The Telemachus Story Archive

Number 6.
By Master Skrain

Number 6.


Alexander stood in front of the heavy steel door leading into the experimental chamber, and wondered once again what he was getting himself into. He knew that he had been promised a payment of $100,000 once the experiment was finished, but he had to ask himself if what he had been told what he was going to have to endure was worth the money.

Finally, Alex made his decision, and pushed open the door. The massively built 25 year old Russian bodybuilder stepped into the chamber. Facing him was a large, cold steel structure that looked like something from a Science Fiction story. The fearsome looking device was equipped with heavy steel shackles to totally immobilize a subject's arms and legs, adjustable probes for various body orifices, and a bank of monitoring devices to measure the subject's responses to the forms of torture he would be forced to endure.

The scientist who was going to administer the torture was standing next to his invention.

“Welcome, Alex. I'm glad you decided to participate in our little experiment. As you were told, our plan is to monitor your reactions to various forms of stimulation to see how the human body reacts to pain and pleasure. The sessions will be of various lengths, depending on your ability to endure the pain.

Shall we get started?”

Alex merely nodded. He stepped up to the machine and slipped off the cotton gym shorts he was wearing. The scientist inhaled sharply at the sight of the 6'4”, 290 lb. mass of sculpted muscle that stood in front of him.

“Magnificent” he softly murmured.

Within 5 minutes, Alex found himself tightly bound to the cold steel framework of the torture machine by thick steel bands bolted across his wrists and ankles. He was spreadeagled, flat on his back on the steel framework, his huge chest rising and falling with each breath.

The scientist stroked his hand across Alex's massive pectorals, stopping to twist and squeeze Alex's thick nipples before leaning down and sucking the hard tits for a couple of minutes each. Then the scientist stroked his hand down across Alex's extended ribcage and washboard abs until he came to Alex's cock.

Alex moaned when the scientist bent over, and sucked the head of the cock into his mouth. His head began to bob up and down as he deep-throated Alex's rapidly expanding cock. Once Alex's thick, 9” cock was fully erect, the scientist pulled a small cradle-like device mounted on an adjustable arm up, and strapped Alex's cock into it. Next, a metal ring was clamped around his low hanging balls. A cable was run from the ring down into a winch mechanism mounted on the base of the machine. Then, a metal sound with a black rubber tip was inserted into the head of Alex's cock about an inch. The sound was attached to an articulated arm that held it in position to slide in and out of Alex's bound cock.

Next, a long rubber dildo was attached to a metal arm mounted on a hydraulic piston mounted on the base of the machine. Then the arm was extended just far enough for the head of the lubed dildo to be inserted into Alex's tight ass. Finally, a pair of strong nylon clamps were attached to Alex's thick, erect nipples. The clamps were attached to two cables running to another small winch mechanism mounted on an arm directly above Alex's huge pecs.

When all the settings were finished, Alex found himself helplessly shackled to the cold steel frame, with a thick dildo in his ass, a rubberized sound inserted in his immobilized cock, his balls stretched by a thick metal ring, and his nipples stretched away from his hard pecs.

A metal band was fitted around his head, with sensors attached to the band. The leads from the sensors ran to a computer that was going to be used to monitor his reactions to the various forms of torture he was going to have to endure.

The scientist looked at Alex's bound, muscled physique, and smiled. “You are going to be an excellent subject! I am willing to bet that you will be able to endure far more torture than any of my other subjects!”

Then without another word, he reached down, turned on the computer, and flipped a single switch on the machine.

Alex moaned slightly as he felt the dildo slowly start to slide in and out of his asshole, going slightly further and further into his ass with each stroke. At the same time, the sound in his cockhead not only began to slide in and out, but Alex also noticed that the rubber head of the sound began to expand slightly inside his cock.

It took a minute or two before Alex began to feel a slight stretching of his nuts and his nipples, as the winch mechanism was slowly drawing the cables tighter! He began to moan louder and louder as the relentless fucking of his ass, and his cock shaft continued.

Alex groaned in fear as he also felt the arms of the machine that his wrists were shackled to slowly start to lengthen on their hydraulic cylinders, stretching his muscled body like he was on an old-fashioned torture rack.

