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Private Tryout
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Guanino, Redart & HataHata)
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Private Tryout - by Ken Laben

GoalKeeper Dan is offered a chance to play in the Premier League his lifelong dream, but is he willing enough to do what it takes to be signed?

Illustrations by Guanino, Redart & HataHata

Dan entered the reception area of Man Rovers FC. A man in his late 30’s in a grey suit was waiting for him and greeted him upon his arrival.

“Dan Watts, it’s good to see you,” said the man. “I am the representative of the board.”

Dan was a semi pro Goalkeeper at Neffield FC and had been gaining a good profile there. A few weeks back the 24 year old goalie had been eyed up by a talent scout from Man Rovers FC. The scout had taken a few photos of the light blonde, blue eyed footballer and sent them to the board of Man Rovers FC. From there the club had made contact with Neffield FC to get hold of Dan for their team.

Man Rovers FC was a premier club and it was of course Dan's lifelong dream to play in the Premier League. He had done a physical and medical check prior to the tryout. His muscular athletic body passed with ease, he trained hard and was at his physical best.

The man escorted Dan through the corridors of the club. He noted the many trophies in the cabinets. Man Rovers FC was known to only take the best players of physical condition and this meant the club had a range of top quality footballers at their disposal making winning games that much easier.

The representative looked over to Dan. "I can see why the board wanted you in the team, your stats are most impressive," he said with a smile. “Your looks too, am sure we can use that handsome face of yours to promote the club.”

Dan didn’t reply back just nodded, he felt like we was going to blush as he was quite embarrassed at the man’s statement.

They got to a door and both walked inside it was a small room with a locker.

“Now you will find what you will need to wear for this try out in that locker, what is in there is the only thing you must wear, you understand?” said the man. Dan nodded.

“Once your done, head through that door over there and wait in the middle of the room. The board members will then shortly see you,” said the man. “Now how well you perform in there will determine if the board will sign you up and how much for, you got it?”

Dan once again nodded.

“Good,” said the man, “Then I’ll leave you to get dressed.” With that the man left leaving Dan alone in the room.

Dan started to remove his clothes revealing his light smooth muscular body. Dan had a stunning body, six pack abs and his chest big and broad with succulent nipples, once naked he open the locker to see what he had to wear. His heart was beating at what he found. In the locker was a pair of goalkeeper gloves, a pair of green socks and a football, that was it.

His mind went back a couple of days to when he had a private meeting with the board representative of the club. Prior to the try out the representative had told him what to expect at the private tryout and at first he thought what he heard was a joke but soon realised he was very serious. The representative had said to Dan he had to submit his body to the board who would use him sexually as they deemed fit. He had to think for a while as he didn’t think he could do what they demanded of him. However to play in the Premier League was his biggest dream and in the end he agreed to do it.

Dan took the items out of the locker and proceeded to wear what he could. Once done he picked up the football and held it in front of his manhood to hide his modesty. Dan stood for a while at the door thinking about what he was about to do. He took a deep breath and walked through.

The room was dark with a spot light in the middle of the room, Dan walked into the light and waited still holding the ball in front of his manhood, soon the footballer noticed men who he took to be the board members were surrounding him. They were barely visible but he could make out they were in suits and were older than him.


Although he was naked Dan was starting to feel hot because of the situation he found himself in. He could tell that the men were eyeing up his hard muscled body and were enjoying it as he could see some of the men’s hands were already rubbing their crotch area. The men started to get closer to Dan.

“I think we got a winner here,” one of the men said, “look at those pecs and abs.”

“Yeah those pecs look juicy, look at those nipples am gonna suck on them good,” another man said who was checking out Dan’s big chest and pink nipples.

“A fine looking muscle stud, can’t wait to have him.” said another.

Dan felt apprehensive, he knew he was a good looking lad and he trained in the gym 5 times a week to get his hard muscle body with six pack abs and huge chest but he never thought that he would hear people, let alone men talk about his body in such a manner.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his back, one of the men had gotten closer and began to feel him.

“Yeah he feels hard and yet so smooth,” he said. Dan tensed but did not flinch at the man’s touch he knew if he did it might affect if the board would sign him. The man’s hand felt Dan’s arm, feeling his bicep then moving on to his stomach feeling his six pack abs. He could hear the man’s heavy breathing as he was clearly enjoying his grope of the footballers muscled athlete body.

The man’s wandering hand then went to Dan’s chest where he cupped and molested his right pec. After a while of playing with his pec the man began to pinch Dan’s nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Dan began to gasp at the feeling it was giving him.

“Look guys, he loves it!” the man said.

“Let me at that nipple,” said the man from before. The older man got up to Dan’s chest and began to suck on his nipple. Dan looked down and watched as one of the older men played and manipulated his right pink rubbery nub and the other nursed on his left, the first time ever another man had sucked on his chest.

He tried to maintain himself but he found himself getting aroused by the skilful fingering and sucking of his nipples by the men, His dick began to grow and the football stud moaned in pleasure. He never knew he could experience such a sensation as the assault on his chest continued.


A few minutes of this pec worship by the men was ended when another man said

“Who’s gonna take this lad first?

“Me, you had that striker we got from Leeds last time,” said a bearded man from the crowd.

The other men withdrew and the older bearded man came up and held Dan’s face in his hand. “Such a handsome face,” he said. He pulled Dan towards him and began to kiss him. The man explored Dan’s mouth with his lustful tongue. The straight goalkeeper who had never kissed a man before was surprised by the force and rough feeling of the man's’ beard on his face.

