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Slave To Sweetness
Part 1 - Chapters 1-10
By Nox

Spring X039

Slave To Sweetness


In the late afternoon, the refreshing scent of roasted coffee energized the new buzzing cafe. A sweet smell of world-class pastries mixed in, creating an alluring aroma that drew in the afternoon crowd. Each table was bustling with excited chatter as guests enjoyed their delicious afternoon tea. 

By the window, there was a man seated casually. He appeared to be in his late 40s, with greying hair and a thick white beard across his chiseled jaw. Fitting into a tight white business shirt with a hot pink suit, it was evident that the man was extremely well-built, filling out his outfit with bulging muscles. 

Some of the cafe-goers looked over with arched brows. Seeing such a large and muscular man sipping from a tiny cup of coffee was odd, but the sweet treats on their plates quickly diverted their attention.

Harrison Fox grumbled. He rarely had time for an afternoon coffee to relax and let his thoughts wander, and that was precisely the last thing he needed. There was always too much work to do that kept his mind busy.

The reason why he grumbled was because of what he had just seen in his cafe. Two hunks were seated side-by-side at one of the small tables, smiling while chatting over their coffee and pastries. One of them placed his hand on the other. Quickly, both blushed slightly with a shy smile on their faces.

Grrr... Look at how happy they are.

Harrison frowned with jealousy. He had built his empire and had everything he wanted. Immense wealth and influential power.

Well... almost everything he wanted. There was still one thing he really craved. Sweeter than any treats his gifted culinary talents could make.

The greatest sweetness of all - Love. 

Spring X039

Chapter 1


Boy Azure stuttered as he tried to grasp the situation at Oar's Rest Harbor. The police had cordoned off the area. The emergency medical force had set up a triage area not too far from the site.

The young hero looked up at the towering blocks of shipping containers, almost like skyscrapers, each tightly stacked up beside one another.

One of those towers had collapsed in an incident and toppled those around it, caving in on the unlucky stevedores working beneath them. So the scene looked like a giant mess of fallen Jenga.

Boy Azure knew why they were called in. With the tight space around the harbor, no machinery would be able to alleviate the situation without a significant risk of causing more harm. The two strength-based heroes would be much more appropriate for the job. But…

"Bastion…" Boy Azure called out again, baffled by the complex mess. "Where do we even start?" 

The veteran hero stood confidently in his muscle-hugging white-blue suit. Glowing golden veins streaked across his suit, indicating his auric powers.

Bastion laid a palm on Boy Azure's shoulder. His face was a mask of seriousness as his mentee turned to look upon him for reassurance and guidance.

"How could someone with such powerful powers be so unsure of themselves?"  Bastion wondered. "Azure Boy has yet even to realize his potential."

He would smile, but he felt that was slightly inappropriate in this situation, even if he was amused by how cute his protege was.

"When you become a full-fledged hero, don't bother asking such pointless questions. You'll need to do your job at the end of the day, Azure Boy. Countless people will rely on you. Remember that. What's important isn't how or what you do, as long as you can help those who need you."

Those were words that Bastion lived by. He was a hero that never abandoned those in danger. His name, Bastion, was not simply because he was a shining bulwark of iron-clad defenses but also because he served as a wall for the people to rely on. So long as he stood in front, no one behind him would get hurt.

He released his grip on Boy Azure's shoulder and walked forward, raising his arms, his palms facing upward. Slowly, the top-most crates were enveloped in a golden aura. They were levitated upwards and stacked neatly to the side.

He snuck a look at his slack-jawed protege as a quarter of the mess had been stacked neatly to the side within a few minutes. This time he really could not help but smile.

"Come on, Azure Boy. The sooner we finish, the quicker I can get you that meal I promised."

That seemed to snap the young hero out of his awe.

"O-oh! Right!" The hero ran forward past Bastion as he began to move the boxes manually. After Bastion's encouraging speech, Boy Azure felt a lot more assured. Together, he knew they could do quick work of this.

As the day progressed, the duo moved and reorganized almost half of the wreckage. Boy Azure wiped the sweat off his forehead. His arms were beginning to feel a little sore. Each of those containers weighed about two to four tons. 

