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The Price of Freedom
Part 2
By Ken Laben
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Edward Thomas was true to his word, the day after his meeting with Ty he worked out a deal with the prosecutor to reduce the charges to community service with a suspended sentence, in return Ty would in return give the state evidence against all his members of his own gang.

The prosecutor wasn't initially pleased with the offer as he was hoping to go for the leader of the gang, however once Edward Thomas explained Ty would no longer be a threat to society after this and all the gang members they had would go down they relented and took the the deal.

On the day that Judge Giles accepted the plea deal, Ty gave his evidence against his gang and was escorted from the jail to the courthouse. He was taken to the judge’s private chamber.

The prison guards who escorted him smirked as they uncuffed him. It was like they knew what was going to go down. Ty was then left there alone.

He couldn’t help but look around. The office was elegantly decorated and displayed the judge’s wealth and prestige in the community.

The door behind the large desk opened and the judge entered the room, still in his judge's robes. The judge unzipped his robe and hung it on the back of the door before turning his attention to Ty.

Ty figured that the white judge was in his late fifties. The suit the judge wore was tailored and obviously expensive. He was a dignified man. However, Ty hated how the judge was looking at him. He was being sized up like a piece of meat. “Edward was right. You are a very handsome man, Ty is it?”. Said the judge as he moved closer to Ty. “Take off your clothes so I can see that body of yours,” the judge’s voice had an air of authority. “Listen man, I be glad ta be out of jail an I’m willing for you ta let you blow me an might even fuck your sorry ass. But I ain't going to take no commands. I ain't no ones bitch.”

The judge backed off and roared with laughter, “I’m afraid you have been misinformed. I have no intention of sucking your cock and bottoming for you. You will be the one serving my cock.” he saidTy was furious, he didn't agree to this. He was an alpha man through and through. He wasn't going to let this weaker older man fuck him

“Hell no, I ain't taking no one's cock in my mouth or ass,”. He shouted

“Is that so? Well my friend i guess your sexy ass will be heading back to prison if you don’t want to go through with your end of the plea agreement.” said Judge Giles.

“But just to let you know, your fellow gang members will know your had a plea agreement arranged, I bet you they won’t be happy with you.”

“Fuck you, I’ll just say you lied.” He retorted back

“Well that might work.. Except they probably won’t believe you when they find out I shorten your sentence and made theirs longer.” Judge Giles said “Am sure they will make their feelings known to you when you are all in prison. Also I Imagine when you finally leave prison anyone left in your gang will not be happy with you too will they?”

Ty remained silent at the question, he understood what he meant. The thug had broken the biggest rule of not to snitch on the gang members. No one would respect him after that and he would need to get away from the hood.

“Listen, if you do as I say, I can guarantee you will be well looked after and away from your gang. You be free and safe from retaliation.” Judge Giles said. “Now, TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!” The judge sternly said as he crossed his arms and lent on his desk like an angry parent.

Ty breathed through his nasals in anger. He wanted to punch the old man. However he knew had no choice. He put his hand on the zipper and slowly unzipped the orange jumpsuit. The judge smiled.

Ty hated the look of lust in the judge’s eyes. He peeled the jumpsuit off his broad shoulders. The white wife beater was barely covering his huge smooth pecs and was stretched over his brick like 6 pack. Ty pulled the jumpsuit down his narrow waist and down his thick thighs before stepping out of them.

He stood before the old white man in his white boxer briefs and tight wife beater. The white underwear contested beautifully against his smooth dark chocolate skin. The judge moved toward the muscular black thug. Ty closed his eyes in disgust as the judge’s hands felt up his hard body. The judge knew it was disgusting and humiliating to Ty, but that only turned the judge on more. The judge loved how this thug felt so hard and muscular now he wanted to see more.

Suddenly The judge grabbed the overstretched beater with both hands and pulled in separate directions. To Ty’s horror the judge ripped open his vest. The judge’s pupils dilated at the sight of the Thug’s huge muscle chest. Ty’s chest was like an Ancient Greek breastplate. Beautifully carved muscle out of pure flawless black granite. The judge sighed in lust and his dick harden in his pants

The judge held out his hands and rubbed his wrinkled hands up and down on Ty's smooth hard big round pecs. The thug watched in disgust but made no protest.

The judge moved his thumbs toward the muscular thug's nubs and proceeded to move them around the nipples in a concentric fashion making them erect. Ty tried not to react but his nipples were a g spot to him, he made a small gasp which did not go unnoticed on the older man.

The judge walked around his newest acquisition, admiring and groping the thug. He reached around Ty and grabbed a handful of each huge pecs. The old man’s white hands squeezed the massive black slabs of beef. Pushing them together to highlight his pec cleavage.

“You have a beautiful chest, it feels so big and hard you making me very happy” he whispered into Ty’s ear.

Ty felt so humiliated, he was being felt up by a dirty old man and he could do nothing. He felt the judge’s crotch pressing against his big ass. He couldn’t believe how big it felt even through the judge’s pants and his own underwear. The judge grinded his crotch into the Thug’s fine big ass as he ran his hands down Ty’s chisel abs and into the thug’s underwear. The gangster took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was humiliated as the judge wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock. Ty couldn’t believe it, he had never been treated like this before and it was turning him on. The ruffian wouldn't admit it but the older man's warm firm grip on his dick felt so good as he tugged at it.


