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Slave To Sweetness
Part 4 - Chapters 20-24
By Nox

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Spring X039

Chapter 20

"Here, all nice and comfortable," Pierce stood proudly. 

Sugarloaf 's room was oddly ordinary compared to his usual flamboyance outlook. It seemed that even the sugary villain needed to wind down after all.

Large full-length windows allowed the late afternoon sunlight to enter the room. The view outside was spectacular — a display of the gigantic snow-capped mountains of Samara Peaks.

Again, Pierce wondered, "Really... Master Sugarloaf? This hero could tell where the base is located from your quarters. Is he worth the risk?"

The luxurious room had numerous Sugarloaf's achievements as a world-renowned gourmet chef. Decorated tastefully with brass sculptures of candies, the room was filled with soft, calming music.

A king-size bed sat in the middle of the room, with a sizeable thin-veiled canopy overhead. On the bed was a muscular stud resting tiredly in the comfort of gigantic pillows, soft as cotton candy.

Moments ago, Pierce had stripped the Cindra's Top Five hero and thoroughly washed every inch of the man's muscular body. He even cleaned the super suit and redressed the hero only in his tights, leaving his hairy torso bare. Then, shacking the hero's ankles to the solid metal bedframe, Bastion would have sufficient freedom to move but not escape. 

The manager removed the IV cannula, allowing the hero more access to his movements. But as a cautionary measure, he produced slow-releasing capsules of Fast-Fast Gummies and inserted them deep into the unconscious hero's ass. Those should keep him de-powered for at least the rest of the day.

Pierce had even laid out rose petals onto the bed at his own liberty.

Was that something Master Sugarloaf would want?

Pierce wondered as he tried to anticipate his boss's desires, completing the final touches with a sweet cinnamon apple fragrance spray.

"Well, looks good. And smells great too," said Pierce, proud of his preparation. "Now everything is all ready for the Master."

The door slowly closed as the henchman left the room, leaving the resting hero all alone on the bed.

Chapter 21

"Where…," groaned Bastion softly. His body felt sluggish as the hero slowly sat up on the soft bedding. His powers were still gone. 

Ah right... I was captured by Sugarloaf.  

That thought came to Bastion clearly when he saw the shackles that linked his ankles to the bed. His boots were neatly placed on the bedside drawer like a trophy.

The setting was oddly shocking for the hero.

I had expected to be hooked to a vile machine, milked and drained like a cow. All the while moaning.

That thought was pervasive, causing the hero's cock to stir in my tights. Bastion whiffed in the sweet cinnamon scent, unconsciously bringing his hands up to lightly brush over his nipples, shivering when it sent shocks of pleasure through his sexy superhero body.

As expected, that yellow stuff… Paradise Honey, was it? It had changed my body.

The hero took time to look around the room while fiddling with the shackles. He needed to escape, but the sights were extremely confusing to him.

Rose petals on the bed, the smell of cinnamon and apples in the air, and the great mountainous view outside. They looked vaguely familiar to him, but the haze in his head prevented him from recognizing them. Still, the setting was undoubtedly romantic.

"What's Sugarloaf trying to do?" Bastion wondered aloud, remembering what the villain had said about liking him.

A joke at best, surely.

But thinking about the villain made Bastion feel weak and helpless. So submissive and desiring him. He was conflicted about how he felt about the muscular confectioner.

Bastion swallowed hard, repressing those feelings, as a cold air brushed against his bare torso. "But first, it was probably better to not bare my skin at him."

He pulled his suit back up over his body and zipped it up. The zipper line disappeared, forming a seamless look as the suit adhered firmly like a second skin.

Unfortunately, Bastion was not aware of his new sensitivity. As the suit tightened to create that perfect fit over his body, it sent a wave of pleasure all over his body, causing Bastion to moan softly.

Fuck... Is this going to happen each time I suited up?!

