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Brother against Brother
Chapter 9 - Revenge is Sweet
By Michael Randall

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The plan to use the security firm to gain access to Buck’s compound was when the partners were unable to find a way to gain enough control to be able to pull it off. Suddenly, Colin turned to Johnny “Hey babe, didn’t you say that Buck sold you into slavery with a Sheik?” Johnny nodded “That’s right, Sheik Kamal why?” Colin continued “Well, given the makeover you’ve had, you could probably pass for the Sheik’s son.” Johnny looked at him raptly “and?” “And…” Colin replied “What if you posed as the Sheik’s son and called Buck to procure another slave. He would have to set up a meeting with you, giving you access to the compound and the three of us could pose as your bodyguards!” Trevor and Alec jumped up at the same time “That’s brilliant, Colin!” Johnny jumped up and agreed, “Fuck, yeah, we can take down all of them”!

“Wait, guys, why don’t we lend some real credibility to this idea!” They all turned toward Alec curiously “what if we really contact the Sheik and offer him a chance to have Buck and his pals for slaves in exchange for helping us?”

“Great idea, Alec” Johnny was excited about this “Will you contact the Sheik and see if he is interested?” Alec grinned “It will be my fucking pleasure.”

Meanwhile at Buck’s Compound. . .

Pete (Johnny’s younger brother) had a falling out with Buck when he chanced upon the bill of sale of Johnny to the sheik and discovered what Buck had done to his brother.

Pete was sitting at Buck’s desk reading the bill when Buck walked into the den. “What the fuck are you doing Pete, going through my desk?” Pete looked up at his oldest brother and held up the contract “What the fuck is this, Buck, huh, a fucking slave contract for our brother???? You sold Johnny into slavery, you asshole? Plus you never told me anything but a lie as to how Johnny took his share of the money and left! You lousy son-of-a-bitch! How could you do that, you lousy low life!” Pete got up from the desk and walked over to face his brother. “That’s it Buck, I’m done with you, the gang and this whole fucking mess. I’m packing up and getting the hell out of here.”

Buck held up his open palms. “Whoa, Pete, Pete, slow down man, you’re jumping to conclusions here, I can explain.” Pete shoved Buck against the wall “Jumping to conclusions? Are you serious? Here’s a news flash for you Buck; I can read” he screamed waving the document in front of Buck’s face “this proves that Johnny never left of his own choice; you fuckin’ sold him for $6,000,000 dollars! He’s your own flesh and blood and if you can fuck your own brother, I want nothing more to do with this deal, you Judas!”

Buck became furious and poked his finger into Pete’s chest. “Listen, ungrateful little brother, you don’t tell me what I do or don’t do, you understand, asshole? I gave you your share of everything, set you up in grand style and this is how you repay me? ‘Your brother’ challenged me; wanted to have things his way, not mine; I tried over and over to reason with him, but it was futile. He would have spoiled everything and besides, he threatened to call the police. . . I had no choice Pete, I had no choice.”

Pete was seething and held Buck harder against the wall. “You, you bastard, you had a choice alright, but you made the wrong one, fucker! You sold our brother; you fucking sold your own flesh and blood. Buck, I never really liked any of this, taking guys out of their own lives stealing their identities, turning them into sex slaves; that was sick enough, but this? He waved the contract in Buck’s face again. “This, Buck, is so fucked up, it’s beyond belief! I’m outta here; I’ve had all that I can take. You can keep your fucking money and do whatever you want with it, but I’m leaving now, got it?”

Buck grabbed Pete’s arms and held him to stop him from leaving. Pete lifted his knee hard into Buck’s balls. Buck howled as the pain shot through him and doubled over. Pete backed away. “I’m leaving now and. . .”

Pete never got a chance to finish his sentence. Vince had entered the room, pulled a black jack from his back pocket and brought it down hard on Pete’s skull knocking him out. The contract fell to the floor as Pete crumpled to the floor on his.

Buck looked down at his brother and then at Vince, his fists clenched.

“Sorry I had to do that boss” Vince apologized “but I saw that he was threatening you and . . .”

Buck put his hand up interrupting Vince. “No apology necessary, bro, he deserved that and he’s going to be even sorrier soon. I’ve got plans for him. He’s no better than Johnny. They’re both ungrateful fuckers!”