A lot was going on in his mind. Bastion was a lot like his previous mentor. Honorable. Righteous. A beacon of hope and guidance for the people. He was grateful to have such outstanding mentors as a rookie hero. 

However, a thought that he had been holding back crept in.

Is Captain Solar well?

It's almost two years since his previous mentor went missing. Boy Azure recalled that fateful day. He was the last person who saw Captain Solar…


A sharp metallic screeching sound pierced the air, startling the hero from his thoughts. High above him, one of the containers had been dislodged.

"Oh no!" Boy Azure's eyes widened. Bastion was busy clearing another area, but that screeching noise could not have gone unnoticed.

The young hero quickly dropped the one in his hands and leaped upwards to hold back the stray wreckage. But the moment his gloved hand contacted the metal container, it slipped. 

"NO!" yelled Boy Azure. His gloves were covered in sweat, and the container fell too fast for his mid-air grip. As the hero struggled futilely to halt its dive, it inevitably slammed into a neighboring tower, causing a domino effect.

"This is bad!"

Boy Azure quickly noticed that the collapse was heading towards the medical triage. Dozens of casualties were resting in the way of the impending danger. With his hands full with the falling container, Boy Azure yelled out in desperation, "BASTION!"

Bastion had already moved to intercept it as soon as he saw what happened. He dropped the boxes he had been moving as he sped to stand between the falling tower. He held his arms out before him, crossing them in an X-shape and bracing himself as a golden circular barrier flared to life around him and the medical triage. 

The large towering blocks slammed against the barrier and landed harmlessly around the wide-range barrier.

Each hit against his barrier caused Bastion to feel a dip in his strength, but not enough to exhaust him. After all, he was one of the few heroes that could withstand and contain even the might of nuclear explosions. Still, that did not mean that he was invulnerable.

When Bastion retracted the barrier once it was safe, he was sweating a fair more than he had earlier, and the once brilliant gold on his suit had dimmed noticeably — flowing yellow but no longer emitting a shine as bright. 

He looked at Boy Azure, giving him a thumbs up to show him that it was handled, and abstained from saying anything that could hurt the young hero's esteem. Telling him to be careful was moot, and he knew his protege was doing everything he could. 

"Crisis averted. Let's finish clearing the rest of the main rubble and let the movers organize it." He said to his mentee. His gaze lingered on the young hero's sweaty form for a few seconds before he looked away forcibly, maintaining that same stoic expression, and began moving what was left of the wreckage.

Since he was moving significantly more than Boy Azure, with multiple crates at a time, he was draining a lot more resources, and his suit showed it.

Boy Azure heaved a sigh of relief.

Gosh! It would have been disastrous if Bastion was not at the scene.

His shoulders slackened briefly, showing a flash of disappointment, but he quickly picked himself up, pushing that thought aside. He still had much to learn, and he had one of the best teachers.

The rest of the wreckage was cleared off without a hinge. The medical response teams gave their heartfelt thanks to the heroes as they finished the recovery work. After hearing that no one was in grave conditions, Boy Azure waved back with a wide grin.


He looked down at his communicator.

"Bastion," Boy Azure glanced back up at his mentor eagerly. "Mission Control had a message that there's a tip-off on an illegal arms trade around these docks. Warehouse B0420. Since we are the closest heroes around, they want us to check it out and call for backup, if required."

It had been a long day. Boy Azure could feel it in his arms and see the strain in the color of his mentor's suit. But the enthusiastic young hero would not be able to sit out when he knew there was trouble.

Boy Azure asked in an eager but uncertain tone, "I want to check it out... But should we call for backup instead?"

Bastion grimaced.

After a whole day of strenuous work, he could tell that his young mentee was stretched extremely thin. Nevertheless, he knew that they had to quickly respond to information like this since it was likely that their targets might pack up and escape by the time the other heroes were available.

While Bastion was tired, he could still spare energy for a fight. He was a Cindra's Top Five hero, after all. He figured that if it were just regular criminals, they wouldn't be able to penetrate his defenses at all.

"Send the details to my communicator, Boy," Bastion said decisively. "But I want you to return and rest. It's clear you're exhausted, and we might be in trouble if I need to use the extra aura to extend protection to you."

He steeled himself when he saw the young hero deflate. But Bastion broke into a gentle smile and lifted the hero's chin.

