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Oil Check For A Superhero
By Khalid

Oil Check for a Superhero

By Khalid

Mark, aka The Golden-Eagle, flew over his adopted country of America. The handsome, green-eyed, six foot-two, thirty-four-year-old superhero smiled as he took in the tall structures of the place he called home. Ever since he had arrived on this planet as a young pre-teen, he had made it his mission to protect not only the American way of life but also be its chief booster. Thanks to this incessant American jingoism, he was sometimes called Mr. USA by his detractors. None it bothered Mark. He not only saw himself as an American booster but, secretly, a symbol of good ‘old-fashioned’ masculine superiority combined with a touch of racial smugness. As he flew in his skintight golden costume, his famed blonde wavy locks of hair fluttered in the wind. Mark was overly proud of his blonde curly hair which, he felt, nicely framed his All-American good looks. He also took pride in how his snug superhero’s outfit showed off his perfectly sculpted muscularly body of 88kg {195lbs}. Just as important to him was his sense of his own hyper-masculinity. It had been the rationale in choosing his crimefighter name. In Mark’s brain, he was America’s Golden Eagle. “I’m invincible,” he often boasted, unaware his alien physiology had one vulnerability.

Today his mission was simple. The President had asked him to take part in a charity wrestling match in the rural Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

“We are trying to deepen our ties to India,” the man explained to Mark. A young tech genius called, Mr. Khan, contacted us about setting it up. Money to go to building schools.

“Hardly seems a fair match, Sir,” Mark smugly replied. “I mean no man especially some dude from India could take me on and hope to win. It will be over before it starts.”

“I’m sure you can pretend to let him take advantage of you a few times simply to drag it out before you pin him,” the President replied. “In fact, he mentioned that issue and suggested might be a good idea for you two to ‘practice’ the match in private first. A dress rehearsal so he can know what to do to give it some realism. He gave me an address of a private place you two can meet and work on things.”

O,” he laughed as he took hold of The Golden “Makes sense,” Mark replied. He smiled. “I’ll go easy on him, after all he’s not me now is he,” he laughed as he took the address from the President and flew to its location.

Mark’s destination was a large estate in the foothills of Uttar Pradesh. As he arrived he was met outside a building by someone wearing a black wrestling singlet. From his outfit, Mark assumed this was Khan. He was dark haired, 5'9, with a lean body and weighing roughly 65 kgs {144lbs}. Oh fuck, Mark thought, as the man approached him. I’ve got fifty pounds of pure gym toned muscle on him not to mention my height advantage. How am I going to make it look like he’s my equal in this match.

“Nice to meet you,” Khan politely said as he stood before Mark.

“Yeah fine,” Mark grumpily replied. He worried he’d look like a either an idiot or a bully when he defeated Khan and wanted to get it all over with as fast as possible.

Khan gave mark a sour look and thought, jaraja. “Well then the ring is set up and we can go rehearse. Thank you for taking part in this charity.”

“Sure,” Mark absentmindedly replied. He followed Khan into the building. It was a vast area with a wrestling ring in the center of the room.

“I thought a professional wrestling ring would be best as it gives height. Of course we will wrestle in the classic way they do in our schools.”

“Whatever,” Mark yawned. He flexed his torso letting Khan take in the sight of his muscular definition. One of the things the superhero loved to do was display his tight sexy body. “ I suppose we have to put on a show for them. Too bad it will be so one sided,” he stated.

“You think so?” An increasingly irritated Khan answered. By now the subtle smug attitude from Mark was getting on his nerves.

“Come on get real,” the American laughed. “ I mean look at the difference in us,” he replied as he again flexed his powerful frame. He grinned and added. “ Look, we know you haven’t a chance against me, but I’ll let you pull a few moves, so you look good. Wouldn’t want this All-American to make his Indian opponent look bad in his own country now, right?”

Khan suppressed his anger. He looked at the arrogant hero and decided to let his talking be in the match. “Well to begin then...Are you a top or bottom,” Khan said with a smile.

Mark’s eyes widened. “What did you just ask me?”

“Which wrestling position you prefer to start with. You on top or myself?” Khan innocently replied with a sly grin. “What did you think I meant?”.

“Ah, Okay,” Mark sputtered. He felt like an idiot. He looked a Khan who was smiling in a way that indicated he knew he had scored one off Mark. “Bottom to begin,” Mark grudgingly responded. “I’ll let you be ton he top when we start since you won’t be in that position for long.”

