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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 2 - Captured
By Mark Sayrs
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Without any warning, hundreds of black men jumped on them. They seemed to be jumping from every tree and every boulder, highly excited and shouting and singing in a strange language. They had no time to resist, and although the Negroes only had bows, arrows and lances, they were completely overcome by this black horde. They were tall, very black, powerfully built and completely naked, save a strong leather thong that covered and protected their cocks. Josh was strongly restrained by several blacks who pushed him forward and forced him, stumbling here and there, to go with them. Every time he tried to escape he was rapidly caught, tossed from one to the other, in the midst of great laughter. The sweat of their glistening bodies mingled with Josh’s own sweaty shirt and trousers in a way that was making him rather nervous with desire. He couldn’t deny that his mortification at being so rudely managed had its charm.

At last the whole horde of blacks and their captured hostages arrived in what seemed to be a rather large town of thatched huts around a large central building. Josh and the others were hustled to a central square were the Negroes started pushing and shouting at each other in what seemed to be a big fight. Groups of natives grabbed at one or other of their prisoners and tried to take them away from the other groups. Josh was claimed by some and reclaimed by the others, his clothes ripped to shreds. He realized that these groups, of five or seven blacks were fighting over their captured prisoners. At last Josh was picked up by a huge Negro who tossed him over the crowd to his other comrades; they run as fast as they could with their prize into what had to be their hut. They stumbled in, and when Josh was able to get up he found himself at the center of a large and dark hut. The groups of Negroes to which he now belonged surrounded him in panting silence. Their agitated bodies, standing so tall and so slender, and their strong smell was beginning to overcome Josh. They were just checking every part of his body and making lewd comments at his looks. Josh was wondering what they were going to do to him, were they cannibals? When two or three approached him, in a way that Josh thought was peculiarly careful, and started to take what was left of his clothes away, Josh resisted but the Negroes continued in a delicate but determined way to push his shirt open, to take it down his arms, and as they restrained him from the back, they cut his belt with a knife and lifting his legs they took down his trousers and boots. Were they going to gang bang him?

Josh was standing completely naked in the midst of this admiring crowd. They touched and explored his shoulders, his arms, they smelled his arm pits, they rubbed and pinched his prominent pectorals and his strong abdominals. Their hands went further down, they massaged his buttocks and explored his crack; Josh tried to pull back and protect his crotch with his hands, but to no avail. His arms were pinned behind him, his legs stretched out, and the tallest of them all, who seemed to be their leader, brought his rough hands slowly to Josh’s cock, took it with care, exposed its head, his thumbs played with its skin, he then handled his balls, and examined the whole as if it were a precious commodity. Josh was too afraid of what all this meant but as the crowd who was surrounding him started to exclaim obvious approval and admiration at what their leader was showing them, his body in complete bondage started to react and his cock began to take a life of its own. He was so accustomed to have sex any time he liked, as Rassadah also did, that the engorgement of his cock and his sexual drive had become kind of automatic.

Josh couldn’t believe what was happening. He tried to control himself but his cock had other ideas and kept growing longer and thicker. The rough hands that held him started to massage his tubular member and gently squeeze his balls, wrapped around his cock they started moving in and out in slowly intensified motions. Josh was out of his mind, he tried everything he could to prevent it while his sex continued to claim its victory. Then something very unusual surprised Josh out of his torpor. The big Negro dropped to his knees, took Josh’s cock in his mouth and with his thick, red lips started to suck. With his arms pinned behind him by strong bodies, his legs outstretched and restrained by splendid black thighs, his body was pushed forward towards the sucking Negro. All he could do was to squirm, which enhanced the grip that was holding his cock. The black man was exciting his cock with his hands, which also caressed his crotch and his inner thighs, and also with lips and tongue that betrayed a long and artful expertise. Josh felt the full force of this excitement on his cock, and beside something soft and long was introduced into his rectum, one or two fingers? And started exploring to find the magic button of his prostate.

Josh couldn’t resist all this. His body, wracked by extraordinary sensations, was swaying crazily and writhing in the bondage of the strong arms and legs that were holding him. He felt how the semen was building in his balls and the telling swelling of his cock. Then as he shouted wild cries of release, a cascade of thick globs shot into the Negro’s mouth. He didn’t try to prevent it, on the contrary he swallowed and lapped Josh’s cream and, as he emitted sharp gurgling noises to breath, some of the cum coming out from his dilated nostrils, he buried Josh´s cock deep into his throat, his hands stroked and pressed until he was sure he had consumed the last drop of Josh’s cum. With his hands he cupped the cream that dripped around his mouth and nose and lapped it up.

Josh collapsed into a swoon of release, shame and wonder. He was carefully laid out on straw and left to sleep off his exploit while the Negroes sat around their leader and commented the wonders of this new slave in a loud and eloquent stream of that strange language.

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