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Slave To Sweetness
Part 5 - Chapters 25-26
By Nox

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Spring X039

Chapter 25

Without warning, the mass of marshmallows moved, forcing the hero into his back. Two slabs of marshmallow supported the hero's calves, lifting them into the air, spreading them wide open and close to his chest. The goo continued to keep the hero sealed down onto the bed. His thick muscular arms were covered entirely in marshmallows, barely able to budge.

Bastion felt his face flush red as he realized what the villain was doing. His muscled ass was pushed out and presented to Sugarloaf in that pristine white suit. 

"N-no...let go! Return my powers to me!" Bastion grunted in desperation. 

The pressure on the bed shifted. Despite the blindfold, Bastion could feel that Sugarloaf had positioned himself between his legs. Something hard was rubbing against the fabric of his hero's suit, poking at his tight hole. The warmth of his villain was comforting as the man closed in on him. A large finger brushed the corner of his lips, pushing the stray cum back into his gasping mouth. 

"Eat it. Savor it. Recognize this taste as your Master's." whispered Sugarloaf

Fuck! That dominating voice of his has a strange power over me. Was it because he had broken my will or because I wanted him to? A combination of both?

Whatever it was, Bastion could not help but groan. His cock twitched as he closed his mouth over the villain's cum-covered finger, suckling it obediently as the villain ordered him to.

I need to taste it. Savor it. Recognize it as the taste of my almighty Master. 

Bastion let out another moan as he subconsciously registered the taste of his new Master's cum into his psyche. Untainted by the sugary powers. Just his finger coated in his thick and authentic cum.

When Sugarloaf removed his finger, the hero seemed more docile than before.


Bastion thought. His eyes hazed with lust as Sugarloaf's scent triggered a response in his mind, desiring the villain even more. The pair of hands held onto both sides of the hero's head, pulling him close in. The erected cock poked against his twitching hole. 

"Don't you want this inside of you? Bastion?"

The blindfold was removed slowly, revealing the most beautiful man before Bastion. Rugged, handsome look. Silver domineering eyes. Sexy mat of hair over a bulky muscular body. 

"Yes... I want you, Master," Bastion said as though in a trance. His asshole twitched in anticipation when he felt that tip pressing against his hole.

Every ounce of defiance was replaced only by a deep devotion ruled by lust and fueled by an earlier attraction.

A hero known for his loyalty. All that loyalty Bastion possessed had been redirected to Sugarloaf.

His eyes almost seemed to plead for more, to be made more helpless than he already was. The floodgate of his repressed desire was now bursting for Sugarloaf.

"I'm happy to hear that, Bastion. Very happy," cooed Sugarloaf, holding the handsome hero's face in his hand. 

Bastion watched as that man's handsome face broke into a sexy yet gentle smile. His heart almost melted. How could someone so dominating show such contrasting expressions of joy?

His expression of joy made Bastion happy. But, of course, it was not supposed to. A part of the hero knew he should not partake in the villain's joy. But his mind couldn't get that image out of his head.




Sugarloaf was his Master, and he could no longer deny it like it was ingrained into the hero. 

"Fuck, Sugarloaf... This can't be happening.'

"Good, hero."

Sugarloaf leaned in again for another deep kiss. He could not resist the look on Bastion's face. As much as the hero desired him, he needed this hero more than he could imagine. Somehow, an unspoken bond between the hero and villain formed, a blur in the line of good and evil. 

Without his golden aura to protect him, Bastion felt the villain freely pull the zipper at the back of his suit and slowly unzipped him open. Gradually, it exposed the hero's lower back, the band of his jockstrap, and finally, those round, firm heroic glutes.

It was oddly stimulating to feel the strong hands, knowing that Sugarloaf was the one zipping him down.

Bastion stared at the man with burning desire. He could feel the slick and leaking cock brushing against his asshole. The villain pushed in slowly, but instead of penetrating the hero, Sugarloaf began slow-humping his thick shaft against the hole, running his cock up and down the beautiful asscrack, teasingly, not pushing it in. 

Bastion groaned, "How... How are you still hard?"

His hips humped up and down with Sugarloaf's rhythm. The hero was unsure if he was trying to find his own release by rubbing his cock against his suit or getting the villain into him.

A pair of warm hands groped his round pecs. Bastion looked down and saw Sugarloaf's hands on his chest, his thumbs placed over his suits, just over each of the hero's nipples, rolling and twisting around the sensitive peaks, forcing waves of pleasure across Bastion's moaning body. 

The next few minutes were utterly agonizing for Bastion. Sugarloaf thrust against him but did not give the hero what he wanted. Meanwhile, his superhero body was trembling just from the simple anticipation. Clearly, the villain wanted him to know how thick and long he was, another clear sign of domination to show how much power Sugarloaf had over him.

Fuck, Sugarloaf! Just do something already! PLEASE! You are driving me crazy!!

