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Slave To Sweetness
Part 2 - Chapters 11-15
By Nox

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Spring X039

Chapter 11

"There! We got his location," said Signal as he pointed towards the monitor.

"He's still at Oar's Rest Habour. Something must have happened during that arms trade!" exclaimed Boy Azure. "We need to get there now." 

Being the sensible one in the situation, Wits frowned and calmly reminded the young hero, "Boy Azure. We are not authorized to do this ourselves. We need to get an experienced hero." 

Boy Azure swallowed hard. He knew that was the protocol. Apprentice heroes like them were still not allowed to take on missions alone. Not to mention, this mission seemed dangerous enough for a Top Five hero like Bastion to call for backup. 

Already anticipated this, Signal muttered, "Don't worry, Boy Azure. I'm sending out a mission control request for assistance now."

A deep voice boomed, "No need for that."

All three apprentices turned to the entrance. A prominent muscular figure stood, dressed in a red coat and oversized cargo pants - the powerful hero sorcerer, Imperial Flames. A serious and stoic face as he stared at the trio. 

"Imperial Flames!" Boy Azure widened his eyes at the towering man with gratitude. Relief came over him, knowing they could now save Bastion from whatever evil had befallen his mentor. But either way, Boy Azure knew he would have gone against the protocol to help his mentor. 

Suddenly, the computer let out a ping, and the signal on Bastion vanished.

Imperial Flame looked on with furrowed brows, "We need to hurry." 

Chapter 12

Sugarloaf looked at the body of the unconscious hero, slowly lowered to the ground by his marshmallow goo.

"He's a tough nut." said the Candy Daddy. It had been a while since he got so involved in any form of battle. "The toughest nuts taste the sweetest."

Rotating his shoulders for a stretch, Sugarloaf instructed his manager. "Pierce, load him up to the machine."

Despite the manager's well-built muscles, lifting the heavy muscular hero to the machine was still a toll. Once Bastion was seated in the device, Pierce clipped on the thick metal latches on the hero's limbs.

"Don't be silly. That's not going to hold him down," Sugarloaf crackled as he looked up from the laptop screen. "Your hero database here wrote that this particular hero gets his aura powers from his stamina and that golden lines in his suit indicate his energy reserve. We just need to keep it low, as white as possible."

Sugarloaf smiled slyly as he rubbed his chin. "We got something for that, don't we?"

"You mean?" Pierce's eyes widened.

"Fast-Fast Vitamins Gummies."

Pierce swallowed hard, "But those are designed for dieting. To help ladies slim down. It's… It's still not ready."

"And what's the latest test result?" asked Sugarloaf curiously, despite already being aware of the lethal side effects.

"The potency was too strong that most of our test subjects burn off too much energy to the point that they became a dried-up husk."

"Well, he's a hero. He will survive it." Sugarloaf sneered, "We have some samples in the kit, right? Melt it, load it into the device, deliver a constant dose."

Sugarloaf paused as a thought popped into his mind.

"Add in some Paradise Honey into the mixture."

Pierce twisted his lips. They had never tested it on a superhero before. This would double up as another experiment for the gummies with Sugarloaf's favorite honey.

"We need to get out of here before the other heroes arrive," Sugarloaf glanced at the unconscious hero. Those chiseled jaws, perfect cheekbones, and rugged looks made the villain's heart skip a beat. 

"What a handsome one... If only you weren't a hero."

Chapter 13

It was a bumpy ride.

Pierce was driving them back to Kant City. It would be a couple of hours before they reached their destination. Sugarloaf would usually ride beside his loyal henchman, but the master villain was curious. Something about this hero seemed different.

Sugarloaf stood in the cargo before the Rustmorian device, admiring the hot muscular body under that tight suit. The hero was panting profusely, despite being unconscious. IV drips were injected into his forearms, infused with the Fast-Fast Vitamins Gummies to keep the hero hydrated, and forced his metabolism to skyrocket to burn off any energy.