Bastion sighed as he laid back on the bed, knowing he would not be escaping anytime soon. Sugarloaf seemed extremely keen to keep him captured. Even more so, he knew how to keep the hero's powers in check.

"If I was lucky… Perhaps I could find a way to send a signal alert to Cindra Alliance."

Idle thoughts slowly crept into his mind.

Kissing Sugarloaf. Being dominated by him. It hadn't been so bad... right?

He had treated me with an odd gentleness but knew how to push every button I had to make me feel good. Maybe that was the reason why he was desirable.

Because only he could control me with such ease.

Bastion's face blushed red. Deep inside him, the hero had always wanted that. Bastion was just too powerful to be controlled usually.

Chapter 22

The door opened quietly as Sugarloaf stepped into his private quarters. His hair was still damp from the showers. He was wearing just a pair of dark purple trousers with a towel over his shoulders. 

Wiping off the rest of the water in his thick head of grey hair, he looked across the room and noticed the hero had awakened. His eyes glanced back to his wardrobe as he fetched an oversized white shirt and pulled it over his rugged muscled body, buttoning just a bottom few, leaving most of his cleavage exposed. 

After gathering some items from his closet, he strolled over to the canopy bed, studying the handsome figure in it. 

Was that fear? Nervousness? Confusion? Excitement? 

Sugarloaf wondered as he parted the veils and sat on the bed, back facing the hero, but his guard was up, knowing that the powerful hero was practically free, with just a chain to his ankles.

Without looking at Bastion, he asked, "Hero, how are you feeling?"

Bastion waited for a moment before answering, wary of Sugarloaf. Despite his desire for the man, he was still a dangerous criminal. Somewhere in his enterprise, tens of captured heroes were being held and drained of their manly juices.  

That thought alone made Bastion's emotions boil, and unsurprisingly, the righteous hero bit back, "I don't know, Sugarloaf. Why don't you figure out how it feels to have a part of you be cut off for more than a day?"

Bastion was not aware that the pills, lodged deeply in his asshole, were prolonging his state of powerlessness. Losing his powers made the hero feel like a part of him was gone – part of that heroic, righteous part of his soul.

All that shame, breaking his mind, playing with him.

Bastion stared holes into the man's broad back, "What now? Are you gonna treat me like you treat the other heroes? Is that your game? Telling me that you like me to bring my guard down before striking?"

It was hard to believe Sugarloaf. After all, Bastion knew nothing of him.

Was the passion real, or just an act?

 ... and were the feelings I felt for him worth considering?

Undoubtedly, Sugarloaf made the hero feel a certain way, but as long as Bastion remained a hero, he would never concede to the villain's demands. Not willingly. Ever.

Still, his gaze lingered on the strong, muscular back, remembering the sight of him in that pink suit when he first caught the hero—that feeling of adrenaline when the villain bound him and completely subdued him.

That had been a powerful first impression. Even now, Bastion could not view him without feeling that strange desire within himself. To want the villain to put him in his place. 

On the other hand, Sugarloaf continued to stay motionless at the edge of the bed. His breath was steady, but his heart ached after hearing Bastion's words. He was a man of few words, especially regarding his feelings.

The villain's mind was filled with thoughts of conflict and doubts. 

Bastion's doubts were understandable. Bastion is a superhero; he is a supervillain. Both of them were on the extreme ends of the moral spectrum. Was he making a grave mistake? Trying to get the forbidden fruit? Risking himself just to get hurt… again? 

Sugarloaf took in a final deep breath to steady his thoughts. 

Almost in an instant, Sugarloaf pounded onto the surprised hero.

His legs across the resting hero's waist. Knees on each side of Bastion's hips. His rugged, bearded face was close to the handsome hero's.

Sugarloaf could smell the freshness of the hero, the man's natural odor. It was sweet. Sweeter than the sweetest treat he had ever made. 

"It's not like that," said Sugarloaf with an intense gaze. His eyes were almost burning with passion. "You are nothing like the others." 