Within 20 minutes, Alex was shrieking in agony as the dildo was now sliding almost 8 inches in and out of his ass, and slowly growing thicker and thicker as the rubber shaft was inflated with air. The sound in his cock was now sliding in the full length of his hard, veined shaft, while the head of the sound was slowly expanding as well. Alex lifted his head, and watched as the sound drove into his cock, stretching the skin of the shaft as it slid deeper and deeper into his body with each stroke.

His nuts were now stretched tight, pulled as far as they could be pulled, and his nipples were a good 3 inches from his pecs, and still being stretched!

Alex realized in horror that the torture session was going to last for a full hour! The dildo sliding in and out of his ass was driving him mad with both desire and pain, since Alex had always enjoyed a good hard fucking, ever since his first time when he was only 15 years old and was forced to sit on the hard 9” shaft of his bodybuilding coach. The coach had told him that the direct injection of the protein would help Alex's muscles grow faster.

Alex remembered the feeling of the coach sucking his hard young cock after filling Alex's ass with his cum. The coach had loved the taste of Alex's sperm, and had sucked him off after every workout for years.

But, Alex had never been forced to endure such a relentless pounding of his ass with such a huge cock! Even when Alex had been fucked by the coach and 8 other members of the bodybuilding team in Russia after winning his first bodybuilding contest at the age of 17, his ass had never hurt like it did now! Alex had never been fist fucked, but he could now imagine what it would feel like to have a thick, muscled arm driven into his ass.

Plus, the slowly expanding head of the sound felt like it was splitting his cock wide open! The stretching of his nuts was almost unbearable, as was the stretching of his nipples and his arms felt as if they were about to be torn from his torso! Alex looked up over his head where there was a readout screen showing the force that was being applied to his nuts, his nipples, and to each arm.

Currently there was 30 pounds pulling on his balls, 25 to each nipple, and his arms were being pulled by 210 pounds on each arm.

Alex heard the door to the torture chamber opening, and in a moment the scientist was standing in front of him. He had changed his clothes, and now stood in front of Alex wearing just a pair of leather chaps and boots. His hard body was shiny with sweat as he slowly stroked his huge, fully erect cock. He had a solid physique that could have won at many a bodybuilding contest, with hard 6-pack abs, and thick, rounded pecs capped with the thickest, hardest deep brown nipples Alex had ever seen on a man.

Alex moaned in delighted agony when the scientist leaned in and began to lick the hot sweat out of his deep, stretched right armpit. Alex's muscles were flexing under his sweat soaked skin in a futile effort to escape the multiple tortures he was being subjected to. His massive chest was heaving even though each breath added to the agony ripping through his pecs from his nipples.

The scientist licked Alex's deep armpit for several minutes before switching to the left pit. When he had cleaned out both of the sweaty, straining armpits, he stood up and looked down at the helpless, sweaty muscleman writhing in agony on the torture machine, and smiled evilly.

“Let's speed things up just a bit!” He leered.

Stepping to the controls, he made a couple of adjustments to the machine. Alex shrieked it agony as the pull on his nuts and nipples began to increase even faster, and the dildo and the sound started slamming into his ass and his cock shaft deeper and faster! Also, his arms were being inexorably stretched further and further.

The scientist just smiled again. “I estimate at that setting that by the end of the hour the dildo will be driving in a full 16 inches into your guts, and it should be at least 10” in circumference at the head. The base of the shaft will be almost a foot around!

The head of the sound will be about the same size as a finger inside your dick. Also, your nuts will be pulled by about 50 pounds of force, and each of your tits will be stretched by 50 pounds of pull as well! Your body will pulled by about 500 pounds of pressure. Hopefully, you won't be torn apart, but I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope you are ready to endure the pain, boy!”

Alex threw his head back and screamed in horror, and agony! He was going to end up being tortured harder then he had ever dreamed, just to fulfill the sadistic pleasure of the insane scientist! Suddenly his screams were cut off by the thick cock of the scientist being stuffed into Alex's mouth.