The device that the hero was held in was a small metallic pod, about the size of a large armchair. A seat was installed into the pod with metal latches on the arms and leg rest to hold its captive firmly. A retractable flexible glass panel could extend and seal the pod shut while the device is in operation.

The cargo was warm with the hero's heightened metabolism. Sugarloaf took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing the salt-pepper mat of hairs on his muscular chest. A thin layer of perspiration formed on the Candy Daddy's skin.

He noticed the hero stirred in his unconscious state.

Bastion was sweating in his sleep, his eyebrows furrowed as he seemed to be in discomfort. As Sugarloaf has theorized, the Fast-Fast Gummy solution did work perfectly to contain the hero. If nothing else, it equalized the mighty hero's superb energy regeneration. A long drive would normally be difficult when transporting a hero like Bastion, who could wake up mid-trip with more energy than before and renew his fights.

The IV mixture accomplished a few things, unfortunately for the hero. It prevented him from regenerating at his usual pace. It also weakened his body's natural healing properties that came with his immensely powerful life force - his aura. More importantly, the hero could not process the inflow of Paradise Honey into his body. As a result, his cock had become hard during the trip.

Bastion groaned softly during the drive, shifting slightly, though he could not move within the device's straps. 

" more Sugarloaf... please...mmmhh…," He mumbled, his cock twitching slightly. 

Sugarloaf heard the soft rumblings and became intrigued.

Did this hero...?

 It seemed the captive hero was dreaming about the supervillain.

Sugarloaf moved closer to the unconscious hero and noticed the raging budge in the suit. Paradise Honey does have that effect, but calling out the villain's name? Inducing dreams was not a side-effect of the honey that the master confectioner was aware of.

His face leaned in close to Bastion's. The hero was handsome. Indeed, a striking man. His jawline was perfect, those closed eyes were lined with thick black lashes, and his lips pouted slightly. Sweat dotted across his forehead as his body was burning up. Seeing the brows furrowed into a knot turned on the sadistic villain even more.

He placed a hand on the hero's warm flustered cheeks. His stumble brushed against the hero's as his lips touched the man's.

Sweet. Taste so sweet.

Surprisingly, there was a soft moan as Bastion's lips moved. Then, with surprising dexterity, the unconscious hero returned the kiss. It was pretty clear that the superhero was at least experienced in the ways of the flesh as he seemed to immediately seek dominance in the kiss, undoubtedly his body mirroring himself within his dreams.

The smell of Sugarloaf, which his subconscious mind recognized from their brief encounter, sent him into overdrive. After all, the hero believed he was dreaming, so he was partaking in sweet indulgence without worrying about his reputation or the fact that they were opposing forces.

He moaned into the kiss and thrust his tongue deep into the unprepared villain's mouth. His muscles flexed, both arms and legs. The manly hero seemed to try to move his limbs so he could embrace the Sugarloaf in his dreams, but his body was utterly restrained and depowered.

"More... you smell... so good," The hero mumbled, his voice deep like a feral animal, commanding even. "Stay... put..."

 It was pretty evident that Bastion had been abstaining for too long. His sweaty, hard bulge within his suit seemed to twitch uncontrollably, immensely enjoying himself within the dream.

Was dream Sugarloaf stroking him off? Or something else?

Sugarloaf let out a groan as their kiss intensified. This hero seemed to desire him. He continued to enjoy the warmth of the hero's tongue against his own. It was as though they were having a lover's spar in their mouths, wrestling for dominance.

In all that time, Sugarloaf was feeding Bastion his sweet saliva. Literally sweet because it was laced with Paradise Honey that his body was producing. Did the master villain need to continue to drug the hero? He was not sure about that, but one thing he knew was that he wanted this man to continue to desire him. Desire him more than anything in the world.

His hand reached down and stroked the tell-tale bulge of the hero's thick member. It was so large and alluring.

