The Telemachus Story Archive

The Broken Bully
By Master Skrain

The Broken Bully

Justin and Kurt did NOT like each other, not one little bit! Both of them were bodybuilders training in the same gym for the same contest in the same weight class. What started out as a minor rivalry had over time developed into an intense dislike for each other, with lots of trash-talking, deliberate snubs and smart-ass comments, and more. While there had never been an actual physical confrontation between them, other gym members thought that it was going to be inevitable!

Kurt upped the trash-talking and snarky remarks when he found out that Justin was gay. He would loudly criticize the lifting form of “That limp-wristed Faggot” and more, in front of his friends, just to hear them snicker and laugh. Truth of the matter was, though, that Justin was actually in better shape then Kurt, and stood a better chance of placing higher in the contest.

When the day of the contest arrived, Kurt's trash-talking and put-downs had almost reached an intolerable level. Worse, one of Justin's friends told him that he had seen Kurt actually pouring something out of a small bottle into the container that Justin was drinking from during their warm-ups in the pump room.

Justin decided that he had had enough, and when Kurt was out for the official weigh-in, he switched the contents of their drinks. When Kurt came back in, one of the first things he did was take a nice long drink to re-hydrate. Justin just smiled to himself.

When they were finally on stage, Justin's posing routine went perfectly, his hard body gleaming in the lights, his form perfect. Kurt's routine seemed off somehow, and he missed a couple of cues in his music. As a result, Justin won, while Kurt placed a poor fifth. While all the contestants were lined up on stage at the end of the contest, Justin just looked at Kurt with a smug, mocking expression as if to say “LOSER”!

After the contest, Kurt stormed out of the auditorium to Justin's van, seemingly ready to fight it out right there. Before he could really do any damage though, he seemed to lose his co-ordination, started to stagger, and finally slumped down onto the ground, almost totally out of it. By chance, Justin had parked on the far side of the lot, away from the building, so he was able to bundle Kurt into his van, and drive off.

When Kurt's head finally cleared, and he became aware of his surroundings little by little, he found himself in a strange room with dim lighting. Trying to sit up, he realized that he couldn't. Looking up towards his arms, he was horrified to find himself spread-eagled on a wooden table of some sort, bound to it by thick metal bands bolted to the table across his wrists and ankles! There were bright lights shining down on the table, but the rest of the room was shrouded in gloom.

As Kurt struggled, Justin stepped into his sight. Kurt's eyes widened at the sight of his nemesis and the target of his scorn and put-downs. Justin was wearing just a pair of leather chaps with a leather jock under them, high boots, and mirrored shades, every muscle in his sculpted body gleaming slightly in the light. Looking down at himself, Kurt discovered that he was naked, and totally helpless.

“So, you thought you were gonna fuck up my routine and make me lose, didn't you, you bastard? Well, as you see, it didn't work! I hope you enjoyed your little nap, since YOU ended up being the one that got the doctored drink, not me! And now, it's MY turn for some fun! I've put up with your shit for too long, so now, it's payback time!”

“As you love to point out loudly to anyone who will listen to your bullshit, yes, I'm gay. And you know what else I am? I'm a VERY well trained S+M Top who has years of experience at causing the most pain to a man's body imaginable, while doing the least long term damage! And now I have a new victim to practice my Torture techniques on! Namely, YOU, you prick!”

“I hope you're ready to scream, because you're going to! And, just so you know, I'm going to Torture you until you break! And how will I know when you've broken? Why that will be when you BEG me to let you suck my cock, and fuck your ass! That's right, you fucker, I'm going to turn you into my little muscleman sex and torture toy! How do you like that, you miserable son of a bitch?”

Kurt's eyes blazed as he struggled against the thick metal restraints bolted to the table, holding him stretched and helpless and he snarled “You fucking faggot! You better let me go, but when you do, I'm gonna beat you to a fucking pulp!”

Justin leered. “I don't think so, bitch!”