Subconsciously, Bastion was reaching for his power, trying to force Sugarloaf to do something. Unfortunately, it was a fruitless endeavor with the energy-draining pills in his body.

Sugarloaf was savoring the expression on Bastion's face. His hero stud was literally going crazy! Sweat dripped down his forehead, mouth panted hotly, eyes filled with lust and desire.

He could see the frustration in Bastion's face. Those gorgeous green eyes were almost begging the villain to fuck him already. 

Almost involuntarily, that face of his hero made Sugarloaf smile, or like more a dominating smirk. 

Fine… You want it… You can have it. 

Sugarloaf's gaze was fixed on his hero's face as he pushed in his thick rod. He wanted to capture the very first expression that surfaced on the hero stud's face as he popped that sweet cherry. 

The giant mushroom head lined against the wrinkled pucker. Sugarloaf slowly increased the pressure, and the ring of muscle relaxed almost with ease, allowing his head to inch in. Still, it was tight. Too tight for the entire rod to go in at a go. 

"Augh," Bastion grunted out. It was not his fault that Sugarloaf was so big. He felt bashful that it was a supervillain that would be the first to pop his ass virginity. Not that he cared, the delicious sweetness Bastion was experiencing as he completely lost all control had made the hero incredibly needy and submissive.

A man like himself who spent his entire career on top. Overwhelming power and fame. These were the types of heroes that tended to fall the hardest.

I had fallen so hard.

Sugarloaf leaned close into Bastion and uttered softly, "My dear Hero. Relax. Your Master is not going to hurt you." 




"Yes, Master," Bastion repeated after Sugarloaf each time he told him to relax, like a sweet caress against his ears and mind.

It felt good to obey — no need to take charge for once. Bastion could feel his tense, muscular body loosen as Sugarloaf pushed in.

Their lips touched again for another kiss. An assuring one this time.

Bastion immediately darted his tongue to lick those lips, tasting his villain — a strange mental desire to want more of the man in him, even something like saliva.

In that instance of the kiss, Sugarloaf felt as though his cock was being sucked in. Inch by inch, his cock breached the willing hero's ass. 

Sugarloaf let out a moan over the hero's lips. 

"Yes, Bastion boy. That's it. So… so damn sweet. Fuck!" 

Bastion's suit momentarily surged with golden light as though such an act energized him. But shockingly, his protective aura did not react and block the villain off. After all, the hero could no longer perceive Sugarloaf as a threat. 

No matter what from now on, Bastion would remain vulnerable to him unless he actively attempted to block his man out.

"Sweet muffins, Hero," Sugarloaf growled in a deep voice. The hero's ass was way too tight for the villain. It was almost sucking him in and attempting to seal him deep within. 

The villain gripped Bastion's shoulders, his thumbs under the sexy pits for support. He slowly pulled out his cock from the hero's ass, feeling the soft flesh tickling his rod as it went. 

"Oh, yes!" The Candy Daddy moaned as he pushed back in deeper and quicker. Soon, his cock was slipping in and out faster... and faster.

As Sugarloaf fucked his hero senselessly, his navel brushed and stroked the hero's raging cock in sync with each thrust. 

Sounds of deep passion escaped Sugarloaf's lips as the more he thrust into the hero, the more lust he felt for the gorgeous hunk in front of him.

In the back of his mind, Sugarloaf was pushing out the small evil voice telling him that their fleeting hero-villain relationship would end as soon as he ejaculated. Sugarloaf gritted and swallowed hard as he gazed down at the man before him. How he wished this would last forever. 

As the session got more intense, the marshmallow slowly loosened the grip on Bastion, returning the hero his freedom of motion. Immediately, Bastion threw his arms forward, seeking the sexy stud of a male fucking him. He pulled the villain down for a passionate, deep kiss. 

Subconsciously, he almost wanted that familiar taste of Paradise Honey again. That sweet mind-melting honey that had unleashed all of his lust and denied thoughts. It erased his guilt as a hero, allowing him to enjoy all these with his villain.

Deep in his mind, Bastion was aware that he would regret giving in when the high of his lust was gone. Of course, he would never give up on saving the heroes Sugarloaf had captured, but he wanted nothing more than to please the villain.

If only I alone was enough for the supervillain. He wouldn't need the rest. Just me. Bastion. His Bastion.

"Come on, my sexy hero. Moan for me. Moan your loudest!"

Obedient to his villain, Bastion moaned loudly, finding an unexplainable joy from obeying him. He knew fully well that he could resist, but knowing punishment awaited made the hero hard. 

To resist. To obey.

Both concepts aroused Bastion to new heights as his villain pounded deep into him. The hairy navel stroking his cock and balls with each thrust was causing the hero to leak pre-cum profusely.

I can't fight back again him. I feel so utterly weak... but I want it. 

