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The Fan
By Ken Laben
Email: Ken Laben

Straight muscle webcam model Jake thinks he heard it all when he starts receiving emails from one of his male fans, little does the masculine muscle stud know it the start of him going down the road of submission and domination.

It all began with an email Jake had got. It was from one of his fans from his website. The fan had written about about stuff the he wanted to do to Jake if they ever met in person. The email even contain pics of the man naked who was in his 40’s, average looking, fat and had a semi bald head.

The straight masculine Jake was disgusted at the thought of the man’s perverted fantasy of him being fucked by the fan and deleted the email.

However the emails from the fan kept coming over the months and Jake for some reason kept reading them. The fantasies in the emails between Jake and the fan became more luridly perverted over time but had one constant theme in all of them. Jake would submit his powerful muscular body over to the fan.

Jake did not delete the emails like he did at first. In fact he saved them and reread some of them while naked in bed. He didn’t understand but he was getting turned on by them and while rereading them he get so horny he would wank off on the ideas the fan had for him.

The emails started to affect his workouts too, as all the time he was pumping iron in the gym he would go over the words of the emails in his head about how the fan loved his muscular body and hoped he would get stronger and bigger for him.

It came to the point where Jake would eagerly wait for another email from the fan just to hear what he fan wanted to do to him.

However the emails began to get longer in period of being sent and the last one that was sent to him said that if Jake wanted to hear more he would have to contact the fan. In desperation one night the young bodybuilder called the number that was on the emails. A man answered the phone and Jake coyly introduced himself to the fan. The man expressed his pleasure that the muscle stud had contacted him and proceeded to tell him over the phone about his sexual feeling to Jake.

Jake moaned over the phone when he heard the fan’s story, He was rock hard and was beating off furiously. He had never felt so turned on. He let out a roar as he came to the fan’s pleasure.

From then on Jake would call the fan on a regularly basis just to hear him talk about how we was going to make Jake submit to him and make him suck on his dick and let him fuck his muscled ass in numerous sexual positions. The calls would always end with Jake cumming and shooting a massive load over his muscle body even when he was not touching himself.

Then one day the fan said it was time for Jake to meet with him to fulfil the fantasies. Jake was excited about this idea and asked for the fan’s address which he gave. They agreed a time and date.

The day came and Jake traveled to the address given to him by the fan. He wore a cap and sunglasses in fear of anyone finding out what this straight masculine man was about to do.

With fear and excitement he knocked on the door. A older man that Jake recognised from the pictures in the emails answer the door. The older fat man smiled at Jake and let him in. Jake started to feel hot and excited as he entered the house.

The man watched as the young muscled man came into his house, He loved the way Jake’s jeans hugged his muscle butt and thighs and how his yellow muscle vest clung to his muscle torso.

Jake was lead by the man into the living room. “At last we meet my sexy muscle man” the man said. Jake sheepishly nodded in agreement.

“Don’t be shy, we both know this is what we both want.” the man said. “Now take off your cap and glasses and show me what you got, you muscle lad.”

The man sat down on the settee and watched Jake do what he asked. Jake began to flex and pose for the man. Jake could tell the man was pleased with what he was doing as he was rubbing his crotch as he performed.

“My, you look so much bigger in real life.” said the man happily.

“Please take off your top and Jeans. Are you wearing what I asked you to wear?” he asked Jake.

Jake nodded and began to pull up this vest to reveal his define six pack and bulging pecs to the man. The older fat man licked his lips when he saw the toppless muscled Jake. Jake unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to reveal a white tights that formed nicely over his sculpted butt.

“Where are my manners, you gotten out off your clothes I should do the same.” The man said. Jake watched as the man took off his clothes and revealed his overweight body to the muscled stud. Jake eyes locked onto the hard dick of the man and he found himself getting turned on. The man now naked walked over to Jake and got in close. Jake’s heart was beating fast as the man grab his butt, the first time ever a man had done so and pulled him in face to face. Jake felt the hard warm dick of the man against this abs. He couldn’t believe this was happening but here he was, his face mere inches from the man’s face.

The man softly spoke. “Jake, show me how good you are.” The muscled stud opened his mouth and moved in to kiss the man. The man happily reciprocated and soon the older man was making out with the young bodybuilder, both tongues exploring each others mouths. The man’s hands ran over the hard muscles of Jake, taking in all the stud had to offer.

Minutes passed and the man stopped Jake’s first man to man kiss. “It’s time we moved this upstairs.” the older man said. Leading Jake by hand up the stairs, he took the muscled stud towards his bedroom but not before showing Jake another room. “I got this room ready just for you” he said.