His other hand pressed against the headrest of the seat. Thick white warm goo began to drip down onto the back of the hero's neck. Thin marshmallow tentacles slipped into the collar of the super suit while the rest of the goo moved slowly to coat the hero's chest.

Bastion groaned with the taste of something sweet in his mouth as he continued to kiss Sugarloaf in a hot and needy but sloppy way. Likely because the hero's consciousness was not particularly coordinated while he was asleep. The introduction of more Paradise Honey into his weakened system shifted something within.

The aggression in his tongue and lips slowly calmed until Sugarloaf dominated the kiss, tongue deep in his mouth. Bastion moaned softly, suckling on the villain's tongue to get more of that sweet taste.

His body seemed to relax, and his head lolled forward in his sleep once Sugarloaf stopped kissing him, resting against Sugarloaf's shoulder. "Hrmm..." he mumbled in a voice that flowed sweetly with contentment. "Hand...some..."

Chapter 14

Bastion shifted his body uncomfortably, feeling a light ticklish sensation on his neck as tentacles slipped into his collar while most of the goo began to coat his chest over his suit. This was enough to stir the hero from his dreams.

His eyelids fluttered, slowly opening. The first thing he saw was Sugarloaf.

Still dazed and drowsy, and with more Paradise Honey in his system, the warmth in his body made Bastion think he was still dreaming.

"Sugarloaf? Weren't you wearing...a marshmallow suit?" The hero said senselessly, blinking a few times.

Quickly, the veteran hero noticed something was wrong. He snapped backward, pulling away from Sugarloaf, but realized he had been captured. Instinctively, he tried to use his powers, only to suddenly feel a wave of fatigue wash over him.

 "W-what?" Confused, he looked down at himself. His gold veins were still an extremely pale yellow. He immediately began to struggle against his bonds in the device.

The confusion of why his strength was not regenerating gave way to a panic the hero had not felt in years. Worse still, Bastion noticed he was hard. He blushed red as snippets of his dream raced through his mind as he glared at Sugarloaf - the very object of his dreams.

Fuck! He looks even better in real life, covered in sweat the way he is now.

"Let me go!!" Bastion roared, twisting and flexing with such force that it caused the heavy pod to move slightly.

Sugarloaf raised his brow, impressed. Such raw prowess, even with his energy drained. Despite his lust for the sexy veteran hero, the muscular confectioner maintained his usual villainous composure. He wrapped his thick arms around the hero's back, enjoying the intense warmth permeating from beneath the suit. 

"Let me go!!" yelled the hero again as his consciousness regained.

Sugarloaf looked up unstirred. He leaned in close for a whiff of the hero's musky sweat, brushing the muscular neck with his thick greying stumble, before standing back up to face his nemesis. 

"Seemed like you had a rather interesting dream," Sugarloaf taunted. His eyes studied the perfect sculpture of the hero's body. "So interesting that it made me want to know more about you." 

He could see the cocktail of emotions swirling in the hero's eyes - fear, desire, anger, as the stud struggled futilely.

The white goo was coated over the captive hero's body. Forming almost like a third skin, it covered over his already skin-tight suit. Despite thinning down to a translucent white, its durability and tightness were not compromised, squeezing against the hero's suit, making each edge and bump even more prominent.

It was strikingly obvious that the hero was spotting a massive hard-on, to Sugarloaf's delight. 

Invaded into his suit, the strangely soft marshmallow tentacles wrapped around his thick neck and coiled around the hero's bulging arms under his suit. They almost seemed like thick veins across the hero's biceps and forearms. 

Sugarloaf took a deep breath. Those thick arms looked strong and well-trained. 

Another set of tentacles began to squeeze between the tightness of the 2-layered suit and the rippling mounds of muscles on the hero's abdomen, tickling the sweaty and stiff muscles. Finally, the Candy Daddy leered as one of the gooey tentacles slipped under the hero's trunks, ignoring the thick rod and gently touching the hero's warm and sensitive ball sack.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Bastion said as he relentlessly attempted to struggle. The dream he just had was already fading into the dark recesses of his mind. After all, the more pressing matters right now were the case of his capture and the neutralization of his auric power.