Alex struggled to breathe around the thick shaft filling his throat, but he couldn’t. He could hear the scientist moaning “Oh yeah-Oh yeah” over and over again as he raped Alex's mouth. Then, Alex felt the hands of the scientist starting to stroke his stretched, distended pecs, feeling the sweat soaked flesh and squeezing the clamps on Alex's tortured nipples even harder, shooting waves of pain through his nipples and his entire chest.

The scientist began to drive his cock in and out of Alex's mouth, which allowed him to gasp for air just before the cock was driven all the way into his throat. Within a couple of minutes, Alex heard the scientist groan just before he filled his mouth with a huge load of hot, bittersweet, salty cum, which Alex was forced to swallow to keep from choking.

When the cum finally finished filling Alex's mouth, the scientist pulled his dripping cock out, and grinned evilly down at Alex.

“That's good, boy. You still remember how to suck a cock, even in the middle of hard torture. I can just bet you are in agony right now, if the readings on the monitors are any indication. I wonder just how high your pain levels can go before you pass out from the sheer agony. Let's find out!”

He adjusted a couple of controls on the machine, even as Alex began screaming in total pain again. The dildo slamming into his ass started going in even deeper and deeper, as did the thick sound with the inflated head sliding the length of Alex's cock. Alex was sure his cock was about to split wide open, like an overcooked sausage! The pain was almost enough to cause Alex to pass out. Also, the relentless pulling on his nipples and his nuts continued to get harder and harder, even as Alex's entire muscled torso was being stretched cruelly on the rack.

The scientist dropped to his knees along Alex's right side and leaned in to start to lick the sweat pouring down his ribcage. While he was licking Alex's skin, his hands were exploring the surface of his extended ribcage, and trailing down across Alex's heaving washboard abs. Alex was gasping for air, trying to breathe through the blinding pain shooting through his tautly stretched body from his brutally stretched asshole, his swollen, purple nuts, his clamped and stretched tits, and his violated cockshaft!

The scientist worshiped Alex's tortured body with his hands and his mouth for about 5 minutes before standing back up. He reached out, and to Alex's surprise, turned off the control on the sound that felt like it was within a hairsbreadth of splitting Alex's cock open from end to end.

Alex moaned with relief when the head of the sound slowly shrank back down to it's original size before the scientist slowly pulled the sound completely out of Alex's cock. Next, he unstrapped the swollen, streaming shaft from the cradle it had been fastened to for the torture.

Alex moaned with pleasure when the scientist leaned in and took the entire length of the cock deeply into his throat in one swift thrust. Even though Alex's ass was continuing to be stretched by the relentless pounding of the now-huge dildo slamming in and out, and his nipples and nuts felt as if they were being torn from his body, Alex groaned at the feeling of the hot, sucking mouth surrounding his battered cockshaft.

Within minutes, Alex threw back his head and howled in a combination of pleasure, and sheer agony as his nuts attempted to draw up as he shot a huge load of cum into the hot mouth that was worshiping his thick, swollen cock.

Just as Alex was sure he was going to pass out from the agony that was flooding through his entire body, the scientist finished swallowing the huge load of cum in his mouth. Reaching down to the control panel that ran the torture machine, he gave Alex a cruel smile.

“You came without permission, boy” he sneered. “You have to pay for that!”

Turning a couple of knobs on the controls he smiled at Alex again before standing back to watch the huge bodybuilder suffer even more agonizing tortures. Unbelievably, the pulling on Alex's nipples increased, as did the stretching of his arms!

Alex started to scream uncontrollably as his nipples stretched even further from his pecs, feeling as if they were going to tear loose any second!

The scientist grinned down at the pain-wracked muscleman. “I set the pulling on your nipples to 100 pounds on each nipple, and set the stretching of your body to 1000 pounds! Let's see if you can endure that for an hour! Also, you might notice another change in the dildo in your ass! Have fun!”

With a totally evil smile, the scientist walked from the torture chamber, and closed the door!

Alex shrieked in a combination of unbearable pain, and total horror! The numbers on the readout screen slowly began to increase. Now there was 55 pounds pulling each tit, and 525 pounds pulling on his torso. The numbers on his balls stayed at 50, since the scientist hadn't changed the setting.