“Perhaps,” Khan slowly told him. “On the matt on all fours then,” he sharply told the superhero. “Doggie style position as I refer to it,” he teased.

Mark felt a growing annoyance at the superior attitude he was getting from Khan. He almost told him the match was off until he realized doing so might be seen by Khan as some type of win. Damned if I’m going to let some weaker looking Indian guy score on me, he decided.

He quickly strode to the ring, jumped up onto it, went to its center, and got down on all fours. “Okay let’s play,” he barked.

Khan, still grinning, took his position next to Mark’s torso. Slowly he positioned his hands with one arm tightly wrapped around the superhero’s tapered waist while the palm of his other hand was splayed out along the curve of Mark’s tight rounded rump. Nice body, Khan thought as the hand cinching the American’s waist ran along the hero’s tight abdominals. Good butt too , he told himself. Rounded, beefy, bubbled and tight . He let this hand lightly caress the meaty package. He suddenly decided to take a risk and slip a finger between Mark’s cheeks to digitally thrust deep between them . “Oil check,” Khan silently joked not realizing the dramatic effect the maneuver would have o Mark

“What the fuck,” Mark yelled as he felt the probe touch his, until now, unexplored and exploited rear-end. He was about to rise when Khan’s finger rammed against his butthole. Mark’s head exploded under a wave of overpowering sexual arousal. “Fucking shit,” Mark moaned as this unexpectedly erotic stimulation combined with a sense of weakness. “I feel funny…weaker…so turned on…what is cock…getting…erect,” he moaned.

Khan, seeing the change, playfully rubbed the butthole until Mark was panting in sexual heat.

“What’s happening,” the superhero unconsciousness groaned. “Feel so weak. My powers are going,” he gasped even as his cock began to stiffen. The more he was aroused, the greater his abilities were shutting down. “How are you weakening me?”

“Well, it seems you have a vulnerability after all,” Khan gleefully stated as he continued his actions.

“So weak,” Mark mumbled. His limbs shook and he collapsed onto the ring’s surface. His muscled torso writhed on the floor. “I’m erect,” he babbled while rubbing the under shaft of his now total erect cock on the matt’s surface.

“I think the today’s rehearsal will be interesting,” Khan replied as he watched Mark shameless lay there moaning in lust, humping his crotch on the matt, and clearly as weak as a kitten.

Chapter Two

Khan continued exploiting his advantage fingering out Mark’s hole until the superhero was a whimpering, quivering mess.

“I can’t focus,” Mark moaned as Khan’s finger did its job. “God my ass is on fire. I feel so helpless. My powers are gone,” he gasped in horror.

To Khan, it appeared that Mark’s superpowers had been, for now, temporarily short-circuited. Wanting to take advantage of the situation, Khan moved to show the gob-smacked American hero some wrestling moves. “Up we go,” he laughed as he took hold of the famed Golden-Eagle’s locks to yank the out-of-it superhero to his feet.

“OW, my hair…that hurts,” Mark cried out while trying to understand what was going on with him. His head was spinning. He had never experienced such sexual arousals before nor the sensation of not having any superpowers. He was still trying to clear his head when Khan grabbed one of his arms and whipped Mark into a turnbuckle. “Argh,” Mark grunted as his upper body slammed into the pole. He blinked and looked in shock as Khan quickly approached and followed it up with a hard arm thrust to the American’s jaw. “Argh” he grunted as his head rocked against the pole.

Wasting no time, Khan again grabbed Mark’s by his hair and tossed the weakened superhero into the ring’s side ropes. Mark hit it. His body slumped down until his butt hit the matt.

“ amerikana,” Khan shouted as he grabbed the bottom rope and pulled it up over the middle rope, trapping the American’s arms between them.

By now Mark was only vaguely conscious of what was happening. He realized to late that, in his current bound up position, he was trapped. He tried and failed to free himself. He had never been in this position in his life. He gazed in shock smaller Indian who was kicking his butt.

A laughing Khan bounced off the far ring ropes. Seconds later he landed onto the prone hero in a position that had Mark’s head was trapped between Khan’s thighs.

