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Mountainman and Vortexalator
Part 4 - Part 4
By Jackson Pickett

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Mountainman and Vortexalator

Chapter 4

Mountainman woke up about about fifteen minutes later. One thing he quite quickly realized was that he was no longer held with those powerful electronic bonds. It felt so good to move his aching shoulders. He was naked except for the nasty metal chastity cage that confined his cock and balls. He could see Benjamin sitting on top of his bed a few feet away smoking his pipe. His brother who had raped him.

Mixed things were going on in Mountainmam’s mind. He had been kidnapped and drugged. He had been bound. He’d had his manhood cuckolded. He had been raped by his brother. Admittedly his brother had been fed the same medication which had made Mountainman so horny. But Benjamin had molested him nonetheless.

That drug that made him so horny was evil. It was bad the first time. He had never been so horny before. But the second injection had made him even hornier. It was hard to imagine but it was worse the second time. And the metal cage was just so tight. It was so painful.

It was also humiliating for a dominant macho man to be fucked. But there was something that really bothered Mountainman. He had actually enjoyed being fucked. It was almost as if he finally discovered what he’d been missing all these years. It hurt having his brother penetrate him but then all of a sudden he felt like this is where he should always be in the bedroom. He wasn’t gay, was he?

“Look Jerry, I’m sorry. That drug just made me a monster. And Vortexalator told me he’d shoot you if I tried to masturbate. So I had to cum and your ass was the only other thing available. It was like I had no choice. Are you ok? Are we ok?”

Mountainman sat in silence for a minute. He knew he couldn’t really blame Benjamin. Vortexalator had caused this. He also knew he couldn’t tell his brother that he enjoyed the rape. Surely he’d been mistaken about that. “I am not ok big brother. I never ever saw myself as someone’s fuck toy. But that’s Vortexalator’s fault not yours. You and I will always be ok.” The two brothers shared a long hug.

“Does that cage hurt?” Benjamin said, pointing at the metal prison around his brother’s cock.

“Right now it’s mildly uncomfortable. You know I am hung like a horse and two inches is a fairly tight squeeze. But when he injects me with that witch’s potion I feel like I am going to rupture.”

Just then a panel opened on the wall, and two breakfast trays were pushed into the small room. Each tray was filled with bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Neither man were sure how long ago they had eaten. After they had eaten, the two men began to search the room for a way out. The door was a heavy metal door secured with an electronic lock. Mountainman quickly found out that if one entered the wrong code into the door you got a nasty shock. The only other opening the room was the small panel where the trays had been pushed through. Mountainman tried with all his might to forced the panel open, but it would not give.

Once they realized there was no way that they could escape, the two brothers decided to relax as best they could. Benjamin had found a couple trashy mystery novels on a shelf. He sat on the edge of his bed, puffing away at his pipe reading about a school janitor who solved crimes in her off time. Mountainman, still feeling stiff from being bound for so long, had decided to do some exercises to limber up his aching muscles. He was just doing a round of push ups when he noticed thick purple smoke coming from the vents in the floor and ceiling. He was about to call out to Benjamin to be careful when he began to get very dizzy. “Ben,” he managed to say before passing out.

When he came to, Mountainman was again bound with the electronic ropes. Mountainman had a huge rubber ball gag secured in his mouth. He noticed Benjamin tied up to a chair about 5 feet away. In between stood Vortexalator. “I trust you had a nice nap Mountainman. Now it’s your turn to get fucked again. Today I will do the honours. You will be raped daily from now on. One day by your brother. The next day by me. The reason for that is the horniness medication has a nasty side effect of sometimes causing the users balls to explode if used too often. So Benjamin and I will take turns. You will still be getting your double dose daily. Hopefully your superhero balls can last. Oh and if you haven’t discovered it yet, you will. The horniness medication has a strange effect on guys when they get fucked. It makes you enjoy it. And the more times you get fucked after an injection, the more you will want to become a cum dump. Getting fucked will become a more powerful addiction then even heroin. I am going to give you your double shot now puta, then get ready to receive Masters seed.”