He picked up a long rod with a thickened handle on one end and two short metal prongs sticking out of the other. He pressed the prongs against Kurt's balls, and pushed a button. Kurt shrieked as a paralyzing blast of electricity pounded into his nuts!

“AAAGGGHHHHHH! What the fuck? You little bastaAAHHHHHHH!” he shrieked as his balls were zapped again.

Justin leered and held the rod up in front of Kurt's face. “Cattle prod” he grinned. “Really good for getting bulls, bullies, and bull-headed idiots to do EXACTLY what you want them to do!”

Kurt started to struggle again, cursing and ranting the entire time. Finally, Justin decided that he had heard enough. He stepped close to Kurt's stretched body, holding a ball gag. Kurt just struggled harder and tossed his head back and forth, trying to keep Justin from sticking the gag into his mouth. Justin simply held the gag in one hand, and the cattle prod in the other as he pushed the metal prongs into Kurt's nuts again and hit the button and held it down.

“AAAAUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHmmmmmrrpppfffff!”! Kurt's shriek of agony was muffled as the ball was shoved into his mouth while he was screaming!

Justin then fastened the ends of the gag to straps on the bondage rack, immobilizing Kurt's head flat down on the rack, preventing him from even seeing a lot of what Justin was planning on doing to him! For the first time, Kurt actually began to feel scared. He had been picking on Justin because he had always thought that Gay men were weak, and “Sissies”, but now he began to realize that some were much more then that!

Justin leaned up against the edge of the bondage rack and looked down into Kurt's eyes, which were starting to show signs of incipient panic!

“So, not so tough now, are you, you prick? Just so you know, NO ONE knows where you are, and no one will worry about you since I hacked your Twitter and Facebook accounts and posted a message that you were taking a vacation and going camping in the mountains for a couple of weeks, and you wouldn't have cell phone coverage, so no messages. Don't expect any help from your muscle-headed friends from the gym, BOY!”

Saying that he moved out of Kurt's vision again. Kurt could hear him moving around in the room, but he had no idea what Justin was doing, at least not until Justin came back into his view again only this time he was holding a flogger!

“Yep, time for your Torture to start, BOY!” he sneered sarcastically. “Unless, of course, you'd like to get on your knees and suck my cock right now!”

Kurt just glared at Justin.

“I didn't really think so, BOY!” Justin leered. “And, I'm glad, since I REALLY do want to Torture those big muscles of yours for hours and hours...and hours...and days...until you break!”

Saying that, he swung the flogger and laid the tails across Kurt's sweaty chest, WHAP! Kurt howled into his gag at the sudden burst of pain. WHAP...WHAP...WHAP...the flogger slashed across his pecs and ribcage again and again, each stroke seemingly a little harder then the one before. Kurt could do nothing but strain and flex his thick muscles against the metal restraints, but to no avail. He was bound much too tightly to escape.

The torture with the flogger seemed to go on and on...and on...and on, until Kurt was shrieking into the gag with each hit of the leather tails across his welted chest and ribcage. Justin was dripping with sweat, his muscles flexing and flowing under his skin as he continued to torture the helpless muscleman.

When Justin finally set the flogger down, there were tears running down Kurt's face from his tightly closed eyes. He had NEVER felt pain like that before in his life. And he was afraid that there was only going to be more and more intense pain to come! He began to regret underestimating Justin, and making fun of him. But, since Kurt had been a bully through all his years in school and beyond, it was hard for him to change! No one had ever really stood up to him before, but he sensed that that was changing even now!

Justin stepped back to the rack, and without saying a thing, reached out and began to twist and pull Kurt's nipples. Kurt was outraged, even in his pain, since no man had EVER dared to touch him like that before. He had had some of the guys at the gym suck his cock when he was really horny and his girlfriend wasn't available, or in the mood, but that was just so he could get his rocks off. It sure wasn't for pleasure, and he never let those faggots touch any other part of his body! He began to writhe and strain his muscles, but the only effect it had was to bring a smile to Justin's face!

