The Telemachus Story Archive

College Dick Pig Adventures
By Louis C. DePasquale

This is a true story.  I haven't even changed the names.   I suppose I need to do the usual disclaimer.  This story is about two consenting adults having gay sex, if you are under age, don't want to read about it, or there are laws against it in your area then don't read it.  This is my original work and I hold the copyright to this story. If any webmaster which to post it on their site let me know.  Authors like me enjoy the feedback we get from our readers.  Good or bad let me know what you think.  Feedback is always a gift.

If there is any better way to spend an afternoon than sucking a big juicy cock, I don't know what it is. Since I'm a full time college student my schedule is somewhat flexible and I try to keep my afternoons free to visit the various glory holes on campus and around town. I took me a while but so far I have found 5 active glory holes, 3 on campus and 2 in town. I never have a problem getting dick cause let’s face it I’m hot as fuck. I have a tight little body smooth as a baby’s bottom. I have just enough muscle definition to turn guys on but not enough to make it look like I work out. My parents pretty much suck but I have to thank them for keeping me intact my 7 ½ inch cock has a nice sexy hood. It took a lot of work stretching them but my nipples are pink and the size of a pencil eraser and I love it when guys chew on them. I am a 22-year-old boy slut who can’t think of anything but the next hard dick.

My last class of the morning is over by 11am, which gives me just enough time to head out to the truck stop on route 23 to catch the lunch rush. Rusty’s truck stop is a big place. Besides the diner and gas pumps they have a shower and lounge area where truckers can clean up and take a nap if they want. When they added the diner on a few years ago they put in a brand new bathroom. The thing is though they never got rid of the old one out back near the trucker's lounge. The only people who seem to remember that it’s still there are a few cocksuckers who hang out hoping to get fed and the truckers who like to feed a hungry cocksucker.

Usually when I head over there around noon I am the only cocksucker around, which is fine with me. I’m not a big fan of sharing. I have a couple of truckers who I guess you could call my regulars. They have my cell number and usually give me a heads up when they are coming into town. Sometimes we hook up in their sleepers or for the guys with a fetish for public sex we hook up in the trucker’s lounge. If none of my guys are in town I just work the glory hole in the restroom and take whatever cocks come my way. 

Right now I am sitting in a boring ass history class trying to decide if I care why Rome fell. I'm also trying to decide if Professor Hill is a grower or shower.  He is one sexy ass daddy who maybe over 40 but has kept his body in great shape.  I always like to sit in the front row so I can give him the just fuck me already look while checking out his junk in the tight fitted slacks he wears. Just when I decide that I need to stop by and see him during office hours I can feel my cell vibrate checking it I see I got a text message from Bruno. He’s going to be pulling into Rusty’s in about an hour and I had better be there waiting for him. I hit him back letting him know it’s on.      

Bruno is definitely one of my regulars. He hauls freight up and down the east coast and his schedule lets us hook up every week or two. He is your typical Italian stallion stands around 6ft, has dark greasy hair and is starting to grow a potbelly. He is covered with hair from head to toe. I could spend hours just playing with his hairy body and fat nipples. Bruno, however, isn't interested in any of that "fag shit" as he puts it. All he wants to do is fuck me from both ends and get back on the road. The only way he even acknowledges my presence is with his dick. I think it’s funny that he has pictures of his wife and 4 sons on the walls in his sleeper and on the sun visor in this truck. His boys all look like younger versions of him.

Once class is over run home to change into my sluttiest outfit a pair of short shorts that hug my tight firm ass just right so it’s on display for everyone to see and a bright pink cut off t-shirt one size too small that shows off my belly button ring and fat nipples. My roommate Dale took one look at me laughed and said “looks like your hunting for dick again.” Pulling on my t-shirt I smile at him and say “you know it.” Dale is a straight guy that always has one chick or another in his bed but when he strikes out he lets me have his dick to play with. We get along just fine. I don’t mind when he fucks hot bitches in the room and he doesn’t mind that I watch. Most of the guys in the dorm know that I’m a cock slut. Lucky for me no one really messes with me. I had one ass hat bucking up on me at the beginning of the semester but he got an attitude adjustment when two of our starting offensive lineman let him know very firmly that I was off limits. They do love my deep throat when their girls are out of town. As I sashay down the hall way I get a couple of wolf whistles and obscene comments. Smiling and waving at the guys I head out the door to my car. It’s a nice warm spring day so I drop the top on my convertible and drive down to Rusty’s. I have to say it's great having parents that ignore me most of the time and then shower me with gifts when they feel guilty.