"I have nothing to tell you, Sugarloaf. Cindra Alliance will surely search for me, so you'd best let me go if you know what's best for you-Urgh!!"

At this point, the white gooey marshmallow had completely coated Bastion's body. A thin and translucent layer that allowed the colors and contours of his suit to peek through yet somehow remained oddly tight and firm, making the hero feel more helpless by the second. Bastion glanced at the smirking villain, who seemed to watch this with a lewd stare. It was almost as though Sugarloaf was doing this to exert dominance over Bastion.

Bastion let out a moan. It was unusual. The veteran hero was sure that his self-control was stronger than this. But he was oblivious to the effect of Paradise Honey, nor the fact he had been sucking face with the supervillain, which increased the dose in him.

He could not help releasing a surprised grunt as a tentacle slipped past his sweaty jockstrap to brush against his ballsack. He blushed fiercely, unused to being so helpless to protect himself.

Sugarloaf strolled behind the metallic pod. He crossed his hairy muscular arms around Bastion's neck, extending out on the hero's chest.

"It's fine, Hero. You don't have to tell me anything. Your reactions are more than enough for me to understand you," the charming villain whispered with his bearded chin inches away from the hero's ears.

A large hand caressed his broad chest and quickly grabbed the globe in its grasp. The fingers quickly found and rubbed the taut bump protruding from within the hero's suit, teasing the symbol the hero wore on his chest that he was so proud of. 

The other hand covered the hero's mouth, excreting the sweet Paradise Honey drug. 

"Mrpghhh!!" Bastion grunted and tried to shake off the villain's hand, but he could not get any leverage to separate them. He swallowed a mouthful before he had the presence of mind to close his lips tightly.

What is this sweet sticky thing? It's making me feel weird. It's dangerous. I can't take more of it.

The tentacle around the hero's ball sack began tightening, acting like a constricting ball ring. It ballooned at the tip and rubbed against the hero's stiffened cock. It almost looked like two dicks were rubbing against each other under the tight suit. He gasped at the unexpected pleasure. A mistake as more Paradise Honey gushed into his mouth. The hero swallowed it without a choice. His eyes grew hazy.

"Get your alliance here. I will take them down. All for you, my boy." The villain's voice was deep, sounding like a reverberating bass.

Bastion's body stiffened in response to Sugarloaf as his tone suddenly changed, trying to restrain himself. He was unprepared for the seduction. If he was being honest with himself, he was weak to it due to his natural attraction to the musclebound, hairy supervillain and the Paradise Honey.

His body trembled involuntarily when the villain's voice brushed against his ear. The slightest touch of his stubble rubbing against his earlobe almost made Bastion moan, opening his mouth slightly before he caught himself. Another large dose of Paradise Honey flooded his system.

Whatever it was, it's so sweet... so delicious.

His tense body, which had been struggling, relaxed against his will. His body seemed to be heating up.

W-what's happening to me?

Bastion could barely control his wandering thoughts. His mind was focused on how badly he wanted to see Sugarloaf despite the man being just behind him, out of his vision. His yearning for a partner greatly heightened along with all those carnal desires he had sealed off in the name of duty.

His cock began to leak, inevitably.

Sugarloaf removed his hand from the hero's mouth and slowly strolled in front of his captive stud. He could see the look on the veteran hero's face that the man was dealing with the surge of powerful emotions brewing within him.

Emotions induced by the honey or simply all of his own feelings?

The villain touched the marshmallow goo, slowly turning from white to pale yellow to a final deep yellow with the infusion of Paradise Honey. Now his hero will not only feel exhausted with the constant flow of Fast-Fast Gummies in his veins, but these tentacles will also keep him painfully horny for the rest of the journey.

