the hand and timidly walked him over to a hugely overstuffed bowl of a chair that looked more like a cat-bed. Dope patted the cushion cueing Lanor to take a seat. The prince braced himself for another round of perversions as Dope climbed up beside him, but the little djinn reached for a towel and lovingly wiped his brothers juices off of Lanor’s body. His delicate fingers started on Lanor’s knee and made circular motions as his hand trekked up the Felinoid’s thigh. Dope focused intensely as he explored every muscular crease and dimple on Lanor’s legs. As the back of Dope’s fingers brushed against Lanor’s scrotum, he looked into the cat’s eyes for any sign of disapproval.

Lanor just smiled at him, “It’s alright, you can touch me there. I like the way you touch me.”

Dope innocently and eagerly smiled as his fingers walked into the furry nest of Lanor’s jewels. His fingers meticulously combed the hairs of Lanor’s fleshy sack before climbing up the towering shaft of pulsating Felinoid meat. Dope giggled as the prince flexed his groin, making his cock dance around. When a new bead of pre-cum bubbled up, Dope leaned in and licked it away as he inserted his tongue into the percolating maw of the prince’s cock. Lanor took a deep breath as his inner cock began to tingle. Dope’s true talent, a talent superior to any other djinn, became apparent as all fourteen inches of his worm-like tongue slowly slithered down inside all twelve inches of Lanor’s cock, and then slightly beyond. As Dope’s tongue methodically undulated inside Lanor’s pipe, the prince became a willing subject to the little djinn. On the boarder between exstacy and pain, Lanor experience a physical sensation like nothing before, so intense that he was sure he was going insane. His body went into convulsions as tears of unequaled pleasure rolled down his face. He clawed at his head and pounded on his chest in a futile attempt to fight off the exquisite torture that took place inside his sexual organs. Lanor wanted to beg Dope to stop, but his lips were to busy quivering to say so. An unexpected and massive surge of semen rushed through Lanor and squeezed by Dope’s tongue on its way out of the Felinoid’s rapture laden cock. Dope didn’t spill a drop as he suckled on the end of Lanor’s burning member. And as a panting Lanor collapsed into a trembling pile of flesh, he thought he survived the most intense sensation possible until he experience the phenomenon of Dope slowly recoiling his tongue out of his cock. A paralysis of spasms consumed Lanor as another extreme orgasm exploded out of him, causing him to momentarily pass out.

When Lanor came too, Dope was curled up beside him sucking on his royal nipples while petting his chiseled abs and running his hand through the over-developed cleavage of his chest. Dope’s hand cradled Lanor’s head at his jaw and guided their two faces together. Lanor resisted for a second, as he considered his repulsion for the djinn race, but then gave into the moment. The two representatives of two very different races became one as they locked lips and tongues in a passionate embrace of unparalleled fervor. Cock glanced up in time to catch an eyeful of the two of them trying to become one.

Cock gagged, “Oh, that’s disgusting! You’re kissing a Felinoid, Dope.”

Lanor and Dope are too enthralled with each other to give Cock any credence and continued still as forceful and intense as never before. And it would become a relationship that would quickly intensify in the days to come.

Meanwhile, back at Azuba’s abode…

Azuba was displeased with the lack of progress in the search for Lanor and cursed at the vast jungle within view of his tower window. He pondered the fact of his well being, wondering if his nephew would make good on his promise for revenge or if he would be first to capture the prince. And as he has done for so many years, he conferred with his reflection staring back at him from a grand mirror.

“Why does the search take so long? His snow-like complexion offers no camouflage value away from the glaciers of his home.”

“Yes, how hard could it be to find a naked white cat in a green and brown world?”

“Apparently hard enough for these djinn who are too distracted by there own lust to focus on the task at hand.”

“I must get to him before he gets to me. And did you see how high he could jump?”

“You should have been endurance training more than just your ass.”

“Fortunately, I have experience and resources on my side.” Azuba fondles the prominent jewel on his necklace.

“And all he has is youth, agility, and that beautiful body.”

“You dare to compare him to me? Am I not the fairest in the land?”

Do I really need to answer that? Besides, beauty is not the point. These djinn have been dinning on the same meal for a long time and now they know something fresh awaits to be served to them. If they find him and bring him back here, you will be…”

“I will be yesterday’s leftover. Soon forgotten and then put out with the trash.”

“You know what you have to do.”

“I can’t, he is after all my nephew. Well, though if only by way of marriage. I guess I could force myself to bend the rules of any family loyalty”

“It’s either you or him. Only one can be the center of attention.”