“Whatcha thinkin’ boss?” Buck got an evil grin on his face “I’m gonna call Sheik Kamal and offer him the opportunity to have a matched set and if I know the Sheik, he will pay anything to have a set of two hot Phillips brothers’ asses to fuck.” He pressed his shoe into Pete’s bubble butt. “And a fine ass this is.”

Then Buck shoved his foot under Pete’s abs and rolled him over on his back. He pressed his shoe into the impressive bulge in his brother’s shorts and then stomped down crushing his balls. A groan escaped Pete’s lips. “Now, get him to the prep room, strip him and get him ready for shipment, I want him gone as soon as possible.” “You got it, boss”.

“and, oh, Vince, make sure he feels some pain; a lot of it.”

Vince grinned “YES SIR, that will be my pleasure!” He put the blackjack in his pocket, bent down and hoisted the unconscious stud over his shoulder his tight khaki shorts clung to his splendid ass. “And by the way, Vince, for being such a dedicated assistant, I’m giving you Pete’s $12,000,000 share.”

Buck picked up the phone and pressed speed dial 6. When he finished his phone call, he was delighted to have a promise from the Sheik of another $6,000,000. “It just gets better and better, more money to add to my bank account and I got rid of both of them. I can’t believe they are blood relatives to me, they are nothing like me.” He leaned back in his chair with a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other and chuckled as he thought about more money coming to him.

Back at Johnny and Alec’s place the group was having drinks by the pool.

Alec walked back into the pool area where Johnny, Colin and Trevor were having a lively conversation. Johnny looked up at him and asked if he was successful with the Sheik.

“Oh yes, and then some” he replied. “What do you mean?” asked Johnny with a puzzled look on his face. “Well, when I told him that it was Max, he didn’t believe me, so I suggested that we Skype so that he could see me.” Johnny laughed uproariously as Alec continued “When he saw me, he was totally convinced that I am Max and he thanked me for sending Alec back to him. He did ask to know what happened to Johnny and I explained that you were still with me and I told him that I’d like to keep him.”

“So he was OK with that and doing business with Max?” “Oh yeah, he was so happy to get “Alec” back, that he forgave me for leaving and agreed that I could keep Johnny. So I told him I was in the states, located Buck and was getting ready to take him and his gang down. I offered to sell Buck for $6,000,000; he was so excited he nearly dropped the phone. He told me that he always desired Buck and though he lusted after him, he figured there was no way he could have him, so he took you as a consolation prize when he supposed he could never have Buck. Then he asked what we were gonna do with the rest of Buck’s gang. I told him, we’d probably sell them to some other customers of Buck. He asked if he could have them all and would pay us $25,000,000 for the whole lot.”

Johnny laughed “So what did you say?” Alec’s eyes lit up “I told him we’d need $30, 000,000.” “You didn’t” Colin roared. Alec nodded his head enthusiastically “You bet your ass I did; and he agreed!”

But, you know, something interesting came out during the conversation.”

“Oh no” Johnny breathed out.

“No, no” Alec continued, this is good; well good in that you will be reunited with your brother Pete.”

“What???” “Yeah, I had to clear up some confusion because, yesterday, Buck made a phone call to him offering to sell Pete to him.”

Johnny dropped his glass and it shattered on the tile. “That son-of-a-bitch is going sell Pete?” “Yeah, he told the Sheik that Pete was getting out of control and he was having him trained as a slave.” “Did the Sheik agree to buy him?” Johnny winced.

“Well, he told him he had to think it over and he would call him today. But he gladly agreed to drop the pending purchase of Pete in exchange for getting his hands on Buck.”

Trevor’s face fell “But won’t that ruin our plan” Colin looked equally concerned.

“You would think so, wouldn’t you?” Alec continued “But when I told the Sheik that we did not want Pete to be part of the deal, he told me that is not a problem because he is so excited about our offer. He and I came up with a plan and he called Buck and pretended to agree to buy Pete, but not without a personal inspection. So Buck invited him come to the states and inspect him. The Sheik told him he could not leave his oil business right now but that his son, Abdul, was already in California on business for him and he would send him tomorrow to make the deal. So now, not only do we have legitimate reason to visit Buck’s compound, but they will be caught completely off guard making it like shooting fish in a barrel.”

