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Rassadah’s Boy
Part 3 - Exhibition
By Mark Sayrs
Email: Mark Sayrs

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One day, as the ship lay in a tropical calm and Rassadah fucked Josh in a languorous way, a young pirate stormed into the cabin. “Rass!” he shouted, “a mutiny! The English sailors are fighting us. If we have to kill them, who are we going to fuck?”

“What?” Rassadah shouted, “Let’s go!” he ordered as he pushed Josh in front of him, up into the quarter deck. The deck was in complete disorder, the sailors completely naked fighting the pirates from one corner of the deck and with considerable success. A loud shot drew the attention of sailors and pirates to the quarter deck. There they saw their captain, lieutenant Reynolds, stark naked being held by the arms by the pirate’s strong limbs. As they watched in stunned silence, Rassadah started humping the lieutenant from behind. Passing one strong arm around Josh’s waist and holding him by the shoulder with the other, Rassadah inserted his member up Josh’s ass. The sailors could see how he bucked up the lieutenant’s body with powerful thrusts. They thought he was fighting it, but soon enough they realized that their captain’s body was swaying with the pirate’s lascivious swings. As he thrust up their captain’s body they could see the pirate’s thighs strenuously working between his legs, and they could see the pirate’s balls churning against Josh’s ass, impaled on his member. They watched in horror how Josh’s eyes became glazed, a tortured delight coming over his expression as he drooled, more and more furiously shaken by his captor’s brutal embrace. They realized that he was not only taking it, he was also receiving it: with his legs far outstretched and spasmodically planted around the irresistible cock, he was actually moving his body in sync with Rassadah’s. He couldn’t help it. In spite of his shame, of his horrified realization of what Rassadah was trying to do with him, he couldn’t resist the electrifying lightnings that transposed his whole body. His mind went numb and his cock and balls took over, and they wanted the overwhelming pleasure of release. Suddenly his body arched forward, impaled on Rassadah’s stabbing cock, and shot heavy streams of jism all over the crowd below. He sunk exhausted between Rassadah’s legs, holding himself on his thighs. Rassadah’s cock, spurted its final globs of cum on his face. As Josh licked the slimy cock with devout submission, the pirates began to take the demoralized sailors and soon the whole deck was covered with squirming bodies in a mass fuck out.  

Not long after that Nacho started to worry. Rassadah seemed obsessed with Josh. He came into the cabin any time of the day,  kissed him passionately and fucked him furiously once or twice before  going back up. Rassadah loved the way Josh looked when he entered the cabin. He was by now so used to the pirate’s sexual appetite that as soon as he saw him ripping his trousers off, exposing his splendid body, his cock started responding in a slow and invincible arousal. But his mind still reminded him of his plight. Shame filled his expression as he lowered his eyes. As Rassadah took him in his arms he still tried to resist. Rassadah loved this last remnant of his handsome captive’s pride.  He liked to see his captive’s shame slowly coming over his face and he enjoyed to overcome his resistance with determined violence. Some times, when he was feeling angry, he would simply push his crotch against Josh’s face, rubbing his cock against his cheeks, his nose and his eyes, pushing his balls against his jaw, wetting Josh’s face with his pre-cum until he forced it in his mouth. As Josh started sucking him, as Rassadah felt that he had surrendered, he would push him face down on the floor and jumping over him would fuck him from behind, as violently as he could. He knew that Josh wouldn’t resist for long before coming under his ministrations. At other times, when he felt better, the pirate would take Josh in his arms and kiss him in that overpowering way he had, invading Josh mouth and drinking his soul out, until he felt Josh’s surrender and his active response, requesting, demanding with his body to be fucked hard.