“Yeah, writhe and flex for me, big boy! I LOVE to see my slaves showing off their muscles for me. It turns me on, and makes me want to Torture then even harder to make then writhe more and more! Yeah, flex those big biceps and hard abs! Yum, you're turning me on more and more!”

Saying that, he let go of Kurt's tits, then, to Kurt's horror, leaned down and began to suck his right nipple and feel his stretched muscles! He struggled even more at the thought of that faggot making love to his body, but way back in the back of his mind was the thought that it felt really good! Justin sucked and played with Kurt's tits for a good 10 minutes, alternating between sucking them, biting them to cause Kurt to groan into his gag, and simply twisting and pulling them, causing the pain to spread from his muscled pecs throughout his body. Then, Kurt noticed to his horror that the sucking and tit Torture was actually starting to make his cock get hard!

Justin saw it and grinned again. “Yeah, you're nowhere nearly as straight as you pretend to be, are you, big boy? Yeah, some hot tit sucking and you get a full hard on! HA, I love it!”

He reached down and began to stroke Kurt's cock with his hand, jacking the thick shaft until it was fully hard. He then stretched a rubber cock ring, and put it over Kurt's cock and nuts, then stretched another one just around his nuts, keeping them pulled down from his now totally erect cock. Kurt writhed and struggled, but Justin noticed that he wasn't fighting as hard to get away!

Justin then bent over and sucked Kurt's cock into his mouth. He heard Kurt give a soft moan of pleasure as he started to get the blow job. Justin sucked Kurt's cock for a good 10 minutes before Kurt moaned, and shot a thick load of cum into Justin's hot mouth!

Justin stood up and grinned down at Kurt. Kurt just glared back, seemingly outraged.

“Oh, don't act all upset. I know perfectly well that I'm not the first guy to suck your cock. And you know HOW I know? Because some of your boyfriends at the gym that suck you off on a regular basis also blow ME and I blow them! Believe me, I KNOW that you're not anywhere as straight as you act! You might not have sucked a cock before, but you've had plenty of guys suck yours, and you've fucked a couple of them as well. So, get over yourself! And, just so you know, by the time I'm done with you, you WILL be on your knees with my cock in your mouth, and you will beg for me to fuck you! And now, more torture!”

Stepping to one side of the bondage rack, he began to turn a small wheel with a handle on it that was sticking out of the side of the rack. Kurt began to struggle again as he felt his arms being slowly stretched!

“That's right, big boy, this is much more then a simple bondage table, it's also a full Torture Rack! And, I'm gonna make you taller, a little bit at a time! Just how much Torture DO you think you can take before you break? Let's find out, what do you say?”

Justin continued to turn the wheel, stretching the table much like a dining room table can expand to put leafs in it to make it longer. Kurt's ribcage began to lift and bulge and his abs flattened out as his torso was stretched. Justin cranked the rack for another minute or so, until Kurt was pulled tight, stretched almost to his limit! Kurt actually began to whimper, as he knew that he was in some really deep shit now! He hoped that Justin wasn't really crazy or harbored a deep enough grudge against him to cause him some real injury, or worse!

Justin grinned. “Yeah, you're scared now, aren't you, asshole? You're such a tough guy when you are in public, with your friends to back you up, but get you alone, and the truth comes out. You are a coward, like all bullies. Well, coward, your worst nightmare is going to come true. Someone is actually going to fight back, and give you a taste of your own medicine! And that someone is gonna be ME!”

Saying that, Justin turned to the shelves that held his Torture toys, and picked up a small pair of clamps with sharpened teeth. Turning back to Kurt, he methodically set the clamps on Kurt's nipples, the teeth biting deeply into the already sore knobs of flesh.

Kurt screamed in agony as the clamps were attached to his tits. The pain was BLINDING! He had never experienced agony like this, and the longer the clamps were on his tits, the more they hurt! He thrashed helplessly on the rack in sheer agony, desperate to escape the pain burning through his chest from his tortured nipples.

Justin grinned down at his prisoner. “Those look like they hurt like hell! They do, don't they?”