"Hey, come on. I promise that with more training, you'll catch up to me in no time. Just keep the communication line open in case I need help, all right?" He instructed.

With a reluctant nod from his sexy protégé, he quickly sprinted for Warehouse B0420. He could have flown, but he needed to preserve his aura.

Chapter 2

There were crates of firearms around them. Printed were the words "Luxtor Arms".

Aware of the port incident, the thugs were on their toes today. They knew that there were heroes and a patrol of police just a few blocks away. It was just their luck that the trade was scheduled for today.

"Hey... are you sure the boss doesn't know about this?" whispered a thug to his buddy.

"Just keep it down and move faster. If Mr. Luxtor finds out we are stealing from him, everyone here will be skinned alive."

Grunting with uncertainty, he quickly unloaded the valuable contents of the crate. These were no ordinary firearms. Rustmorian Technology. They look like they could easily shred an armored tank like paper.

Out of a sudden, the warehouse door burst open.

In a blue-white super suit, a mighty hero stood akimbo.


Every thug in the warehouse turned to the entrance and readied their slung rifles. Some of them were shaking in their positions, fingers on their triggers. It was not often that these regular thugs come face-to-face with a famous hero like Bastion.

Panic spread quickly through the warehouse.

But before their leader could speak to the trespassing hero, a shot went off.

The rest followed.

Chapter 3

"Pierce," SugarLoaf stared at the large device. "What am I seeing? I thought I asked for a vacuum sealer for all the hero cream we are harvesting?"

The Candy Daddy stood towering in his warehouse, wearing a hot pink blazer and a white draper hat. His pink tie stood out against his white shirt.

"Oh, Master Sugarloaf. This new machine helps package all the essence harvested and includes the simulation, marinating and even extraction features." Pierce introduced. "The Rustmorian engineers outdid themselves and even threw in some bonus features for free."

"Well... Pierce. This is excellent!" laughed Sugarloaf. "I can't wait to see this machine in action."

A loud sound boomed from the warehouse beside theirs, followed by the rattling of machine-gun fire.

Pierce jumped at the noise, but Sugarloaf calmly turned to the door. Curious, he was headed to investigate the source of the commotion.

"Seems like this will be an interesting evening," smiled Sugarloaf as he peered into the neighboring warehouse.

Chapter 4

Bastion immediately launched into action.

Empty shells littered the ground all around him. The tens and hundreds of bullets that flew at him stopped just inches from him as they struck a thin golden aura around him. With all his aura focused on himself, these bullets couldn't even dream of making a dent in his auric defenses.

Bastion rushed forward to the closest thug and sent him flying with a single fist, crashing through a stack of wooden pallets. 

The hero gritted. He was not one to enjoy violence, but sometimes, the job description just required it.

Some of the thugs loaded up larger machine guns and were now training their fire on him. He extended his hand towards them and a golden aura enveloped their weapons. Then by simply closing his fist, the guns were crushed into little more than scrap metal.

Before those thugs could react, he created auric bands and tightened them around the men. Neutralizing their arms and legs as they fell over onto the ground.

Very soon enough, just the boss and one more thug remained on the second floor. That shaking thug had not fired at him once. Without saying, the hero went for the leader, breaking into a fast sprint toward him.

"Oi, you fucking idiot. Stop him!" shouted the thug leader, panic evident in his voice as he threw something at Bastion.

It was a grenade.

Bastion frowned, holding out his hand as a small circular barrier encapsulated the grenade in mid-air just a few seconds before it exploded.

A small muffled 'boom' could be heard, but otherwise, there was no extensive environmental damage.

Bastion was sweating even harder now. The creation and maintenance of all those bands to neutralize the unconscious men and containment of that explosion were a significant drain on his aura. The yellow streaks of his suit were now more faded.

"I dislike those who treat people's lives so carelessly." He said darkly, referring to how the boss had tried to use a grenade while fully aware that he had men down there who could not protect themselves.

Indeed, Bastion had not needed to contain the explosion if he had not been trying to protect the ones he had subdued.

Swiftly, he bound the leader of the thugs with his aura.

After reporting the mission's completion, he sat down tiredly as he leaned against the catwalk's railing, taking slow deep breaths to try and recharge a little. His quota of aura had been taxed quite a bit today.