There was a pause and then the room erupted in laughter. “Alec, you are a fucking genius!’ Trevor said as he grabbed and hugged him.

“Tomorrow, our revenge will be complete and we will rescue Pete.” They raised their glasses in a toast.

Back at Buck’s compound, Vince carried the unconscious Pete to the basement “prep” room. He dropped his victim on a metal exam table. He unbuttoned Pete’s shirt exposing his strapping chest and six pack. He unbuckled the young captive’s belt and pulled his shorts and briefs off leaving Pete totally naked. He attached cuffs to Pete’s wrists and used a hydraulic lift to suspend his 220 pound, six foot frame from the ceiling.

It was a very erotic scene with the still unconscious Pete hanging from the ceiling; his muscular arms overextended supporting his weight. Vince breathed heavily as he examined the 24 year old stud that was a vision of virility. His muscular body was covered with sweat, the sheen displaying the muscular young man’s almost perfect physique. Massive arms, carved pecs, bricks of ab muscles, glistening hard muscles in his thighs and back and a beautiful bubble ass, rounded out by a 7.5 inch dick and balls the size of small chicken eggs. He was sensually running his hands over Pete’s body when he began to regain consciousness.

Pete shook his head to clear the cobwebs and when he was able to focus he saw Vince staring at him with a lecherous look on his face.

Pete roared at him. “What the fuck is going on, Vince? What happened and why am I tied up?”

“Why are you tied up? Let me tell you why Petey, because you fucked up royally this time, that’s why. I can’t believe you were planning to betray your brother and then as you were attacking him I happened to walk into the room. Your brother is a friend to me as well as my employer, so I took action to protect him and one smash to the back of your head with my blackjack and you were rendered harmless.” As he was explaining this he was jacking Pete’s cock as Pete squirmed in his bonds.

“Get your perverted hands off me, or I’ll. . .” Pete reacted. Vince wasn’t fazed by Pete’s supposed threat “Or you’ll do what, Petey? There’s no hope that you will be in a position to do anything. Look around, you see where you are don’t you; the prep room; and you remember why we bring guys down here, don’t you?”

Pete’s eyes became very wide and he struggled furiously. “You wouldn’t dare, you piece of shit.” Vince ran his finger down Pete’s chest and over his abs. “As much as I’d like to take credit for it, it wasn’t my idea, dude! It’s your loving brother who commissioned me. But I am going to love to torture the fuck out of you and drain your stored cum for our buyers.” Pete’s face showed confusion and then alarm, he cried “BUCK? Buck told you to do this to me? Why, would he do that?”

“There are 6,000,000 reasons dumb ass, the Sheik thinks you will be a complement to Johnny in his harem and is very willing to match those reasons in US currency. You’re gonna spend the rest of your life with Arab cocks in your mouth and up your ass, probably in tandem with that pathetic excuse for a man, Johnny.”

Pete twisted and thrashed as he struggled to free himself. “Don’t bother boy, that cable is made from a blend of tungsten and titanium; guys twice your strength were unable to free themselves so you’re just wasting energy.”

Pete growled as he watched Vince make his way to a medical cart. The fear in his mind increased as he watched Vince retrieve a medicine bottle from the cabinet. He rolled the medication bottle between the palms of his hands to mix the contents, set the bottle on the top of the cart, picked up the syringe and pulled the plunger back. Then he pushed the needle into the medicine bottle and then pulled it back to the proper dosage. He tapped the barrel a couple of time and pushed the plunger up until a bit of the liquid squirted out.

Vince walked back to where Pete swayed helplessly. He grabbed Pete’s muscular thigh and got a wicked smile on his face. “Ok troublemaker let’s begin with your first injection.” Johnny twisted fiercely in his bonds. “Keep your grimy hands off of me, you pervert!”

Vince shook his head as he pressed the button on the hydraulic lift and lowered the unfortunate victim to within inches of the floor. “Not gonna happen, Petey. I am gonna inject you with this ‘cocktail’ and it will begin your transformation from stud to slave. But that’s not all that’s gonna happen to you before we ship you off to the desert to join your brother; it’s gonna be a long and painful night for you and entertaining for me, mwahaha!

Pete winced as Vince plunged the needle into his neck and emptied its contents. “I’ll be back in an hour, you pathetic excuse for a man and by then you will be begging to suck my dick and pleading with me to shove it up your ass.” He pressed the control button again and Pete was raised up about two feet off the floor once again and was cackling as he left the area.