Kurt tried to nod his head, but he could barely move it since it was strapped down so tightly.

“Just so you know, one interesting thing about tit clamps. The longer you leave them on, the more they hurt when you take them off! Let's see how these feel after an hour or so, shall we?”

Kurt tried to shake his head, but again he could barely move it. He was really scared now! He was convinced that Justin was some type of psycho, or worse. Kurt actually began to regret his bullying of Justin, but it was almost second nature to him, since he had been a bully ever since elementary school, when he would beat up smaller kids and take their money, or make them do his schoolwork for him. Justin was almost the first person to really stand up to him, or to try to get back at him, and Kurt was terrified at what he might do!

Kurt actually started to consider actually agreeing to suck Justin's cock and letting him fuck his ass if it meant that the Torture would just STOP! His nipples felt like they were actually on fire, and the stretching pain in his back and shoulders was slowly getting worse and worse the longer that he was pulled out tight on the rack! To add to his pain and suffering, every so often Justin would turn the wheel a half turn or so, which would extend the rack another half inch. Whenever he did, Kurt would shriek into the ball gag and strain as his body tried to absorb the stretching. When after what seemed to Kurt's fevered mind to be an eternity Justin reached out and began to remove the clamps on Kurt's tits, the pain just grew, and grew, and GREW! When the clamps were off, Justin grinned down into Kurt's face, reached out, and twisted the battered knobs of flesh!

The pain in EXCRUCIATING!! Kurt was SURE that Justin had actually torn his tits completely off his chest! He NEVER knew that a man's body could endure such a level of Torture! His body strained, the veins popping out across his chest and down his abs, across his thighs, and out his thick biceps and forearms! The Torture continued until Kurt's mind couldn't absorb any more, and he passed out from the agony!

When Kurt regained awareness, the first thing he noticed was the ache in his arms and shoulders and a feeling of disorientation, like he was floating. As his head cleared, he realized that he was now suspended by his arms, wrists fastened together over his head. Looking around, he saw that he was suspended from an electric hoist at the ceiling of the Torture chamber he was currently a prisoner in. Looking down, he saw that his feet were off the floor by about 6 inches, and that his ankles were spread, and restrained by leather restraints fastened to eyebolts sunk into the concrete floor. He was hanging in an inverted “Y” shape, his wrists together straight over his head, and his legs spread. The ball gag in his mouth had been replaced with some sort of muzzle, strapped around his head, with other straps that went on either side of his nose, and continued over his head and were attached to the strap around the back of his head. He was hanging in front of a full length mirror, again bathed in light from overhead, highlighting his stretched, gleaming physique.

In a couple more minutes, Justin stepped in front of his helpless prisoner. Kurt shivered when he saw that Justin was holding another flogger, this one thicker, with longer tails.

“Well good, you're awake. I wouldn't want you to miss what's coming next, boy” Justin sneered. “We're going to see just how much weight your nuts will hold, and how long you can endure having your back and ass flogged!”

Kurt actually whimpered with fear, and shook his head He had NEVER been this scared in his 27 years. The figure standing in front of him dressed in leather, muscles shining with sweat, holding implements of Torture, was the embodiment of his worst nightmares, someone who was NOT afraid of him, or cowed by his bullying.

“You know”, continued Justin, almost conversationally, “I think that even WHEN you do break, and you will, that I will keep you here for a couple of weeks as my sex slave and Torture toy. You've got a nice hot body and I love Torturing big blondes like you! It's going to be so much fun seeing you enduring things like electricity running through that big cock and those nuts, and maybe even up your ass and through your tits, and seeing how flat I can crush your balls before you beg me to stop! But, what's even MORE fun is working your hot body enough that you will actually beg me to hurt you MORE! Oh yes, I have MANY ways of Torturing you for hours, and even DAYS at a time! Let's get started, what do you say?”

