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Slave To Sweetness
Part 3 - Chapters 16-19
By Nox

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Spring X039

Chapter 16

A loud rattling sound woke up the Candy Daddy as the trunk slowed to a stop. His tired eyes adjusted to his surroundings as he looked at the vacuum-up body of the hero.

Sugarloaf blinked a few times. He must have fallen asleep during the trip back. His eyes glanced at the collection tank. Not as much as he had hoped. The Fast-Fast Gummies were draining too much of the hero's energy to produce those precious hero creams.

His hand caressed the hero's body softly, eliciting a weak moan from the exhausted hero.


Suddenly, the sound of latches unlocking came from behind.

His eyes opened wide as his hands swiped off the body quickly. It was so unlike him to fondle his captive heroes in this manner. Usually, they are just like livestock to him. This hero… Something about him feels different.

Those muscles…

At that moment, he realized how truly muscular and stunning Bastion 's heroic body was. His muscular meaty pecs squeezed tightly in his suit. The outline of his nipples could almost be seen even under the multiple layers of coatings. Each mound of the hero's six-packs stood out with deep valleys between.

"Master Sugarloaf! All preparation is done. We can unload Bastion now."

Sugarloaf sighed as he caught a glimpse of the hero before hopping off the freight truck.

Why is this man so damn sexy…?

Chapter 17

It took a while before the large device containing Bastion was transported deep into the villain's lair. It passed through corridors of test labs with food scientists and chefs of various disciplines working fanatically on discovering the next big recipes for Sugarloaf.

The glass on the device was frosted so that no one could see the figure suspended within the machine.

Sugarloaf patted off his suit and straightened his pink tie as he marched through the hallways. People smiled and greeted the CEO as they quickly went about their day, unaware that their boss was a mastermind behind various cases of missing heroes.

Pierce tapped onto the security pad of a large metal vault. No one other than the most trusted associates could go any further as they were entering Sugarloaf's top-secret research facility. Workers, who helped transport the device, handed it over to Pierce to finish the final set-up.

Once the device was bolted down, Pierce tapped onto the console. The lid of the machine rose, revealing the bound hero within.

Sugarloaf smiled at the delightful sight in front of him. He moved toward the superhero sealed in place.

Strangely, the villain felt excited as his hands unlatched the black leather mask from behind. He wanted to see the man behind the mask. Unlike the others in his collection, this manly hero gave him a sense of anticipation.

He slowly pulled out the black dildo from deep within the hero's throat, freeing the wet mouth. The dildo was almost empty.

I wonder how sweet he has become.

*Click* *Click*

The last of the buckles were unlatched.

Sugarloaf's hands trembled slightly with an eagerness that he could not explain. Then, slowly, he lifted the mask off the hero's head.

A different face.

The proud and mighty visage of the hero had been subdued somewhat during the trip. Sweat dripping down his handsome face had matted his hair down. His green eyes were unfocused as lethargy gripped the hero's dazed mind.

Until now, Bastion had only managed to keep his ego intact due to his willpower and an innate understanding of his limits. He had managed to hold on because he had given in slightly to the villain. If the hero had spent all his energy actively fighting and struggling, Sugarloaf would already have him deeper in his control.

He blinked a few times rapidly as his eyes slowly adjusted to the light. Bastion tried to orientate himself to the new location. It seemed to be in a laboratory, and one man demanded his attention.

Standing in front of his still trapped body, looking as pristine as earlier, Bastion noticed Sugarloaf was staring at him with cold, cruel eyes. The hero returned the villain's gaze with one of anger and thinly-veiled lust.

In his mind, Bastion wanted nothing more than to defeat and arrest him, but his body remembered the villain's touch - that dominating touch that made him feel so... helpless.

Unexpectedly, his gaze wandered downwards to try and see if the man was still hard now that they were face-to-face once again.

As hero and villain. As captive and captor.

Gritting his teeth, Bastion twisted slightly, testing the security of his bondage. "Had enough yet? You can't keep me captured forever."