I want to fight back. I had to... but I wish he would make sure I couldn't. Just so that I can fulfill my sin of desire for him. 

I want to save my hero allies. It wasn't because I had given up... but because I was truly powerless against him.

Admitting that alone just showed how much influence Sugarloaf had over Bastion. His clear green eyes gazed up submissively, asking to be thoroughly taken.

"God, fuck!" moaned out Sugarloaf as he pushed in as deep as possible. His large body shuddered above the hero as his balls pulled up close to his body.

Bastion could feel the villain was close. So close.

The tackle of each thrust to his prostate was driving Bastion to the brim of the edge. He knew that he was as close to release as Sugarloaf. 

Suddenly, those thick supervillain arms went under his armpits and over his shoulders in a tight lock as the villain pulled Bastion in close. Their heads beside each other, ear to ear. Their hot, passionate, sexy bodies touched as much as possible. 

The grip intensified as the Candy Daddy let out a loud, deep roar. The hero moaned out in pleasure as his rim tightened as hard as he could over that thick rod. Both of them were linked in a deeply connected pleasure.

A steaming hot torrent of cum exploded, finally seeding the hero deep within. The villain's cock throbbed and pulsed with each jet, pushing out the stretched-out rim. Strings and strings continued, coating every inch of the warm confines.

After unloading over a dozen shots, the villain collapsed in exhaustion over the hero's body. Bastion felt a sense of fulfillment while also leaving him defiled and dirty. His body continued to burn with desire, a slave to Sugarloaf's Paradise Honey. 

I… I can't believe someone had just fucked me so hard and came into me just like that.

What was more embarrassing was when Bastion felt his crotch was extremely sticky and moist. He had splattered an enormous load all over his proud suit.

The sharp smell of semen was intoxicating as Bastion panted heavily. His chest rose and fell as he enjoyed Sugarloaf's warmth.

I feel... safe in these arms that held me, even if they were like a cage.

The hero twisted about slightly, trying to move a little. But with Sugarloaf lodged within him, Bastion felt an unwillingness to move. Something deep in him was considering how Sugarloaf felt first.

The hero was so comfortable with the villain that he didn't even realize the Candy Daddy was touching his skin even though his auric protection was back.

Somehow Sugarloaf has wormed his way into Bastion's subconscious, making the villain a special exception to his powers.

Bastion let out a sigh of comfort and exhaustion and leaned his face into the villain's neck, breathing in slowly, contented. His deep, manly musk relaxed him and slackened his muscles as the memories of today flashed through his mind.

Bastion's cock twitched between their hot bodies. His ass clenched onto his man's massive cock.

Fuck... Why am I like this?

Chapter 26

After a couple of minutes, Sugarloaf finally gathered himself from the bliss. He could feel the warm body and the gentle lifting and dropping of the hero's muscular chest. He could feel the dampness between their belly, where his hero had shot his load all over.

A soft moan escaped from Bastion's sweet lips as the villain's massive cock finally slipped out of the tight hole. 

Sugarloaf's eyes closed as he hugged his hero tightly. He took a deep breath, savoring the hero's sweet, delicious scent. God, how he wished this man was his forever.

Without saying a word, he lifted himself off Bastion.

The villain's eyes were soft and exceedingly gentle as he looked at the exhausted hunk below him. He slowly brushed the man's cheeks with the back of his fingers. 

It's time, Bastion.

A wave of bittersweet sadness overcame him as he leaned in close for a kiss. 

His tongue and saliva tasted sweet to Bastion. So deliciously addictive. Unknown to the hero, the villain generated a potent dose of knock-out candy in his mouth.

Once their lips departed, Bastion's eyes widened and slowly drooped down. His arms, wrapped around Sugarloaf's neck, felt limp, slipping off and falling back down onto his side. His face lost its vigor as the hero's eyes slowly closed. Finally, a soft, comforting smile surfaced on the hero's face.

A look of blissful peace.

Seeing his hero slipping off unconscious, Sugarloaf lifted himself off the bed.

He had a jar of white-blue rock candies with golden yellow streaks. In it was a note. "Sweet hero. Here's a gift from me to you. Take them when we meet again. Till then." 

Made from the same compounds as his Fast-Fast Gummies and Paradise Honey. Designed explicitly for Bastion to induce a state of extreme weakness and heighten libido. 

Sugarloaf turned back his attention to the resting hero.

Scooping out the splattered semen from his hero's body and the leaking cum from his ass, Sugarloaf playfully mixed their seeds in his palm.

With his candy manipulation power, Sugarloaf fashioned a hot pink cage from a hard sugar alloy and their cum.

He gritted as he inspected the chastity cage. It was made from the most complex sugar compound he could generate, its hardness on par with titanium. He contemplated slightly if the hero would be able to break out of it before shaking off the idea. 