“Get a nice whiff,” Khan teased as he leg-locked Mark’s face, so it was thrust into the Indian’s crotch “”It’s the musk of an Indian stud,” he mocked as he took hold of the blonde locks of his opponent and used it to drag the American’s face harder into his crotch area.

The American’s lungs filled with Khan’s musky crotch odor. His muffled protests filled the room. To his relief, Mark felt his arousal gradually fading under the assaults. As it did, he also sensed his powers were returning. Just a few minutes more and I will whip his butt, he told himself.

Khan, however, had already figured out that keeping the American in “heat” was the key to victory. He had observed Mark’s erection deflating. Deftly releasing his hold, he moved back, grabbed Mark’s long muscled legs, yanked them upward then spread them to give him access to Mark’s vulnerability. “Oil check round two,” he laughed as once more he thrust a finger deep between the superhero’s splayed butt cheeks and tapped his hole.

“No,” Mark whined as his mind and body were racked by yet another flood of arousals that once more weakened him. His body went limp as he boned. “No…no,” he whimpered as Khan fingered him.

“Seems you have a real bitch button huh,” Khan mocked as Mark’s body twitched. You’re like a dog in heat,” he said enjoying the now out-of-it look on Mark’s face.

“God I’m so turned on,” the American babbled as his erection throbbed.

“Yeah, you are a fucking chut alright,” a disgusted Khan stated. “Do you know what a chut is?” He asked.

“No,” Mark sputtered barely aware of anything other than his growing desire to pop his nuts.

“It’s Indian slang for some who is stupid or, in your case a cunt. You a cunt American?” he teased. “Hey, I’m talking to you…you a cunt?” He snapped his fingers in front of Mar whose eyes were now barely focusing. Satisfied the American was once more in the throes of his sexual stimulation, Khan unbound Mark’s arms. Again, using his opponents famed blonde locks, he dragged Mark to his feet.

“What’s going on?” Mark murmured as he stood swaying before Khan with his cock obscenely tent poling out in his golden outfit. By now it sported a growing wet spot too.

Khan grabbed him and tossed the American into another corner. He approached Mark, mounted the second rope and twisted his knuckle right into the American’s temple!

“Eow, Mark yelped as he tried and failed to push Khan back. In spite of his muscled mass and height he was unable to outpower the leaner smaller man.

Suddenly, Khan shifted Mark’s body around, climbed to sit on the top turnbuckle, pulled the American’s' head right into his crotch, and locked on a tight head scissors. “Have some more of my musk,” he teased as he watched a struggling superhero flay his arms about and unable to break the hold.

What is happening, a now panicky Mark thought as his growing need to spunk continually drained off his powers. While trying to break Khan’s hold, he was suddenly hoisted upward. “What the fuck,” he managed to mutter seconds before Khan positioned him for a pile driver.

“NO,” Mark screamed out as Khan leapt driving the superhero’s head onto the matt’s surface.

Mark’s skull hit the surface of the matt. He lay there seeing stars. “Ooooo,” he groaned. The shock of getting his American ass kicked by this Indian shook him. As he tied to move, Khan moved and locked in a figure four headlock around the American’s neck.

“Nighttime,” Khan shouted as he cut off Mark’s air.

“Noooo…can’t…be …happening,” Mark mumbled as he lost consciousness.

Khan tapped out a ten count then rose to his feet. He placed a foot on the slumbering superhero’s chest and struck a victory pose over it. “Score is India over America,” he joked. He gazed down at Mark whose cock was now totally erect within the confines of his costume. “If tapping your butt hole did this to you, I can only imagine what screwing it will cause.” He knelt by Mark’s prone form and rubbed his thumb on the head of Mark’s cock. The American’s powerful body quaked.

“Ahh,” the slumbering hero yelped as he shot in his uniform.

Khan laughed at the sight of the All-American lying there, his cock slowly deflating with his crotch area oozing cum bubbles through the golden Lycra. Still grinning, Khan began to strip him. “Let’s find out what screwing you will do, shall we, my horny chut.”

Chapter Three

Mark awoke to find himself alone in the ring. “What happened,” he muttered. He stood up and looked down to find he was naked except for some type of thin leather thong. To his embarrassment, the front of the outfit had a hole in it through which his cock and balls we’re protruding. He also felt something pressing into his butt. When he reached around, he was shocked to discover it was stretched in deeply between his butt-cheeks and holding something that was thrust into his anal entryway. He was about to pull whatever it was out of him when it began vibrating. Instantly his cock stiffened and, once more, he experienced that combination of sexual arousal combined with physical weakness. He body’s muscles like jelly. He found standing up to be impossible. “What the fuck is going on?” He shouted as he dropped down to a force to steady himself.