His thick arms grabbed the hero's neck and back, pulling the handsome face close to his bare chest. His heart was thumping hard and quick in his chest — the anxiety, the nervousness, the unfamiliar feelings he was having.

What in the world is the Candy Daddy doing? He himself didn't have the vaguest idea. 

"Listen," said Sugarloaf. It was nerve-wracking even for a fearsome villain like him.

"Our battle in the warehouse… the time in the truck… It was… strange."

His heart was drumming out loud.

"I know you feel something too. That…," said Sugarloaf pausing to collect his thoughts. "That chemistry is hard to come by."

Pulling Bastion from his chest, he looked into the shocked hero's eyes. 

"You are a hero. I am a villain. Never meant to be. Like oil and water, we were never meant to be mixed. But now… here. We are alone. Just two people. Away from the wealth, away from all the crime and citizens."

Almost whispering, Sugarloaf said to the hero, "We can be ourselves here."

"What is it that you really want?" Bastion said back. The sharpness in his tone had dulled with Sugarloaf's confession. 

"Being ourselves doesn't exempt me from my duties. I hope you understand that much, at least. It doesn't mean I can easily look past the crimes that you are doing."

Bastion's tone got sterner as he continued, "Maybe I feel something too. But that is not something I can act on. As long as you are committed to this life of crime, Sugarloaf." 

"If this doesn't go well, would I just end up as another one of your super cows?" said Bastion, as he tried to ignore the fresh smell of Sugarloaf's body and his breath which were now nice and soapy.

Hmm... I think I preferred him when he was sweaty... 

That thought alone made his superhero's cock stir.

Ugh... This guy really did a number on me. We're discussing this 'thing' and my mind is wandering off to unnecessary things. 


The idea of it suddenly brought a rush through Bastion's body as he imagined what Sugarloaf could do to him. It was like his body and mind wanted the supervillain to do these things to him. There was this constant desire to please Sugarloaf and give him what he wanted. 

Submission to Sugarloaf.  Traces of it had already taken root within the hero.

Sugarloaf stood upright on his knees. His eyes broke contact as he gazed out into the mountains. The sky was turning pinkish purple as the sun was setting.

"Like you, bounded to your duties. My calling in life is to create the world's greatest desserts. Capturing heroes is just a necessary evil to make the world a little sweeter. Asking me to give this up is like asking you to give up your life as a hero, my dear Bastion." 

"What I want?" said Sugarloaf, answering the hero's first question.

"I already said that. I want you to be mine."

Chapter 23

"Then we can't come to an agreement."

Bastion answered quietly with a hint of disappointment in his voice. He wanted Sugarloaf to stop his life of villainy. But at the moment, he had no idea what he could do about that.

Even if Sugarloaf chose to give up his villain lifestyle, the villain would need to live in hiding because there was no way the captured heroes would let him go unpunished.

Such was the way of the law.

Bastion leaned closer to Sugarloaf, pulled his face back to look at him, and kissed his lips. Sugarloaf's eyes widened with surprise.

Maybe I could try to work something out with the heroes. If Sugarloaf needed superhero cum, wouldn't it be okay if he got a weekly donation from the heroes at the alliance?

But then again, Bastion remembered how much Sugarloaf had been drawing from him. The amount of precum and cum drawn out from his body in the truck earlier had been unnatural, and it was barely enough for Sugarloaf's needs. 

"Look, Sugarloaf. I can't be yours. I won't be yours. I am the hero 'Bastion' and I have a duty to those who need me. Even if I desire you, I cannot abide by your practices."

Bastion swallowed hard. He could not believe he was thinking of ways to help the villain. 

"Would you not accept downscaling? If I could somehow get my allies to provide you with their cum? That way, we could also see each other when I come for these donations."

It was a wishful dream at best. After all, Bastion was not even sure if he or the alliance could do such a thing. But, regardless, anything had to be better than the villain capturing and milking heroes against their wills. 