Pete realized that he had lost. He failed Johnny and he failed all the other guys that this gang was going to shanghai and destroy. He was a failure. Despite his despair his thick cock began to fill with blood until it stood straight out from his crotch as the injection began to take effect. A steady stream of pre-cum drizzled to the floor as his balls began to tingle. He hung his head and moaned.

Back at Johnny’s. . .

The four men were finishing breakfast when Johnny stood up and walked over to a large box. “Hey, let me show you guys what came from Fed Ex yesterday.” He opened the box and pulled out three other boxes. He gave one to each of the guys. They just looked at him. “Go on” he said with a smile on his face “Open them up.” In each box there were long trousers and a thin white shirt, a white thobe, bisht, tagia, gutra, and igal; in other words, a full Arabic man’s traditional outfit.

“Wow!” They exclaimed in unison this is great. They all began stripping off their western clothes and donned the Arabic ones. “To complete the look you guys now know why I asked you to refrain from shaving for the last two weeks. I hired stylists from an Arab shop who should be here any minute to trim our beards properly and help us make the transition from Westerners to Middle Easterners.

No sooner had Johnny said this but what the stylist team arrived, each of them taking one of the guys away to make the transformation. When they were finished the makeover was unbelievable. The hair, beard, clothing and jewelry were all appropriate to their individual ranks.

Johnny handed a large envelope to each of the men containing their assumed identities. “Alec, you are now Bakri El-amin, chief secretary, Trevor you have become Fahad Ali, assistant to the chief secretary, and Colin, you are Hakim Darzi the personal valet to the crown prince.” He winked at Colin and chuckled. “We can discuss your responsibilities tonight!” All of the men laughed at this.

The prep room. . .

Vince walked back into the room and his cock got hard as soon as he saw Pete hanging there, his cock hard as a rock and precum streaming out. He knew that the drug was working. He lowered the lift and Pete’s body moved toward the floor.

Vince lowered him all the way to the floor so that Pete was sitting, his head hanging down on his chest. Vince walked over to him and grabbed a fist full of his hair jerking his head up. Pete yelped and opened his eyes. Vince was smiling down at him. “Not so fucking tough anymore are ya?” Pete simply stared at him, his arms were so tired, he couldn’t lift them. He saw that Vince had another hypo in his hand.

“No! no!” Pete moaned “no more, please, no more.” Vince lifted his foot and kicked Pete’s balls. Pete jerked as he screamed out. “stop, stop, please, don’t do that!” Vince sent another kick in response to Pete’s begging. “AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Pete shrieked. Vince laughed and begin kicking Pete’s balls over and over. He raised the lift to bring Pete to a standing position poising the needle to the area between Pete’s aching balls and the base of his hard cock.

“Get ready” he drawled “Here comes injection number 2” Pete’s body jerked and twisted as the needle was driven into his cock. “Stop, please, oh, oh, oh, please just stop and let me go.” Vince laughed evilly, “Oh we’re gonna let you go alright and you vehicle is that wooden crate over there.”

Vince motioned to a six and a half foot wooden crate, marked “Live Animal” on the outside. “That’s gonna be your home on your way to Saudi Arabia, asshole.” Vince dropped the syringe on the tray and walked back to the shattered stud. “Just how tough are ya, Petey? Ya look pretty wimpy to me hanging there. Maybe I need to give you some exercise. He threw a punch to Pete’s six pack. The air whooshed out of Pete’s mouth. Vince threw another punch and then another and another, his fists moving so fast they blurred. With each punch to his abs, Pete’s muscle began to weaken. As his muscles weakened, the punches began to take their toll on the hapless young man. LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT- LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT- LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT- LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT, Pete’s beaten body swayed in the cables and then Vince surprised the stud, with a left and then a right to his balls.

Pete let out a high pitched scream and then passed out from the pain.