Sugarloaf smiled at this hero's expression. It was exactly as he had hoped to see. That weary look and slightly defeated expression. The tiny bit of fight and struggle.

The sadist villain was on the idea of possibly making this hero less of a super-cow but more of his personal super-slut.

Placing the palm of his large rough hands under the sweaty and flustered hero's chin, his mouth dove in to lock lips with Bastion.

Bastion groaned as he tasted the sweet, sinful pleasure. The sugary villain shoved his tongue deep into his mouth and ravaged him as though he was not one of the greatest heroes in existence. He knew he should not be enjoying this, but he had a particular craving for Sugarloaf and how the villain made him feel.

Granted, he was not actively resisting now. It was pointless. He was biding his time and conserving as much energy as he could. He could not regenerate his powers properly, so it could not be helped. He had to give in to Sugarloaf to preserve himself.

He moaned. He could smell Sugarloaf from here, and it was so heady when they were so close like this. He did not notice when his mind blanked for a few seconds as he started to kiss Sugarloaf back with the hot desire he had been suppressing.

Sugarloaf could feel himself hardening below. As the villain withdrew his lips, leaving a stain of glistering saliva from the hero's mouth, he patted the man on his cheeks. This was going to be so much more fun than his regular cows.

Chapter 18

With a click of a button, the enormous device clamped down like a cookie cutter. It cut out the edges of the hero's silhouettes and churned out the vacuum-packeted hero.

"Sweet. So sweet, Pierce. This sealing machine is worth the money," smiled Sugarloaf.

As Bastion tumbled to the bottom of his feet, he felt the villain pick up his heavy body with a single hand by the plastic wrap on his chest. Silver eyes stared back into Bastion's.

"I'm offering you a choice," Sugarloaf said in his deep voice. It was atypical of the villain, but somehow Sugarloaf felt compelled to offer it. "A choice for you only because… I seemed to like you."

Pierce tilted his chin in curiosity. This was the first time his master liked one of the captured heroes.

"Do you want to be treated like one of my cows?" Sugarloaf brushed Bastion's cheeks. His eyes stared coldly into the hero's as he continued bluntly, "Or… serve me as a personal slave?"

Despite how dazed and horny Bastion felt, what he heard from the villain shocked him. Sugarloaf's odd confession. And also, his only choices were either to become his cow or his personal slave. That idea made Bastion tremble when he heard it. Was it surely not his desire… right?

The mighty hero would never be so willingly excited or want a fate so humiliating. It was the drugged honey... right?

It cannot be.

Whatever he had done to me had corrupted my mind to become receptive to pleasure. That was all.

With great effort, Bastion steeled himself to respond as adamantly as possible. "How about neither? I'm a superhero, neither your cow nor your pet. Someone like you who has to resort to tricks to defeat and capture has no right even to consider owning me."

Bastion tried to be as scathing as he could. The verbal rebuttal had fuelled him with some confidence. He could still resist his urges somewhat. And yet the hero was highly aware of how his body was responding.

How he still felt so utterly weak and vulnerable before Sugarloaf.

The fact remained that Sugarloaf was the only person who had somehow managed to neutralize his powers to this degree.

That unfamiliar feeling of capture. Helplessness.

Why was it that I kept imagining him in my fantasies?

Sugarloaf clenched his jaw tightly as the hero outrightly rejected his offer. His fist trembled in rage. The evil confectioner himself was not sure where the anger was coming from. Was it the defiance from the hero? Or the rejection of his feeling? It was hard to tell at this point.

In a fit of anger, he tossed the wrapped-up hero to a side dejectedly. Following that, he kicked Bastion's body, sending the hero rolling in pain a few feet away.

"Hero, if you don't want to be my slave or cow, then the only thing useful left is you being my punching bag." boomed the Candy Daddy. His veins popped out across his forehead.

"You better know your place here in my establishment."