“Just making sure you stay the submissive little sex slut,” Khan stated as he walked into Mark’s line of sight. “Who knew the arrogant, I’m all-man, Golden Eagle had a bitch button in this anus. That device in your ass, which I control, will keep you turned on and weak. Now,” he sneeringly stated as he climbed into the ring. “Shall we have some fun and see how much of a bitch you can be?”

“Fuck you,” Mark shot back. As he tried to rise, Khan hit a small button on a small box he was holding. Instantly, the American felt a bolt of vibrations from the device that had him anally plugged. The sensual stimulations that followed overwhelmed him. “Mutha fuck,” he yelped as his cock twitched and his muscles weakened. “Oh fuck,” he moaned as the vibrations began increasing turned him on. He lay in the ring flopping around in an uncontrollable erotic haze.

“Such bitch huh,” Khan teased.

“Turn…it…down…please,” Mark moaned as the urge to ejaculate began building within him to the exclusion of any other thoughts.

“Will you behave chut?” Khan teased as he watched the now helpless American writhe in on the matt’s surface.

“Yes, “Mark moaned through gritted teeth.

Khan nodded. He pressed a button and the vibrations stopped.

“Fuck,” Mark wheezed as his arousals within him slowed. H looked at khan who, to his shock, was stripping off his clothes. “What are you doing?” He asked with a tremor in his voice.

“I’m going to show you some things in here you never dreamed of,” he laughed as he once more activated the plug sending Mark into another bout of sexual pleasure.

“No stop,” he howled as he lay on his back in the center of the ring. His cock was now fully erect and throbbing for release. Hoping by jerking-off, he might relieve the pressure in his body to cream. He also thought, blowing his load might perhaps restore his strength. He reached down to masturbate. “Oh yes,” he squealed as he masturbated in front of Khan.

“Have you no shame at all chut,” a disgusted but also amused Khan stated as he turned up the plug’s vibrations.

“YES,” Mark bellowed as he quickened his jerking-off.

Khan watched as the American cried out in pleasure while shamelessly beating his meat. “Not yet whore,” he stated. He moved to straddle the prone wiggling hunk making sure to pin Mark’s arms down with his thighs and stopping the American from any further jerking off. Sitting on the superhero’s upper chest, Khan brought his own growing erection towards Mark’s mouth.

At first, Mark was so lost in heat he barely registered what was going on. Then, as Khan’s thick cock rubbed his lips, he realized what the Indian intended. “I...won’t…suck…it,” he moaned. Suddenly the vibrations inside his hole increased. “Ah” he yelped. No sooner did his mouth open then an amused Khan leaned his body forward to thrust his cock into Mark’s mouth

“If you bite or scratch me, I’ll cut off you balls. Now suck me you American slut!” Khan sharply stated as he wiggled his shaft into Mark’s throat.

A wide-eyed Mark stared at Khan with his mouth full of the Indian’s long thick shaft. Try as he might with his tongue, he couldn't push it out of his mouth. Worse, thanks to Khan increasing the plug’s vibrations, he was desperate to ejaculate. With his arms pinned to his sides, all he could do was wiggle under Khan.

“Suck me off and I’ll masturbate you as you do it,” Khan teased as he reached a back to grip the American’s erection.

Realizing that the only way to get relief was to orally service the Indians manhood, Mark began to tentatively suck his first dick. He coughed and sputtered as khan instructed the manly hero how to nicely blow another man’s cock.

“Bitch, you are a natural cocksucker, Khan patiently said as he slowly face-fucked the growingly proficient superhero. “Yes, that's it use that tongue. Run it up and down my shaft,” he muttered as he deftly stroked the superhero’s cock. By now Mark was fully fixated on getting off. Dick sucking the Indian meat to a climax became secondary in his mind. He slobbered, licked, and sucked in whatever way Khan requested. Instinctively he knew that doing a good job to orally service this man meant that soon his own nuts would be able to cream their load. What he didn’t realize that his fucked-up alien brain was now rewiring to believe sucking dick equaled sexual pleasure.