Mountainman flinched a bit as the syringe was poked into his neck. Within thirty seconds Mountainman was ten times hornier than he had been the day before. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Vortexalator inject himself in the thigh with the second syringe. Soon Vortexalator sported a huge erection and his eyes burned with desire. Mountainman’s cock strained hard against the cock cage. Mountainman could almost feel the metal bend from the pressure of his burgeoning cock. Then Mountainman screamed into his gag as Vortexalator’s rigid penis found the superhero’s hole. Mountainman wanted this so much. It felt so good. Sure he knew now it was the drugs making him such a dick whore. He wasn’t gay. But he needed cock up his ass. Even though he was tied up, he tried to gyrate his hips to bring Vortexalor to full climax. The villain began to savagely ravage the superhero’s ass. Mountainman moaned in contentment. This rape felt so good. Mountainman was in absolute ecstasy as spews of the villain’s jizz filled his backside. He knew now it was the effects of the horrid drug flowing through his system, but this had been ten times better than when Benjamin had fucked him yesterday. “OH puta. You are my fucking bitch aren’t you.” Mountainman couldn’t help but give a contented sigh into the rubber ball gag.

Vortexalator then got the chloroform and chloroformed first the professor and then he knocked out the superhero. He untied both men and laid them on their cots.

When Mountainman regained consciousness, he couldn’t help but think how wonderful it had been to be fucked by Vortexalator. He had never felt so good. He had never felt so right. That feeling of being fucked was so wonderful. Yes it was due to the drugs but that didn’t matter.

For the next week, Benjamin and Mountainman’s days were the same. They would wake up. They would be fed a big breakfast. At some point the thick purple knockout gas would put them asleep. When they awoke, Mountainman would be given the medication that made him so horny. Also depending on what day it was either Vortexalator or Benjamin would be given the same drug. Then Mountainman would be raped again and each day it felt ten times better than it had the day before. By day six, being made someone’s bitch was all Mountainman could think about. His cock began to strain a bit inside the cock cage each time he saw the foul purple gas come from the vents because he knew when he woke up, he’d be getting fucked. It was now the best part of his day.

The morning started like all the other one’s had. Benjamin and Mountainman had enjoyed a breakfast of toast and eggs and coffee. Afterwards Benjamin watched the news on tv. Mountainman was doing pushups. And then the intoxicating purple gas began flooding the room once more.

When Mountainman came to, he was tied by the electronic bonds as usual. But he wasn’t gagged this time. Benjamin was tied up and gagged to a chair nearby. Vortexalator approached Mountainman with not the usual syringe but a key. “Noticed an awful stench coming from your cock cage this morning. Let’s give you a clean.”

Mountainman gave a gasp as the nasty contraption was removed from his cock. The soap and water felt so good on his cock and balls even the underside of his balls where the metal cock ring had dug into his scrotum. Mountainman knew he was getting hard as Vortexalator washed and dried him but he didn’t care. “You like that, don’t you puta?” said Vortexalator who noticed the superhero’s cock get hard.

“No I don’t,” said Mountainman, but he knew it was a lie. He was enjoying it, too much. As the villain dried off Mountainman’s genitals, the sight of the naked villain standing in front of him was just to much for the bound man. He whispered, “Fuck me now.”

“What was that?” Vortexalator said with a smile.

“I need you to fuck me now.”

“I need you to fuck me now what?”

“I need you to fuck me now, please SIR,” Mountainman said pleading. “Sir, Fuck me hard. Breed me again. SIR,I NEED IT RIGHT NOW.” Mountainman began to cry at that moment

“Mmm, this is interesting. You’ve not been given your medication yet and you already are begging for my seed. I guess you are my puta. Some superhero, needing Daddy to fuck you like the cum whore bottom you are. Well I guess I’ve broken you. Tell Daddy, “I’m your little puta and I want Daddy to fuck me.”

“I’m a little puta and I want Daddy to fuck me.’

“Good bitch.” Vortexalator grabbed just one syringe and injected himself with the horny medication. “You don’t need any more of that medication now puta. Being raped by Daddy or by big brother here is all you are ever going think about.”

Vortexalator had just barely entered Mountainman’s ass when the superhero shot a week’s worth of cum. “tell me you enjoy being my puta.”

“I enjoy being your puta,” Mountainman said defeated.

A few minutes later both men shot their loads together, Vortexalator’s first, Mountainman’s second. Mountainman knew that this was his place forever. He knew his life was just about offering his ass to these two men. Nothing else mattered. He smiled as he watched Vortexalator chloroform his brother. And then with excited anticipation, he dreamed of future rapings ahead as the white rag smothered him to sleep.

To be continued

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