Jake looked in and saw various equipment like a bench and some weights but then he saw some sexual devices like chains on the walls and a sling in the middle of the room. Jake’s mind filled up with the perverted thoughts that the man had written to him about what he was going to do to his muscled body and his dick got hard at the idea they were going to come true.

“For later, my sexy stud. I want to take you in my bedroom, first.” the man said. When they got to the the man’s bedroom Jake noticed the decor. One wall had been plastered with images of Jake’s muscle body. The man had taken these off of the internet and printed them out. If Jake had seen this before all these events he would of been freaked out but now he felt excited that the man was in worship to his hard muscular body.

He order Jake to the bed which he did obediently. He watched the older man go over to a wardrobe and pull out a camcorder on a tripod which he set up in front of the bed.

“I want to record this, the first time the sexy straight masculine Jake sucks on a man’s dick and gets fucked.” the man said. He pressed the record button and walked over to the bed. He got on the bed and laid down on this back next to Jake’s hard body. Placing one of his hands on Jakes head he steered him towards his hard cock. Jake’s face got closer to the man’s dick. Never before he been this close to another mans cock, now his mouth was mere inches away from one.

“Open your mouth and suck.” the man ordered Jake. He did so and he experienced for the first time how a mans cock tasted as he swallowed the dick in his mouth. “Good, good.” the man gasped as he watch this muscle man suck on his dick. He loved how Jakes bicep flexed as he held onto his dick while he sucked away.

“Use your tongue! Use your tongue!” the older man said excitedly. Jake licked the man’s dick like he would a lollipop, slobbering all over it. He looked up at the man for approval.

The man was having the time of his life as the sexy bodybuilder serviced him. He order Jake to lay on his back and he place his dick once more at Jake’s face and proceeded to face fuck the muscled adonis. His fat butt could be seen thrusting furiously into Jake’s face on the camera. Jake took the assault on his mouth in his stride. The older man was impressed with the inexperience Jake as he pumped his cock deep into the muscle studs mouth.

After a while the older man pulled out of Jake’s mouth and got up. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out some lube. “Now I will take that muscle butt of yours for a ride, Jake.” he said. “Pull down those tights of yours so I can see your sexy ass.”

Jake pulled the tights down over his ass to reveal his round bubble butt. Then got on all fours and pushed out his butt and wiggled it for the older man. The man was pleased at Jake’s performance and moved over to the bed once more. Jake gasped at the cold feeling of the lube as the older man applied it to his hole. He gasped and moan even more when he felt for the first time something in his hole as the man fingered him. “How does that feel my sexy bodybuilder?” the man said as he located Jakes prostate and massaged it. All Jake could do was moan as a reply. Jake closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation he was getting. His dick was so hard and he was not even touching himself.

The man pulled off Jakes white tights and got behind him with one of his hands on his lubed dick to guide him into Jake’s hole. “Are you ready?” the man said to Jake.

“Yes! Yes!” was the muscle stud’s response, his sweaty body was ready to be taken by the older man. He felt pressure on his hole and felt the hard cock of the man enter him. Jake let out a long moan as he was taken for the first time. The man pushed himself all the way into him and then layed on top of the muscle back with his hands grabbing Jakes hard pecs for balance.

Jake felt the heavy frame of the man on top of him and moaned as he started to fuck him. He also felt the man lick and kiss his back. The man was in ecstasy for he was fulfilling his fantasy of fucking the man of his dreams, the straight muscled stud Jake which he had seen only on the screen of his pc a few months ago. Now he was here in his bedroom submitting his hard muscled body to him.

What felt like forever to Jake. The fucking of the muscled stud came to it’s climax when the man shouted. “Am gonna cum!” The man pulled out one last time and pushed his cock deep into Jakes butt. The man also grab Jake’s cock and gave it a simple tug to start Jake’s orgasm. He let out a loud moan as he felt himself cumming into Jakes ass, claiming the stud for his own. Jake meanwhile screamed in pleasure as he sprayed his hot cum on the bed sheets below him. Both of them fell onto the bed exhausted.

The man got up and placed a sheet over the tired muscle stud’s butt and walked over to the camcorder to stop it. He then went over to his dresser and picked up a camera and took a picture of the young bodybuilder tired with one of his arms over the bed. This would be the first of many photos he would take of Jake and his wall would be filled of photos of the muscled stud in various degrading sexual positions he thought to himself.