Mark slowly got used to the salty, creamy fluid that was rapidly coating the inside of his throat. As Khan expertly masturbated him into an ever-increasing state of sexual fever, the American’s throat muscles relaxed letting that dark shaft plunge ever deeper. As Mark’s approaching his own climax began, the superhero’s oral activities on Khan increased as well.

“I'm going to cream your throat,” the Indian rasped. He gave Mark’s mouth one final thrust into it.

Suddenly. Mark felt hot gushing liquid pouring into his mouth. Gasping for air but still sucking, he felt himself climaxing as well. His loud cries of ecstasy were muffled by the Indian’s dick that was deeply embedded inside his mouth. At first it seemed as if he would drown in cum yet, he continued to gulp it down focusing instead on his own explosive orgasm. He had never had such an intense orgasm. When Khan finally pulled out, all the superhero could do was lie there totally exhausted panting for air. “Fuck,” he softly hissed after Khan pulled out from his mouth. “Thank god it’s over.”

“Oh we’ve just begun,” Khan replied as he rose off Mark’s chest and flipped the exhausted hero onto his stomach. He set the plug on a low vibration that had the buff hero slightly stimulated yet, still helpless to resist. “Doggie position. Get busy. Up we go,” he said as he slapped Mark’s luscious up-turned bubbled butt.

“Eow..fuck,” Mark repeatedly cried out as his upturned rear-end was bitch-slapped until its pervious pale skin turned a fiery red. By the end he was sobbing and begging for it to stop. Any further fighting in him had been crushed in the concurrent waves of sexual stimulations and physical pain..

Khan grinned hearing the yelps from the American as each blow landed on the man’s so-far-undefiled muscled buttocks. Stopping, he quickly pulled out the plug that had been embedded in Mark’s ass.

The American sighed with relief, coming right after an audible ‘plop’ sound as the plug left his anus. “Thank you,” he softly muttered.

Saying nothing, Khan spit on Mark’s now very relaxed anal gateway, stroked himself into an erection, and pushed it into the hero’s gaping anal hole.

“No,” a panicky Mark cried out as he felt, for the first time, another’s manhood plunging into him. “Get it out,” he screamed as the idea of this smaller leaner Indian butt-fucking him. He was just about to fight it off when suddenly, a cascade of erotic pleasure flooded throughout his tall, muscular body. Instantly his will shut down as endorphins saturated every cell in his body. “Shit,” he sobbed as he felt his cock once more going fully erect. “I’m hard,” he cried out as his guts began sucking in Khan’s thick long shaft.

“Tight too,” Khan mocked as he continued screwing into the powerfully built rear-end of an increasing compliant superhero. “So sweetly tight.”

“Ah my ass,” Mark bellowed as Khan’s balls slapped against his tenderized rump.

As Mark wailed and grunted, Khan’s massive pole found its true target…the American’s prostate. As it hit, something inside of Mark’s brain exploded. He saw stars; his cock boned to its maximum extent. “What’s happening?” he grunted. His body, now in an increasing frenzy of sexual overdrive, took on a life of its own and began humping back onto Khan’s impressive erection.

“Must be the season of the bitch,” Khan laughed as he plowed into the deliriously screeching American’s hole.

Khan relentlessly screwed Mark as the latter’s initial protest quickly turned in cries of pleasure coupled with, “please fuck into me deeper.”

Khan had screwed many men, but this was the tightest ass he had ever penetrated. The fact that he was doing it too a smug, arrogant American and self-proclaimed macho stud only made the experience even more enjoyable. “Yeah take it,” he hooted in triumph.

He ruthlessly fucked Mark until the latter suddenly cried out that he was going to explode. Reaching between the American’s splayed thighs, Khan gripped Americans impressive erection and managed to maneuver it so that it pointed directly at Mark’s face.

“I can’t hold it back,” Mark shouted. His muscled torso shook as he began to squirt his wad. As he climaxed, he l cream-pied his own face.

I’m going to breed your guts, chut,” Khan hollered as he too slipped over the edge. “Take my Indian seed you arrogant smug American prick,” he cried out as he unloaded a copious amount of jism.

Mark cried out as the hot cream seared his insides. The eat as it washed over his prostate caused him to shoot another load. “FUCCCCCC,” he yelped as, thanks to Khan’s continued grip, he again ejaculated into his face and open mouth.