Alex just knew there was no way he could endure the stretching of his nipples and his body! He was going to be torn apart on the machine, screaming in total agony. To add to his horror, Alex suddenly realized that the dildo slamming in and out of his ass was starting to heat up. The air being pumped into the expanding rubber shaft must be running through some sort of a device to superheat it before going into the dildo!

The helpless Russian muscleman was enduring more pain then he had ever had felt before in his entire life. His tits were now enduring 65 pounds of pulling on each nipple, and the strain on his arms was now at 625 pounds. Alex could only scream in total horror and agony as the numbers slowly, but inexorably increased.

The rubber dildo in his ass was growing hotter, and thicker by the minute. Alex lifted his head, and he could actually see the dildo bulging under the hard, stretched muscles of his abs as it slid in and out, getting thicker and thicker.

750 pounds of pull on his body, and 75 on each nipple! To Alex's surprise, in the middle of his agony, his cock started to get hard again, growing slowly until it was totally erect, and streaming slightly.

865 on his body, 89 on his nipples!

925 on the body, 95 on his nipples!

Finally, in another couple of minutes of sheer agony, the readouts hit 1000 pounds stretching Alex's massive muscled torso, and 100 pounds pulling on each nipple.

Alex was gasping for air, fighting desperately to keep from either passing out, or throwing up from the incredible amount of pain he was enduring.

Alex just knew that if one more pound of pressure was put on his arms, they would be torn from his body, and that one more pound of stretch would rip his nipples from his massive pecs. It took every bit of strength that Alex had in his chest, back and shoulder muscles to keep his arms from being dislocated by the unbelievable pulling on his body!

The dildo had stopped sliding in and out of his stretched ass, but it was fully buried in his guts, feeling like a tree stump had been shoved in there! The heat from the thick black rubber was almost cooking Alex's guts.

When the motion of the torture machine stopped, a clock lit up on the readout panel above Alex's head. It read 1:00. As Alex watched, it ticked back to 0:59.

Alex groaned, realizing that it was counting down the time he had to endure the horrific stretching of his arms, nipples, nuts, and asshole! The next hour was going to be the longest in his entire life. Alex was sure he was going to go totally mad from the unbearable suffering that he was being forced to endure. The pain in his nipples and in his shoulder joints was totally unlike anything he had ever felt before. He had been forced to hang by his arms in the gym for an hour by his coach as punishment for failing to finish the prescribed number of sets of heavy bench presses on several occasions, but this stretching of his arms was over 4 times as intense!

Alex began to scream uncontrollably, begging the scientist that was torturing him to let him loose. He didn't want the money any more, he just wanted to be set free from the torture machine! He just lay on the torture machine, screaming at the top of his lungs for the next 20 minutes, until his voice failed completely, and all he could do was hoarsely whisper for help.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity of searing and total agony, Alex heard the door to the torture room open again. The scientist walked back in, but he was not alone. With him were 5 muscled men, all stripped down to leather shorts and boots, with metal collars welded around their throats. Alex noticed that all of them had hugely distended nipples capping their hard pecs, and thick bulges in the front of their shorts.

The scientist smiled coldly down at Alex. “These are my previous subjects. As you can see, there are only 5 of them. I have decided that you will be number 6, Alex. I think you will be a fine addition to my harem!”

Alex tried to scream for help, but his voice had failed him completely, and all he could do was watch helplessly as the scientist prepared several hypodermic needles. He groaned in agony as he felt the needles slowly being pushed into his pecs, just below the base of his grotesquely stretched nipples.

As the chemicals were being injected into his nipples and pecs, a burning sensation started to spread through his massive chest. Alex thought his tits were being dissolved by acid, the pain was so intense. Finally, it was too much, and Alex sank into unconsciousness.


When Alex awoke, the first thing he noticed was that the stretching of his body, his nipples, and his balls had eased. The dildo had been removed from his ass, but he was still stretched on the machine. The amount of pulling on his body was down to 200 pounds, and the clamps were gone from his tits. However, they had been replaced with two thick transparent suction cylinders that were sucking his nipples relentlessly. He looked down and was horrified to see that his nipples stood out from his pecs almost 3 inches and were as thick around as an American Silver Dollar!