The older man began to undo his shirt and trousers while he French kissed the young muscled Dan, he then broke the kiss. “Such a hot mouth you got there stud,” he said, “Gonna make good use of it.”

He placed his hands on Dan’s broad shoulders and began to push him down. Dan went onto his knees and was greeted with the man’s hard dick in front of his face. Never had he been this close to another man’s dick and it looked huge.

“Open your mouth boy,” he ordered Dan. Dan complied and opened his mouth as much as he could. “Good Boy,” the older man said as he rewarded Dan’s obedience by thrusting his dick into Dan’s mouth.


Dan’s mouth was soon full and he began to suck on the man’s cock, he placed his gloved hands on the man’s legs while the older man placed his right hand onto the back of Dan’s head and held on to his blonde hair and urged the muscular athlete to take in as much as he could. Dan felt like he was going to choke, as he felt the man’s cock go to the back of his mouth.

“Aww your doing good boy!” the man gasped. The older man was clearly enjoying the blowjob and the other board members were also excited as they all wanked off at the sight of the sexy naked goalkeeper sucking on the older man’s dick.

After a few minutes of Dan orally pleasuring the board member, the older man pushed into Dan’s mouth one last time and let out a moan. Dan tasted the man’s salty cum in his mouth as the man exploded in him. The bearded man ordered Dan to swallow his cum, the goalie did what he was told and swallowed as much as he could but the cum was too much and it spewed out of his mouth on him and the man’s dick.


“My, you made a mess you muscle boy, you better clean my dick with your tongue,” the man said gleefully. Dan once again obliged the older man's command and licked the remaining cum off the man’s dick. The man watched, pleased as the handsome blonde goalie licked around his cock head to make sure all the cum had gone. Satisfied with his blow job the bearded man retreated back into the crowd.

Dan was only given a few seconds of relief after his assault on his mouth when he heard “My Turn!” from another man who had already gotten undressed.

He got behind Dan and began to rub his finger on the goalie’s hole. “You ever had anything up your ass stud?” he asked. Dan shook his head, his butt hole twitched as it felt someone touch it for the first time. “Let’s make sure,” the man replied.

The man pushed on Dan’s muscled back to bend him over on to all fours and then began to insert one of his fingers into Dan’s asshole. Dan gasped as he felt the intrusion into his backside.


“Yeah, so tight, gonna need to loosen you up you sexy muscle stud,” the older man said. He added another finger to his inspection of the goalie. Dan braced himself by holding on to the football. The initial experience was most unpleasant for him as he had never had anything up there, but he slowly got use to the sensation in his ass.

After a few minutes The man pulled out his fingers, and began to rub his dick in between Dan’s ass cheeks. “Feel that my lad, i'm gonna stick my dick up your muscle ass,” the man said.

Dan couldn’t see it but he could feel it and it felt big. The man leant over and whispered into Dan’s ear. “Time to get fucked.”

With this the man directed his hard dick towards Dan’s asshole. Dan felt the cockhead push into him, he winced and began to moan at the intrusion. Within seconds the man had impaled Dan. The older man held on to Dan’s ass and began to rock back and forth.

“Aww feels good!! Like me in your tight butt you muscle stud?” said the man as he pumped in and out of Dan’s ass.

All Dan could do was hold onto the football and moaned as he was getting fucked. The older man’s dick was rubbing Dan’s prostate and he was getting hard once again and his dick bounced against his six pack every time the man pushed into him. The initial pain of the intrusion into his ass had gone and Dan experienced an overwhelming pleasure that he never would have thought he would expect as his prostate was getting stimulated. He was enjoying getting fucked by this man. The older board member was also enjoying fucking this straight footballer. He loved how it was him that had taken the goalies anal virginity and also that every time that his dick slid almost out of Dan’s ass, only for him to slam it back in Dan would let out a deep moan. Within a few minutes both men were getting sweaty.


The board members were lustfully transfixed with the spectacle of another footballer getting fucked for the first time and silently pleasured themselves at the sight. Dan was just one of many conquests the board members had over the years. All their recruits had undergone this private tryout, submitting their young muscular bodies to the them as the board knew how much it meant to these straight footballers to play in the premier league, they would do anything to get there. The amount of money they paid kept their silence, however there was another incentive that the players did not know about. That their private tryouts were secretly recorded. This was mostly for the pleasure of the board members to watch at a later date, but should one of the players try to speak out about this then they would be shown the video and threaten them to comply least the video be leaked online and ruining their footballing career.

After some time of the older man’s anal assault on Dan’s ass, the man made a loud moan and shouted, “Take my cum!” with this he made one final push into Dan and shot his load deep within him. It too was also too much for the muscle lad as he shot his cum without touching himself. Dan bellowed out and shot copious amounts of cum onto the floor.

After that the rest of the men descended on him and for hours he was soon fulfilling all the desires of the board members. His mouth and butt were constantly used sometimes filled at the same time as he was spit roasted from both ends. He even got his dick sucked off on occasions as he sixty nine some of the men.

Dan was exhausted by the time the board members were done with him. He laid on the floor covered in their cum after they had circle around him and jerked off. The board members got dress and clean themselves up and left.

A few minutes later the board representative came into the room and stood over Dan. “Get yourself cleaned up you Dan they’re done with you,” He said. He dropped pieces papers to Dan’s side.

“Well you definitely please the board with the money they will be spending on you, I think you will find the price well worth it,” he said.

Dan glanced at the papers and could see a six figure number.

“Of course they will want to check on you on a regular basis just to make sure they get their money’s worth. Though they may ask others to check up on you like myself,” he said with a smile, “In fact, meet me in a few days in my office, I want to personally welcome you into the club.”