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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 6 - Transfiguration
By Mark Sayrs
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All during the night Mandinke run with Josh on his shoulder then, as they were leaving the tribal territory, at his side. Later Josh followed the strong warrior admiring the ripple of his back’s muscles. Like all Negroes his buttocks were slightly raised and Josh delighted in seeing the dancing of those big buttocks as he stalked along in front of him. They would rest a while by a stream. As Josh bathed in the cool water he could feel the big Negro’s obsessive stare following every movement of his body. It was as if Josh’s sight paralyzed him in some obscure way that Josh could not easily understand.

At last, after climbing a steep mountain, Josh followed Mandinke into a deep cave. As Josh laid down to rest, the big Negro stood over him. As he watched the white man under him he started to pant as if he were possessed by some strange passion. Suddenly he grabbed the leather thong that covered his genitals and tore it off with one strong pull. Josh saw how a huge black cock jumped out from between the Negro’s legs, and how it began to grow, larger and thicker, its large tulip like head bobbing in Josh’s direction. Josh began to understand what was happening: Mandinke, the war chief, was tremendously aroused, and that was what was troubling him because he wanted, much more than sucking Josh’s milk, to fall on him and do things that he could not understand, that he had never imagined, in order to satisfy the blind attraction he felt for this captive white man.

He couldn’t control himself and fell on Josh as if he were capturing a wild beast. Josh felt the heavy body on him, his heaving chest, the strong legs that flailed over his and the arms that were beginning to embrace him with deadly force. Mandinke was out of his mind. His body was trying to satisfy a deep and unknown desire that he didn’t know how to manage. Josh was surprised when he heard him beginning to sob and cry in utter despair. He was rubbing his big cock on Josh’s prone body, he wanted to come over Josh, but if he gave him his cum he knew that he would be losing his strength and his manliness. And yet he had to do it. He Held Josh in a tight embrace, his big arms around Josh’s body, his long thighs found Josh’s legs and outstrechted them as much as he could. Then he started humping Josh in furious, unrelenting thrusts, while sobbing and crying aloud with strange oaths.

Josh tried to respond and to sooth this tortured and fantastic beast. He offered his body to the Negro’s relentless assault and moved to increase his pleasure. He could feel how Mandinke’s precum was oiling his prone body, his cock, his stomach and his chest. Suddenly Mandinke let out a horrible shout, expressing his agonized delight, and shot over Josh long globs of white cum that covered Josh’s torso all the way to his jaw. As the big Negro rested over his body, panting and sobbing, Josh could feel how his abundant milk trickled down his sides.

After a while, Mandinke raised himself on his elbows. His thick cum glued his chest to Josh’s. He looked at Josh with sheer horror. He was enslaved by the man who was his sexual slave. Josh decided that something drastic had to be done to get the war chief out of the delusion that was torturing him. Still prone under the big, strong black body, he took Mandinke’s head in his hands, forced it down with his arms on his own, and before the big Negro could react, kissed his mouth with all his strength. He forced open the fat, black lips and holding his head firmly against his face, pushed in his tongue and started probing all around the black man’s mouth. He began to notice that after some resistance his black captor was letting him do. As Josh knew well how to wake up the erotic feelings in his mouth, his probe began to have its effects. Mandinke started to let him work his tongue and his lips inside his mouth and on his lips in ways that were producing passionate and erotic sensations.

Josh could feel how the Negro’s cock was coming back to life. He could feel it crawling between his legs, next to his cock and over his stomach. He could also feel the arousal that Mandinke was experiencing all over his body. Josh stretched out his legs and turned them over the black man’s back. Then he maneuvered to let the black man’s cock slide down over his buttocks. Mandinke responded without knowing what he was doing. He felt his cock between Josh´s buttocks and started humping Josh’s crack. It was as if it had been shaped just for that. Josh took the big cock with his hands and pointed it to his anus. Lots of precum was sliding into it. And then still immobilizing Mandinke with his maddeningly erotic kiss, he pushed against the big cock. The bulbous head fought against the tight entrance. Josh could feel the pain and was afraid of the size, but it had to be done. Mandinke, on the other hand, began to learn what had to be done. Tremendous excitement was caused by the warm and mushy texture that his cock’s head was finding at Josh’s entrance. He had to have more. He pushed with determination. Josh felt how the thick, long cock was entering his innards. He was being completely impaled by this enormous member. It was worse than the idol’s. Mandinke continued to push in, with growing excitement. He felt his cock encased in a wonderfully warm, wet, tight and soft recipient. He started to fuck Josh in and out with all his strength. Josh could not believe it, but he felt Mandinke’s big balls banging against his buttocks and his cock thrusting in and out of his innards with abandon. As the fucking increased, Josh felt as if his whole inside were becoming alive with an intense erotic sensation. That big cock was filling him to the hilt, and instead of pain his whole body was responding with a passion he had never experienced. He was not only giving himself to Mandinke, he was actually moving to receive his thrusts in an even wilder way. His hands were clawing at his possesor’s strong biceps, as he pinioned him under his body, his legs could feel the moving muscles of the thighs that were pushing him up to fuck him better and deeper, and his cock rubbed against the rippling abdominal muscles of his torso as he moved in and out of Josh. Now it was Mandinke who pushed his fat lips on Josh’s mouth and who was ardently kissing him just as his cock was pounding into Josh. He was fucking like a demented animal; his inhibitions and his fears had disappeared from his mind and he felt instead a tremendous will to conquer this man, he had to make him his. He would do it by injecting the strength of his sperm deep inside him. He actually felt that his strength was increasing, becoming more of a man, by drinking all that this man’s mouth was giving him and by straining to fill him with his own life elixir. With a loud roar his cock exploded into a geyser of his sperm. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel how the big white globs were spurting from his cock and churning their greasy cream all inside Josh.

And Josh could feel the burning lava that was washing inside him. His body pinioned by the big Negro’s strong body and by that cock inside him that seemed to fill him completely. His mind went numb and all his passion went to enjoy the total domination he was being subjected to. His body was at the service of that cock that was sending ripples of electric waves all over his body. It was as if all his insides had been turned into a huge prostate. Every move from the man on top of him sent him into shivers of passion. Josh had never experienced such an intense emotion. With his legs opened wide, his arms fallen at his sides, he gave his body completely to that penetrating cock and the strong muscles that were holding him. Yes, he wanted to be possessed by this fantastic man, and as he felt the sperm that was inundating his inside, he also let go his own juices as a ritual offering of himself.

Josh was Mandike’s man; but Mandike’s mind was hooked to Josh. They had become two halves of a locked embrace that neither could break.