He tilted his head back at the confused and shaken thug, still holding his gun. He sighed as he forced himself to get up, jumping down from the catwalk and approaching the man. "You seem like a smart person, so I'll give you a choice. Leave and live a better life, or the next time I see you, you will end up like your mates."

It did not take even a second for him to drop his gun and scamper off.

Chapter 5

"Hmmm..." Sugarloaf rubbed his bearded chin with his large hand. He had been watching the muscular hero power through the gang of thugs, take down the leader, and now resting by the railing on the second level of the warehouse.

"Master Sugarloaf, is there anything else -" Pierce paused as he looked at what his boss saw.

On the manager's shoulders was the thug that got away from the scene, resting unconscious. When escaping, the thug was unfortunate enough to bump into Sugarloaf and Pierce, who thought the man would make a good guinea pig for his new Rusmorian toy.

Pierce saw the panting blue-suited figure and let the unconscious thug slide down onto the ground. "Well, Master. It seemed like you have found a better test subject for the new device." 

"Indeed, Pierce. Indeed." Sugarloaf stared, intrigued. Something about that hero's powers reminded him of a former milking cow he had.

Maybe he will be as sweet. What an irresistible treat for the evil confectioner.

"Well, we will need that man," he smiled slyly as he pointed toward the thug on the ground.




"Oi, Hero!" shouted a loud voice. Bastion turned behind, surprised. People recognized him and his iconic suit as one of the Top Five heroes in Cindra Alliance - Bastion… not as "Hero".

It was the thug that ran off previously. Now, he held a man hostage — a pistol to the head.

"Get the hell out of here and release everyone, or I will blow this man's head off," he threatened.

Amidst the tension, the air still stank of gunpowder and sweat. But a hint of sweetness wafted across.

Bastion swore under his breath. "Can you not do these useless things to piss me off?"

He had let the man go because he had been the only one that had not been mindlessly firing at him. Now he returned holding a gun to someone's head?

Bastion was tired, but the thug was mistaken if he thought Bastion was out of juice to deal with a single person. It only took a second before the hostage was wrapped in a golden aura and was wrenched free from the thug, levitating directly to Bastion's side.

In that same instant, the bands of auric energy spawned right over the thug, tightening and neutralizing the powerless thug in mere seconds. The pistol was crushed to metallic scrap, ensuring he could not pull that stunt again.

Bastion turned to look at shaken hostage beside him, "Are you all right?"

"Yes! Thank you! Hero!"

The man was handsome, dressed in a black business suit. His facial features were sharp, blemish-free, and almost model-looking. His hair was combed perfectly backward and glimmered in the spotlight.

"Thank you! Thank you! Hero!" He moved to hug the hero with gratitude. His body was strangely cold and hard. He repeated in an almost mechanical voice. "Thank you! Hero!" 

Before them, the thug lay bounded by Bastion's bands but rest still. Not even a sign of breathing. Minuscular cracks formed where the bands met the body. Those cracks multiplied, shattering the form in hard brown shards. The auric energy bands quickly dissipated. 

The man's embrace tightened around the hero. His voice, almost mechanical, "Thank- thank -ank… He… He… ro."

Within seconds, the man… or rather that thing quickly turned brown and melted onto Bastion's muscular form. A distinct scent of chocolate filled the warehouse. The gunk of melted chocolate was highly viscous and sticky, holding the hero down onto the ground.


A pink leather shoe crushed the shattered remains of the chocolate thug. 

Chapter 6

"What the…?" said Bastion as he tried to wrench his arms free from his sides. The man before him completely disappeared, leaving him covered in sticky chocolate. He sniffed the air again and confirmed that the deliciously sweet scent permeating the air was chocolate.

However, it did not feel like regular chocolate. As the hero tried to muscle his way out of it, its unnatural viscosity and stickiness held fast. Bastion frowned. There weren't many things that could physically contain the mighty hero. He must be more exhausted than he thought.

"Candy Puppetry still needs some work. The voice box is tricky."

That was when a man appeared before him, dressed in hot pink. Bastion blinked a couple of times as he saw the extremely muscular man in a tight-fitting chef suit. He stopped struggling in his chocolate binds for a moment as he fixed a dry stare on the person in front of him.