During the night as Josh laid next to him he would fuck him lying side to side. His cock would remain inside so that from time to time, as he woke from his heavy slumber, he would take his pleasure again without troubling to find the right position. In his troubled sleep Josh would feel the pirate’s cock well embedded inside him. In spite of the pleasure he had felt before he would try to rid himself of Rassadah’s hold, but the pirate had other intentions..What he liked most was conquering his unwilling victims. Lowering his body over Josh’s back, his cock started to move again in and out. Josh responded with some violence but was quickly subdued by Rassadah’s strong limbs. Josh felt irresistibly impaled again and soon enough the pirate’s cock started to strike and stab at his sensitive spots. He was being forced into a new arousal. He did everything he could to prevent it but Rassadah was already pumping wildly into him. And Josh liked it. Giving himself completely to Rassadah’s strong embrace, his legs pushed well out by the pirate’s hairy muscles, he lifted his ass better to receive his thrusts. It took a little more time, but Rassadah exploded deep inside him as he sensed Josh’s unwilling surrender and forced Josh to spurt out his cum. In spite of his shame, the more Rassadha fucked him the more he seemed to want it.


From time to time the pirates would seek refuge in lonely islands, where Nacho would take Josh running and exercising on the beach while the pirates divided their loot and received ransom for their captured slaves. On other occasions, imprisoned in the pirate’s cabin, Josh would hear the din of battles with other ships, cannon shots, steel clanging against steel, the heavy thud of falling rigging, the acrid smell of burning ships and the shouts and cries of pirates and their victims. One day, after one of those battles, the cabin’s door burst open and Rassadah, half naked, violently pushed inside the fighting body of a young boy, perhaps only 19 years old. From the olive color of his skin and his brown hair and eyes, Josh figured he was Spanish. As Rassadah struggled with his captive, he ripped his shirt off. The boy wouldn’t give up and kept resisting Rassadah’s embrace. He fell on his back and Rassadah grabbed his belt from behind his back and in a few violent pulls tore his trousers from him, emptying them, as it were, of the boy who laid naked sprawling on the floor. He was still defiant, spitting out horrible Spanish insults like a wild cat.


Rassadah grabbed a long thin whip and making it sing in the air landed it swinging over the squirming boy’s body. Angry welts started to swell on his silky olive skin as the boy tried vainly to escape the whip’s strikes. He run, jumped and crumpled on the floor. Rassadah started to swing his whip in a different way, making it curl around the boy’s arms, his legs, and his neck, terrifying the boy but calming his reactions as it no longer hurt. Nacho raised the boy’s body between his strong thighs, where he laid exposed to Rassadah’s caressing whip. He swung it craftily over the boy’s chest, hitting his pectorals until the boy’s tits rose up, stiff and red; the whip searched his thighs and as the boy opened his legs started to hit his balls and cock. Josh watched with wonder as the whip slowly started to arouse the boy’s member into a clear hard on. As the cock stood up Rassadah’s whip began to land on it and curls its long leather tong around the staff, and then around the boy’s balls, squeezing them as it curled around them like a tornicate. The boy looked dazed, his eyes no longer focused as he felt the whip landing around his cock and his balls, gradually bringing his arousal into a slightly painful but very clear climax. As Josh looked in wonder, a final strike whipping around the boy’s balls suddenly made his cock erupt into long strands of boy cum as his body shook in spasms.


To Josh’s surprise the pirate took him by his arm and swung him against his sweaty body, one hand under his arm took him by the throat, while the other grabbed his cock and balls. Josh could feel the pirate’s strong body behind his, the already hard cock rubbing against his ass. Immobilized as Rassadah squeezed his cock and balls and tightened his hold on his neck, he felt the pirate’s member seeking his ass’s entrance, and pushing in. All Josh could do was to open his legs as wide as he could to ease the brutal entrance into his innards. No matter how many times he had been fucked he could not fail to wonder every time at the sheer bulk of the pirate’s member. He felt the now familiar thrusts as Rassadah invaded his anus and reached his prostate. He was ashamed to see the Spanish boy looking at him aghast, lying there between Nacho’s legs, his flaccid cock still streaming cum, as he witnessed Josh’s own reaction, the irresistible passion that began to win his whole body. The Spanish boy could see how Josh’s cock began to thrust out, harder and harder, as Rassadah manipulated it with his large calloused hand and as he thrust inside his body, taking possession of all his responsive parts. Suddenly, as he controlled Josh with his cock up his ass and his left hand on his throat, Rassadah pushed him to his knees between the boy’s open legs.