When the scientist noticed that Alex was awake, he smiled coldly.

“Welcome back, number 6. You are now the newest member of my collection! Soon, you will not remember anything before coming to see me, and you will be my exclusive property!”

Alex tried to struggle against his restraints, but it was to no avail. He was bound too tightly, and stretched so that he could offer no resistance.

“Go ahead and struggle if you want, Number 6. It won't do you any good, but I love to watch a huge stud like you flexing his muscles. You will see that the transformation of your body has already started. The needles I injected you with hold a series of special experimental chemicals that I have developed. They have several effects on the human body. The first is that they will accelerate the natural fat burning process of your body, so you will have no more then 3 or 4% body fat at any time. Another chemical also helps keep the skin tight, so your muscle definition stands out sharply! Another effect is that it increases the size, and the growth rate of the tissues in selected parts of your body, so I can sculpt you to my ideal of human perfection! Finally, one also allows me to control your thoughts, and memories. Soon you won't know anything except what I want you to know!”

Alex slowly became aware of a soft, but instant voice tickling the thoughts in the back of his head. He realized it was coming from the electronic monitoring band that was still strapped around his head. It was telling him to surrender to his desires. Alex tried to fight it, but the voice was more and more insistent, and Alex felt his will slowly being taken over by a feeling of pure lust, and desire to be Tortured, and to worship the muscled bodies surrounding him.

As Alex watched, two of the musclemen, a huge Asian stud, and a young Blonde man with long hair started to stroke and then lick and suck his cock until it was totally erect. The scientist pulled over a huge clear tube that was attached to a suction line running to the machine.

“I have decided that you will be the final test of my new growth serum, Number 6. When we are done, your cock will totally fill this cylinder, which will make it a full 18 inches long, and over 12 inches around at the base! You are the only one of my slaves that is tall enough, and massively built enough to have a cock that big. The biggest I have been able to create so far is on number 5, and his is only 13 inches long, and 9 inches around.”

At that, a huge black huge musclemen stepped forward. Alex saw a small metal tag hanging from the collar welded around the muscleman's thick neck, with “5” engraved on it. At a nod from the scientist, the slave dropped his shorts, revealing a huge, thick cock that hung down almost halfway to his knees!

As Alex watched, the ebony skinned muscleman slowly started to stroke the massive shaft, pumping both of his hands back and forth the length of his bloated cock, until it began to swell up and rise slowly until it stood straight out.

Alex couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight of the huge, throbbing shaft. At a nod from the scientist, the black muscleman stepped in between Alex's spread arms. He grasped Alex's head, and bent it backwards, stretching his throat.

Alex opened his mouth as far as he could and waited for the huge head to slide into his throat. Just as the thick cock jammed into his mouth, he felt a sharp pain in his erect cock as the scientist injected his serum into the base of Alex's shaft. The immediate burning agony was balanced by the huge cock filling his mouth, choking Alex.

Alex tried to scream at the pain, but he couldn't even draw a breath since his throat was filled with the huge ebony shaft. The next thing Alex felt was the beginning of the suction as the tube was lowered over his cock and the vacuum pump was turned on. His head began to fog; Alex couldn't even begin to think about anything other then the huge cock in his mouth. He needed to worship it, he needed to draw the entire length into his throat, even if it choked him!

Alex began to desperately suck on the massive shaft, struggling to get his hands loose so he could worship the rock hard muscles and huge nipples and low hanging nuts of the huge black bodybuilder who was fucking his mouth, even as his cock was expanding, and swelling inside the plastic cylinder. Within minutes, there was a gasp from the muscleman, and a huge flood of hot, salty cum in Alex's mouth. He greedily swallowed every drop of the hot sperm. As soon as the cock was pulled from his mouth, it was replaced with another, slightly smaller shaft. The bronzed Asian muscleman, who wore a collar with a tag that was numbered 3 started to slam his shaft deeply into Alex's already stretched throat, fucking his mouth.