Bastion was struggling to stay proud and righteous. He was a superhero to his core, yet this was a moment his serious expression of defiance broke. Watching the villain pull off his pink jacket and reveal a soaked white shirt, Bastion asked, almost panickily, "Wait! What are you doing?!"

That pent-up musk washed over Bastion. Then, to his shock, he found the villain's dirty, socked feet in his face, smeared all over his cheeks. The off-color white sock was soiled from the battle earlier and the hot confines of the trunk.

It turned slightly yellow as Paradise Honey oozed out from Sugarloaf's ability, mixing the sweetness with the manly musk of the Candy Daddy.

"Know your place here," repeated Sugarloaf assertively.

Unsure of what came over him, with that overpowering smell and taste rubbing over his face, Bastion groaned softly. "Y...yes..."

His waking mind had momentarily been zapped shut, exposing a subconscious side of himself as his green eyes stared up into Sugarloaf's face with an expression of reverence.

It was an expression no one could have ever expected Bastion to make.

Seeing the hero's expression, Sugarloaf broke into a wicked smirk, "Oh, yes? You like it, don't you? Taste your master's scent. It's where you belong... beneath me. The mighty Bastion's nothing but my personal bitch."

The villain peeled off his soiled sock and balled them up. Bastion watched in shock as the man of his fantasy pushed the dirty honey-sweat socks over his mouth and nose, almost like he was chloroforming him with the intoxicating musk.

The hero groaned as he was forced to breathe in that horrible, disgusting, but alluring scent. His breath was filtered through the soggy socks and filled his lungs with the villain's powerful musk. It was driving him even more horny than he already was. Even more submissive.

Bastion began struggling again, trying to peel the socks off his face. But trapped in the wrap as he was, he only succeeded in giving the villain a display of his helpless powerful body writhing. His cheeks burned bright red.

Humiliation. Another humiliation today…

But then why is my cock so hard? I didn't know. It was too hard to think. Too hard to resist.

As he took another deep breath of Sugarloaf's musky socks, Bastion settled into an extremely dangerous mindset. The villain touched his sweaty forehead, causing his eyes to focus on that rugged face. Again, that feeling of submission and weakness washed over him.

"Grrmmm...noorrpghh..." Bastion made a feeble attempt to defy.

I was Bastion, the great defender. I was the impenetrable walking fortress of mind and body.

How could I fight a man like this?

Sugarloaf stared deeply into his eyes, saying the next few words with utter conviction, "You will be mine, Bastion. Whether you like it or not."

The hero could only swallow hard as those words seemed to echo in his mind. Bastion always believed he could topple any challenge or adversary. But suddenly, he had a strong feeling that Sugarloaf would succeed in fulfilling his statement.

The worst thing about that realization?

It significantly diminished his willpower to fight back as his once-fearsome green eyes trembled with a newfound fear of the man - at the power the villain so easily wielded over him.

Please... Boy Azure... Anyone…?

I needed someone right now. I can't – I can't win against this.

Chapter 19

Pleased to see the heroic resolve dwindled in his hero's eyes, Sugarloaf gloated with his latest conquest. He needed the hero to submit his mind, feelings, and body willingly. He could simply dominate the man as he did with the other cows.

But how will this handsome man take to it? More defiant?

He wanted Bastion to submit eventually on his own account. Even if he had to convince the hero to think he was doing it willingly. He wanted to see how the hero would react as he got Pierce to remove all the plastic wrap and marshmallow goo off the blue-white suit.

With his glare fixated on the hero's muscular suited body, he commanded, "Strip off your suit for me... Slowly."

He watched intensely as the hero closed his eyes, almost as if he was avoiding Sugarloaf. The villain was unaware that the domineering ways of his conduct had utterly messed up the hero inside.

Slowly, Bastion raised his hands upwards, his finger wrapping over the hidden zipper when he stopped momentarily before pulling. The hero was always proud of his suit. He viewed it as a symbol of all the values he stood for.