As he unloaded, Mark's body, overwhelmed by everything he was experiencing, collapsed onto the matt.

Khan, whose own cock was still embedded up Mark’s anus, fell on top of him. For the next few minutes the two sweaty men lay there exhausted by it all.

“Fuck,” an exhausted Mark said as he lay on the surface of the mat. He looked over at the other man.

“Fuck indeed,” Khan replied laughing at the sight of superhero’s cum splattered superhero’s face . bits of jizz were also dripping from his lips. Khan eased his body on the American’s savoring the feel of the taller muscular torso lying underneath him.


After a short respite and two more intense bouts of fucking, that once more had driven Mark into an uncontrollable erotic overdose, Khan pulled a prone Mark back up onto all fours. He straddled the superhero and sat on his strong muscular back and wrapped his thighs around Mark’s narrow waist. “Ride em cowboy,” he joked as he reached back to slap the superhero’s butt. “Giddy up.”

As a mind fucked Mark crawled on all fours around the ring, Khan kept yelling ‘yeehaw’ accompanied by a series of sharp slaps to the American’s rump.

“Eow,” Mark pathetically yelped as each blow landed. He neve felt more degraded. He j had sucked cock, been butt-fucked, and now was being ridden around like a horse while getting his rump whacked.

Twenty minutes later and, finally, exhausted , Mark collapsed onto the matt’s surface. He lay there panting with his rear-end on fire and his ravaged butt hole aching. From the dampness between his butt-cheeks, he knew his guts were still leaking out remnants of Khan’s cum.

Khan dismounted his ‘gelded’ American stallion and walked to the ring ropes. The Indian stopped and turned to gaze at Mark. “Tomorrow we will have more fun as long as you do what I tell you to do. By the way,” he added. “It’s all on cam.”

“WHAT IS?” A stunned Mark shouted as he raised his head up from the matt.

“The entire fun we just had. All recorded. So…” Khan paused then stared at the prone superhero. “You will do what I tell you to do from now on or else.” He let the threat of exposure hang unspoken in the air.

Mark’s head dropped down onto the mat. “I’m so fucked,” he mumbled.

“Yes, you surely were today and a nice piece of USA Grade A beef it was too,” Khan mocked as he climbed out the ring and left the building.

Chapter Four

The match between Mark and Khan had been heavily advertised throughout India and the United States. On the day of the event, TV cameras from all the major world-wide stations were there to cover it live. As Khan entered the arena in a black singlet, the local crowd erupted into applause. Their applause soon turned into gasps as Mark entered. Thanks to the threat of his sexual conduct in the ring the day before being exposed, Mark had donned a new outfit that Khan had chosen for him. It consisted of a cut-off, gold-hued, tee tank top that left the American’s ribbed 8-pack midriff exposed. It was tightly stretched across his well-defined chest and had two red dots that covered each of his nipples. What caused the most comment, however, was the skimpy, rather obscene looking, bikini brief which Mark’s was poured into. It was so tight everyone could see the outline of the hero’s ‘family jewels’. Around the crotch area was the image of an American flag while the back had a bull’s eye on it. As the All-American walked to the ring he had to occasionally pull the ends of his brief’s back ends to prevent it from disappearing into the crack of his nice beefy butt. Mark could hear the mocking taunts as he got into the ring. He felt like a degenerate and knew wearing an American flag across his crotch would not be well-received at home.

As he got into the ring, he glared at Khan, who merely grinned at him in triumph. Mark solemnly took his place in the center and got down on all fours.

Yesterday Khan had mocking told him that, “since you are clearly a bottom that is the initial position you will take in our match.”

The American tried to ignore the jeers over his outfit and, more importantly, the butt plug, which was concealed under his briefs and deeply embedded up his ass. His objections to sporting this device had been ignored by Khan. The amused Indian merely reminded the All-American that his sexual conduct from the day before was on a video in iCloud and ready for release if his orders were ignored. He informed Mark that his friend, Sajid, had control of the device and would, upon getting a signal from Khan, be only to happy to trigger its activation.

As he steadied in the ‘doggie-position’, the plug suddenly began to lightly vibrate. “No please,” a panicked Mark whispered to Khan. He had thought his agreement to parade around in this humiliating costume and be made a fool of in the ring had ensured the plug would not be activated. He had guessed wrong. “Khan. I’m begging,” he softly whimpered. “Don’t use it on me…not in here.”

