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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 4 - Milking and Fucking
By Mark Sayrs
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After a week, Josh recovered enough for another episode, just like the last one. He had to drink the strange, powerful potion, it would titillate him to extremes, he would satisfy their thirst of cum, which they were convinced, gave them the strength that he had to offer and then rested for a week. After some time, Josh didn’t have to be forced to do it but he didn’t like being milked in such a hard way, cumming so many times at a sitting, which would leave him half dead . He invented a way out. Before the time for his next massive milking came, he would choose one of the Negroes that he liked and motioned him to come close. Then he offered him his cock and balls. The Negro, surprised and charmed, would not refuse the offer and came down on him. Josh would let him do, and cooperated as best he could with that artful mouth and his chosen companion would drink his share. When they realized that he could do this two or three times a day with them, they started competing to see whom Josh would next select, and Josh was careful to share his nectar with all of them, whether he liked them or not. This way he avoided the harrowing experience of drinking the potion and going berserk with sex.

He was, however, carefully watched. Only the group to which he belonged was allowed to drink his precious cum. When he went out he was always under their attentive custody, aware of the covetous looks of the other groups. Josh would occasionally see an exceptionally well built Negro, always reverentially surrounded by the crowd. He was, Mandinke, the whole tribe’s war chief. A crown of colorful feathers marked his rank, as well as the fur and feathers ornaments he wore on his wrists and ankles. Taller than the rest, the strong features of his face were marked by the prominent cheek bones that characterized their tribe, but also by a powerful jaw that jutted out from the sides of his face and held a beautiful set of white teeth. His remarkable head laid on a strong throat that slowly curved out into large shoulders, slightly humped up around at the end.  Powerful biceps were lowered into enticing curves down to his elbows, and his no less powerful fore arms ended in large hands that were even sexier than the rest. His body showed an incredibly muscled torso, his full pectorals hung like stretched coconuts over abdominals that seemed sculpted out of ebony. His legs were columns of muscles and sinews and the leather thong between them betrayed monumental genitals. Whenever he caught a glimpse of this chief, Josh felt a sympathetic twinge in his loins, and whenever he saw Josh he stopped short and followed him with a dazed sight as he passed galloping with his group.

Realizing their war chief’s interest one day his group invited him to their hut to share their cumming treasure. And Josh did not feel adverse at all, yes, he would offer his cum to this fantastic beast. This time Josh was placed high, perched on some salient on the wall, for the comfort of the war chief. Mandinke looked Josh in the eye, a strange feeling run up and down Josh’s body, as if he felt conquered by those obsessive black eyes. Still looking at him, with a grim expression, his large hands took Josh’s cock, caressed up and down its skin and squeezed his balls with increasing insistence. Josh’s cock was rapidly coming to life and when the big Negro looked down at Josh’s groin his mouth was greeted by a full and inviting erection. The fat lips engorged his cock’s head, a hot tongue going all around it in crafty circles. Then Josh’s cock began to be swallowed into that hot, wet cavity. Mouth and tongue were doing incredible things to Josh’s sexual arousal. This guy, he thought, really knew how to do it. While he held Josh’s balls firmly in one hand, his other hand was stroking his cock up and down as it thrusted into his sucking mouth. Josh wanted to make this magic moment last a while, he wanted to enjoy this exciting event as much as possible, but the war chief’s ministrations were so incredibly stimulating that at last, and surprising Josh by its sudden speed, his cock spewed out the largest globs of cum that Josh had ever experienced, and his balls continued to churn additional heavy streams. With gratified guttural sounds the war chief was gulping it all down, but even hard as he tried, Josh’s abundance trickled out of his thick lips. When Josh was finished Mandinke looked up in wonder, cum all around his mouth, some dripping from his chin. He slapped Josh on the but, caressed his thighs and retired with many thanks to Josh’s group. Just before leaving he stopped at the entrance and looked back, fixing Josh down with his peculiar and obsessed gaze.

But sucking his strength out if his ball and cocks wasn’t Josh’s only servitude. The crafty Africans had also discovered other ways of ingesting cum, through their rectum by a no less active cock. However, this method was considered less nourishing than ingesting through their mouths, and dangerous as they were afraid of being aroused and loosing their sperm and with it their manhood. It was better recommended for the sick because they thought that by being fucked their illness would be sucked out of them into their sexual slaves. From time to time an invalid Negro was brought to Josh and laid down on his stomach, offering his buttocks. Josh was not indifferent to the beauty of some of the youths that were brought to him for a cure, but he didn’t quite understand what his captors wanted until they explained it to him with clear and eloquent gestures and by greasing well the projected anus with coconut butter. Well, if what they wanted was for him to fuck those boys he was all for it, he laid down on his patient, inserted his sleek cock with care, made sure the black youth was taking it well and then fucked him with abandon until he delivered the thick and hot spurts of his cure into the youth’s innards.

As Josh fucked them he would pervertly try to arouse them and to make them cum. He thrusted with passion and experienced aim at their prostates and succeeded most of the times. The patients would feel horrified at the muck that spewed out of their cocks, making them loose manliness and strength, but were at the same time so satisfied by the exciting pleasure they had experienced that they were convinced they had been “cured” and that the loss was well worth it. Actually some of them came back, suspiciously claiming they needed some more.

Josh also learned that the main fucker of the tribe was the witch doctor, Bambara, a tall strong man who looked at Josh with a mocking smile and a complicit look. He knew what Josh was doing and  apparently did not fear to lose his strength and the essences of his manliness by fucking sick black boys. He charged a fee for his cures. For Josh, however, the problem was that, just as had happened with the mass sucking to which he was subjected, as his reputation as a good fucker with a good cure grew, more and more black warriors were brought to him to fuck and cure their illnesses. And as Josh grew exhausted, tired or despondent, the sexual potion was forced on him again. In his frenzied sexual arousal, Josh felt such a strong passion to fuck that a good dozen patients would take his favors. The group to which he belonged charged a rent for his fucking body and so the sessions went on until his captors felt that his cumming abilities were going to deny them the sucking and swallowing of the strength of his sperm.

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