“Good boy,” the judge pulled his hand out of stud’s underwear. “ Turn around get on your knees.” ordered the judge. Ty found himself kneeling before the old man. The judge unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick. The gangster eyes widen at the sight of the judge’s thick cock. The judge grabbed Ty’s head and pulled the large muscular thug toward him. Though the Judge did not make Ty suck his dick which he thought he wanted.

Instead the older man began to rubbed his cock over Ty’s pecs. He slapped it against the smooth pecs. The judge was leaking precum and he was smearing it over Ty’s skin. The muscled thug felt degraded that a man’s dick was touching his pecs

“Flex your pecs,” the judge order as he pulled Ty closer. Ty flexed his huge pecs and the judge pushed his throbbing cock in between Ty’s muscle cleavage and began to fucked his pecs. Ty looked down and watched the the judge’s use his massive pecs to get off. The judge moaned in pleasure as his cock rubbed up between the hard muscles.


“Ah yes! Ty, what would you gang members think if they saw you now?” asked the Judge.

Ty was too humiliated to respond but he knew the answer, he was the alpha in the hood. All his homie boys looked up to him as their strong leader, they were envious of his muscles. He had bitches drooling over his big pecs, sexy booty and big cock. If they saw him now with his muscle chest being fuck like a dirty ho even if they didn't know he informed on them, they would surely lose respect for him.

Yet despite all the shame, Ty was rock hard as the judge used him, he had never felt excited and turned on like this. The judge moaned. He stopped fucking Ty’s chest and grabbed Ty’s head and pushed his cock into Ty’s mouth.

“Time for you to taste a man’s cum.” said the Judge.

Ty was too shocked to respond and choked on the judge’s cock. He wanted to back out but the judge held his head. Ty felt the judge’s cum shooting against the back of his mouth. The judge pulled out of the thug’s mouth and the young gangster sputtered for air. Ty held his head down as he continued to kneel. His underwear was soaked with his own cum.

“Well looks like we both gotten a little dirty, don’t you agree?” asked the judge.

Once again Ty remain silent, this time he was reflecting on the fact that he had just had a dick and his mouth and he just swallow cum.

“Well lucky for you my private chambers has a shower. He walked over to a bookcase and pushed it. It gave way, revealing a secret room. The judge order Ty to enter which he did. Upon entering the room Ty checked his new surroundings. There was a bed and ensuite with a walk in shower.

“Take off your underpants.” ordered the judge. Ty did what he was told and took off his underwear leaving him completely naked. The judge marveled at his big muscled backside.

The judge himself began to remove his clothes and Ty watched. The Judge had an old and frail looking body, nothing compared to his young, ripped muscular one. Only thing noticeable was the size of his cock. Ty was surprised that the judge was already semi hard even after cumming in his mouth.

The now naked judge led Ty over to the ensuite shower. He turned the tap and the shower hissed into life. Soon the room was steaming up with the hot water.

“Get in you big muscle boy.” said the judge. Ty did what he was told. The warm water hit his hard body and trickled down his muscular curves. The first thing Ty did as he entered the shower was to open his mouth to wash out the feeling of having a dick in his mouth.


A few seconds later Ty felt the hands of the older man on his back. The judge slowly move this hands from Ty’s broad shoulders down to his v shape sides finally resting on his rump muscled ass.

Ty felt disgusted and yet aroused as he let his older man feel him up. He could easily stop him physically but he knew this was his only way for freedom. The judge also knew this and loved the power he held over this muscled young criminal.

The judge turned Ty around to face him. He pushed the black muscle man up against the tiled walls. His naked weaker body pressed up to the solid hard muscles of Ty.

Ty could feel the judge’s already hardened cock between them. The judge was in heaven, here he was naked in a shower with a sexy macho muscle thug stud who he had control over. He rubbed his frail body all over this wall of solid black muscle.

He moved his head down kissing and licking Ty's big pecs until he planted his lips on his right nipple. The thug watched and gasped as he felt the judge manipulate his rubbery nub with his tongue.

The muscle gangster leaned his head back against the shower wall and closed his eyes, he started to pant as if on heat as he was getting turned on as the older man feasted on his teat. As if the judge knew the effect he was having, he began pinching Ty's left nipple with his fingers and thumb all the while suckling on his right. It was too much for the macho thug and he began to moan in pleasure as both his nipples were worked on.

After a couple of minutes the Judge was finally sated with Ty’s muscled chest and moved up to his face. The judge still had to look up at the thug as he was shorter than him but he was the one in control. He grabbed hold of the back of Ty’s head and pulled him down to kiss him. The muscled gangster put up no resistance and both men's mouths locked together. Ty couldn’t believe he was making out with a man, he still felt disgusted but also confusion as he had opened his mouth freely and let both his and the judge's tongues explore each other mouth.