Azuba was so wrapped up in himself that he almost didn’t notice a djinn guard had burst into his chambers.

Azuba snapped at him, “What is it you impudent little rat?”

The djinn guard yielded with a bow, “We think we have a lead on him, Azuba.”

Azuba asserts himself, “Go on.”

“It seems a family of seven djinn brothers had made a purchase of an obedience collar and cock-ring.”

“And what is so unusual about that?”

“The size of the devices would not fit a djinn. Their diameters would indicate a being of superior stature and incredible endowment, someone of Felinoid proportions. We were about to send a spy to confirm our suspicions.”

Azuba cut him off, “No! No, don’t do that. This requires a delicate touch. I shall tend to it myself. Tell me the location of these brothers and I will leave at once. Oh, and get me a duplicate controller for those obedience devices, it may come in handy.”

The djinn bowed, “I shall retrieve a control unit in hast and provide you with a map as soon as I return.”

As the djinn guard left the room, Azuba snapped his fingers at him, “Hurry now, we have no time to waste.” Alone again, Azuba turned back to the mirror, “You know what you have to do.”

Azuba walked over to his dresser and pulled out a laser-blaster. He looked back at a reflection that was nodding yes, “That’s a good cat.”

Several days later, back at the house of the seven djinn…

It’s hard labor in the fields behind the djinn house for the sexually enslaved Prince. A disheveled Lanor has been turned into a beast of burden harnessed up to a plow and his once shimmering pelt sullied with sweat, dirt and semen. His hands shackled behind his back, his head has been fitted with a bridle and reins, his mouth stuffed with a bit. A harness fitted to his capacious balls was fixed to a set of straps attached to a plow. And at the other end of the reins was, Basher, cracking a whip of the prince’s ass as he tugged callously on the leather straps. Lanor’s artificially induce boner bobbed and weaved wildly; sprinkling pre-cum about as his balls pulled the plow through the soil. The prince yelled, trying to flush away the pain of his chore and the whipping of his ass. When the plow hit a rock, Lanor screamed and fell to the ground, taking a mouthful of dirt as his cock dug into the soil. Basher’s whippings became severe when Lanor failed to get back up on his feet right away. The prince endured the punishment just to get a moment of rest until Basher marched up between his legs and unmercifully swung his boot into Lanor’s already overtaxed nuts. The Felinoid spat dirt as he screamed in agony.

As Basher kicked Lanor in the balls repeatedly, “Get up you pussy! We need to finish these fields before my brothers get back.”

The ruthless djinn kept kicking until Lanor got his feet back under him. As Lanor straightened up, Basher walked back to the plow and immediately started to crack the whip on the prince’s ass. Lanor’s thighs exploded with rippling muscles as his face grimaced and the straps attached to his balls became taut again. Just as Lanor got back up to speed, a beam of laser streaked past him and hit Basher right between the eyes. The prince ducked and looked back in time to see Basher fall back dead into the freshly furrowed soil. Lanor whipped his gaze around to the sound of approaching footsteps. There stood Azuba with laser-blaster in hand. Lanor’s vengeance exploded out of him with a defiant yell as he tried to charge at his uncle, but was kept at a snail’s pace by the deeply planted plow still in tow. As Lanor got closer, Azuba casually kept his distance.

Azuba laughed, “Oh this is beautiful, my princely nephew reduced to nothing more than a common ox.”

Lanor growled ferociously when Azuba reached out teasingly patted him on the face.

Azuba is giddy, “And an angry ox at that. I suggest you calm down. You are at a considerable disadvantage. I said…calm down.”

Lanor was too consumed by his rage to notice that Azuba flashed a control unit at him. Azuba pressed on the controls and Lanor fell paralyzed to the ground. The uncle walked up to Lanor and started to unhook him from the plow.

Lanor cried out, “Come to finish the job, Uncle?”

“Believe it or not Lanor, when you first arrived I did have some concern for you. But now you have matured into a creature who’s beauty challenges my status here.”

Lanor bemused, “And now I must die for the sake of your vanity?”

“There’s more to than that, but yes. I’ve come to realize it’s all for the best. Your death will end both or sufferings. But first, some unfulfilled desires I want to tend to.”

Azuba grabbed the reins and dragged the paralyzed Lanor by his bridle into the djinn house. Azuba put aside his gun to handle Lanor and fling him up on the table, stomach down, with his legs dangling over the edge. Lanor tried to conjure up the power to thwart the paralysis, shackles and harnesses that confined him, but the technology around his neck was too strong and secure. Azuba reached through Lanor’s legs and cradled his magnificent cock in his hands.

