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One Morning In West Hollywood
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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One morning in West Hollywood after a night of gay pride and over indulgence, a naked young man, Gary, borders on comatose and is lifeless on a mattress not his own.  His alcohol-stained clothes stripped off of him by his designated driver are by now tumbling in a dryer in a distant room of the apartment building that temporally shelters him.  His host, Pat, (The most gallant of homosexuals), spent the night on the couch suppressing his desire to take advantage of his vulnerable guest.  Mormons, go figure.  Yeah, there are gay Mormons. And Pat now makes his way to Whole Foods to pick up some breakfast worried that his erection may show through his pants.

The grand dame of these accommodations is a cat by the name of, Puff.  And the fault of what happens next can be in some part set at her feet…paws.  The young man who had used a number of fancy alcoholic beverages with tiny umbrellas to wash away his pride (Ironically enough) at the Pride Celebration the night before now occupied her spot on the bed.  Ever the intolerant feline, Puff hopped onto the bed, stepped over Gary’s limp wrist and plowed her head into his waist in a vain attempt to make him move.  Discouraged, Puff acquiesces and finds some comfort by curling up tight in Gary’s right armpit.  Her exceptionally long tail wags, and with each sweep, slowly rises up and over the voluminous pectoral of the gym-bunny’s body.  Her tail begins to methodically dust his nipple.

Such a big fan of nipple-play was Gary, that even in his unconscious state, his finely sculpted body responded with the wagging of his own tail.  Nestled between his legs, his dormant penis began to show signs of life as its’ main vein swelled and pulsated to the beat of a strong heart.  Its head plumped and crawled out of its testicular nest.  And just as it touched the crumpled sheets below, it reared up and slowly scaled the well-groomed wall of his left thigh.  Puff’s tail continued to brush Gary’s nipple, as his penis became a cock as it lifted off his thigh and briefly skipped across his hip.  With the very next beat of Gary’s heart, the mighty phallus now hovered over his tight flesh and lifted itself ever higher and higher with every heartbeat that fallowed.  Twelve inches of majestic manhood now stood tall over the dormant stud.  Tall enough to catch the attention of Puff as she locked in on the tower of throbbing flesh, her eyes twitched back and forth in perfect sync with the cock that danced to the rhythm of a strong heart.

Puff thought she had new prey to hunt as she sat up and readied herself to pounce.  Her glare was intense, her hips started to waggle and she was about to strike when she was startled by the appearance of the gardener.  Through the window that framed the bed, Puff eyed, Piolo, a buff little Filipino twink who made up for his lack of a green thumb with an overly flirtatious nature.

Puff and Piolo are friendly to each other.  Puff took a seat just above Gary’s shoulder to spy on Piolo as her tail rested again on Gary’s nipple.  Piolo sees Puff and abandoned his lawnmower and walked over to give a friendly tap on the window.  And just as his finger reached out to dance on the glass that separates them, his hand recoiled as he sees Gary’s cock standing proud above the sill of the window.  He saw Pat leave the building, so he knew it wasn’t him.  Piolo froze in place to see if the unfamiliar stud noticed him.  No movement, so Piolo moved in closer until he was pressed up against the glass.  The gardener gasped as incredible sight of Gary’s naked well-sculpted body and majestic cock came into full view.

Being a gardener in West Hollywood, experience has taught Piolo you never know when something interesting will happen, and to always to have his pocket camera on him to help remember those special moments.  Piolo’s eyes were fixed on Gary as his hand nimbly fetched the camera out of his back pocket.  Wasting now time, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, and then some more, click, click, click, click, click, and click.  He leaned in for a closer look when his camera accidently tapped the glass.  Terrified he’d be discovered; he hit the dirt and then waited.  Nothing, and still nothing, he took a chance and rose to his feet pretending to tend to the bushes below the window.  The sleeping stud was still except for his pulsating cock.  Piolo tapped the glass to test the sleeping stud, was he really sleeping or just faking it, just waiting for some one to notice him.  Piolo tapped the glass harder and then harder to the point of knocking.  The window came loose and swayed inward.  Piolo froze for a moment and then pushed the window in far enough for him to step through.