As Bastion continued describing possible workarounds, Sugarloaf could hardly concentrate on what he was talking about.

Such arrangements were impossible. The hero talked about having enough willing heroes to give up their spunk to feed global demand. They would literally have to set up a hero sperm bank.

Even so, he could never risk letting the world learn the secrets of his desserts – superhero cum. Who would buy his treats knowing that?

Sugarloaf just wanted Bastion. The villain could only do it in a way he knew how. The evil confectioner whispered to himself, reaffirming one of his core personal beliefs, "I always get what I want." 

His eyes glanced away from the hero, "Bastion, this will never be possible. You know it yourself. It's just you rationalizing a way for these complicated feelings between us to work out." 

His eyes turned back to the hero, darkening this time. Then, straightening himself, Sugarloaf pulled out a remote and showed it to the hero.

"Bastion. You will be mine, whether you like it or not. Why don't we do it my way?" 

Despite a small voice in his head telling him that it was wrong to threaten his newfound love, Sugarloaf chose to ignore it. Instead, the villain smirked, "This remote here connects to milking devices of about twenty-nine heroes. With a click, "poof"! Gone are my supplies and your friends." 

His eyes gleamed with pure evil.

It was beginning to feel right again. All those lovey-dovey nonsensical feelings were dwindling. He returned to feeling like himself again — the truly evil master villain. 

"Despite how mighty you are, you can't save all these heroes spread out over the Republic of Kant, could you?" 

Bastion's eyes widened in shock as his heart sunk to the pit of his stomach. The familiar sting of betrayal when he heard Sugarloaf's words. He thought they were warming up to their feelings. But, despite his genuine desire to help the villain, that small hopeful expression quickly hardened into one of defiant rage.

Painful betrayal flashed across his green eyes as Bastion uttered firmly, "I can't believe you, Sugarloaf."

Though weak, Bastion's body slowly began to shimmer with that familiar yellow aura as color returned to the golden veins of his suit. The anger had somewhat recharged Bastion with a burst of energy. 

That was his cue. Bastion was going to fight back… when Sugarloaf suddenly gripped his cock. 

Bastion's newfound sense of submissiveness to Sugarloaf and his intensely heightened sensitivity caused a burst of pleasure to roll over his superhero body in waves.

The hero released a surprised gasp as the unexpected intensity of the villain's touch broke his concentration, causing the hero to lose control of his power momentarily. 

Leveraging on that unexpected element of surprise, Sugarloaf went for all out with his powers.

"Submit to me, and I will spare their lives. Play the fighting hero you want to be." 

The white pillows of marshmallows ballooned around them, filling the bed. The air was quickly overpowered with an intense waft of sweetness.

The sudden outburst of his ability made the Candy Daddy's body heat up. His large muscular arms wrapped around Bastion's head as he pulled the hero close.

Their nose touched tips. His lips locked into the surprised hero and gave the sexy stud the wettest and most sloppy kiss. His saliva was thick with Paradise Honey. 

Bastion grunted, trying to resist and spit it back out. But as Sugarloaf forcefully kept their lips locked, it was impossible to spit it out. Any spillage would instead get smothered between their lips, which Sugarloaf pushed back in with his tongue.

Inevitably, Bastion swallowed some again. A familiar heat built up in his body slowly.

The Candy Daddy reached for the hero's wrists and lifted them above the hero - a sign of forced surrender. A sign of dominance and control. 

I should've been the more physically powerful one! But that honey... Shit! It feels like my will to fight was forcibly being sedated.

Breaking off the kiss, Sugarloaf saw the expression on the hero's face was one dazed with lust, mixed with traces of defiance as the hero fought his best to keep his ego intact. 

"Give me your body, Bastion. And you will save the others. Be the people's defender," said Sugarloaf as his sweet breath washed across the hero's face


If there was something Bastion wanted to do right now, it was to be buried alive. Twice now, he had squandered an opportunity to break free. The hero could only feel rage at his own incompetence.