The judge was getting so turned on and could no longer bare any more foreplay, he stopped kissing Ty and said” It’s time boy, turn around.”

Ty butt clenched as he heard this, he knew what the older man wanted. He didn’t want to but he turned and bent over sticking out his muscle ass for the judge. “Just fucking git it over with.” said Ty.

“I promise you boy, you will love it.” said the judge as he aimed his hard cock at Ty’s hole. The thug gritted his teeth and grunted as he felt the judge's cockhead pushed into his hole but did not protest. The judge also gasped as he made his way into Ty’s tight hole. It took a few seconds but soon, Ty was finally impaled on the Judges rod.

He felt humiliated, he was an alpha male, He was the leader of a notorious gang. All his homies looked up to him. Now he was acting like a back alley prostitute with a dick up his ass for the first time.

A few seconds after making his presence known to Ty's ass, the judge began to fuck the muscle thug, slow at first but he sped up into a rhythmic fashion. Ty all this while had buried his face in his big arms which were resting on the shower wall. He wouldn’t admit it but the judge was right, he was feeling waves of pleasure as his prostate was touched with every stroke thus causing him to get so hard.

The shower echoed the groans of pleasure of the two men, apart from that, the only noises heard where the water from the shower and slapping of Ty's muscle buttocks as the judge rammed into him. Soon it was too much for the judge and in one final push his cock erupted seeding the muscle thug’s insides. Ty who had been jacking himself off also, groaned as he shot his load onto the shower walls.

For the rest of the afternoon the judge had his way with Ty’s hard muscle body. The gangster had always thought he was good in bed with all the women he had fucked over the years, however the former alpha stud couldn’t believe the sexual prowess of the older man as he found himself accommodating the judges dick in his mouth and now violated ass multiple times. All the while his own dick was rock hard throughout his session with the judge. Once his ordeal was over he was taken back to prison.

That night Ty laid in his cell bed and recounted the day’s events in his head, he couldn't believe he had let that old man use him in such a sleazy manner. He was angry and disgusted at the violation he had endured. However the more he thought about it, the more turned on he felt.

The thug thought once again about how the judge had ripped off his top and man handled his muscle pecs, how he made him flex them as he fucked his cleavage, how he watched the judge’s dick slide up and down his muscled chest.

As he thought about this, he began to finger his nipples. His dick twitched with excitement. Ty closed his eyes and imagined he was back in the judge’s office. He imagined he was sitting naked on the lap of the judge as the older man sat in the chair. His big pecs pushed into the judge's face as to suck on one of his nipples.

Ty licked his lips and let out a small moan. His cock was now rock hard at the thought of this. He grabbed hold of his rod with one hand and jacked off furiously.

He then imagined he was bent over the judge's desk with his muscled ass sticking out. He thought about the judge behind him sticking his big dick into him and fucking him. As he jacked off , He pulled up his legs and move his free hand to stroke his ass hole. It didn't take him long after that to cum.

A few days later, It came to the sentencing and Judge Giles presided over the court. Ty looked at the Judge for the first time since his private meeting and his ass twitched.

“Will the accused stand.” Said Judge Giles.

Ty complied and stood up, When the judge looked at him he had to look down in shame with the thoughts of what the judge had done to him. The thug was full with humiliation and desire. He had taken him and he enjoyed it. His cock began to harden which only made Ty more uncomfortable. He put his hand in front of his crotch to hide it.

Judge Giles noticed his and smirked a little.

“Ty Dewit, I hereby sentence you to 1 year of community service and suspended 10 year sentence.”. “I hope you have given much thought on what you will do with your life after this.”

Now free to go Ty left the court, once outside he followed the lawyer Edward Thomas to his car and got in. He drove Ty to the rich suburb area of the city. Here he took him into a rich mansion sized house. And led him into a room where the judge was waiting for him sitting at his desk.

“So my sexy boy your a free man. As promised.” said the judge. “Though I seriously doubt you can ever go back to your former life with what you have done, However I can offer you a place to stay and your needs satisfied. All I ask is that you will also satisfy my needs. Do you understand?”

Ty said nothing, instead he slowly swaggered over to the judge. Ty got to his desk, he looked at the judge who in turn was looking to him for an answer. Still silent, the macho thug placed his hands on the bottom of his black vest and began to lift it over his head all the while not losing eye contact with the older man once again revealing his hard muscled body. He threw his vest to the floor and the judge watch as the black muscle stud in front of him began to unbuckle this jeans. Ty removed his jeans and stood naked in front of the older man with his hard dick swinging in front of him.

Ty walked round the desk towards the judge and knelt in front of him. There he proceeded to unzipped the older gentleman's pants and pulled out his dick which was already hard due to judge's lustful feelings towards him. With dick in hand, the muscle thug placed his lips around the judge's cockhead and swallowed the shaft all the while looking at the judge. The older man gasp and was delighted as he watched the now submissive gangster give him a blowjob. He was going to enjoy his new acquisition.

All the while the lawyer Edward Thomas watched in lust at the spectacle and reward began slowly rubbing his hardening cock in his pants. He knew the judge would him for his find. He smirked and said ”I think he fully understands.”

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