Vince smirked at the set of this strong, young guy handing limp with only the cables supporting him. Vince released the unconscious victim from his bonds and dragged him over to a strange looking machine known as a colonic irrigation board. He lifted Pete up onto the board strapping his legs down and cuffing his wrists above his head. A cock shaped probe was lined up with Pete’s man hole. Once the probe is inserted water and a special cleaning agent would be injected into Pete’s bowels to clean him out. His ass sat against an opening underneath with a funnel like device to collect the waste. Vince inserted the dildo into Pete’s ass bringing him back to consciousness. He started to protest loudly and Vince grabbed a cock gag and stuffed it into Pete’s mouth and strapped it around his head. He began the machine’s first cycle and left the struggling hunk alone. When the dildo completed four cycles of cleansing, a probe slithered out of the head of the penis shaped dildo and entered Pete’s bowels. The probe reported back when a complete cleansing had been accomplished. Vince walked back in just as the green light came indicating a successful purge. Pete was out cold from the second injection.

Vince unstrapped Pete and dragged him to the fucking machine. Pete’s motionless body was draped over a saddle and once again Vince tighten straps on him to hold him tight his ass propped up and in line with the 8” penis dildo. Pete’s head hung down below and another penis lined up with his mouth.

Vince threw the switch and the first dildo entered Pete’s mouth and began fucking in and out of it bringing him back to consciousness. Pete went wild with fear as the artificial cock fucked his throat. Then the machine cycled again and the second dildo entered Pete’s ass and began fucking his man hole at the same time. A hand sat beneath Pete’s balls and when the machine cycled for a third time the hand began to massage his balls.

Pete’s cock hardened immediately from the stimulation as well as the drugs and it was aimed into a collection bottle that would measure his cum flow and also send the machine into additional cycles as each load from Pete’s dick was collected.

Vince watched with glee as Pete reached orgasm and shot a huge load into the bottle. At the same time the mouth penis shot more drugs into Pete’s throat. It was then that the dildos withdrew and the machine hoisted the luckless Pete up and flipped him onto his back. The arms of the machine that held his ankles, lifted his legs up toward his chest exposing his asshole once again. The dildo cycled and entered him once again. His head was hanging down again and a penis from the opposite side slid into his mouth while a hand came down from above his midsection to fondle his balls again.

The cycle was repeated over and over fucking Pete’s ass and mouth. A probe near his neck was activated and it entered his carotid to deliver a steady stream of drugs. A set of goggles was placed over his eyes and a headset on his ears as the indoctrination to slavery began. Pete was totally under Vince’s control. Within an hour Pete had been fucked 12 times and his dick was shooting nothing when his last orgasm hit. His body lay on the machine unmoving and unconscious.

Vince released him and dragged him to a cage where several other young men had been secured after their own “treatment”.

“OK, Petey, we’ll let you rest for a while before the Sheik’s son comes to inspect you. Vince turned off the lights and left the room too get a drink.

The cavalry arrives!

Johnny and his band of Arabs arrived in front of the mansion in a sleek, black limousine with Colin driving. Trevor rode shotgun while Alec sat with Johnny.

“OK guys, now remember, I will only be speaking Arabic and Alec will translate until we are ready to strike.” They all nodded but did not speak.

Colin opened Johnny’s door and Alec climbed out before Johnny. A slave wearing only a jock strap answered the door and because the group was expected, led them inside the huge manor.

Colin and Trevor led the way, Johnny was next and Alec brought up the rear.

Buck had been informed that the Crown Prince and his entourage had arrived and rushed to the front door to greet them, pushing the servant out of the way.

“Your Highness!” Buck gushed as he led the group inside. “I am honored to have you visit my compound”.

Johnny looked around and answered in Arabic. Buck looked perplexed since he did not speak the language. Suddenly Alec spoke “His highness wishes me to inform you that he has much business to conduct and so would like to get on with the inspection without delay.”

Buck rubbed his hands together “Yes, yes, I understand, let us take the elevator over there to the slave quarters.”

They entered the elevator and Buck pushed the button for the basement level 2. As they descended, Buck excitedly began to yammer at the Crown Prince talking about the deal and the slave, and on and on.” The Crown Prince raised his palm and whispered something to Alec. Alec translated “His highness has asked me to request that you speak to him only when you are spoken to.”

Buck nodded his head “sorry your Highness” and turned to face the elevator doors. Johnny smiled and elbowed Alec who was shaking from laughing so hard at the way Buck was kowtowing to Johnny that he almost fell down.