Heroism. Bravery. Righteousness.

If he took it off, it felt like he was stripping away those values, especially by the orders of a villain.

Sugarloaf frowned as he heard the soft murmurings of the hero. "No… you can't," whispered Bastion softly to himself. His hand held onto the zipper, yet he was not pulling. The hero knew the more he obeyed, the more submissive he would become.

"Strip off your suit for me, Bastion."

Sugarloaf's commanding voice echoed in Bastion's mind once more. He had to resist.

Bastion opened his eyes. Though there was a hint of defiance in them, his hand trembled in uncertainty. His eyes looked up at Sugarloaf's white sweat-soaked shirt and that stern, handsome face. The feeling of the caramel on his face almost seemed to act like a constant reminder that even though he was free, Bastion was still under the villain's control.

Another breath of his sweaty socks and Bastion's body trembled. His legs shook unsteadily. Subconsciously, the hero pushed his chest out to display his raw, powerful physique to the confectioner.

"Know your place here."

"You will be mine, Bastion. Whether you like it or not."

Those statements kept ringing in his head like some sort of mental chain. It blanked his mind as Bastion took another deep, sharp inhalation.

Seconds later, as the hero came down from a momentary high, he realized that he had pulled the zipper down to his waist. As a result, his suit was off slightly, revealing his powerful broad shoulders and upper chest, the nipples still concealed.

Bastion looked down at himself. Eyes wide as though he had not just realized what he had done. Quickly, he tried to pull his suit back up over his shoulders and rezip.

But a firm hand grabbed Bastion's wrists as second thoughts crept into his mind. Sugarloaf was not going to let the hero go back now. Instead, he had to fall deeper into the villain's dominance.

Sugarloaf forcefully pulled the half-dressed hero close to his own sweaty body, towering over the man as he watched Bastion struggle with his internal conflicts. The stench of musk from both of them was becoming overwhelming, even for the Candy Daddy.

"Why are you hesitating?" He asked the hero. "Do you not enjoy this? Do you not want this?"

Sugarloaf questioned the conflicted hero's desires, attempting to tilt him over the fence. Knowing that the hero could not reply with the sock gag in his mouth, he placed a large hand on the hero's round shoulder and pushed down.

"Get on your knees."

Just like that, Bastion sank to his knees. He was powerless to stop the villain. The desire was far too great now. The veteran hero groaned weakly, as now he was forced to stare upwards at his nemesis to meet his gaze. Suddenly, the hero felt limp, like his body would not respond.

He wanted to cry at that moment.

The shame of dereliction of duty. The relief of finally being able to let go of hero responsibilities.

Now that Bastion was on his knees, he realized how powerless he was. Not because he did not have his powers, but because he was losing this war of control.

A short moment later, his hands slowly reached up. The view of Sugarloaf from his knees was so mesmerizing that the hero could not look away as he finally peeled off his suit from his bare torso down to his waist. He was fulfilling the villain's previous order while being completely unaware.

Another deep inhale of Sugarloaf's scent weakened the hero more, arousing him more.

Sugarloaf's gaze was fixated on the hero's muscular torso. It was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Since their first encounter, Sugarloaf knew the stud had a well-built body. From the black tight wrap, he saw the delightful curves of the hero's muscles. But seeing him bare was sparked off an entirely different desire.

The round muscular shoulders, the bulging veiny biceps, the twin meaty globes of pectoral muscles. The hero's abs were like an alluring mountainous range, with the round peaks and deep valleys. Beautiful hair decorated the body in a light mat of fur, outlining the hero's perfect definition even more prominent than before.

Indeed, Sugarloaf had set his eyes well. This stud was absolutely gorgeous.

"Fuck..." Sugarloaf whispered so softly to himself. His boner was raging in his pants and was quite apparent. He was thick, after all.

With the hero on his knees, Sugarloaf caressed the wet mop of hair as he slowly unbuckled his pant, dropping them to his ankles. Finally, a red and white striped jockstrap came into view. A thick treasure trail of greyish white hair extended from the top of the waistband.