"N-never Sugarloaf. Why couldn't you just have taken my offer? I could have protected you too!"

Bastion was frustrated that things were turning out this way. That he was losing, and he could do nothing about it. That he could not even save the heroes that were kept imprisoned on Sugarloaf's premises.

Without warning, Bastion pushed off the villain forcefully with all his strength and rushed towards the window. He needed to break out quickly and escape this mad vortex of emotions. But Sugarloaf had already picked himself up.

Before Bastion could throw himself out of Sugarloaf's compound, the solid marshmallows on the bed suddenly took on a melted, viscous form. Then, quickly, they lunged forward and grabbed the hero's muscular limbs, gluing them, climbing up his back like the tentacles of an octopus, and pulling him back down onto the bed.

"If only you listen to me, Bastion," Sugarloaf uttered softly as the marshmallow mass enveloped the struggling hero and invaded his suit from the collar. The tendrils squirmed around the muscular body, tickling the hero's sensitive spots.

In his hands were some vials of the melted Fast-Fast Vitamins Gummies. Sugarloaf tossed the vials onto the marshmallows, which quickly absorbed the drug into its form.

Bastion grunted, immobilized as he struggled fiercely. Even though he managed to free individual limbs for moments, the marshmallow tendrils continually rebounded and secured him back to the bed over and over each time he broke free. 

Sugarloaf moved his hands over to the hero's crotch. How large and firm Bastion was, marveled the villain. His eyes looked up to only receive a hateful glare from the struggling muffled hero as tentacles slowly subdued him.

Sugarloaf's lips curled up at a corner, telling the hero that what was about to come was inevitable.

Chapter 24

The writhing mass of sticky marshmallow goo soon invaded Bastion's mouth and body.


The sweet taste of the marshmallow was delicious beyond belief. But that changed suddenly as a different flavor seemed to mix in. Something was being deposited down his throat.

Bastion knew something was wrong. Almost instantly, the hero felt his energy leaving his body, and the golden aura built up was dissipating. The golden layer of protection around his body flickered out like a dying flame, allowing the marshmallow tendrils to enter his suit easily.

Sugarloaf was not holding back at all. Sticky marshmallow tentacles wrapped around Bastion's hardened nipples. They coiled around his cock and balls while other tentacles stroked it, forcing his privates to press tightly against his suit. Their outlines showed up lewdly against it.

Bastion panted as he felt another tentacle pushing into his ass. He struggled weakly now and felt some secretion leak into his asshole. Its energy-draining effects were immediate too. The mighty hero's attempts to struggle died out as he sagged in his sticky bondage. Sweat dripped from his forehead as his body entered a state of extreme exhaustion.

With great effort, Bastion lifted his head to glare at the villain before him.

Anger... Betrayal…

Yet Bastion could not control the arousal within as his cock throbbed. Once again, he was under Sugarloaf's control.

"Le-t mmph me go!!!" the man shouted against the marshmallow gag, even as his cock responded positively to the villain's grip, rewarding him by spurting out precum. The clear liquid pierced through the hero's uniform to form a clear bead right over his tip.

Despite all his defiance, Sugarloaf truly had a strong control over Bastion. 

"How…" Sugarloaf looked into the hero's eyes, which were filled with anger. "How is it that you are drained of strength, but this part of you is still full of energy?" 

Face flaring red hot with shame and humiliation, being used like this in his suit once again. Bastion could only hold back his moans and desires as he felt the villain's strong, dominating hands tightly grip his cock and balls.

The hero roared. The oddly pleasurable sensation sent him reeling and gasping as he feebly fought the sticky bindings.

Shit! I couldn't resist him at all. I'm completely in the palm of his hands now!

Sugarloaf clenched his fist tightly, crushing the hero's cock and balls. "So filled with vitality." 

"Argh," bellowed the hero as he winced in pain.