Lanor yelled out, “What are you doing back there? Unhand me at once, you bastard!”

“You don’t know how long I have waited to grab on to you like this. To have a turn at your body and do all sorts of unspeakable things.”

Azuba yanked Lanor’s cock back and against his own royal ass. The prince cried out in agony as his uncle fought to fold his stiff cock in half while coaxing it up to Lanor’s own ass. Lanor’s cock drooled pre-cum on his own asshole as it puckered in and out, trembling in fear.

Lanor cursed out, “Fuck you! Fuck you to hell, Uncle!”

Azuba laughed, “No, you go fuck yourself.”

Azuba ruthlessly shoved Lanor’s aching cock up his own ass. Unable to even flinch a muscle, all Lanor could do was lay there and yell as he was raped with his own cock. As atrocious and sadistic as the act was, and as angry as Lanor was, he was still able to acknowledge a certain amount of pride from actually being able to fuck his own ass. And as Azuba continued to educate Lanor in the new art of auto-rape, the young Felinoid’s defenses started to ware down as his shackles and paralysis stomped out any hope of escape.

Azuba was enthralled, “Oh my lord, this is beautiful. Where are all your djinn friends to see this? I bet they would love it. I bet you would love to see it too.”

A forlorn and dejected Lanor mumbles, “Uh-huh.”

“What was that?”

Hopeless, Lanor closes his eyes, “Yes, god help me, I do love this.”

“Maybe there’s hope for you yet.”

As Azuba forces his cock further up his own ass, Lanor feels like his cock is about to burst and rip to shreds.

A vanquished Lanor sobs, “Yes! Oh fuck yeah, fuck me harder! Fucking rape me with my own dick, you raging queen! Yeah you sick fuck, fuck me right you bitch!”

“You want more? I’ll give you more, you slut.” Azuba ripped off his loin-sash and his equally impressive cock sprang into action as he shove his meat into Lanor’s asshole along side the prince’s cock. Lanor screamed out, as he feared his asshole would rip apart with two Felinoid cocks shoved in to it. Azuba felt the build up of orgasmic pressure in his loins and decided to turn it up a notch before he dumped his load.

As the wicked uncle plunged and panted, “It’s to bad I have to kill you now. But let’s see if I can send you out in style.”

Azuba grabbed the remote and turned the pain inducers up to full power, the kill setting. Bolts of electricity shot out and arced between Lanor’s collar and cock-ring, sending his body into convulsions like never before. His thoughts became a total scramble of impulses as his screams became nothing more than drool-laden garbles. His eyes rolled back into his head as a monumental load of sperm was purged from his loins and gushed through his cock and flooded his ass. Azuba could feel through his cock Lanor’s glory-hole fill up with his cum and the static discharges from the devices. The black cat couldn’t hold it back anymore and dumped his load in the prince’s ass. Azuba continued to grind away at Lanor, mixing their juices together inside the prince’s devastated cum-bucket of an ass. And as Lanor took his last few breaths and his body became still, Azuba gave him one more thrust to send him on his way.

“Goodbye, my fare prince. You can rest now.”

Even though Lanor’s body was still and the pulsing veins in his neck froze and his breathing stopped, Azuba left the device on full just to make sure the nasty job was done. He reached up and closed the prince’s eyes. As Azuba pulled out, Lanor’s cock flopped out of his ass as well. A final spill of their combined seeds poured out the prince’s ravaged hole and trickle down his once proud member. A tinge of remorse went through Azuba’s mind; sad he would never have a second stab at his nephew.

As Azuba gently ran his hand down Lanor’s back and through the divide of his buttocks, “What a waste. How beautiful you…”

Before Azuba could finish his eulogy to Lanor, the front door burst open. There stood the other six djinn with their dead brother in their arms and laser-blasters in hand.

Cock yelled out, “Are you the one who has killed our brother?”

Azuba dived for his laser-blaster as laser-fire filled the room. As he flew to his feet with blaster in hand, he dodged another shot from the djinn that missed him but hit his necklace instead, sending it down towards the floor. Azuba tried to catch it but missed and the center jewel shattered into a thousand shards when it hit the floor. Azuba screamed and fell to his knees as he tried in vane to put the pieces back together.

Azuba is panic-stricken, “You fools! Look at what you’ve done! You filthy little monsters, look at what you’ve done!”

The djinn paused to look at the pathetic sight of Azuba as his flesh quickly started to sag and wrinkle while his deep black hairs turned grey. His broad chest withered away before their eyes as his chiseled abs vanished and his stomach distended and drooped. His sinewy arms and legs were already nothing more than a layer of skin on bones. Stunned, the djinn let the black cat pass and fallowed him as he ran out the door. But Azuba only made it a few steps before he collapsed to his hands and knees and tried to crawl away. His sobbing turned to screaming when his bones started to poke through his flesh.