All the while, as one after another of the huge musclemen raped Alex's throat, his cock was stretching, swelling, and expanding, until it filled the entire cylinder! The pain was excruciating, but it almost didn't register to Alex, since he was so focused on sucking cock, and swallowing huge amounts of cum.

Finally, the scientist himself stood in front of Alex's open mouth. Taking a last needle, he injected the contents into a vein in Alex's tightly stretched arm. As the injection took effect, Alex felt the last of his mental control dissolve in a flood of pain and pleasure! They were one and the same now, the pain was the pleasure, and the pleasure was the pain! His head spun, and “Alexander” was gone forever.

No longer a person, but now just an object, it barely noticed the cock driving into it's mouth, and the load of cum shooting down it's throat. It's old life no longer existed, it was now just “Slave No.6”.


A month after the 6 weeks of treatments to enlarge it's nipples and cock were finished, and it had a chance to recover from the bruising caused by the chemically induced stretching of the tissues, muscle slave Number 6 hung spreadeagled in the middle of the torture chamber, naked except for the steel collar welded around it's thick neck with the engraved #6 tag hanging from it, it's wrists and ankles encircled by thick steel shackles stretched by heavy chains. The other 5 slaves, and The Master stood facing it. Number 6 knew that the man it had known as the scientist was now it's Master, and would be for the rest of it's life! He had freed His slaves from the cares and worries of everyday life, and had selected them for use as His Torture slaves, and pleasure objects for select groups of other men to rent.

Number 6 worshiped Him.

The slaves were naked except for their collars and boots, while The Master wore His chaps and boots. Every one of the slaves had thick, engorged nipples capping their sculpted pecs, washboard abs, and were stroking cocks that were at least 10 inches long. They looked like a collection of “Tom of Finland” drawings come to life.

“Slaves, we need to welcome our newest family member. You all know what to do.” said The Master, with a smile.

Number 3, the handsome Asian muscleman, and number 2, a tall redhead bent down and began to suck on Number 6's huge, freshly tattooed, dark brown nipples. The tits stood out almost 4 inches from it's massive pecs, and were as big around as a silver dollar! Number 6 moaned at the feel of the two hot mouths sucking on it's now exquisitely sensitive tits. The hot mouths then worked across it's huge pecs then into it's freshly shaved armpits, licking as much of the sweat off it's stretched flesh as they could.

As it's tits and pits were being worshiped, it's monstrous cock began to stiffen, slowly rising until it stood out straight in front of Number 6. It was the full 18” long, and almost as big around as it's forearm! The chemical substance The Master had injected into it's cock several times during the pumping sessions had created quite possibly the biggest cock ever seen on a human. The head was the size of a closed fist, and the shaft was covered with veins. It's nutsack hung down almost halfway to it's knees, each huge distended, expanded testicle the size of a tennis ball!

Number 6 moaned again as Number 1, the Blonde Muscle-god, Number 5, the massive Ebony Bodybuilder , and Number 4, a short, but hugely muscled Latino took turns licking the length of it's huge cock, and sucking as much of the huge head into their mouths as they could. They also worshiped it's monstrous nuts, sucking one huge bull ball at a time into their hot, sucking mouths.

While he moaned at the pleasurable sensations flooding his brain, Number 6 felt The Master's cock slowly start to slide inside it's twitching, sensitive ass.

“Yes, boy, you are going to be a great addition to the family!' said The Master into it's ear, as He started to fuck the hot, muscled ass. Number 6 felt The Master's hard, muscled chest against it's spread back, the hard expanded nipples capping The Master's pecs rubbing against it's back muscles.

It hung there for almost an hour, it's brain almost shorted out by the overload of pleasurable sensations flooding into it from the feelings of the two hot sucking mouths on it's nipples and armpits, the three mouths working on it's huge cock and nuts, and the massive cock filling it's stretched hole.

Finally, when it thought that it was about to pass out from sheer pleasure, it felt the huge flood of cum filling it's ass as The Master shot into it's willing hole. That triggered it's own ejaculation, flooding the mouths of the three hot slaves worshiping it's cock. As it came, the two slaves working on it's nipples chewed the swollen tits brutally, tearing a scream from it's throat!