Kurt shook his head again, almost frantic, and on the ragged edge of total panic and terror! Fuck, he was going to be tortured again! He was frightened, for sure, but there was a small part of him that began to wonder just how much he could take before he agreed to suck Justin's cock, and let the younger man fuck his virgin ass.

Justin stepped out of Kurt's sight, then a few seconds later, a blast of pain exploded across Kurt's stretched back muscles as the flogger slammed into them! His muscles contracted as he writhed in agony. Then he felt the weight hanging from his nuts. When he moved, it started swinging, and pulling on his balls, adding to his suffering!

The flogger slapped across his back muscles again and again! Kurt's vision began to be rimmed in red, as the pain in his back grew and grew with each stroke of the flogger. The combination of the strain in his arm and back muscles, the pulling of his joints, the torture of the flogging, and the weight hanging from his nuts was almost too much for Kurt to endure. He began to whimper into the muzzle, close to his breaking point.

Mercifully, the flogging stopped, and for a brief moment, Kurt thought his Torture might be at an end. He was horrified, though, when Justin stepped back into his line of sight holding what looked to be a metal weight of some sort with a hook sticking out of it. Without a word, Justin leaned in and hung the weight from the chain attached to the thick steel ball stretcher on Kurt's nuts! The pain tore through Kurt's guts. He thought for a second that his balls were being physically torn off!

Justin grinned at his reaction. “Awww, what's the matter? That's only an additional 5 pounds! Wait until there's 50 or 60 pounds swinging from your balls! THEN you will have a reason to scream, Bitch! And just so you know, I have about 10 or 12 floggers, some much thicker and heavier then the little soft deerskin one I used to warm up your back. Those will REALLY hurt, not like the gentle warm-up you just got. And, also, I have a LOT of the 5 pound weights! Every time you get 25 strokes with a flogger, you will also get, as a bonus, totally free of charge, an additional 5 pounds stretching your nuts! Let's see what will break you first, your back being turned into hamburger, or your nuts on the verge of being torn off, shall we??”

Kurt began to shriek into the muzzle! He couldn't take that kind of Torture, he just couldn't! He shook his head with a pleading look in his eyes. He was willing to suck Justin's cock, and let him fuck him, whatever he had to do to end the Torture session! Justin had won, he had broken Kurt completely!

Kurt began to cry, even as Justin stepped behind him again, holding a bigger flogger. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The flogger slammed into Kurt's already tender back muscles, drawing a shriek from the helpless torture victim. The flogging seemed to last for an eternity, but it was only 25 strokes, as Justin had said. When the torture mercifully stopped, Kurt was crying, tears running freely down his face, gasping for air, his ribs rippling under his welted, shiny skin.

“Well, pussy boy, you look like you can't take any more. Do you want to stop? Do you give up? Ready to suck some cock, and get fucked like the little bitch boy that you are? Huh?” Justin sneered.

Kurt hung there, crying. He slowly nodded his head, totally broken. He would do anything to end the Torture.

“Just so you know, boy. You're not going anywhere for a week or so. You WILL be my sex slave and muscle toy, and, just so there is NO chance of you trying the old double cross on me, there WILL be plenty of pictures of you thoroughly enjoying your secret life as a gay sex slave, which WILL be posted to your Facebook page, and Instagram, and wherever else they can go if there is any trouble with you! As a matter of fact, I've been making a video recording of everything that's happened since you got here. With some good editing, it will make a NICE S+M porn film I can sell to your friends! Or, you can co-operate. It's your choice! Is that fully understood, slave?”

Kurt was startled to hear himself being referred to as a “slave” since it was so totally beyond anything he had ever thought could happen to him. But he knew that this was going to be his fate. He had been a bully all his life, and no one had really ever tried to fight back. It seemed that he had pushed his luck too far, and now he was going to have to pay the price! He slowly nodded his head again, defeated.

To his surprise, and dismay, though, hearing himself referred to as a gay sex slave triggered something deep in his psyche, and he found his cock beginning to swell and harden, slowly expanding to it's full 7” , standing out in front of his helpless, suspended torso!