"Who're you?"

As sexy as the man was, Bastion was still a hero and needed to keep his guard up. He had stopped struggling to lure the stranger closer with a false sense of security. Even though he was trapped, Bastion still had his powers. Low on his aura, he needed to make sure his target was closer.

"The name's Sugarloaf. Master Confectioner and CEO of Sugarloaf Enterprise," introduced the confectioner proudly as he strolled up the stairs towards his glued-down prey. Crouching down beside Bastion, his large hand lifted the hero's chin, tilting the handsome head slowly side-to-side as he inspected his new goods. 

Bastion let out a grunt with the unaccustomed manhandling.

"Exquisite. Such a fine-looking stock." Sugarloaf's eyes glistened with anticipation. He whiffed the air gently, sampling the manly musk. "Smells perfect too. Full of testosterone. Suitable for a find super cow. What's your name, Hero?"

Bastion stayed silent. Thoughts were racing through his mind.

Sugarloaf was almost a household name for all candies and treats. What is the CEO doing here? What kind of strange powers are these? Is Sugarloaf Enterprise an evil organization?

He stayed perfectly stoic and still. The hero did not have much information about the man, but how Sugarloaf spoke to him revealed quite a fair bit. This man, Sugarloaf, was up to something sinister, and that was enough for the hero to take action.

Without another thought, Bastion broke into a smirk as his body glowed golden. An aura enveloped him outwards in a spherical shape, blasting the chocolate off every inch of his body and the supervillain backward.

He rose to his feet and stood upright, despite the exhaustion on his body.

 "The name's Bastion. You should be careful about whom you're dealing with."

Chapter 7

Caught off guarded by the blast, Sugarloaf was sent backward toward a concrete pillar. But before contact, a massive lump of marshmallow ballooned out from his opened palms, cushioning the impact. Then, without a single scratch, the villain simply bounced off from the marshmallow airbag and brushed the dust of chocolate off the shoulders of his pink suit.

"Feisty... Good ingredients always pack a punch."

 He looked at the confident hero as his hands glowed pink and said sternly in his deep husky voice, "Appears to me that this super bull needs some taming. Some obedience."

 In his hand, a black licorice whip formed quickly in his grip.

The showy supervillain tested his new creation by cracking the black candied whip into the air, creating a small sonic boom as it snapped faster than the speed of sound. Satisfied, he turned towards the hero, who began charging over.


 The black rope powerfully snapped against Bastion's chest.


 It bounced off his thick muscular neck.


It cut through the air, coiled tightly around the charging hero's legs, snapped his knees together, and broke the hero's momentum before reaching the evil confectioner. Bastion was forced to slide down onto his knees just a few feet away from Sugarloaf.

Assuming a dominating stance, Sugarloaf glanced down at his kneeling prey with authoritative eyes and smiled darkly.

Bastion frowned. He was putting on strong airs, but it was already getting hard to create projections for longer distances. He was well aware of his limits. If he kept using his aura, he would soon completely run dry. 

But without a choice, he drew upon his diminishing reserve to project a small blade that swung downwards over the candied whip, slicing it. He was panting as he pulled the limp licorice off his knees.


Even his muscles disagreed with Bastion, as his body felt significantly heavier now, even with that small projection of aura.

As if powered by magic, one end of the licorice whip began to stretch from the knee and twined around the hero's thick thighs. 

"Urgh! No!" Bastion grunted as he tried to struggle free again, but the licorice whip grew too quickly. In his weakened state, he could not wrestle free quickly enough. He watched in horror as the black licorice coiled over his body, leaving no gaps. Thighs, waist to chest. Up until around his neck and down to the very soles of his boots.

He closed his eyes and suddenly felt the black whip tighten around him, forcing the hero to grunt uncomfortably. "Dammit. I couldn't move a single muscle."

The other end of the licorice wormed its way toward the rest of the whip. Once reconnected, the rope's strength grew tremendously in Sugarloaf's grip as the confectioner fed more of his powers into the candied whip.

Bastion glared at the impeccably dressed supervillain, wiggling with all his might to no avail. The black rope was too strong for his current strength to break.

"Hah! Foolish hero. You thought you could gain the upper hand here? I have seen you depleted your powers with those thugs and even that grenade. I'm sure you have dried up your juice by now." 