Parking the car, I realize that I’ve got 20 minutes to spare. I decide to kill time by checking out the men’s room. I noticed a Harley Softail parked a couple of spots down.  Walking in I glanced at myself in the mirror and saw the Harley rider standing at the urinal taking a piss. He was a little taller than I was maybe 5’10 with dirty blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was a big guy more muscle than fat. On his face he was sporting a goatee and both his black t-shirt and jeans had grease stains on them it looked like he had been working on his bike earlier in the day. He glanced over when he heard me walking toward the urinals. Biker stud took one look at me walking towards him in my pink t-shirt and short shorts and just shook his head in disgust and turned away. Stepping up to the spot next to him I whipped my piece out and glanced over at his, he was just shaking off the last drops of piss when he caught me looking. “Fuck man he said to me I guess you want to suck it don’t you.” I smiled and dropped to my knees as he moved into range for a blow job.

I had to say I was underwhelmed by the bikers hog it would stretch the truth to say it hit 5” and it was pencil thin but I don’t discriminate based on dick size they all deserve a ride in my mouth. Once I swallowed his dick he chubbed up pretty quickly but it became obvious that this hot stud had no idea how to use his dick, he had no finesse he just kept shoving it with rabbit like thrusts. I tried to slow him down and work him over right but he wasn’t interested he pumped my face for about 5 minutes, shot his slimy load, then pulled out, zipped up and got the hell out of dodge. Damn that was one disappointing blow job. I sure felt sorry for his wife or girlfriend if that was the best he could do.  Oh well not my problem as I wasn't likely to go down on him again.  As I was getting up off my knees I felt my cell vibrate it was another text from Bruno wanting to know where the fuck I was. Walking outside I saw Bruno pacing by his truck looking at his watch. He glanced over and saw me leaving the restroom. When I got to his truck he just glared at me, “I don’t care how many fuckers you blow in the john but when I tell you to be here I expect you to be waiting for me. Or did you want me to find another faggot to swing on my pole?”

I start to apologize to him but he just ignored me and climbed into his cab clearly in a mood. I climb up after him and find him lying across his bunk feet planted on the floor naked as the day he was born. I drop down into a squat and get between his legs. I start out by teasing him by just tonguing the head of is soft piece. After a couple of minutes, I pull off his dick head and work my way down to his bull balls and suck them into my mouth one at a time rolling them around on my tongue. After working on his balls individually I stretch my mouth open as wide as I can and try to fit both balls in my sucker.  Working them for a few minutes i run my tongue his taint and towards his asshole “get away from my ass mother fucker” is all he said.

I moved back and worked his balls for a couple of minutes before heading up for the main course pulling his hood down with my hand I expose the shiny rarely seen head of his cock, it’s a thing of beauty. Working the sensitive head of his cock over with my tongue I can feel him squirming and trying to pull away from the intense sensations I am causing him. Clamping down on him so he can’t go anywhere I slowly start working my way down the shaft of his piece and spend the next few minutes teasing him with my mouth work, then with a quick swallow I take him to the curlies. I keep the dick in my throat as long as I can before I have to come up for air. Gulping down some much needed oxygen I swallow him whole a second time working his dick with my throat muscle. For the next little while I alternate between short sucks on his head and some intense deep throat. When it feels like he’s at the bursting point I pull off and start nuzzling his nuts till he cools off then I start the process all over again.

Without warning he pulls his pulsing dick out of my mouth, throws me across the bunk, and slams his spit lubed dick up my ass. Luckily for me I wasn't a virgin or that quick entry would hurt like a bitch. Even with all my experience I still felt a moment or two of blinding pain while he was pushing it in and finding his fuck pace. It only took a minute or two for this fuck to start feeling like heaven as his piece started banging my boy button. One of the things I love about Bruno is that the man knows how to fuck as we settle in he starts varying his approach.  He gives me some long strokes then mixes in some short ones every time he pushes into my pussy he hits a different spot, All of a sudden I hear what sounds like a bitch moaning in heat and then I realize that it’s me. My forgotten and untouched dick starts to spasm and my useless load shoots on his bunk. The spasiming of my pussy around his dick must have done the trick cause he rips it out of my ass turns me over and shoves it into my mouth. Bruno made a few shallow thrusts with his dick into my mouth and let out a howl. As he started shooting into my mouth he fucked my face like there was no tomorrow. He really shoots a huge load of cum; I really have to struggle to swallow it all without spilling a drop.

Once Bruno finishes shooting his load down my throat, I know I’m in for a second taste treat. After he fucks me Bruno always lets me drink his piss directly from the tap. He can be a little piss shy so it takes him a few minutes to get going but once the golden nectar starts to flow there is no stopping it. Bruno has a really strong taste that I can't seem to get enough of. I’m not a huge fan of drinking piss but with Bruno it just part of the experience. While I am trying to clean the last drops of piss from his dick head he tells me he’s in a hurry before I know what’s happening he pushing me out of the truck naked and throws my clothes on the ground. Before I even get a chance to start picking them up he is putting the truck in gear and pulling out of the lot. What can I say another satisfied customer. Gathering up my clothes I hear a horn beep behind me turning about I see a bright red Peterbilt rig with it’s lights flashing. Walking over to the rig still holding my cloths I see a stud in his mid-twenties, a flat top cut, and a knowing smile on his face. “Hey brother you heading out or do you have time to give me a hand?” A sluts work is never done.