The villain began to unbutton his shirt, now slightly damped with his sweat from the little fight the hero had put up. Finally, his hairy chest was revealed, with two round slates of firm pectoral muscles.

Wringing his wet musky shirt, he looped the garment over the trapped hero's head and pulled him over. The marshmallow tentacle, which gagged his mouth, released itself.

A soft scent of manly musk hung in the air from the both of them as they closed in for a kiss, consuming every ounce of control the hero had left. 

Closing his tired eyes, Bastion melted into the hunky villain... swept away by his desire and control.

Sugarloaf took the hero with a passion that he had never displayed. His tongue ran over the handsome hero's teeth and twirled with his tongue, tasting the man's saliva. He felt the hero's lips wrapped around his own, almost like suckling on the sweetest treat he ever had.

No Paradise Honey was needed as Sugarloaf wanted to express his desire for this man. Time seemed to have slowed down as the villain could hear his heart beating violently in his chest. 

It was a long and passionate kiss. 

When he drew back from the kiss, drool dribbled out the corner of Bastion's mouth as he panted hotly. Sugarloaf wrapped his moist shirt around the hero's face, tying a knot to hold his shirt over the man's eyes and nose. Now the hero could only focus on the pungent scent of his clothes.  

"No... more..." Bastion tried to beg.

I can't take anymore…

The wet shirt forced the hero to breathe in the villain's heady scent, keeping him weak and submissive.

The sticky goo suddenly forced Bastion's face to dive down. The hero felt his face pressed against something hard over the shirt. His lips could almost taste the saltiness of the villain's crotch, moistened with precum and sweat.

Sugarloaf's face turned hot with arousal as he saw the hero's face buried in his jockstrap. His lips were just pressing against the confined head of his leaking cock. 

Ah... Shit! I can't – I can't help it.

Bastion felt his mouth open as he hesitantly gave the villain's covered tip a kiss and a lick. He was moaning softly as his tongue tasted it.

Forbidden passions always burned hotter and tasted sweeter.

A heroic will to fight and resist dwindled like a candle flame as Sugarloaf's crotch became stained with more precum, its taste still fresh on Bastion's tongue.

Bastion groaned softly again, thrusting his hips forward as his painfully hard cock rubbed against his suit.

Ah... He was everything I could have dreamed of.

A tickle on his crotch as Sugarloaf felt the hero's tongue giving his thick rod a good licking. Having not laid with another man for ages, the villain was extremely horny. His cock pulsed excitedly against the hero's lips as another jet of pre-cum stained his jockstrap.

"Oh yes... Bastion. Lick it, my hero."

Unable to control himself further, he flopped out the thick love meat and slapped the heavy dong against the hero's cheeks, smearing the salty pre-cum all over his blindfolded face. Before it quickly found its way into the hero's hungry mouth.

"Enjoy this treat, my sweet Bastion." said the Candy Daddy as he pushed his erected cock down the hero's throat. It was tight, warm, and moist. The feeling of his cock in Bastion... It was almost heavenly.

"Oh yes..." moaned Sugarloaf as he retracted his thick cock before slamming it back into the hero's mouth. "Finally, I get to feel that sweet mouth of yours wrapped around my dick."

Bastion gagged on it, unprepared but quickly got accustomed to it as his lips wrapped around it. It was not the hero's first time, but it certainly was his best one yet.

Bastion suckled on it like a child would nurse on a lollipop, except this one wasn't sweet. The musky scent of the villain's crotch was heady and combined with the occasional dip of precum that spurt out onto his tongue.

The hero was trapped inside a sexual stupor that he could not or would not fight out of. The villain's commanding voice made his entire superhero body tingle, and though Bastion could barely process what he said, he found himself nodding and grunting his agreement obediently.

I wanted... more... Bound tighter. Loved harder.

The most sinful of his wants that Bastion could never explore.

It was okay if I didn't want this willingly, right? It was okay if Sugarloaf took control of me until someone else rescued me, right?