The Candy Daddy grinned as he admired how beautiful the glossy black rope looked. It enveloped the hero's muscular frame and continued wrapping until only the hero's head was visible.

Without a word, thick white bubbling goo came pouring from his hands onto the ground below. Hot steam was rising from the white goo. A sickening sweet aroma of roasted marshmallows filled the air.

Bastion's instinct warned him that letting this villain get the upper hand would cause him more issues.

He had to force out the last vestiges of energy he had. Using his powers, he shaped his aura into the form of golden spines around his body, slicing the tight mummification he had been caught in. Quickly, he got back onto his feet and leaped backward multiple feet. However, he stumbled onto one knee when he landed, placed a fist onto the ground to stabilize himself, and panted tiredly.

He needed to get away. Unfortunately, he did not have enough power to fly off anymore.

He needed to…

Bastion quickly brought his communicator up to his face.

"Boy Azure, come in! I need… help!" He tried to form the words, but his speech slurred from exhaustion. On close inspection, the gold sheen of those yellow veins on his suit had bleached out to an extremely light and pale yellow, almost white even.

The villain was right! Bastion was completely dry right now.

Chapter 8

Boy Azure just arrived back at the mission control. His sore and dusty body slumped back onto the chair, swirling slightly. It was almost empty except for the other two from his rookie hero batch.

"That must be some wreckage for the mighty Boy Azure," teased another apprentice hero in a white shirt and glasses.

Boy Azure smiled brightly back at Wits. "It was! And Bastion was amazing! He moved a ton of the wreckage and even held back a collapsing tower."

"You know I'm... Forget it." the telepath rolled his eyes. He always forgot that the bright-eyed hero was too straightforward to tease.

Signal looked up from his computer. "Give him a break, Wits."


Bastion's voice came over the crackling static, "Boy Azure, come in! I need-" Before it continued, the communicator reverberated with a deafening roar. Then, a loud thump could be heard before the communication was cut off.

Wits and Signal stared at Boy Azure in shock. "What was that...?"

A worry washed over Boy Azure's face as he sprung out from his chair and gripped his communicator tightly.

"Trace Bastion's location now!!

Chapter 9

Sugarloaf smirked, impressed as he watched Bastion tear through his steely licorice ropes. A little discipline was appropriate if his ingredient did not go down nicely. The thick white goo quickly gushed out from his glowing hands in larger volume.

Soon, the pool of white gooey grew more expansive and rose from the ground. The towering mound of molten marshmallows stood taller than the villain himself.

A sunken face formed on the massive blob of candy as the goo became somewhat sentient. Then, a loud bellow roared over the panting hero, drowning out his voice as he attempted to call for backup.

Without warning, the marshmallow monster swung its massive mace-like fist through the hero's crouching body, sending him hurling through the warehouse. It let out another battle roar before leaping in the hero's direction and raining down earth-shattering punches onto the weakened hero's body.

"I see that you have met Snowball. He's not very friendly, unfortunately." Sugarloaf grinned proudly as he introduced his monster in a booming voice over the frenzied beating.

"Snowball, not too hard. We don't want to over-tenderize the beef." The villain let out a burst of roaring laughter. Snowball's pummelling stopped abruptly as Sugarloaf strolled over to examine the beaten-up hero.

"What's wrong?" The villain grunted, displeased. "It's been a while since I had any action. You look much tougher than you are."

Bastion lay on the ground motionlessly and bruised. His body was heaving weakly. That ravaging attack had forced him to use whatever auric energy he had left to defend himself.

Sugarloaf lifted his pink dress shoe and probed it against the hero's ribs, checking if he was still alive. 

"Bastion, huh? One of Cindra's strongest? Really? Has our neighboring nation fallen so far?" Sugarloaf sneered. "Even that bird sorcerer put up a better fight than you."

The villain frowned his brow before resting the sole of his shoes on the back of the hero's head and rubbing it into the ground, forcing out pained grunts from his victim.

"Weak," Sugarloaf spat onto the grimy super suit, increasing the pressure on his foot.

The marshmallow monster slumped into a gooey white mix onto the ground and slid under the hero. Long thin tentacles-like arms sprouted from the goo, coiling around the defeated hero's torso, fastening his thick muscular legs together and entwining around his arms.