On the tip of the bulge, a large wet spot strained the garment.

Without further thought, the domineering Candy Daddy pushed the back of Bastion's head into his large crotch, rubbing his hardening manhood over the hero's forehead and tightly closed eyes.

"Oh yes..."

Bastion grunted in shock as his face was pushed into the villain's crotch. That act sent him spiraling deeper into Sugarloaf's control as he found himself losing more of his ability to resist.

I wonder what his crotch smelled like, what his cock tasted like.

The dark wet spot on the jockstrap was almost hypnotic.

Sugarloaf kept his grip on the hero's head as he rubbed the pre-cum and sweat all over the parts of the hero's face which were not covered with caramel. Occasionally, his hero would pull away from him, but his grip was firm and dominating.

Bastion's face was flustered red with shame. If the villain would look now, he could see the hero's face was slick and shiny with the mixture of the soggy brief on his face, giving him an even more helpless appearance.

No. This cannot be it. I had to do something!

In desperation, Bastion forced out the little power he had been saving. A golden spark of energy burst out between them, forcing the hero and villain apart by a few feet. Bastion tumbled down onto his side. In that moment of freedom, the veteran hero tried to crawl away, reaching up to rip the caramel away and pull the sock out.

Freezing as he did…

The sight of it reminded him of all the emotions he had felt earlier.

Trembling, Bastion slowly brought the sock up to his nose again and took a sniff before moaning loudly.

His one chance to try and escape was already thwarted as his desire and lust had reached a tipping point where even the hero could no longer actively fight it.

He was not even paying attention to the villain as he recovered and walked over to him. All Bastion could do was lay on his back, holding the sock to his face like it was some sort of treasure.

Memories of his capture and bondage, the words of domination Sugarloaf had said to him. They kept him pinned there on the ground in that vulnerable position. Completely free for recapture.

"You... you really make me so horny, Bastion," smirked Sugarloaf as he watched how much the hero desired him. A strange warm feeling filled his chest. It was a comfortable feeling. A feeling that Sugarloaf had missed for the longest time.

His large hand grabbed the hero's and pushed it forcefully down to the ground.

His lips dived into the hero's and gave the vulnerable hero a deep passionate kiss, while his other hand pulled the back of the stud's head in. His saliva was laced with a new sugary compound, a powerful knock-out drug.

Bastion moaned back into his lips. The familiar taste of the villain was already engrained into his being as a wave of exhaustion struck him.

The kiss was broken, and his green eyes were already drooping.

"You...did something to me..." Bastion accused, slurring as he promptly collapsed onto the ground, ultimately passing out.

Seeing the hero lying unconscious, Pierce rushed over a fresh towel to Sugarloaf.

"Wash him up, Pierce," said Sugarloaf as he wiped himself off and tucked his privates back into his tight pants. "Bring him to my private quarters. You know what to prepare."

Pierce gave a look of surprise before he began his tasks. No one was allowed into Sugarloaf's private quarters ever. Why...? Why this hero?

Sugarloaf let out a groan of irk. His shirt was soaked thoroughly with sweat. Unbuttoning the top, his white shirt spread open, revealing a mat of greyish-white fur underneath. The other buttons were straining to hold in the mounts of pectoral muscles.

As he turned to leave the room, the Candy Daddy thought about all the future possibilities.

Would he be...? Would Bastion...? Would they possibly…?

Frustrated that he was acting like a lovestruck teen, Sugarloaf pressed his hands against the side of his handsome face, shaking off the thoughts.

His dick twitched again as he headed to the shower rooms.

A note from Nox:

Hello everyone!

This story was written in collaboration with a good friend @Colchian_Dragon and his character – Bastion.

Do check out some of Colchian Dragon’s stories here on Telemachus12. If you enjoyed Slave to Sweetness, check out more of my writing project: Shattered Honor , and follow me on Twitter !

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