“My beauty! My unparalleled beauty! After all I’ve done for you, and after all I let you do to me! You filthy little djinn have ruined it all! You filthy little…

Azuba’s last words are cut sort when his jaw fell off. He let out a gurgle of a scream and tried to put his jaw back on, but then his arm fell off too. Somehow, he was able to stand one last time, turned to the djinn, pointed at them with his last hand, and then fell back. When he hit the ground, he exploded into a puff of dust. A gentle breeze was all that was needed to sweep away what was left of the black cat named, Azuba.

Cock picked up a shard of the red crystal that Azuba left behind, “I always thought the legend of the youth-stone was bullshit. As it turns out, it still is. No telling how old he really was or how long he was wearing that thing.”

He turned to his brothers and pointed to the cloud of drifting dust as delivered the epitaph that Azuba deserved, “Boys, if you live well, you learn. And if you don’t learn, you die.”

Dope ran inside and up to Lanor’s spent body. He tried to pull Lanor to the floor by himself at first, but then his brothers joined in and helped. They gently laid him on the floor and all searched for a pulse. After a while they gave up on the prince one by one and brushed off their hands as they stood away from his young body. Dope wallowed disbelief as the others walked away. The bereaved little djinn started thumping on Lanor’s chest, hoping to restart his heart.

Cock looked away to his dead brother, “Looks like we all lose today. Let’s bury their bodies before they stink up the place.”

Two of the brothers carried off Basher as the others circled around Lanor’s body, but Dope pushed them away.

Slappy was puzzled, “What is it, Dope?”

As he cried, Dope just kept nodding, no, and went back to trying to restart Lanor’s heart, pounding desperately on his quiet chest.

Cock stepped in, “Dope, stop it. He’s dead, there’s nothing we can do for him now except bury him.”

Dope eventually ran out of energy and had to stop. He then took Lanor’s limp hand and curled up with the Felinoid’s arm wrapped around him. When the others reached in to pick up Lanor’s body, Dope fought them off again as he tried to drag the prince’s corpse into his room.

Cock has had enough, “Dope, you can’t keep him. His body is going to rot and stink up the place. And besides, that’s even a little too kinky for us.” But Cock recognized the determined look in Dope’s eyes, “Okay, you can keep him, but not in the house. You have to take him out to the back garden, which should be far enough away to where we won’t smell him. Okay?”

Slappy pulled Cock aside, “Are you crazy? What if other djinn find out about this? We’ll become outcasts.”

Cock reassured Slappy, “Don’t worry, once Dope calms down and his highness starts to rot and decay beyond recognition, Dope will come to reason and we’ll get rid of the prince’s body then.”

Soon enough, Dope had prepared a bed frame and cushioned it with dried flowers, leaves and mosses. Lanor’s body was stripped of all devices and restraints and then laid to rest on that bed in the back garden nestled under a tree. And so began Dope’s diligent watch over his lover, well that’s how Dope felt about Lanor anyway. Dope spent all his free time protecting the body of Lanor from would be predators and falling leaves. The faithful little djinn would refresh the mattress with fresh flowers daily. He would wash Lanor’s body and groom his hair without fail. And sometimes, Dope would just on the edge of the bed holding Lanor’s hand or sleeping beside him. After two weeks of this, Dope’s brothers came to check up on him and his dormant lover, and to their amazement, they were shocked at how well Dope had been preserving Lanor’s body. Not a hair out of place or a skin cell lost, Lanor’s body looked perfect. And as the weeks turned into months, their amazement gave way to complacency whereas Dope kept up his diligent watch over his dead lover.

Then one day, after three quarters of one of their years had passed, Dope was as usual tending to his lover’s body, grooming his hair, when he heard the sound of footsteps coming his way. Dope whipped out his blaster stood guard as the potential predator got closer but stayed out of sight. And then a soothing voice called out to him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Look, here’s my weapon, I’m going to throw it out to you.”

Then a hand reach above the tall brush with a blaster held backwards and then tossed it to Dope’s feet. When Dope looked back up, he saw a gorgeous male figure step out of the brush. His exposed skin was orange with diamond shaped spots, he had a tail to match and wore a deep blue jumpsuit with white trim that accentuated is form and highlighted his ample genitalia. Dope immediately noticed the similarities between him and Lanor. The handsome figure knelt down before Dope to look him in the eye.

“Hello little djinn, my name is, Cam. What’s your name?”