He glanced at his watch. Another five hours before they get back to the Republic of Kant. 

Chapter 15


Bastion watched helplessly in his bounds and marshmallow coating as Sugarloaf fiddled with the device console. A clear plastic wrap extended from the head of the seat to the leg rest, enveloping every inch of the struggling hero's body. Bastion gasped as a loud suction flattened the plastic wrap tightly over his body, pushing the honey-soaked appendage onto his bare skin. 

His head poked out from the plastic wrap. The other exposed part was around his groin. Bastion frowned as he realized he was packaged like a piece of vacuum-packed meat.

Two mechanical arms extended from both sides of the hero's hips. Bastion gritted his teeth to hold back his moan when a transparent rubber-like cap latched onto the tenting head of his crotch. A thin streak of pre-cum could be seen seeping out from under his suit into the cap and its clear tubing. 

What… What is this villain doing?

Bastion stared deeply into those striking silver irises. Sugarloaf smiled as he lightly patted the hero's cheeks with his fingers. "My boy, it's a pity. You are attractive and all. But business is business."

With that, Sugarloaf pulled a black rubber full-face mask over the hero's face. Bastion's eyes were wide open as he protested futilely. Quickly, his handsome face was sealed within the black mask. On it, there were only two small holes for breathing and a plug for the mouth opening. 

As his vision turned black, Bastion felt parts of the mask had propped his mouth open. It was preventing him from closing his gaping mouth. Sugarloaf unscrewed the plug on the mouth opening.

The insides of the open mouth shone with a thin coat of paradise honey, capturing the villain's attention. His fingers instinctively found their way entering the warm mouth and brushed against the back of the hero's warm and moist cheeks. His forefinger ran over the hero's tongue. Paradise honey surfaced from his fingers, forming almost like sweat, turning his fingers extremely sweet. 

"Lick them, hero. I know you are addicted to the taste of my honey. Give in to your cravings."

Sugarloaf felt his crotch stir as the wet tongue licked his fingers. This hero is really into him!

With a slight smirk on his handsome face, the villain thought, "Let's see how far we can push his sweet buttons."

His other hand reached out to the hero's groin, to his large ball sacks.

 "Such large producers," smiled Sugarloaf as he marveled at the round globes within the suit. He sensually stroked the back of the hero's family jewels, alternating his attention between one another. The warmth permeating from within the suit felt satisfying in his palm. 

Sugarloaf could see the hero's body wriggling and squirming to resist his stimulations. Clear pre-cum was being sucked up by the cap into a collection tank in the device. Sugarloaf was hoping to get his tank at least half-filled by when they reached back their base so he could start working on new recipes with his new hero's cream. 

With Sugarloaf playing with his bound hero like a fiddle, the squirming tentacle probed and pushed into the hero's hole. Tight at first, it continued its relentless attempts to enter, tickling and rubbing the moist wrinkled pucker. More honey seeped out of the tentacle as it forced against the hero's hole, slicking up the entrance.

In the darkness, Bastion's eyes widened as he tried to yell out at the invasion of his ass. He could not believe that something was pushing it. The hero had only been a pure top, yet the sensation of being anally teased was intense. The Paradise Honey served as a lubricant as he felt the marshmallow appendage pushed past his rim. He was getting fucked in his heroic suit! 

The mask muffled his moans. The honey made the hero accustomed to the pleasurable sensations, making him feel like something in his ass was a good feeling, conditioning the hero's mind to accept his new position.

Bastion groaned as he felt the tentacle swell up, becoming slicker and stickier as it rubbed against something inside him. Those feelings of pleasure were skyrocketing as more Paradise Honey was absorbed into his system. Both inside and outside of his body. Those feelings were causing the hero to panic and struggle harder.

But… it feels good. So amazingly good.