Justin grinned at the sight. “Well, well, would you look at this” he said, stroking the thick shaft with one hand while feeling Kurt's tight abs and pecs with the other. “It seems that you DO like the idea, don't you, slave?” he said, even as he pinched and twisted Kurt's still incredibly tender and sore nipples.

Kurt's face turned bright red as he slowly, reluctantly nodded his head.

“Yeah, it's just like I thought! You're just like most other Homophobic bullies! You pretend to be all straight, and macho, when you are really just so deep in your own closet that you can't find the doorway out! Like I said, I know that you've never sucked a dick before, but you've had some of your gym buddies suck yours, and I'll just bet you jack off thinking about other guys as well, am I right, slave??”

Kurt slowly nodded his head again.

“Well, I hope you're ready to learn how to suck cock and eat cum, and take it up the ass, since that's what's gonna happen to you for the next week or two, slave! AND, you are going to be Tortured daily, just to remind you of who and what you REALLY are, my property, and MY muscle bitch boy! You're gonna learn to LOVE being flogged, and even whipped, and having your cock and balls Tortured with Electricity, as well as your ass, and even your tits! Let's get started, what do you say, slave? You really want to suck my cock and swallow my sperm load, don't you, slave?”

Kurt just nodded his head again.

Justin went to the shelves holding his Torture gear, and came back with a small box with various wires attached to it. He knelt in front of Kurt's suspended body, and fiddled with the steel ring surrounding his trapped nuts. Then a rubber ring was slipped over the swollen head of his cock, just behind the head. A wire was attached to the ring by a small loop on one side of the ring. A belt was put around Kurt's waist, and cinched tight before being fastened with a small padlock through a stud on the buckle. The box was clipped to the rear of the belt, right in the small of Kurt's back.

Justin stood back up in front of Kurt, holding what looked like a small remote, like the unit used to unlock a car.

“I'm going to let you down now, slave so you can get your first lesson in cocksucking. BUT, just so you don't get any funny ideas, I will be carrying this at all times. Do you have ANY idea with it's for?”

Kurt shook his head.

“Well then, slave, I guess I'll just have to show you!” sneered Justin.

He pushed a button on the remote, and an incredible blast of pain pounded through Kurt's cock and nuts! He screamed into the muzzle again as the pain went on, and on, and ON! It was an electrical current running from the box on his back to the head of his cock, down his cockshaft, and through his nuts! He thought his cock and balls were being cooked on his body! After about 10 seconds, Justin released the control, and Kurt went limp with relief.

“Now, you won't be giving me any shit, now will you, slave?” Justin sneered.

Kurt just weakly shook his head, totally broken. He would do anything to avoid having to endure the electrical Torture again.

Justin grinned; “Just so you know, there is a fail-safe in the box. If you try to disconnect it, or take it off the belt, it will dump enough electricity through your cock and nuts to knock you completely out cold! Then, when you wake up again, the Torture you have endured so far will seem like NOTHING! Do I make myself clear, slave?”

Kurt slowly nodded his head, totally broken and defeated.

Justin slowly lowed the battered muscleman down, after releasing his ankle restraints from the chains keeping his legs spread. He did fasten a spreader bar between Kurt's ankles though, to keep him from moving too much. Slowly, Kurt was lowered down, until he was on his knees, his arms still stretched tightly over his head. Justin stepped in front of the kneeling, bound muscleman and removed the muzzle.

“What do you say, slave?” he sneered.

“Thank you” whimpered Kurt.

“Thank you WHAT?” smirked Justin. “Go ahead and say it, and get used to saying it, slave!”

“Thank you, Sir” Kurt said, thoroughly humiliated.

Justin grinned. “Good boy. Now, you have a choice, slave. Either open your mouth and SUCK MY COCK, or I just push the button again. Your choice, slave...”

With tears running down his bright red face, Kurt, the broken bully, meekly said “Please, Sir, may I suck your cock, Sir?”,opened his mouth wide, and waited for his new Master to slide his erect cock in.