Finally, it slumped down in the chains, barely conscious and gasping for air.

It faintly heard The Master say “That was good. Let it down, and put it in the cage to recover.”

Then, everything went dark.

Later, when it became aware of it's surroundings again, it found that it was locked in heavy steel shackles in a small steel cage in the Torture Chamber, alone in the semi-darkness.

Number 6 vaguely recalled that at one time or another he had watched, and participated as all the other slaves had been forced to endure the same tortures that it had on the torture machine, but it didn't really remember very much other then that. It also had vague, almost dreamlike recollections of someone named “Alex”, but it couldn't really remember who that was. But, it didn't really care.

It was happy, it knew it was going to get to be tortured by the Master both regularly on the machine, and by other means, like intense floggings of it's rock-hard back and shoulder muscles, as well as it's pecs and abs, electrical tortures of it's huge nipples, and more.

It got to work out daily with the other naked muscle-slaves in the gym, developing and sculpting it's muscles to human perfection, followed by strictly controlled meals and massive injections of steroids and hormones designed to maximize it's muscular development and growth. Not to mention the multiple daily loads of rich, protein loaded sperm it got to swallow directly from the other slaves huge cocks, as well as The Master's cock as well. One of the side effects of the injections to enlarge it's balls was that it's production of sperm had been greatly increased, so it had to shoot at least 7 or 8 times a day, otherwise it's nuts would fill with sperm and begin to hurt like they were being crushed.

Since all the other slave's balls, as well as The Master's balls did the same thing, it not only got to swallow at least one load of sperm from each slave as well as The Master daily, it got to shoot into each of the other slave's mouths at least once, and sometimes more, as well.

Also, once a month, the Master would gather all 6 of the slaves in a special room in the complex. The room was roughly circular, with 5 angled bondage crosses surrounding a central bondage table. The Master would pull out a single numbered die, and roll it, seeing which number would come up. Whichever number showed, the corresponding slave was spread-eagled on the bondage table. The other 5 slaves were then bound to the crosses surrounding the table, with vacuum devices sucking their nipples, and vacuum milkers sucking and pumping on their cocks. They also had thick dildos inserted in their asses, stimulating their prostates with jolts of electricity. When they shot their huge loads of cum into the milking tubes, the sperm was collected in a central tank which was attached to a pump leading directly into the mouth gag on the center slave.

When the mechanism was activated, all the slaves on the crosses would start cumming within 2 minutes, filling the tank, which was then pumped into the center slave's mouth, forcing it to swallow huge amounts of cum. The stimulation sessions would sometimes last for several hours! The slaves on the crosses would cum every few minutes, each load of sperm being more painful then the previous one! Within 20 to 30 minutes, each slave would be screaming in agony even as he shot another huge load into the milker pumping relentlessly on it's cock until it's balls were totally drained. Even then, the Torture would not stop, as the stimulation of it's prostate, the relentless sucking of it's tits, and the constant milking of it's cock would force each slave's body to produce more sperm at a rate far beyond what it could have done before the chemical treatments By the time the simulation and milking session was finished, the center slave would have been forced to swallow up to a gallon, or more of mixed loads of sperm from it's fellow slaves! Sometimes it's gut would actually bulge from the amount of cum in it's stomach.

Then when The Master would finally release the center slave, it had to work it's way around the room, sucking on the huge swollen nipples, licking all the sweat from the straining muscles and out of the deep armpits of it's fellow muscle slaves.

Then it had to suck at least one more load of hot sperm directly from each of the slave's cocks, as well as the Master's cock before the Torture session would end.

Other parts of it's life were equally as fulfilling. It would be fucked by all the other slave's huge cocks and would be Tortured by them on a regular basis, plus it would get to help Torture and fuck the other slaves as well, and it was even going to be rented out to the select groups of men who could afford to pay the $25,000 a night that The Master thought it was worth to be bound, used and tortured to it's limits of endurance, and sometimes far beyond.

Life as a muscleman sex slave was good.