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Deep Below
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Xhromer)
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Warning this story contains tentacles!

Illustrations done by Xhromer, if you like his drawings please consider becoming one of his patrons at


Donnie was running through the woods where he had driven to train. He was the star striker of the local football team. The short blonde haired footballer was at his physical best with a muscle athletic body sporting an impressive six pack and chest. He had already finished his training at the club but being the dedicated athlete that he was he did some extra training on his own time.

He chose this place as it was secluded and would not be bothered by people who would have recognised him as he ran. He ran further into the woods as he had done on previous occasions. It was already getting dark and the light around the forest dimmed as the trees began to get tighter and thicker.

He stopped at his midway point in his run and walked off the trail to relieve himself behind a bush. As he was doing his business he looked around the forest. it had an eerie silence to it, bar the trees and greenery he could not see any living things around him. Just as he was finishing up he noticed a strange smell. He sniffed the air and noticed it was coming from the deeper parts of the woods off the trail.

It was an odd musky smell but not unpleasant, In fact the smell was so intriguing to Donnie that he began to start looking for where it was coming from.

The smell began to get stronger as he walk deeper into the forest. And soon he came to a small clearing. Donnie looked at the thing that was creating the smell, it looked like a plant with thick tall like pole like reeds that were waving to and throe. Donnie was not an expert but it didn’t look like any plant he had heard of, it looked more fleshy like with it dark pink colour.

In curiosity he moved closer to look at this weird plant. The thing must have noticed this, because as soon as Donnie got closer the plant like thing made an explosive sound and released a gas cloud. Before Donnie could react he inhaled the gas and he began to feel dizzy.

His legs began to weaken and he grabbed onto the first thing he could for support which was one of the reeds. As soon as he did he realised that was a terrible mistake. For these were not reeds but tentacles. The tentacles reacted quickly and moved in on Donnie. Before he knew it he was being binded by the mass of tentacles. The athlete struggled but even though he was strong, he was no match for the thing and the tentacles had coiled round his limbs and body.

Once the young athlete was ensnared the tentacles began to pull him into its centre. Donnie screamed for help but it was all in vain as he knew he was alone in these forests. Once it pulled him in the middle the tentacles began excreting a gooey liquid substance which began to cover Donnie. He was shocked to see that the liquid was dissolving his clothes, in panic Donnie thrashed around and hollered even more thinking he was being eaten.

However the liquid did not burn his flesh as it made contact with it, only affecting his clothes. Donnie felt a sense of relief at this revelation but soon realised the predicament it left him in. Soon all his training clothes had eroded away leaving him completely naked. His smooth muscled body exposed to the creature plant. It’s prey trapped and stripped naked the creature plant was ready to begin.

In his immobile state Donnie watched as a lone tentacle slowly slivered its way up his body to him. Looking slightly different from the others, phallic looking in Donnie’s eyes. It got up to his face and proceeded to make for his mouth. Donnie turned his head in resistance but ultimately the tentacle forced it’s way into his mouth where it proceeded to push it way into him making Donnie gag.

Donnie made muffles of protest as he was forced to suck on the tentacle. In and out it went face fucking the helpless stud. Soon it began to squirt a liquid down the bound athlete throat forcing Donnie to swallow it. After he had swallowed it all the tentacle pulled out of his mouth leaving the muscle stud gasping and choking as he catched his breath.

Donnie’s consumption of the liquid soon began to affect him. He became light headed and hot. He soon began to notice his dick was becoming hard and it sprang up on its own accord. Woozily looking down he watched as another tentacle which end looked like it was a mouth devoured his cock whole.

Donnie moaned in a drugged pleasure state as his dick was taken into the tentacle’s mouth. The sensation he was getting was really driving him mad in lust. It felt like his cock was being touched everywhere and being played with expertly. It felt better then any blow job he had ever had. It didn’t take long for the stud to release his cum into the mouth of the creature in an explosive orgasm. The tentacle greedily milked him for all his worth.

After his orgasm subsided, Donnie’s mouth was once again full as another tentacle had made its way there starting the cycle again. The entity moved on to its next phase and began to pull Donnie down into itself. The naked footballer realised this and tried to struggle but with his mind clouded with the effects of the liquid and his dick being manipulated he gave little resistance.


Donnie was taken deep into the ground and into the creature. There was no natural light but due to a low glow from the red flesh walls Donnie could see but only barely. His hands and feet were pulled into the walls, locking him in place. He tried to pull them out but to no avail. In his captured state the tentacles continued their sexual assault on Donnie’s muscular body.

Donnie felt like his body was on heat as he was probed by the tentacles, two of them began to play with his nipples even occasionally sucking on them. Due to mostly being drugged up on the liquid which heighten his body's sensitivity, the muscle stud moaned in pleasure at the stimulation he was getting.

The creature plant pleased with its prey continued on with its bizarre mating ritual. Soon Donnie felt something rubbing against his ass hole, his eyes widen at the touch. One of the tentacles was about to enter his ass. In one push it entered making Donnie howl at the invasion. As he was fucked by the tentacle, another entered his mouth, forcing him to suck again. It felt like Donnie was part of an integral organ as the tentacles pushed into him on both ends and all the while milking his hard dick. Soon the tentacle fucking Donnie squirted it’s load into him and pulled out. However Donnie’s ordeal was far from over as a few minutes later another tentacle entered him to repeat the process.

Hours had passed deep within the ground, Donnie made a moan as he shot another cum load into the entity‘s tentacle mouth. His limbs still merged within the walls of the thing only gave him limited movement to squirm around his moist cell. The creature had been stimulating the muscled athlete’s body keeping the footballer in a state of sexual lust only giving him a few minutes of rest, as it fucked him.

The mating ritual had finally reached its peak as the creature once again inserted a tentacle into Donnie’s ass. The young jock felt the anal invasion but then noticed it was not fucking him like it had done many times before. This time the sensation was different as he felt short pulses of something being inserted into him.

Donnie peered down to see what was happening. In the dim light trapped muscled stud could make out the it was not an tentacle penis that the monster had inserted into him but a clear tube, within the tube where balls the size of golf balls that were slowly being pushed into him.

“Noooo!” wailed the hunk as he realised what was happening. It was impregnating him with its eggs.


The shock and humiliation befell the trapped athlete as he could never have seen his muscled body being used in this manner. He watched in horror as his muscled six pack belly began to balloon out with all the eggs being put into him.

The monster plant had finished, The mating ritual was complete. Now it just needed to wait and keep the naked muscled footballer within it while he incubated the precious cargo in his belly, the creature would keep Donnie nourished by force feeding him with it’s liquid. The entity was pleased with it’s chosen mate. The strong male had produce strong seed to fertilize all of it’s spawn. The offspring would indeed be healthy and strong like it’s mate.

Within a week Donnie the masculine star striker of his team would soon “birth his own children.” and the creature would release him unharmed removing his memory of his experience. But for now he would remain trapped deep below


It had been a few weeks but news media outlets were still covering the mysterious disappearance of the football player Donnie Whatsize. Police had searched the initial area of his last known location but bar a few torn piece of his training clothes he had vanished without a trace. Then a week later he had been found when they searched the area again with no memory of what happen to him. The media was not told however that he was found naked in order to stop a scandal for the football club. Donnie kept a low profile and refused to answer any questions about the event and life went back to normal.

Expect it didn’t go quite back to normal for Donnie for the once straight footballer had been left an itch, a desire within his arse that he needed it be filled. For a few lucky gay fans of his, it was them that filled it.