The Indian said nothing as he knelt alongside the superhero while cinching one arm around Mark’s waist and the other across the all-American’s now no longer virginal butt.

“Please don't do this to me,” Mark whined with a tone of voice resembling that of a a pathetic teenaged boy more than its usual manly timbre.

“Chut”, Khan replied as he let his hand caress the studly American’s rounded rump. “I think everyone will enjoy this match even more now, don't you think?”

A terrified Mark could feel the vibration in his ass increasing. He wanted to get away, but he couldn't get his now weaking torso to move. Worse than the embarrassment of dressing like a slut in front of everybody, was knowing his tight little bikini brief would never hold in the growing erection that he was experiencing.

Without warning, Khan cinched tight around Mark's tapered waist and flipped the superhero onto his back. As the crowd watched in amazement, Khan performed a series of wrestling moves on Mark easily maneuvering the squirming American around the ring’s floor like he was a rag doll. It was stunningly clear to the viewers that Khan was the dominant one in this encounter.

“Our man is wiping the floor with him,” one excited Indian onlooker shouted with the crowd roaring their agreement.

What was also stunning to many was the fact that, not only was the taller more muscled American seemly incapable of fighting off Khan’s actions or countering with moves with his own, but also, from the growing tubular outline in the front of Mark’s briefs, he was actually in a state of sexual arousal. By now, Mark was totally fixated not on trying to beat Khan but, on not displaying his erection to anybody. He could feel his shaft straining against the tight briefs. “No. No,” he muttered as he tried and failed to fight off the bolts of erotic stimulations coming from his plugged butt. As he stiffened the tight material of his briefs began rubbing his cock’s undershaft. “Khan, please don’t let them see me boning,” he begged.

Unfortunately for him, Khan was not of a similar train of thought. At one point he rolled Mark onto his shoulders, sat on the superhero’s face, grabbed both of Mark's ankles, pulled then upward, and spreaded them apart. The viewers got a nice look at the American’s crotch and his bulging tentpole. As the crowd hooted with derision, Khan proceeded to spank Mark’s ass.

“Fuck,” oh fuck,” Mark moaned as the heat from his butt whipping combined with the stimulating pressure on his prostate caused as the whacks pushing the vibrating plug against it. His need to cream was soon driving him crazy. A growing wet spot began to so on his flag enclosed crotch area.

As the match progressed the closeted Mark’s haters cheered. Many in the world, along with a good segment in this adopted country, secretly disliked really liked the smug superhero. Watch Khan systematically destroy him was giving them the time of their lives. From the muffled grunts and groans coming from the American super-stud it was clear he was getting the crap beaten out of him buy the smaller leaner Indian. Over in America, many were shocked not only by this fact but also how it seemed being so dominated was turning the Golden Eagle on big time.

The end came when Khan flipped Mark onto his stomach, draped his body on top, and secured Mark in a headlock.

“As they say in America’s Old West, giddy up,” Khan whispered to a squirming, aroused Mark as he ‘rode’ the superhero in front of everybody. “I’m going to pound you into an orgasm,” he mocked. “Right in front of everyone,” he teased as he began to literally hump his crotch into Mark’s butt driving the plug even harder into the hero’s prostate.

“Fuck,” the demoralized, once invincible superhero grunted as the downward humping by Khan only increased the arousing pressure on the shaft of his copious leaking cock. “I can’t cream in front of everyone,” he moaned even though a growing part of him was craving to do that very thing. Without realizing it, he began to thrust his crotch down onto the mat.

“That degenerate American is getting on what our man is doing!” someone yelled out. “Yeah, fuck him Khan.”

The crowd, delighted by this degradation began a rhythmic chant of “fuck his ass.” Many Indian men in the crowd high-fived each other in sheer delight. Thanks to the nearby microphones Mark’s audible groans, which were clearly sexual in nature, filled the arena.

It all got to be too much for the mentally shattered and uncontrollable aroused Mark. He knew of only one possible way to end this nightmare before he publicly popped his load. “I give,” he loudly yelped hoping this concession would halt Khan’s dry humping actions and stop the sensual blasts his erection was getting from being pounded onto the surface of the ring.