Piolo leaned in and whispered, “Hey.”  And a second later and louder, “Hey.”

Piolo stepped into the room and stood beside the bed.  He reached down, grabbed Gary by the wrist and shook his arm. 


Piolo took a few close-up shots with his camera hovering above his motionless body.  He put his hand in Gary’s and forces a gentile handshake out of him.

Piolo whispered, “Nice to meet you.  I’m Piolo, who are you, you magnificent stallion?  You have the most amazing cock I’ve ever seen.”

Click went the camera a few more times tight on his cock, close up on his nuts, and a few dramatic angles looking up and then looking down his cock.

“I hope you don’t mind if I suck on your cock?  Can I suck on it?  I’ll take that as a yes.”

Piolo walks around to the foot of the bed as he continued to use up the memory of his camera.  His heart skipped a beat at such a sight.  He kneeled onto the mattress and slowly crawled up between Gary’s splayed legs.  He slowly reached out with a finger and caressed the unconscious stud’s cock.  His hand slid down the whole length of the mighty phallus and dove deep into his groin to gently cradle a set of balls that barely fit in his palm.  Piolo shook his head in disbelief as he tested the weight of the robust orbs of Gary’s manhood.  Click, click, click, went the camera.  Piolo’s hand slid back up Gary’s cock and took a firm hold of it near the top, just below a plump head that glistened like a ripe apple.  Gary’s cock seemed to resist as Piolo pulled it towards his mouth.  But any resistance was futile and Piolo soon consumed the rigid shaft of meat.

Like a large snake swallowing an even larger prey, Piolo’s true talent took center stage as all twelve inches of Gary’s cock disappear from view and effortlessly slid down the gardener’s throat.  Piolo’s left hand continued taking pictures; self-portraits of him gulping down Gary’s cock every inch of the way.  Without a gag or a cough, Piolo repeatedly downed the slumbering stud’s cock.  Piolo cradles Gary’s balls and froze in place with the stud’s entire member planted deep down in his throat.  Piolo’s tongue flicked at the base of the cock as the muscles of his throat and esophagus massaged the rest of Gary’s vigorous meat.

Gary began to moan but remained passed out as his ample musculature tensed up.  The slumbering lad’s muscles rippled and his head gently rocked back and forth.  Piolo is relentless for the next twenty-eight minutes as he kept an eye on the ever-increasing motions of the sleeping beauty.  Then finally and with only a few coughs as warning, Gary’s face turned red and his back arched as a torrent of his hot seed surged down Piolo’s gullet. Click, click, click, went the camera.  The gardener effortlessly swallowed purge after purge of the young man’s essence.  Not one drop is spilt as Gary remained out cold and his body came to rest.  Piolo savored the moment by continuing to suckle on Gary’s cock as it slowly deflated, trickling semen, as it got smaller, becoming a docile penis once again. 

Piolo quickly but reluctantly gave up his prize when he heard keys jingling at the front door.  The now glossy shaft of Gary’s pride and joy was put back to rest in its testicular nest.  A few clicks of the camera as Piolo quickly tippy-toed back to the window as footsteps approached the bedroom.

Pat poked his head into the room to check in on Gary, still sleeping.  Pat can’t help fantasizing for a moment what it would be like to see his cock in action.  The sound of a lawnmower broke the silence.  Pat stepped into the bedroom to look out the window.  Pat and Piolo saw each other, Pat waved and Piolo nodded back like nothing happened and went to work.  Pat realized Gary could be in view of the gardener and covered him with a blanket to guard against possible prying eyes.  The window was open; Pat doesn’t remember opening it and closed it without regard.

Before Pat left the room, he gazed once more at Gary, “Only if.  Sleep well my drunken prince.”