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Dirty Proposal
Part 2 - Proposal
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
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Dirty Proposal

By Ken Laben

Chapter 2 - Proposal

A week had past, the morning was pretty much the same as it was last week except when the truck came around that time again, Richard was not on this balcony in his dressing gown drinking his coffee but instead he was out by the cans waiting.

From here Richard got an even closer view of the blue collared hunk and he loved the sight of the hulking worker as the truck made its way to his house. The stud jumped down from the truck’s rear bumper and smiled as he saw Richard standing there.

Richard’s heart beat was thumping madly as the hunk walked up to him to collect his trash. His barrel-chest and brawny arms looked even bigger this close up compared from the view from the balcony. Richard took a deep breath and told the muscle stud he wanted to talk to him. The stud nodded and said “Wait one minute.”

This was the first time he heard the musclebound guy speak and he liked what he heard, his voice was deep and manly.

He took a hold of Richard’s bins in each hand and headed to the back of his truck, from this close up distance the older man could see the veins of the muscular studs arms strain as they lifted the bins in each hand. After he threw the content of the bins into the back of the truck he hit the truck and told the driver he would catch up with him.

The blue collar hunk swaggered back to Richard and said “What’s up?”. Richard pulled out a wad load of dollar bills totalling up to 100 dollars out of his pocket and offered it to the stud.


“This is for your excellent services. I know how heavy these bins are but you make it look so easy. You are so big and strong. ” Said Richard. The hunk took the bills and smiled.

“Thank you sir. Yeah I take care of myself.”

“What’s you name son?” Asked Richard.

“Diego sir.” He replied. Richard finally found out the name of his lustful desires.

“Well Diego, there a lot more of that if your willing to earn it my strapping lad.” Said Richard.

“Oh, how so? You need my muscles to move stuff for you or you want me to rough someone up for you?” said Diego.

“No, nothing like that but… I do want your muscles.” replied the older man. “Have you ever heard of muscle worship?”

“No, what are you saying?” said the muscle man in a quizzical manner.

“I… I want to see and feel that body of yours.” said Richard.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Diego said in a raised voice. Richard felt apprehensive as he heard this, he feared that the muscle stud would punch him. “I an’t no fag.”

“I.. I never said you where!” Richard quickly said. “You would be paid well!”

“Yeah? How much?” said the muscle man.

“$2000 for the afternoon.” replied Richard.

“Shit man that’s more then I make in a week.. And all I gotta do is let you see me naked and let you touch me?”

“Yes.” replied Richard. Of course he wanted to do more but at this moment in time he needed to lure the stud in.

Richard could see the straight stud begin to think about the offer, he was angry about Richard’s proposition but the amount was too good for the working class stud to pass up.

“You don’t need to make your mind up now, I’ll let you decided until noon that’s when you finish right?” said Richard.

“Yeah.” Said Diego.

“Just come back here later if you accept the offer.” Said the older man.

“K.” replied the muscle man. He turned and ran as he headed off to catch up with the truck. Richard once again ran his fingers through his beard as he admired the musclebound man’s covered overalls ass as he ran back to the truck.

The morning seemed to pass longer than normal that day for Richard. He didn’t know if the stud would take up the offer he had given him, however he make preparations with the money in case he did. Soon it was noon and Richard heard his doorbell ring. His heart jumped and he went to answer the door. Richard peer through his peephole and became excited as he saw who it was. It was Diego.

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