Despite that, Bastion groaned, shaking his head, "Noogh!" as he tried to demand the villain to stop what he was doing. But his pleas fell onto deaf ears as the hero felt the siphoning cap was pulled out, and a finger swiped the tip of his cock. The act alone caused his susceptible body to tremble, releasing a new batch of pre-cum for the supervillain who tasted it. 

A deep voice sounded out, which sent another shiver down Bastion's spine.

"Still salty with a hint of sweetness. Of course, the cows need sweeter grass to make sweeter milk."  

Ugh… I can't believe he… tasted me. I got to go along with him until I figured out how to regain my powers.

Standing before the pod, Sugarloaf grinned as he unbuckled his pink trousers and pulled out his large, erected penis. The heat of the room, generated by the hero's high metabolism, and the lewd status of the hero were extremely turn-on for the villain.

Sugarloaf moaned as he stroked his thick member several times, making sure it was as hard as possible.

Bastion could hear the villain's soft moans as he beat his meat in front of the hero's bound body. The anger and indignation it would have filled the hero if he was in the right state of mind would have been explosive but in his current lust-addled state. The hero could only find himself sniffing at the smell of warm cock and balls sweat, a musk that had been packed behind a pair of tight-fitting dress pants.

Unknown to the hero, the villain's stroking hand glowed pink as black licorice encased his own erected dick. Sugarloaf grunted as the warm feeling of licorice sent waves of pleasure along with his member. Within seconds, the mold was completed. Sugarloaf pulled it off his cock and admired his glossy-black candied dildo, shaped after his own. His distinctive upward curve and countless thick veins showed up in the perfect replica. 

"For the sweet surprise," he smiled as he filled the hollow dildo with his signature Paradise Honey before sealing it up. A tiny hole at the tip of the cockhead allowed the contents to leak out. 

"Enjoy, my hero."

The evil confectioner pushed the head of the dildo into the gagging mouth. The entire length of the candy dick brushed against the unwilling hero's cheeks and his tongue until its tip rested just at the back of the hero's throat. 

Bastion could not believe what was forced down his throat. Was this... a candied dildo created by the villain in his own image?

Immediately, he attempted to push it out with his tongue, which was easy enough since nothing was keeping it in.

I...I refused to be forced to suckle on something like this... in front of a perverse supervillain like this!

Seeing that the hero was pushing the candied dildo out with his tongue, Sugarloaf held the back of the toy with his palm and rammed it back down the hero's throat forcefully. Black licorice flowed from his palm and sealed up the hero's leather mask again, effectively gagging and plugging the hero's mouth to the back of his throat. 

With the violent thrust, the small hole at the tip of the dildo tore a little wider, allowing the honey within to dibble out to the back of the hero's tongue. It continued to leak as Bastion struggled against his gag. Each movement caused more of the sweet content to leak out even more.

With the suction back on the hero's cockhead, Sugarloaf leaned close to the hero's ears, "Stop resisting. Give me your milk, my cow." 

With the leaking dildo in his mouth, the penetrating tentacle in his ass, and the stroking and sucking on his cock, Bastion could not fight the overwhelming pleasure building up in his sexually deprived body. 

Knowing that he could not fight Sugarloaf in his weakened state, the veteran hero decided that he had no choice but to play along. He swallowed hard as he gave Sugarloaf the reactions he wanted. The groans, the moans, the struggling. 

It was less tiring than resisting.

I just needed to be patient. My friends were on their way. 

I have time…

Oh… God!

Bastion let out a loud moan as the villain successfully extracted the first load from his body. Mind-numbing pleasure shook his body as strings of white cum quickly siphoned up and dripped into the collection tank.

... Urgh, if only everything didn't feel this good…

A note from Nox:

Hello everyone!

This story was written in collaboration with a good friend @Colchian_Dragon and his character – Bastion.

Do check out some of Colchian Dragon’s stories here on Telemachus12. If you enjoyed Slave to Sweetness, check out more of my writing project: Shattered Honor , and follow me on Twitter !

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