The goo lifted Bastion into the air in a steady motion, holding him upright in a cross position — the hero glared through his half-lidded eyes, still aflame with heroism and defiance. 

"Am I supposed to be offended that you're comparing me to that little fledgling?" Bastion said. His voice steadied while coils of sticky, firm marshmallow coiled around the rest of his body to ensure he couldn't move a single muscle.

Despite his attempts to pull at it, new coils secured parts of his anatomy that had not been as secured moments before. He glared at the good-looking villain he had toppled onto the ground moments back. His displeasure was clearly conveyed without words. It was a shame someone so handsome turned to crime because this villain was exactly Bastion's type.

Sugarloaf smirked at the hero's remark. Bastion was not a bad-looking hero. His heroic cockiness, although infuriating, was somewhat charming. The villain knew he was going to have fun. 

Chapter 10

With a snap of his fingers, the coat of marshmallow sprung to life. Long thin white tentacle-like appendages forced their way into the hero's suit from the collar, under his gloves, from his boots. It wormed and snaked its way along the skin-hugging fabric. 

Bastion gasped as those sugary marshmallow tentacles invaded his body all at once. If he had to describe the feeling… it was certainly unique. It was invasive, but it did not feel disgusting. Instead, the marshmallows' soft and powdery-like quality made for a surprisingly pleasant experience.

The hero squirmed slightly as the tentacles brushed against his sweat-drenched body. He felt the tentacles coiling around his body inside his suit. The tentacles brushed between his skin and the spandex as they coiled around his bulging arms. Some of the feelers rubbed against the hero's concealed pits, sending a ticklish sensation from that sensitive spot. Bastion flinched and lightly bit his tongue to distract himself. Unfortunately, the villain was not done.

He could feel two thicker tentacles sliding under his hairy, sweaty pectorals, making his chest more prominent in his ultra-tight suit. Some thinner extensions branched out and coiled around the hero's nipples under his power suit, stroking the tips sensually.

As it continued to invade the hero's suit, the marshmallow coating around Bastion thinned, allowing his super suit to be seen. The villain grinned at the sight of the muscular hero getting molested under his suit of justice.

The hero couldn't hold back a soft groan this time, not having expected the villain to use him this sexually.

Bastion was not new to such acts of sexual pleasure.

But as his duties as a superhero skyrocketed, he could not maintain his relationships or indulge in carnal pleasure. After all, Bastion was a person with a strong sense of duty and discipline, so he had not paid much attention to his own bodily needs.

Still, this was not how he wanted to experience sex again after so many years… Right?

After seeing what Sugarloaf could do, Bastion concluded that such a powerful villain could not be allowed to roam freely. Even if he was weakened, the fact that Sugarloaf had been able to break through his defenses and capture him momentarily was worrying.

Bastion could not risk Sugarloaf expanding his sugary empire since it seemed he was capturing superpowered beings for his creations.

Capturing superheroes for his creations…

That thought conjured an unconventional image in his head. What if Azure Boy, his protege, was captured and milked?

His face blushed red at the sinful thought.

Fuck. I really must be out of it to think of something like this.

His nipples tingled with the memory of the tentacles stroking his tip as he refocused himself for a second round of combat. But unfortunately, before he could react, he felt a sharp prick on his left arm.

Bastion saw one of the marshmallow tentacles holding onto a small needle with a clear glass container. The contents are already gone. His powers had not activated to shield off that penetration, only to show that the hero's auric powers were utterly gone.

His vision swayed.


His tired body wasn't strong enough to fight against the drug. His world grew black as his head slumped down onto his chest.

Just before he went, Bastion swallowed hard. A sense of sadness and guilt filled him as he might be subjecting his protege to a repeat of what had been a traumatic experience for him.

'Sorry… Azure Boy,' he thought as he faced the dark void of a forced sleep.

A note from Nox:

Hello everyone!

This story was written in collaboration with a good friend @Colchian_Dragon and his character – Bastion.

Do check out some of Colchian Dragon’s stories here on Telemachus12. If you enjoyed Slave to Sweetness, check out more of my writing project: Shattered Honor , and follow me on Twitter !

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