They arrived at the slaves’ quarters and walked through the darkened corridor. Johnny immediately said something in Arabic and the four of them chuckled. Alec looked over at Buck and said “His highness is wondering if you forgot to pay the electric bill, it is so dark in here.”

Buck angrily snapped his fingers and one of the slaves flipped a switch to light up the room.

As they walked toward the cages, Johnny saw the captive men, naked and strapped to cots in their cage. Suddenly he stopped and nearly fell to the floor as his eyes fell upon Pete’s bruised and battered body, strapped to his bunk groaning distressingly.

Johnny was livid. He knew this was Vince’s work and he couldn’t wait for him to be punished. He focused on the sight before him and muttered. Alec said to Buck “his highness is concerned with the health of the intended sale”. Buck was pissed that Vince had done so much damage to Pete. “I assure you, your highness that the slave is indeed healthy, it is just that he proved to be quite resistant to the training.”

Johnny spoke and Alec translated. “His highness wants to go into the holding cell with the slave to inspect him more closely.”

“I wouldn’t advise that, I will go in with him.”

“Nonsense!” Alec replied, his personal assistant will go in with him, while you show us more of this remarkable floor, we are interested to learn about it.”

Buck led Trevor and Alec away as Johnny and Colin entered the cell. Johnny knelt down next to his younger brother and began to stroke his forehead. Pete opened his eyes and was startled. He hid his face from Johnny. “Leave me alone!” he mumbled into the pillow.

“Pete!” Johnny exclaimed. “huh?”

“Pete, it’s me, Johnny, your brother.”

“You’re not my brother, now leave me alone or fuck me or whatever; just get it over with.”

“Pete, a lot has happened since I was sold to the Sheik. I know I look different, but it’s me, it’s really me.”

“Leave me alone” came the muffled reply.

Johnny leaned down to Pete’s ear and in a sing-song voice sang “up and down and around the block, Petey has a little cock.”

Pete raised his head and looked at Johnny, only one person ever sang that to him, even Buck didn’t know it. “It’s you? Johnny, it’s you????? O my God, I can’t believe it.”

“Well believe it buddy, I’ll explain everything later, OK? But you’re safe now so don’t worry about a thing.” Pete started sobbing “Oh Johnny, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“It’s OK, but you have to play along with us when we get ready to take you to my suite upstairs, Ok?”

Pete smiled “You bet Johnny”

“OK, no Johnny in front of the creeps, I am ‘your highess’ until we arrive at our room.”

Pete laughed weakly and said “Yes, your highness. Tell me, is it true that royals have small dicks to match their brain?”

Johnny laughed and cuffed his head playfully. “OK, do you think you can walk?”

“I’m not sure, my balls are swollen to twice their size”

“No problem, we’ll roll you up to the room when Buck sees that you can’t walk. Now, just hang in there.”

They walked out of the cell to await the return of the others. As they waited, Johnny looked at the other men in the holding cells. All of them looked to be under the age of 25, muscular, virile men, lying on their cots, dicks pointing straight up in the air connected by a tube to a collection tank. Each had a large vibrating dildo in their ass that was stimulating them. Johnny felt bad for them kidnapped and removed from their own world, held against their will to be sold as sex slaves. “Well” Johnny murmured “Not this group. I will see to it that they are released too.”

Buck and the rest returned. Buck had a $6,000,000 smile on his face as he approached Abdul. “Your Highness find everything in order. Johnny looked at Alec and said in Arabic “This asshole is so egotistical, I can’t believe it. I’d want to shove a huge dildo up his ass and a bigger one down his throat.” Alec chuckled and turned to Buck. “The crown prince is concerned and will not leave the property down here, he wants him to be in his room tonight or there will be no deal!” Now Johnny laughed.

Buck was only too willing to give the crown prince whatever he wanted to get that money. “Of course, your Highness, that is not a problem.” Alec looked at Johnny and said in Arabic “I’m going to be delighted when he finds out what is going on.

“Dinner will be served at 7:30”, Buck announced. Alec and nodded “the crown prince will take a rest before dinner.”

They bowed to each other and moved to the stairway, Pete being carried by Colin and Trevor.

Arriving in his suite of rooms, Johnny brought Pete up to date on everything thus far. Pete looked at him with tears running down his face. “Oh, Johnny, I feel so fortunate that you came back for me. What is going to happen to other guys down there?”