“Tell everyone I win and that you’re my American bitch,” Khan softly whispered to Mark.

Mark knew anyone pressing on his dick and he’d erupt. “You win. I’m your American bitch,” he yelled out. He was beyond caring that these words were now being heard by everybody both in the arena and around the world. “I give I give. I’m your American bitch,” he cried out.

“Whose beating this ass,’ Khan shouted as he reached back to give the American’s butt a few hard slap till its pale skin took on a reddish hue.

As cheers went up, triumphant Khan released his grip and stood. He leaned down and flipped the erotically dazed American onto his back exposing the fact that the front of Mark’s briefs we're stretched outward by the hero’s erect cock. A large wet spot of pre-cum was visible which caused the audience to shout out insults. Khan stood and, giving a thumbs up to his compatriots, he placed his foot on that erection and pressed down.

“Fuck,” Mark yelped as this final pressure on his shaft grew to such intensity that he orgasmed. As the camera zoomed in, the world observed to a triumphant Khan posing in victory. When the Indian he removed his foot the cameras also took in the obscene site of the creamy looking, oozing mess bubbling up in Mark’s crotch.

“He squirted cum into his American flag covered crotch,” the shocked ring announced loudly gasped.

Someone in the crowd yelled out. “Khan slapped the American’s pale white rump until it was red and then the guy blew!”

An appreciative crowd roared out their approval of the joke.

To loud applause, Khan went over to a corner turnbuckle, reached into a bag on a table by it, and pulled out a pair of scissors. As the delirious crowd shouted approval, Khan went over to the still ejaculating American’s twitching torso and proceeded to cut off his famous golden locks. “ Time to pluck the Golden eagle’s feathers. I’ve souvenirs for everybody,” he cried out as he gave the moaning American stud a ragged buzz-cut. Seconds before members of the audience climbed into the ring to get their ‘blond souvenirs’, Khan leaned next to Mark’s head. “From now on you’re my bitch,” Khan whispered to Mark. “Everyone heard it you admit it. Obey me or that video of you taking it up the ass goes online. If today’s humiliation was bad, just think of what seeing you begging to suck me and get fucked by me would be like,” Khan threatened. “Oh and it's SIR from now on got it!”

Mark, who was hopelessly lost in the throes of his sexual arousal, nodded. “Yes Sir,” he grunted as, with the vibrating plug on full power, he again emptied his balls into his adopted country’s flag.

Mark, the self-proclaimed All-American hero was left there in the ring. He had been defeated and humiliated. He’d gone from being the manly Golden Eagle to his Indian plaything. As he lay there moaning in his humiliation, other Indian men climbed into the ring to strike victory poses over him and take selfies. More than a few took closeups of his cum-stained American flag briefs to post on the Net.

Hours later, as a demoralized Mark lay in the center of the now deserted ring, he recalled all the things that had happened to him since he arrived. To his shock, he found himself becoming aroused by thoughts of the sexual abuse and humiliation he had received from Khan. Images of Khan thick dark meat plowing him filled his head. He sensed remnants of jism still in his nuts craving to be spewed forth. In the end, he realized he had no choice. His super-nuts needed a final emptying.

He reached into the crevice between his butt-cheeks and fingered his hole. Once more trigger ed by tapping his ‘bitch button’, his super abilities powered down while his sexual stimulations increased, “Fuck,” he moaned as he used his other hand to masturbate his growing erection. He closed his eyes and recalled the feel of Khan’s dick in his holes, the heady musky scent of the man, and lastly that slightly salty taste of his spunk. “Yes, he moaned as he stroked out one last climax, unaware his alien brain was now finalizing within him an irresistible sexual compulsion to service and totally submit to Khan.

Later that night, a now mentally submissive Mark, went Khan and pitifully begged to be his cum-dump. Khan laughed and called his friend. “Hey Sajid, I’ve a horny American bitch who need our superior Indian cream,” he told him as he reached over to a nearby table and took out a studded dog collar. “Let’s enjoy my new pet,” he added as he secured it around Mark’s neck.

As he later waited for his friend to arrive, Khan gazed at the collared Mark. The superhero was on his knees with his, now shaved, head leaning into the Indian’s crotch. Without any prompting, the American hero eagerly began slobbering along Khan’s crotch area while fingering out his own asshole.

The End