Sugarloaf carefully put the ring around the base of Bastion's cock. A separate rod connected the ring and the cage, sealing them into place and locking up the hero's manhood.

Needless to say, even in his slumber, Bastion's cock had begun to harden from Sugarloaf's fiddling. Once in its cage, like the hero himself, his cock was fighting to free itself to no avail.

"My hero's a fighter," said Sugarloaf as his eyes watched the cock twitch in its sugary confines.

Satisfied, Sugarloaf buzzed his communicator, "Pierce! We're done. Clean him up and put him out deep in the woods…."

Sugarloaf paused. "No. Get somewhere nice instead." 

A surprised voice came over the communicator, "Master Sugarloaf? Are you sure? We're not keeping him as a milking cow?"

"Oh, he will be back," said Sugarloaf as he gazed back at the handsome hero.

He could hear his employee snickered softly before he replied, "Yes, Master Sugarloaf."  

Chapter 26  

"Alright!" Pierce said as the henchman lowered the unconscious hero onto the cabin's bed. He placed the gift and note on the chocolate table.  

They were in one of Sugarloaf's forest cabins. Inspired by Hansen and Gretel's story, the forest cabin was made entirely of candy - a perishable house that made it easy for the master villain to dispose of.

"Let's go," Pierce said to the henchman. His eyes fell onto the hero's crotch. It was larger than usual, a vague outline of the cage underneath. A subtle indication that this hero was the property of his Master Sugarloaf. 

Pierce smiled, "Well, Mr. Bastion. Take care. Master Sugarloaf awaits your return."




Bastion woke hours later.

His mind was clear. His body felt stronger than ever. Like a car that had been hotwired, he sat up suddenly, almost expecting to see Sugarloaf nearby just waiting for him.

Disappointment filled his chest when the hero discovered that he was by himself.

He got off the bed, noticing that the gold veins that ran through his suit were once more gleaming at their full power, indicating his return to max strength.

Yet… Something felt off.

Bastion felt an odd pressure clamped around his cock and balls, yet that should not be possible with the return of his powers. Anything that threatened the mighty hero should not be able to penetrate his protective aura. But something in his crotch was causing the hero discomfort.

Morbid curiosity and genuine worry prompted the hero to strip, peeling his suit down halfway so he could see what was hidden beneath his jockstrap.

The hero blushed fiercely, noticing a large, dried stain on the crotch of his suit and jockstrap.

Slowly Bastion pulled the waistband of his jockstrap out and saw a pink, candied chastity cage sealing up his manhood. It was in that same hue of pink that Sugarloaf wore, conjuring an image of him in Bastion's mind. Again, the hero blushed.

"Well, Sugarloaf. Something like this wouldn't work on me at my full power," said Bastion as he shook his head in disbelief. He extended his auric power out towards the cock cage, enveloping it with golden energy so he could crush it to bits.

But as he tried, a golden aura flared to life around the cage, preventing his powers from affecting it.

"What the-?" Bastion attempted to touch it with his finger, and the golden aura dimmed slightly, but a thin layer of protection prevented the hero from accessing it.

"Is that... my power?"

Was I caught so deeply in my feelings for him that I was subconsciously protecting it?

Unknown to Bastion, it was simply because the chastity cage was made from their combined essences. Although its source of power was still Bastion's, its combination with Sugarloaf modified the properties of his aura to protect his man's "gift". 

Bastion sighed as he just wore his suit back on again. His face was still hot with embarrassment.

I couldn't believe he had done this to me. I can't believe he was willing to let me go too.

Bastion closed his eyes as he felt his heart race. His cock hardened, or rather it tried to, but a firm pressure reminded the hero that he could not do that. It was Sugarloaf that now owned him, the mighty Bastion.

"Sugarloaf... I'd rather you just have made me a mindless slave. It almost feels worse knowing my freedom is because of your mercy."

Yet Bastion knew his freedom was not real. This hot pink cage was a promise of sorts from Sugarloaf.

Bastion found his communicator sitting on a chocolate coffee table. Next to it was a jar of candies made in his hero's color motifs and a note.

Bastion picked it up and read... and frowned.

"That arrogant prick."

Out of anger, Bastion crumpled the paper but instantly regretted it. After attempting to smooth it out, he folded it neatly and tucked the note into his boot. The jar of mysterious candies he took with him before the hero finally used his communicator.

"Does anyone read me? This is Bastion, seeking pickup."

It almost didn't feel real... what I had experienced was just over the length of a day.

Excited buzz erupted from the communicator as Imperial Flame and Azure Boy cut in with extremely worried yet relieved tones.

That pink. That scent. That embrace.

I'll see you again.

A note from Nox:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for finishing Slave to Sweetness. It was a work that I enjoyed writing a lot. There’s a little epilogue on my site, exclusive to my Patreon supporters. Do consider if you enjoyed my work.

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