Completely dazed, the boy received Josh’s body and Rassadah’s behind him as the tumbled over him. Shouting awful Spanish oaths Rassadah guided Josh’s cock with his hand and then suddenly embracing him with both arms, he forced Josh with his cock to press against the boy’s virgin crack. Josh’s cock started to come in. The boy shouted and cried as he squirmed to prevent the brutal invasion, but Rassadah’s heavy body pressed on both of them and forced Josh’s cock all the way in. Josh could feel how the pirate was taking his pleasure, fucking him hard and at the same time swaying his body in such a way that he himself felt he was fucking the boy. But Josh was also conscious of an extraordinary pleasure coming from his cock rushing in and out the boy’s innards. Blind with passion, Rassadah’s cock hitting his prostate from behind, his own cock engorged inside the boy, he began wanting to fuck this boy, yeah! He was going to fuck this boy, he thought confusedly as he started to pump with ever more gusto.. He recognized the pirate’s approaching climax, he was panting and biting his neck, his thrusts became harder and faster and Josh felt the burning splashes of semen inside his ass. Rassadah waited a moment but soon resumed his labour, pushing in and out of Josh’s ass as he were fucking him again. He was actually forcing Josh to continue his fucking motions inside the Spanish boy. To his horror Josh felt a growing pleasure. He was liking the wet and warm embrace of the boys anal insides. He no longer needed Rassadah’s prompting. He was actually fucking the boy with increasing pleasure. Josh was now doing all the spasmodic movement of the three squirming bodies, as he thrust into the boy’s receiving end and he pushed himself in and out against Rassadah’s club behind him He could feel his passion rushing all over his body, his balls crying for release and his cock almost hurting with the intensity of his thrusts. He no longer felt the pirate’s cock punishing his prostate nor his heavy body clutching him from behind. His cock exploded inside the Spanish boy with an intensity Josh had not even felt when Rassadah fucked him.


The pirate pushed him aside, forcing his cock out of the Spanish boy with a noisy plop. Semen flowed out abundantly from his crack as Rassadah fell upon the boy, pushed him on his side and impaled him in one strong thrust. The boy cried out again but Rassadah had him well in his power. As he started to fuck him heavily, the pirate took the boy’s cock in his hand and went on manipulating him until the boy started to respond. As Josh knew well, no one could resist the pirate’s expert massage. The boy felt his cock hardening as he experienced the strange awakening of his sex that Rassadah’s cock was stirring inside him. Sooner than expected his cock released long strands of milky semen, as the boy shouted strange Spanish oaths and gargled in delight. Letting go of his sticky cock, Rassadah pressed his body on top of his and renewed his violent thrusts until he came again inside the Spanish boy’s body. He stood over his victim, blood and semen dropping from his long cock. He grabbed Josh and forced him down over the Spanish boy. Josh didn’t know what came over him, but under the dreadful impression of what he had seen and felt, he couldn’t resist what his sex was demanding. He pushed the boy’s legs open and his cock entered the well greased chute. The boy no longer cried, he just laid sobbing and let Josh fuck him with abandon. Josh couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he was actually fucking the stars out of this lovely young body and relishing in his surrender. He increased the speed and strength of his thrusts and came inside the boy with even greater intensity than he had before. His education was now complete: he had been queered and buggered and now he had fucked a man.

Rassadah was spending more time with Josh in their cabin than with his men on deck. Nacho wondered whether Josh was Rassadah’s sex slave or whether it was the handsome lieutenant that had captured the pirate. It was not very clear whether Rassadah forced Josh to submit to his lust or whether he felt enslaved by his captive. Sometimes it looked as if the pirate simply had to fuck Josh in a desperate attempt to make him his. Nacho heard the growing number of quarrels and how some times the men even stood up to Rassadah. His command was becoming erratic.

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