Bastion choked on the cock when Sugarloaf gripped his hair and rammed harder into his throat. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes, only to be soaked into the villain's sweaty shirt. The hero had no choice but to suck in a delicious breath of his scent as he tried to breathe to relax his gag reflexes. 

His superhero cock twitched uncontrollably, almost as though it was excitedly greeting a long-lost master. Like a dog's tail would wag when seeing its owner.

Sugarloaf grabbed the hero's hair and pulled him closer, forcing the rod deep into his throat. "Enjoying your new master's dick, hero?"

Bastion nodded, almost meekly, as his last desire to resist was finally shackled.

Holding the back of Bastion's head, Sugarloaf thrust his hips back and forward, ramming his thick cock down the defenseless hero's throat repeatedly.

It felt right! Felt amazing for the supervillain! 

"Oh! Fuck yes! Finally, a hero that can take me." 

All resistance was gone for now. If Bastion's desire for the villain was gasoline, then Sugarloaf had sent a shower of sparks all over him to ignite it.

Bastion twisted against his bonds, primarily out of instinct to free himself. But that was also to enjoy the feeling of helplessness that accompanied from being captured.

The sight of thick sticky marshmallows coiled around his body, encasing his limbs like the mighty Top Five was some sort of erotic display for Sugarloaf as he fucked his throat.

Bastion couldn't help moaning from that thought. He was becoming more and more submissive, and the other elements accompanying this forceful takeover simply enhanced that experience. 

Sugarloaf's sweat dripped down onto his face. The supervillain's musk enveloped him while his own musk was trapped inside his own body by his suit.

Sugarloaf was the one exercising his power over Bastion while the hero was restrained and helpless. His hands tightened around the hero's head as he continued to face-fuck the handsome face without mercy. He could feel the hero's tongue rolling around his thick cock. The insides of the mouth were soft and moist, the occasional suction drawing him in deeper.

Sugarloaf was in high heavens. His breath became shallower, and his sweat poured down in buckets. Impossibly, the room got even muskier with that.

Bastion dedicated his tongue to please the cock in his mouth. So thick, warm, and salty. The luscious taste of the sticky precum was an appetizer to the main meal heading his way.

"Yes… Yes… Yes!!" moaned Sugarloaf in a deep state of lust.

He grabbed the hero's head with all his strength, almost squeezing it open before letting out an earth-shaking bellow as he was close to one of the most mind-numbing orgasms in his life.

"FUCK!" roared the villain as his massive cock burst out pure white semen into the hero's mouth. He rolled back his head and pushed the hero down to the hilt of his erupting cock.

Shots after shots filled the hero's mouth. It was almost as though it would never end. 

Bastion choked, grunting. Incoherently mumbling - "You can't do this!", "Get it out!". But Sugarloaf firmly held his head and kept him flush close to his crotch, forcing the hero to breathe in that potent crotch musk.

"Oh, God! Fuck!" said Sugarloaf as he pulled out from Bastion's gasping mouth. His cock was still hard as steel. The hero's handsome face made Sugarloaf feel his cock twitch again. The evening was still young for this sexy hero-villain engagement to end. 

Bastion gasped for air but did not spit the cum that remained in his mouth. Instead, some of the white cum dribbled out the corner of his lips as he could not contain the sheer amount the villain had pumped out properly.

The hero panted in his sticky bounds. Slowly relaxing. The villain's warm cum dribbled down his throat before he willingly swallowed it.

Bastion felt something in him change. A fundamental part of his self-identity was damaged as the cum slid down his throat.

Fuck… I had been defeated sexually.

A note from Nox:

Hello everyone!

This story was written in collaboration with a good friend @Colchian_Dragon and his character – Bastion.

Do check out some of Colchian Dragon’s stories here on Telemachus12. If you enjoyed Slave to Sweetness, check out more of my writing project: Shattered Honor , and follow me on Twitter !

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