“Don’t worry about them” Johnny assured him, “I will help them too.” Pete smiled at him, laid his head on the pillow and fell asleep.

At precisely 3:00am Johnny, Alec, Trevor and Colin, met in the hallway outside their bedrooms. Johnny motioned to Alec “the servants?”

“All gone” Alec returned. “I paid them each two week’s salary and told them to go on vacation. They left very quickly and didn’t look back.

“Great job, Alec!” Johnny said in a whisper, “OK, here we go. I will take Buck, Alec has asked for Vince, Colin, you can take care of Charlie, and Trevor will beat the fuck out of Hank.”

They all smiled, gave thumbs up and headed to the bedrooms.

Johnny silently stole into Buck’s bedroom. There he found the asshole sound asleep, an empty scotch bottle on the floor next to his bed.

Johnny ripped the covers off of Buck’s strikingly muscular, flawless body, his 8 inch dick curled up in his crotch as he slept. Johnny tied the fucker up and gagged him and when he was helpless, he made a fist and delivered solid punch to Buck’s balls.

His brother awoke immediately, but Johnny continued to slam into his balls and Buck continued to scream out. Johnny smiled an evil smile and for the next two hours cruelly tortured his older brother, reminding him at every opportunity of what a douche bag he was. Johnny was unrelenting in his beating of Buck until the man was knocked out cold. He pressed a button on the small attachment hanging around his neck. Ten minutes later two burly men came in dragging a six and a half foot crate. Johnny nodded at them, they loaded Buck’s unconscious form into it and after affixing a breathing mask full of ether, to keep the contents quiet, the lid was fastening in place and Buck was wheeled out the front door joining the three other crates in the truck.

As the truck pulled away, Johnny stood in the grand hall and looked at his beautiful new home that he will share with Alec, Colin, Trevor and Pete, if he decided to stay.

“Well it’s over” Alec said and clapped Johnny on the shoulder, the others smiled.

Johnny had a cautious look on his face “Well, knowing my brother, I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of him and who knows he might show up again in a few years with a different body and name. Today, Buck Pillips along with his gang no longer exist.”

“Ok guys” I figure we have a total of approximately half a billion which we will divide up five ways if that meets with everyone’s approval.”

They guys nodded and Alec spoke up. “Johnny, you don’t have to even do that, we all agree.”

“Nonsense” says Johnny, “I want you guys here together where we will live a very comfortable life.”

“Now, let’s get busy” Johnny said, “we have papers to forge, prisoners to release and money to share before we can begin to enjoy ourselves.”


Coming soon from Michael . . .

The muscled quarterback had no idea what happened to him. One minute he was getting in his car and now he finds himself naked and tied to a frame in what looks like a dungeon.  A wire has been attached to his balls and dick and something has been shoved up his ass. He struggles to break his bonds, but it is no use. Suddenly the door opened and light flooded into the dark, dank room.  David strained to see who it was and he would have yelled out except there was a very tight gag in his mouth.

The footsteps got closer as his visitor approached, he detected a glint of light reflecting off of a blade held in the arrival's hand, "Yes" David thought, "someone is here to rescue me!" The spotlight illuminating David's naked, sweaty body soon revealed his visitor's identity.

He shrieked "MPPHFGGFHHFHHHFFFGGG!" The figure walked to the bound god and ran the blade under David's balls, then his cock and nipples. With each touch of the blade, David became quiet and began to whimper. He watched in horror as a hypodermic syringe was produced and its contents emptied into his neck. The room began to spin as the drug took over the jock's mind.

His tormentor waited until the jock was completely out and then removed the mask from is face. "Well, David, you tortured me all through elementary, junior high and high school. Now you want to continue at university. But the worm has turned, so to speak and by the time I am finished with you, you will belong to me cock, balls and ass!"

He reached down and gently fondled the quarterback's ample equipment between his legs. He smiled and closed his fist around David's penis and testicles hard and a low groan was heard coming from David’s gag.

"You will be very sorry, Mr. Quarterback, very sorry for everything you have put me through. I have a torture planned for each event as I walk you down memory lane. And at the end, we will see if you earned the right to remain alive or if you will become the latest statue in the university’s hall of fame. " He turned and walked out of the room, laughing manically, as he left the naked Jock unconscious and tied to the table.

To be continued