Dope was as silent as ever and he kept up his guard.

Cam reassured him, “I trust you. I was watching you for a while taking care of him and I want to thank you so much for that. And I want you to know that I’m hear to take care of him too. See, I’m a Felinoid like him; we have the same nose, ears and tail. We are different colors but still the same. On my world, we come in many different colors and sizes, but we are still the same in other ways. Will you let me help him?”

Dope holstered his weapon as he ran back to Lanor and signaled Cam to approach. As Cam walked over to Lanor, he pulled out a medical scanner. Dope placed his hand on Lanor’s chest and nodded, no, to Cam. Sensing that there be something special about this djinn, Cam took his time.

“Can you speak?”

Dope pointed to his throat and shook his head back and forth.

“Are you telling me he has no heartbeat, that he’s dead?”

Dope sadly nodded, yes.

Cam held out the scanner for Dope to see, “See that red light? That red tells me he is still alive.”

Dope didn’t believe him and fervently shook his head.

Cam calmed him down, “No, it’s true. We are Felinoids, and when we get very sick, or hurt really bad or even when there’s not enough food, we go into a deep, deep sleep. We call it hibernation. It’s how we make ourselves better, by slowing down our hearts and our breathing to almost nothing, to where you can barely tell at all. And to some, it might look like we’re dead, but we’re not, and he isn’t either. He is just sleeping now, but he’s having a little trouble waking up. And I can help wake him up with this special pill.”

As Dope watched intently, Cam pulled a pill from his suit and put in his mouth. While he sucked on the pill, Cam reached down and pulled Lanor’s mouth open. Then a moment later, Cam started to cough up a pink gas and quickly locked his lips to Lanor’s lips. He exhaled, forcing the gas into the prince’s lungs. Once, twice and three times, Cam breathed the gas into Lanor. Finally, Lanor’s chest heaved up under its own power as his limbs stared to stir. Dope cried tears of joy and relief as he applauded. And what started out as a lifesaving technique became a passionate kiss. When Lanor opened his eyes, Cam sat up.

Lanor could not believe his eyes, “Are you…are you a Felinoid?”

Cam smiles, “Yes I am.”

Lanor let out a cheer and kissed Cam excitedly, “I’m not the last one! Oh thank the holy mother I’m not the last one!”

“No you’re not. And there are quite a few of us left too.”

“How did you find me?”

“I’m on a mission to reunite what’s left of our race, and as I passed this planet, I performed a standard sensor sweep and detected the remains of a Felinoid spaceship. And when I got closer to the surface, I detected you. Oh, and by the way, my name is Cam.”

“Hi.” Lanor kissed Cam one more time, “My name is...Oh what’s my name…yeah, and my name is, Lanor.”

Cam smiled, “I have the honor of addressing, Prince Lanor?”

“No, I am no prince until our people are once again together and free. And not until then.”

“I understand”

“And you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

“Yes I want to know everything and…” Cam scoped Lanor’s body, “And I very much look forward to becoming better acquainted with you. Very familiar even.”

Lanor smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, me too.”

“But we are still on a hostile world and we must leave before they find us. Can you walk?”

Lanor smiled brightly, “Now that you’re here, I can fly.”

“Well then, your chariot awaits just over that hill.

Cam helped Lanor to his feet, took his hand and started to walk off, but Lanor held his ground and turned back to Dope. Dope and Lanor ran to each other as Cam watched with some incredulity.

Lanor hugged him fiercely, “I wish I could take you with me, but where I’m going and what I have to do is too dangerous for one as sweet as you. While I was sleeping, I could sense and hear everything you did for me. You saved my life by not letting your brothers bury me and by watching out for my body while I lay dormant. And the times you held my hand helped me to focus my energies and gave me hope when I would have given up on myself. And when you slept beside me, you kept me from being lonely. And let’s not forget that amazing tongue of yours, oh heavenly mother.” The two of them chuckled.

“If I could give you the universe, it still wouldn’t be enough for what you did for me. And come the time the heavens are safe enough, I will come back for you. Thank you, my little lover.”

Dope and Lanor kissed as two lovers who knew in their hearts that they will never really meet again, and that the universe is even bigger than the two of them put together.

Later…as Dope sat on the empty bed made of flowers with the taste of Lanor’s lips forever etched into his thoughts, he heard the distant sound of rockets and looked up as the sleek Felinoid craft left behind a column of flaming smoke as it roared away from him and disappeared into the clouds. Dope kept his eyes on that spot in the sky for the rest of the day. And Dope would occasionally check that spot in the sky for the rest of his days…just in case.